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Goldendoodle names are the best. They’re sweet, sometimes quirky, but always so matchy-matchy with their owners. You can’t deny that a Goldendoodle named Snickerdoodle sounds amazing! These sweet puppers are America’s favorite crossbreed. We love them for their kind temperament, lovely appearance, and the unconditional love they give everyone.

When looking for a good Goldendoodle name, you’ll find yourself in trouble. There are so many awesome names – you won’t be able to pick just one. But, we have a solution: get as many Goldendoodles as you can! Your life will be much happier.

And, to make your Doodle happy, too, here are our ultimate lists of the best Goldendoodle names ever!

The Most Popular Goldendoodle Names

goldendoodle lying on patio outsidegoldendoodle lying on patio outside

So, you want to hear the most popular Goldendoodle names ever? You better hurry up and check out our list!

• Abby

• Amber

• Apollo

• Astro

• Bailey

• Bambi

• Bambino

• Bear

• Bella

• Bentley

• Champ

• Charlie

• Chester

• Chloe

• Cubby

• Curly

• Daisy

• Doodle

• Emma

• Fuzz

• Gigi

• Grizzly

• Levi

• Lexie

• Lucy

• Maggie

• Max

• Midge

• Neutron

• Paisley

• Paws

• Rex

• Ringlet

• Rosie

• Ruby

• Rutt

• Sadie

• Shep

• Snuggles

• Tucker

Is Picking The Right Name So Important?

dog lying playing with toydog lying playing with toy

Are you aware that the name you choose for your Doodle will be the first human word you’ll teach him? Name training is the first lesson you two will have to pass together, but more on that later. Meaning, you need to find a good dog name so your dog learns it quickly!

The easier the name is, the faster your dog will learn it. It’s as easy as that!

The same goes for adopting and renaming a rescue dog. He’s probably used to a name by now, but if the name is unknown to the rescuers, or you simply don’t like it, you can slowly start the transition to a new one using a short moniker and associate it with getting treats and praises.

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Are There Rules For Naming A Dog?

To be honest, there are no real rules when naming your little furbaby. You just pick whichever name suits your dog’s personality and your preferences.

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However, we would recommend giving names with two syllables since some dog experts claim such names are easier for dogs to learn. If you can, stick to a two-syllable name because a three-syllable name like Alexander sounds difficult to learn and yell in the dog park.

Use your imagination. Be creative! Even though you may like the name Alexander, you can still use it but only in a shorter form, like Lex or Alex.

Also, remember that you’re picking a name that will be out in public a lot. So, Fart Buster might not be such a good idea, huh? It sounds interesting, and it’s a conversation starter, but it’s also weird, and people may make fun of you.

We’ve got lots of great names, all better than Fart Buster, so you better check them out.

Goldendoodle Names: Female

close up of goldendoodle lying on couchclose up of goldendoodle lying on couch

Every Goldendoodle girl is a princess. You don’t have to be a dog expert to see it. With their adorable, round eyes and softest coat ever, girl Goldendoodles look like they’ve come straight out of a fairytale.

Every princess deserves a lovely name, and here are our suggestions for the fairest names of them all!

• Darla

• Elsa

• Hailey

• Harper

• Josie

• Lacey

• Lady

• Laney

• Lola

• Lulu

• Mabel

• Maddie

• Mia

• Missy

• Nala

• Olivia

• Penny

• Princess

• Stella

• Sweetie

Goldendoodle Names: Male

puppy playing on grass outsidepuppy playing on grass outside

If Goldendoodle girls are our princesses, then Goldendoodle boys are our gentlemen. The following names are elegant, fancy, masculine, and… charming! We guarantee there’s a name for your little heartbreaker.

• Angus

• Beau

• Boomer

• Brodie

• Chico

• Dublin

• Duke

• Frankie

• Houston

• Jax Jax

• Kirby

• Leo

• Levvie

• Loki

• Milo

• Moose

• Murphy

• Shadow

Good Goldendoodle Dog Names: The Unisex Category

goldendoodle running on seashoregoldendoodle running on seashore

Let’s put genders aside, shall we?

It’s not important which gender your Goldendoodle is. A boy dog is as cute as a girl dog. Simply put, all dogs are… cute!

Now, we know you want to find a good dog name for your Goldie Poo. But let’s think outside the box for a moment. Are you aware that a girl Goldie Poo doesn’t have to be named Fiona? How about Riley?

Unisex names are trending, and here are the best of the best!

• Akona

• Ashton

• Baby

• Brownie

• Dakota

• Dasher

• Jesse

• Logan

• Marley

• Moonie

• Morgan

• Niko

• Olive

• Porter

• Riley

• Roo

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• Sammy

• Scout

• Wonder

Cool Goldendoodle Names

close up of goldendoodle outside with bowclose up of goldendoodle outside with bow

Some Goldendoodles are sweet, while others are cool hipsters that love to chill with their buddies at the park. Is your buddy popular among other dogs? Does everyone want to be your Doodle’s friend? Then that Doodle has to have a cool name.

In case you were wondering, the coolest Goldendoodle names can be found just a few scrolls down.

Cool Goldendoodle Boy Names:

• Arrow

• Axel

• Denver

• Fenway

• Houston

• Magnus

• Maverick

• Orion

• Titus

• Trooper

Cool Goldendoodle Girl Names:

• Coco

• Piper

• Quinlynn

• Rebel

• Rowan

• Sable

• Sage

• Sparrow

• Tallulah

• Tatum

Brainy Goldendoodle Dog Names

goldendoodle on beach standinggoldendoodle on beach standing

Coming from two highly intelligent dog breeds, the Poodle and the Golden Retriever, the Goldendoodle is one smart cookie. The same goes for their Labrador and Poodle cousin, the Labradoodle. They’re highly intelligent creatures that would love having a name like Einie or Tesla. Here’s what our brains thought of!

Brainy Goldendoodle Male Names:

• Conrad

• Darwin

• Edison

• Einstein

• Hawking

• Hugo

• Mendel

• Reginald

• Socrates

• Solomon

Brainy Female Names:

• Bernadette

• Hermione

• Imogen

• Marie Curie

• Mary

• Minerva

• Prudence

• Sonia

• Velma

• Veta

Best Food-Inspired Goldendoodle Names

dog in woodsdog in woods

Puppies and their food, eh? It seems like they could eat all the time. Well, they’re not much different from us humans. If your new dog loves food as much as you do, then as a foodie, your dog should sport a name like Caramel or Biscuit. Look down below to find some more yummy name ideas.

• Basil

• Biscuit

• Butterscotch

• Caramel

• Cheerio

• Doughnut

• Hambone

• Hershey

• Nacho

• Noodles

• Peaches

• Peanut

• Pepper

• Pork Chop

• Pumpkin

• Rueben

• T-Bone

• Zoodles

G Is For Goldendoodle

white dog standing in woodswhite dog standing in woods

If you’re a fan of alliteration, then you have to name your Goldendoodle something starting with a letter G. We’ve got some pawesome name ideas that will sound simply… glorious!

Male “G” Names:

• G-Daddy

• Gabru

• Gage

• Galaxy

• Georgie

• Ghost

• Gimmy

• Gizmo

• Goofy

• Gus

Female “G” Names:

• Gabby

• Gemma

• Genie

• Georgia

• Ginger

• Girlfriend

• Gloria

• Goldie

• Grace

• Gypsy

Adorable Goldendoodle Dog Names

cute dog lying in grasscute dog lying in grass

Only one word comes to mind when we see a Goldendoodle walking down the street: adorable! This crossbreed is truly one of the sweetest dogs on earth, and their temperament matches their outer looks. If you’re searching for a dog name that will emphasize how adorable your Goldendoodle is, then you should take a look down below.

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Cute Goldendoodle Male Names:

• Boots

• Bubbles

• Domino

• Gypsy

• Klondike

• Moe

• Monkey

• Panda

• Prince

• Socks

10 Cute Goldendoodle Female Names:

dog standing looking into distancedog standing looking into distance

• Cuddles

• Daphne

• Happy

• Diva

• Dot

• Honey

• Kalua

• Minnie

• Snow

• Tulip

Funny Names For Goldendoodles

dog playing with bonedog playing with bone

Goldendoodles are funny dogs. There’s never a dull moment with these adorable clowns. No wonder people like hilarious names like Chewbarka. They make everyone laugh! We’ve got some funny and some ironic ideas for all you comedians out there!

Funny Male Names:

• Bark Obama

• Bark Twain

• Captain Sniffer

• Chewbarka

• Count Droolsbury

• Deputy Dawg

• Hairy Paw-Ter

• Sherlock Bones

• The Notorious D.O.G.

• Woofgang Puck

Funny Female Names:

• Lady Sniffers

• Lucky Goodsniffer

• Miss Barkley

• Miss Barks-a-Lot

• Miss Fluffers

• Mrs. Frizzle

• Princess Wags

• Queen Elizawoof

• Vera Fang

• Winnie the Doodle

Black Goldendoodle Names

black dog outsideblack dog outside

Black dogs, including black Goldendoodles, always have that regal posture. It’s like they’re thinking: I’m better than you. Well, we gotta give it to them: black Goldendoodles are simply amazing! To match their amazing status, here are some excellent black dog name ideas:

• Ash

• Black

• Cinder

• Coal

• Ebony

• Ember

• Iris

• Jet

• Luna

• Midnight

• Oreo

• Pepper

• Raven

• Shadow

• Slate

White Or Cream Goldendoodle Names

two dogs walking towards cameratwo dogs walking towards camera

Yes, white Goldendoodles are a thing! They’re unique doggos with a lovely coat that serves as a great name inspiration. Here’s a list of white dog names, as perfect as untouched snow!

• Angel

• Blondie

• Bunny

• Cloud

• Cotton

• Crystal

• FrostIce

• Pearl

• Pebbles

• Puffins

• Snow

• Snowball

• Sugar

• Winter

Names For Brown Goldendoodles

dog walking towards camera dog walking towards camera

Goldendoodles come in many color varieties, but usually, they’re golden brown. Sometimes these puppies are born with darker brown coats. Be that as it may, Goldendoodles are still adorable dogs and dear family members.

Shh, don’t tell anyone, but we think brown Goldendoodle names are the cutest!

• Brownie

• Buttercup

• Chestnut

• Cocoa

•  Ginger

• Goldie

• Goldilocks

• Honey

• Maple

• Marigold

• Mocha

• Moose

• Sandy

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• Sunny

• Toffee

Famous Goldendoodle Names

dog looking at cameradog looking at camera

We love giving our dogs human names. But, we love giving them names after famous people even more! Here’s a list of popular names inspired by our beloved celebrities. Your Goldendoodle will be the star of the doggy park once you yell “Beyoncé” or “Bruno Mars” after your dog.

Famous Male Goldendoodle Names:

• Bono

• Clooney

• Cruise

• Elvis

• Fallon

• Jackson

• Jagger

• Lincoln

• Sandler

• Zeppelin

Famous Female Goldendoodle Names:

• Beyoncé

• Fergie

• Jolie

• Kennedy

• Miley

• Monroe

• Perry

• Rihanna

• Stevie

• Winfrey

Teacup Goldendoodle Names

portrait of goldendoodleportrait of goldendoodle

Goldendoodles can be really tiny, but teacup Goldendoodles are extremely TINY dogs. These special little puppers need adorable names to emphasize their cuteness even more. Here’s what we thought of:

• Cub

• Josie

• Kid

• Mia

• Missy

• Pea

• Periwinkle

• Tim

• Tiny

• Twig

Goldendoodle Puppy Names

goldendoodle puppy inside bucketgoldendoodle puppy inside bucket

Of course, we had to make a special category for Goldendoodle puppies! It’s as if teacup Goldendoodle names weren’t enough! Here’s a list for those teensy tiny puppers that will grow up into some cute dogs!

• Buttons

• Cork

• Dumpling

• Mini

• Niblet

• Shrimp

• Skittle

• Teddy

• Twiglet

• Wiggle

Unique Goldendoodle Names

dog standing outside looking into distancedog standing outside looking into distance

All dog owners want a cute name for their Goldendoodle, something unique so there are no other dogs in the area with the same name. But, not every trendy dog name suits all Goldendoodles. Trends are fun and cool, but they won’t suit every temperament. If you have a basic Goldendoodle, you won’t get by with names like Lady Gaga or Kendall. But, an apricot mini Goldendoodle is destined for great names and following trends!

If you’re looking for a unique name for your new puppy, you should check out our lists of top 10 male and female Goldendoodle name ideas!

Unique Male Goldendoodle Names:

• Cinder

• Junju

• Kona

• Pushkin

• Ranger

• Ray Ray

• Remy

• Trooper

• Wailer

• Wonder

Unique Female Goldendoodle Names:

• Emmy

• Feather

• Ling Ling

• Malani

• Minx

• Moxie

• Petunia

• Phaedra

• Talulah

• Zoelle

Disney Heroes Dog Names

goldendoodle playing fetch with ball on beachgoldendoodle playing fetch with ball on beach

Raise your hand if you love Disney!

Well, of course, you do! Disney is a terrific source of inspiration for its numerous amazing characters. Who was your favorite childhood character? Did you like the villains? Let’s see if every Disney hero is on this list!

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• Air Bud

• Anna

• Ariel

• Arlo

• Aurora

• Beast

• Belle

• Boo

• Briar Rose

• Buzz

• Chance

• Charming

• Coco

• Copper

• Crush

• Dante

• Dash

• Dory

• Dot

• Dug

• Duke

• Dutche

• Elsa

• Flo

• Flora

• Flounder

• Gaston

• Gus

• Jafar

• Jasmine

• Joy

• Kristoff

• Lady

• Lightning McQueen

• Lucky

• Lumiere

• Maleficent

• Mater

• Merida

• Moana

• Nana

• Nemo

• Olaf

• Patch

• Penny

• Pepper

• Percy

• Perdita

• Pluto

• Pongo

• Quark

• Remy

• Rex

• Rolly

• Roz

• Sebastian

• Shadow

• Slinky Dog

• Sparky

• Sulley

• Sven

• Tiana

• Tinkerbell

• Tramp

• Ursula

• Violet

• Yeller

• Zero

Famous Goldendoodle Instagram Names

brown goldendoodlebrown goldendoodle

Photo from: @bentleythegroodle

Instagram has pretty much taken over our lives. We’re the only ones to blame. At least, when you’re online, spend your time watching something useful. How about some pawesome Goldendoodle stars on Instagram? Have you followed them yet? Hurry up and check out their latest adventures!

• Bentley (@bentleythegroodle)

• Bentley (@minidoodlebentley)

• Brodie (@brodiethatdood)

• Cedar (@doodleandthehound)

• Charlie (@charlie.dood)

• Charlie and Sawyer (@puppynamedcharlie)

• Indy (@indythegoldendoodle)

• Kevin (@mrkevindoodle)

• Leo (@minidood_leo)

• Lord Sandwich (@sandwichthedoodle)

• Luma (@lumadoodlebear)

• Murphy (@thatgoldendoodle)

• Nelson (@nelsonthegoldendoodle)

• Norman and Luna (@norman_and_luna)

• Orbit (@orbidoodle)

• Peyton (@peytonthedoubledood)

• Samson (@samsonthedood)

• That Dood Squad (@thatdoodsquad)

• Willow (@willowthemini)

• Wrigley and Theo (@wrigleyandtheo)

Funny Doodle Names

dog lying on owner's lapdog lying on owner's lap

• Broody the Doody

• Caboodle

• Chick -n- Doodle

• Foodie the Doodie

• Google the Doodle

• Huey the Doody

• Kit N. Cadoodle

• Mac-n-Cheese

• Noodles

• Rudy the Doody

• Snickerdoodle or Snicker the Doodle

• Strudel the Doodle

• Toodle Lou

• Trudy the Doody

• Winnie the Doodle

• Zip A. D. Doodle or Zip a-dee-doodle

How Long Will It Take My Goldendoodle to Learn His Name?

dog with bow lying looking updog with bow lying looking up

Now that you’ve chosen the perfect name for your Goldendoodle, what’s left to do? Well, to teach your dog his name, of course!

This type of dog training won’t be hard for either your or your Golden pooch. All you’ll need is time, patience, and lots of treats. However, this training is a bit time-consuming. The good news is that the Goldendoodle crossbreed is a cross between two extremely intelligent dog breeds, the Poodle and the Golden Retriever. They’ll master any training in no time!

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How To Teach Your Goldendoodle To Learn His Name

Training should start somewhere quiet where there are no distractions for you or your dog. You don’t want something to steal your Goldie’s attention from this important lesson.

Next, start by repeating your dog’s name several times. You should repeat this lesson at least 10 times a day for 10 minutes. Stand 2 to 6 feet away from your dog, and as soon as your dog looks at you after saying his name, you should reward this behavior with a trigger word like “yes” and a tasty treat. Puppies seem to be hungry all the time, so they’ll enjoy extra treats.

Most dogs will learn their name within 2 days. But, since not all dogs are the same, don’t be discouraged or think your puppy doesn’t like you. He does, but he only needs more time!

Seeing results from name training can take up to a week, so don’t give up if it takes a little longer!

What’s important is to have your dog associate his name with something positive. If you scold him for doing something wrong, and you use his name, he might think the name is a cue word and will associate it with getting in trouble. Thus, he won’t accept it or learn it.

When going through name training, you shouldn’t ask your dog to perform a command before you give him a treat as the reward is for looking at you when you call his name, not for sitting down or playing dead.

Dogs catch on to lessons rather quickly, especially if treats and praise are involved. If you notice your dog is progressing fast, you can increase the level of distractions around you, but remember to keep them focused.

Positive reinforcement is the way to go as all dogs respond well to it.

To Sum Up…

cute dog sitting by watercute dog sitting by water

If you’ve come this far, then you probably have figured out what to name your Goldendoodle. We hope you liked our lists because, to be honest, we’ve drained all our sources. We’ve gathered so many amazing dog names to name all the nameless Goldendoodles in the States.

Remember, always try out your preferred dog name. Yell it out. Pretend like you’re calling for your dog. A certain dog name might not seem like a good one, but once you say it out loud, you’ll see there’s potential in it.

By Andy Marcus

Hello, my name is Andy Marcus, and I am a passionate dog lover and enthusiast. For me, there is nothing quite like the joy and love that a furry friend can bring into our lives. I have spent years studying and learning about dogs, and have made it my mission to share my knowledge and expertise with others through my website. Through my website, I aim to provide comprehensive information and resources for dog owners and enthusiasts. Whether it's training tips, health and nutrition advice, or insights into dog behavior, I strive to create a platform that is accessible and useful to everyone who loves dogs.

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