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Every one of us who has ever had a dog has also experienced this exhausting feeling of emptiness that comes with the passing of your beloved pet.

All bereaved pet parents are aware of the sadness and excruciating pain that come with losing a cherished animal. There are things that your dearly departed pets would wish for you to hear if you could just have one more conversation with them.

I can sympathize and understand your sadness because I have experienced the loss of a cat as well as two Dobermans. 

My pets have passed over the rainbow bridge, and I frequently wonder if they remember moments that we spent together, or at least miss me. All three of them departed, leaving a giant hole in my soul.

It’s possible that you came upon this post because your pet just passed away. And, I was also seeking comfort online as you are because there wasn’t a word from my friends and family that could bring me comfort.

In my darkest hours, I try to picture what my lost dogs would wish for me to understand. What else might they tell me if they were seated next to me and looking directly at me like they previously did, and had the ability to express themselves verbally?

These things are what your deceased pet would desire for you to understand, experience, and find peace in, and I share them to try and ease my grieving dog mama’s pain.

What Are Those Things?

pet memorial stone surrounded by fall leavespet memorial stone surrounded by fall leaves

Your dog loved you the most, as I am sure you loved him or her. There are a number of things that your pet, which is looking at you from heaven, wants you to know. 

Our beloved dogs did not have the ability to speak, but we had the ability to understand each other on a much deeper, emotional level.

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Each and every form of life will eventually pass away. Although it may make you feel bad that you couldn’t save your pooch, all you would have done was delay what was about to happen because eventually, it would pass away.

There will always be death present around you. There is no way of avoiding it. After their worldly body degenerates, all we can do is ensure that they enter the next life in peace.

Ensure a seamless transition to the following life if you are able to do so, and try to find solace in that.

1. Death Is An Integral Part Of Life

This is more of a philosophical topic, but as I am writing this, and as you are reading this, we are getting closer and closer to our death dates.

Every living creature in this world is destined to die at a certain point, which is unknown to all of us. At a certain time, we will depart from this world, and our beloved pets, being creatures of a shorter lifespan, are destined to depart before we do.

Scientists, doctors, and scholars are working every day to discover and understand things that could prolong the lifespan of living beings.

They have not had much progress because the lifespan of human beings is still around 80, and the lifespan of dogs is still up to 15 years.

There is not much to do regarding this subject because it is just the natural circle of life, which nobody can affect.

2. Your Sadness Means That You Loved Them

Our pets were the ones that could simply sense our emotions. They appeared to be able to predict our needs, whether it was a bombardment of cuddles, or simply to feel their company by our side.

These are the times when their departure aches the greatest when they leave this world. Try to keep in mind that while they experienced our pain alongside us, they also experienced our happiness. 

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Their greatest joy came from participating in our blissful moments, and they would wish the same for us moving ahead.

You missing them and all of the memories, cuddles and activities spent with them means that you have deeply loved them, and that the two of you had a strong, meaningful relationship.

3. It Is Okay To Be Sad

sad dog owner  is grieving sitting on a bench with the lovely pet collarsad dog owner  is grieving sitting on a bench with the lovely pet collar

Sadness is just a phase that we will get over after enough time passes by. We have to face the emotions that we are experiencing, and let them be as they are.

My grandma used to say: ‘Everything shall pass.’ She meant to say that the good things and the bad things in life will pass, and that they are present in our life only for a certain period of time.

The good and bad things, or in this case, emotions, shift constantly, creating this balance in our mind and body. 

Being sad over your deceased dogs means that you have really loved them, and that you miss them dearly. And, that is okay. You will miss those who have loved you and who you loved after they are gone. And, there is not a single thing you can do about it.

Yes, being with friends and family is a way to avoid your feelings for a bit, but at the end of the day, you will have to face your own feelings, and let time do its thing.

4. They Know You Did Everything You Could

In every circumstance, attempting to keep a loved one alive may not be the best course of action. Knowing everything that was the best for your pet, I am completely sure that you acted on both the advice of experts and your gut feeling.

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Only you know how strong of a bond you two had. Nobody else should question your choices, especially if you wanted to put your pet’s suffering to rest peacefully (if your pet, for example, had diabetes or a terminal illness).

Don’t let other people’s opinions regarding your pet’s care influence your decisions. More than anybody else on Earth, you were concerned about what was best for your pet.

Your pet is aware of the fact that you did everything you could to prolong its life, and to help it suffer as little as possible. 

Maybe they did not have the ability to speak, but they had the ability to understand. And, they definitely understood your unconditional love for them, as well as your wish and willingness to help them as much as you could.

5. You Gave Them A Happy Life

I mean… let’s be honest – you had the best time of your life while making memories with your pet, and I am 100% sure that you gave them everything you could in order to make their life as comfortable and content as possible.

The fact that you provided them with healthcare, great dog food, treats, shelter, a bed, not to mention love, affection, and care must provide you some comfort.

Imagine what their life could have been without you if they were abandoned, or lived their whole life in shelters or on the streets. 

Luckily, your dog had a wonderful life with a caring owner who provided them with everything money can buy, and feelings can do.

6. They Aren’t There Anymore, But The Memories Are

couple looking at photo of their dogcouple looking at photo of their dog

Your memories of your canine will always be with you. “Always in my thoughts, eternally in my heart”, is a proverb you might want to place next to an image of your dog.

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Tell people about the memories that you shared with your beloved dog because you might feel better, and they might also share some memorable stories with you. 

By mentioning your animal companion, you can keep your pet’s memories alive. Reliving the happy days could hurt at first, but you might quickly find yourself smiling.

Think about finding a creative expression when you’re grieving. Create a poem, a song, or a piece of memorial jewelry.

7. They Loved You Unconditionally, And Know You Loved Them Back

Your beloved dog was aware that you loved and cared for them deeply, as well as you were aware of their unconditional love towards you.

This was one of the most important things your deceased dog wants you to know. You two shared that love for each other, and that is all that matters in this world.

You cannot take materialistic things to the other world, but you can carry memories, beautiful feelings, and cherished moments spent together.

8. Great Love Equals Great Loss

Only if you were lucky enough to experience love so deep, you will be the one who will equally suffer after your pet is gone.

It is completely normal that you feel a void that cannot be filled, jumped over, or simply forgotten. But, you know why that is so? Because you had the privilege of being so greatly and unconditionally loved by that loyal creature, and nothing actually compares to that.

9. Making A Memorial Could Help You Cope With Emotions

grave of a dog with artful tombstone in backyardgrave of a dog with artful tombstone in backyard

Making a memorial for your canine companion is one way to pay tribute to and commemorate their life. One can buy or make memorials for pets. 

They might bring you some comfort, and serve as a lovely remembrance of a devoted pet.

A simple pet memorial might be a picture of your pet beside his collars and dog tags when he was having a good time. 

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Some families decide to commission a painting of their pet’s face or design a back yard memorial garden that includes stepping stones and wind chimes.

Whatever format your tribute takes, I hope it contributes to preserving the spirit of your furry friend, and bringing you some solace while you grieve their death.

10. They Will Continue To Send You Signs From Above

You can be mourning the passing of your pet when you unexpectedly notice his favorite ball rolling all over the ground. You can be having a bad day, but then you hear a dog barking in the neighborhood that sounds exactly like your deceased dog, and you remember him.

When you’re sitting on your deck, keep an eye out for indications of your pet, such as butterflies that land on your fingers or a scent that makes you think of them. Take solace in these indications.

The whole universe, heaven and hell… name them as you please – the afterlife and the life that we are living now are somehow mysteriously connected, and we can keep getting messages from the other world from beings that passed away.

You might be thinking of your pet, and life might send you a puppy at your doorstep. You might see the same dog breed on TV the same moment you were thinking about your deceased dog.

Life is an unexplored miracle and, if these moments happen, appreciate and cherish them.

11. You Won’t Betray Them By Having Another Dog

As a matter of fact, your dog would want you to keep going with your life. As a dog owner, you have definitely felt that your dog doesn’t like it when you are sad.

And, how would your dog feel if it was watching you cry your heart out, and couldn’t do anything to help you?

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Well, they would be happier if you had someone else to be your loyal companion rather than seeing you devastated.

You aren’t an awful human being if you get another dog after your previous dog died because it is honestly one of the easiest ways to get over your pet’s departure.

12. Consider Having Another Pet When You Feel Comfortable 

jack russell terrier puppy sleeping on young woman's chestjack russell terrier puppy sleeping on young woman's chest

The lost animal companion could never be replaced because there won’t be any other dog that has the same personality type as your dog did. 

You will never be able to recreate the experiences you acquired with that particular pet. You had a unique experience with your pet that cannot be repeated, as well as the fact that you will have a unique experience with your new companion.

A new pet can teach you love again, and help you make fresh memories. There are animals out there who are in need of a family and a home.

Final Word

It is important to understand your own grieving process, help yourself feel better, and accept your own emotions. The fact that grieving is considerably more than just “feeling sad” may surprise you. 

I advise reading pet-loss-related books or taking part in online pet grieving community organizations, as well as seeking support from your friends and family.

Talk with others who share a similar story, share tales and pictures of your pets, and discuss information that your deceased pet would have wanted you to know.

As you mourn your loss, give some thought to how you might pay tribute to your pet. You could give your pet’s unused belongings to a no-kill sanctuary even if you might not be prepared to accept another pet into your house.

Maybe you should plan a fundraiser for a charity animal organization that holds a special place in your heart.

By Andy Marcus

Hello, my name is Andy Marcus, and I am a passionate dog lover and enthusiast. For me, there is nothing quite like the joy and love that a furry friend can bring into our lives. I have spent years studying and learning about dogs, and have made it my mission to share my knowledge and expertise with others through my website. Through my website, I aim to provide comprehensive information and resources for dog owners and enthusiasts. Whether it's training tips, health and nutrition advice, or insights into dog behavior, I strive to create a platform that is accessible and useful to everyone who loves dogs.

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