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Pugs are absolutely the worst!

Today, I will give you 14 reasons why Pugs are the worst, and you’ll be glad to hear them all.

These dogs are so ugly that they should be hidden away from potential dog owners. I mean, they’re not beautiful in any possible meaning.

Pugs are ugly inside and outside, and I’m glad you’re sharing my opinion; otherwise, you wouldn’t be here.

Let’s see what’s so hideous about these creatures!

1. Their Smushy Face Is Disgusting

fawn pug close-upfawn pug close-up

Pugs are brachycephalic dogs (or dogs with a smushy face). They are not attractive in any case.

With their wrinkly skin around the mouth, and their flat nose, Pugs are absolutely hideous. I bet you can’t find a single person who believes Pugs are beautiful dogs. They’re nowhere near the definition of beauty.

When you compare a Pug to a dog like a Poodle, you’ll see how unusual-looking these little pups are.

Pugs don’t even have pretty colors like other breeds. Their colors are too simple, often featured with a black mask around the face. Are they secret superhero dogs or are they pets? You can never tell.

And, do you know what’s even worse about their smushy face other than the black mask? It’s the fact that they’re often too dirty. Pugs get food stuck in their wrinkles around their mouth, and it can’t get any more disgusting.

2. They Snort Like Crazy

pug sleeping between owner's legspug sleeping between owner's legs

Thanks to their brachycephalic face, Pugs are pretty loud dogs. They snore, snort, and breathe loudly. So, no… we can’t say Pugs are generally quiet. They’re obnoxiously loud and not a good fit for someone who wants his peace and quiet.

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Imagine you’re sleeping soundly in your bed, and there’s a loud thump all of a sudden. Your Pug has entered the room. But, that thump shouldn’t worry you. It’s what comes next that will both frighten and disgust you. Pugs snore like a chainsaw. They also snort in their sleep.

You can’t tell which is worse!

The sounds these dogs make are absolutely hideous, and not sweet in any case.

3. They Always Breathe Heavily

fawn pug under a blanketfawn pug under a blanket

Speaking of breathing, snoring, and snorting

You’ll always hear your Pug breathing… always.

Even when you’re super nervous, and you want to be left alone, you’ll hear your Pug breathing, and that will bug you.

Pugs can’t breathe in silence. Their upper airway system doesn’t allow them that. Pugs and other dogs with a flat face suffer from BOAS – a health condition that prevents them from breathing normally.

Unfortunately, dogs with BOAS have lots of issues with breathing, as well as with inflammations of their airway system.

4. Their Skin Rolls Are Not Attractive

adult fawn pugadult fawn pug

What’s so attractive about skin rolls, especially when they’re a result of obesity?

Pugs are not beautiful dogs, and they’re even less attractive than fat Pugs.

Who on Earth would love to strike a Pug, and end up having his fingers stuck inside its skin rolls? That’s gross!

A dog’s skin rolls are a health hazard, and should not be treated as something adorable.

5. And, What’s Up With That Curly Tail?

Cute pug puppy with curled tail watching upCute pug puppy with curled tail watching up

Ugh, curly tails! Pugs have one of the ugliest tails in the canine world. It is curled up, and stays that way no matter how happy they are. I mean, have you seen a Pug wagging its tail? It’s ridiculous!

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Having a tail shaped like a pig’s is not attractive at all. If we had to pick the ugliest tail of them all, Pugs would be absolute winners.

But, the curly tail is not just a fashionable accessory. Did you know that the Pug’s tail is a result of a spinal deformity? That’s why it’s so short and curled up.

Some Pugs can have a straight tail, but that’s quite rare, and often a result of conditions like osteoarthritis or anal gland tumors. It’s not natural for Pugs to have a short and straight tail.

If you have to pick between a dog with a happy tail and a Pug, I guess it’s pretty obvious which dog to choose.

6. They’re Prone To So Many Health Problems

sad pug lies on floorsad pug lies on floor

BOAS, eye problems, obesity, spinal deformation, cardiac issues, diabetes, thyroid issues, dental problems, etc.

That’s only the beginning of the list!

Pugs are dogs known for having lots of health problems. Unfortunately, they are not something that may or may not occur. These health issues are present with almost every Pug. As a future Pug owner, you must be ready to deal with them, and have a special budget just for veterinary bills.

7. Their Skin Issues Are A Mess

black pug with worried expressionblack pug with worried expression

Pugs are one of those dogs known for having lots of issues with their skin. Pug skin problems are quite common because of their coat type. Unfortunately, Pugs shed a lot. They have a short and sleek coat covering their thick skin. 

Thanks to the susceptibility to obesity, Pugs often carry skin rolls, and those skin rolls are the exact hotspot for numerous skin issues.

Skin rolls are fertile ground for bacteria growth. Infections will spread fast in dark and warm places.

Keeping a Pug clean is a nightmare, and every Pug owner will agree. You shouldn’t bathe them too often because you’ll irritate their skin, but you must also keep them nice and clean all the time. Oh, the difficulty to maintain a balance! Wouldn’t it be easier to get a dog that can be bathed normally, or at least a pup that doesn’t have all those fat skin rolls?

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8. They’re Super Old… Almost Ancient

pug on a streetpug on a street

Pugs are an old dog breed. They haven’t changed a lot since their beginnings.

Originally, this dog breed is from China, and it dates back to 400 B.C.

Wow, that’s really old! You know what’s the worst part of being a super old dog breed? It’s the fact that they haven’t really changed throughout the centuries. Sure, their visual appearance changed a bit, but their temperaments stayed the same.

To this day, Pugs are companion dogs desperately seeking for human approval. They’re not good guardians. They’re not good watchdogs. They’re just… pugly dogs!

9. They’re Stubborn Like Donkeys

woman holding her pet pugwoman holding her pet pug

Donkeys are stubborn. They’re a synonym for the word ‘stubborn’. But, they do have a match in the canine kingdom. I was truly surprised to learn that Pugs are just as stubborn as donkeys. Okay… maybe even more.

Pugs are super difficult to housebreak. They’re difficult to train in every possible way. This is where their stubborness plays a major role.

These canine buddies will deny you the satisfaction of owning a well-behaved and trained dog. If they don’t feel like learning new things, they won’t do it. You can try as much as you want, but you won’t get them to learn how to shake paws or where to poop.

Speaking of number two… since they’re so strong-headed, Pugs will be a little nightmare for potty training. Teaching a Pug where to go number 1 and 2 will bring you lots of headaches. Eventually, you’ll succeed, but at what cost?

10. They’re One Of The Most Jealous Dog Breeds

cat hugging a pugcat hugging a pug

Some dog breeds are a delight to own in combination with other dogs. They tolerate other dog breeds, and enjoy living with cats, and even with tiny pets like guinea pigs.

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But, Pugs are not those dogs.

Did you know that Pugs are one of the most jealous dog breeds ever? They don’t like being the other dog, and they don’t like you bringing another pet in the house where they’re already in charge.

Your Pug is not aggressive, but he’s jealous like crazy. He doesn’t want to share your love with another dog. Being this possessive and jealous is one of the biggest reasons why Pugs are the worst. I wouldn’t bring them into a home with other pups because they will try to put themselves in charge and steal all your love, leaving the other pups sad.

Ugh, those little googly-eyed selfish monsters!

11. Their Size Is Limiting

small fawn pugsmall fawn pug

Pugs are really small. An average Pug doesn’t grow more than 11 inches at the withers, and weighs around 18 pounds. Compared to some other popular dog breeds, that’s quite small. But, it’s their body type that makes them unsuitable for living in different arrangements.

Dogs like Pugs have short legs and a rounded body. They tend to lean towards obesity, and are severely prone to it. Seeing an obese Pug is not a pleasant sight. That makes their mobility even more problematic.

You see, Pugs are not meant to be climbing flights of stairs. That’s an exercise they don’t need. Much like their buddies, Dachshunds… Pugs are not supposed to climb elevated surfaces because that’s a strenuous workout for their tiny legs and short spine.

A Pug should either ride the elevator or live somewhere where there are no stairs.

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See… checking all the living arrangement boxes for a Pug can be stressful.

12. They Shed Like Crazy

dog brush on a tabledog brush on a table

Pugs aren’t one of those fancy hypoallergenic breeds. Pfff, such a waste! Why couldn’t they be more like Bichons or Poodles? They don’t shed at all.

You’d think a Pug doesn’t shed because he’s got a super sleek, thin coat. But, man, that’s so wrong! Pugs are notorious shedders. If you’re planning on getting one, you might as well get a robot vacuum cleaner, too. You’d be over-swamped with dog hair.

Pugs shed, and that’s not something you can easily control. They need lots of brushing and grooming, and they still won’t have a lovely hairstyle like some of the Poodle haircuts.

Unfortunately, living with Pugs will mean that you’ll have to deal with unpleasant smells. Pugs can have a terrible odor, especially since their skin rolls can be fertile ground for bacteria and yeast infections.

13. They Tend To… Fart

pug looking at bubblespug looking at bubbles

Pugs tend to… fart. A lot.

Living with a Pug could be a nightmare because these dogs tend to be more flatulent than other breeds. These are loud dogs in every possible meaning of the word. Besides snoring and snorting, Pugs fart like crazy.

One of the biggest reasons why they’re so gassy is their diet. However, being brachycephalic has a lot to do with it.

Pugs have a flat face. They tend to swallow lots of air while they eat. That air will get trapped inside their intestines, and thus, cause them to let out gas more than other breeds.

If you add a natural diet to the equation or a kibble based on fish, you get one smelly Pug. And, that’s one of the biggest reasons why Pugs are the worst… and smelliest, too! Yuck!

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14. Their Eyes Stare Deep Into Your Soul

small fawn pug puppysmall fawn pug puppy

Their big, bulging eyes are not attractive at all.

Every time someone mentions a pup’s wonderful, sparkling eyes, we picture them as small and glistening. No one ever imagines a Pug’s eyes. They stare right into your soul and know your deepest, darkest secrets.

There’s nothing warm and inviting about a Pug‘s eyes. They’re a bit scary. I wouldn’t like to wake up with a Pug staring right at me. I wouldn’t like to see those googly eyes first thing in the morning.

How about another dog breed? Perhaps one with lovely little eyes. What do you think of Golden Retrievers? Their eyes are very warm and friendly. A Pug is only looking at you because he sees treats coming out of your pocket.

In fact, when a Pug stares at you with those huge frog-like eyes, he’s trying to hypnotize you to give him more treatos than he deserves!

Final Words

Okay, now that you know why Pugs are the worst, you can go ahead and pick another dog breed for a pet.

Haaa, just kidding! Did you really think that I’d say all those things about Pugs and really believe them?

Pugs are not the worst. They’re not ugly either. These small pups are lovely souls, with pawdorable looks and even prettier temperaments. Everyone would love to have a sweet little clown as a pet! Pugs have proven they’re worthy of love and attention.

All this nonsense about them being the worst is just for fun.

By Andy Marcus

Hello, my name is Andy Marcus, and I am a passionate dog lover and enthusiast. For me, there is nothing quite like the joy and love that a furry friend can bring into our lives. I have spent years studying and learning about dogs, and have made it my mission to share my knowledge and expertise with others through my website. Through my website, I aim to provide comprehensive information and resources for dog owners and enthusiasts. Whether it's training tips, health and nutrition advice, or insights into dog behavior, I strive to create a platform that is accessible and useful to everyone who loves dogs.

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