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Anatolian Shepherd mixes are a result of breeding the incredible Anatolian Shepherd and many popular dog breeds.

For starters, the Anatolian Shepherd is not the kind of dog you can see everywhere. There aren’t many good Anatolian Shepherd breeders to begin with. So, why are their mixes so popular? How come there are so many mixes of this breed?

I believe it has a lot to do with the kind temperament these dogs have, along with their gentle personality.

Yes, Anatolian Shepherds may look a bit scary since they’re so big. But, there’s something even bigger than them…. it’s their heart that can captivate the many people he gets to meet.

Without further ado, let’s jump into the matter and discover some pretty cool Anatolian Shepherd mixes together. I guarantee you’ll have a blast, and find a crossbreed dog that will steal your heart for good.

1. English Mastiff X Anatolian Shepherd

English Mastiff and Anatolian Shepherd mix dogEnglish Mastiff and Anatolian Shepherd mix dog

Photo from: @howdysarge

Okay… we’ve got a pretty big pooch over here! So big that it’s ridiculous to call him a pooch.

Meet the English Mastiff and Anatolian Shepherd mix. We don’t really have a fun name for this crossbreed pup, but you can call it the Anatolian Mastiff if you want.
This is an expected combination of purebred dogs since Anatolian Shepherds usually mix with larger dogs, preferably giants. It’s due to their huge size. I mean, an average Anatolian Shepherd will weigh up to 150 pounds. Imagine breeding one with a male or a female Chihuahua.

That’d be ridiculous and unethical!

That’s why canines like the English Mastiff are perfectly fine.


The English Mastiff usually weighs up to 200 pounds. This makes him a good counterpart to Anatolian Shepherds. Their crossbreed puppies will be large dogs.

Whether they’ll take their weight after one parent or another is completely irrelevant since it will still be a huge doggo.

The signature features that will help you recognize an Anatolian Mastiff is its medium-length coat in numerous cream shades, including brindle and white, as well as its blocky, mastiff-type head.


As for their temperament, Anatolian Mastiffs are not what you’d expect from them. Sure, they are big. They might make you feel intimidated, but these dogs won’t harm you on purpose.

Anatolian Mastiffs are actually pretty sweet and caring. They are as gentle as a dog of their size can be.

Still, I’d be careful, and would not leave them with small children, as they might hurt them unintentionally. After all, these are pretty big, heavy, and strong canines.

Health Problems

Mixed-breed dogs always come either incredibly healthy or feature numerous health issues. With dogs of this size, it’s important to pay attention to joints, bones, and hips, as they’re the ones that cause issues first.

Watch out for canine hip dysplasia, and don’t let your dog exercise too long. Surprisingly, strenuous workouts for these mixes are not recommended because they affect their skeletal system negatively.

2. Australian Shepherd X Anatolian Shepherd

Well, we come to a battle between two shepherd-type dogs.

Just kidding… this is not a battle. This is what you get when you join forces. The Australian Shepherd and the Anatolian Shepherd don’t have lots of things in common, but they do have one: they’re shepherd dogs, and as such, they’re extremely hard working!

Of course, both Aussie Shepherd males and females are much smaller than our Anatolian Shepherd. But, these two have found a way to work it out despite their differences and origin countries. I mean Turkey is pretty far from Australia, and vice versa. It took some courage to breed contrasting breeds that are hard to find.

The Australian Shepherd is pretty common, but the Anatolian Shepherd isn’t. Still, these two make adorable shepherd puppies.


The Australian Shepherd Anatolian Shepherd mixed breed puppy will look like an enlarged Aussie. Well, one thing is constant with these doggos, and that’s their size, which they inherit from their Anatolian parent.

However, their coat color and type will resemble an Aussie. That’s why this crossbreed puppy will fashion colors like Aussie black, or Aussie tri-red. Also, a blue merle coat, just like with the Australian Shepherd, is possible.

What you’ll like about their appearance is definitely the kind look on their face and their lovely, feathered ears. Overall, Australian Anatolian Shepherds are sweet-looking pups that are significantly larger than the Aussie mom or dad, but pretty impressive.


Both parent breeds are pretty different in terms of their temperament.

The Australian Shepherd is incredibly good with kids, but they do have a feisty, energetic personality. No wonder why people call them cowboys of the canine world.

When you combine their bouncy behavior with the Anatolian’s calm demeanor, you get a pretty well-balanced puppy.

This hybrid pooch will be excellent for families, although you still need to worry about their size around small animals and kids. All in all, this is surprisingly one of the most spectacular Anatolian Shepherd mixes.

Health Problems

Besides the common health problems with large dog breeds, like hip and elbow dysplasia, this mix can be prone to suffering from some major conditions like epilepsy.

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Sadly, epilepsy is a hereditary condition that strikes many Aussie Shepherds.

Since this crossbreed puppy may or may not inherit the mentioned health issues, it’s important that you buy your hybrid from a good breeder who cares about the dog’s well-being.

3. Anatolian Pyrenees: Great Pyrenees X Anatolian Shepherd

Anatolian Pyrenees dog outdoorAnatolian Pyrenees dog outdoor

Finally, two dog breeds that look a lot like each other… well, at least in terms of size and signature coat colors.

This is the Anatolian Pyrenees – a cross between two truly magnificent dog breeds; our Anatolian Shepherd and the Great Pyrenees. Two dog breeds of a robust size have met and created one stunning dog… not a pup, but a big dog that will impress you with its size.

Let’s see more of why the Anatolian Pyrenees is an impressive hybrid!


Both parent breeds are exceptional working dogs. They are purposely bred to help with herding cattle, or serve as livestock guardians. Their big body size helped them a lot with these tasks. Also, their strength was a nice backup when they needed to protect their owner and the herd from wild animals.

The Anatolian Pyrenees features a double coat inherited from both parents. They’re fluffy looking and soft, usually in lighter shades like cream or white. Of course, they will shed like the Great Pyrenees. Unfortunately, shedding is a massive issue with these dogs, so keep that in mind.

This crossbreed usually has a nice long muzzle, and floppy ears covered in medium-length hair.

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Everything is big with the Anatolian Pyrenees, especially their heart.

Yes, you can definitely call them gentle giants. These dogs are family-oriented, sweet, and caring. Most importantly, they will put your safety first, and defend you from any possible threat.

This may be a bit problematic, especially around unknown people. Their territorial behavior as well as their overprotectiveness is something that needs to be addressed through early socialization and obedience training.

You should not have any issues with general training since the Anatolian Pyrenees learns fast, he’s super smart, and he is eager to please.

Health Problems

Giant dog breeds will always have issues with their mobility. However, those aren’t the only problems with the Anatolian Pyrenees. Unfortunately, they’re also prone to some severe eye conditions.

For example, your Anatolian Pyrenees puppy may inherit cataracts, or conditions called entropion or ectropion.

Also, bloat is a constant threat with giant dog breeds. Better control their meal intake, and don’t allow them to exercise a lot before and after meals. Too much air will cause their belly to twist, which can be lethal.

4. German Anatolian Shepherd: Anatolian Shepherd X German Shepherd Mix

German Anatolian Shepherd in the fieldGerman Anatolian Shepherd in the field

What kind of a list would this be without a German Shepherd? Of all Anatolian Shepherd mixes, this is definitely the one with the most popular mom or dad, the German Shepherd.

The German Anatolian Shepherd has one of the finest working ethics you’ll ever see in the canine kingdom. He’s the ultimate hard worker. While other Anatolian mixes may lay around and cuddle, this pup will be out and about, giving 110%, and completing tasks without a hassle.

What you’re about to learn concerning the German Anatolian Shepherd will change your mind about crossbreed pups, and make you wish you had one immediately.


When we compare the two parents, we’ll notice an obvious difference in terms of size. German Shepherds are not as tall as you might think. They are longer dogs, with a slouched back and long tail. But, if you follow the GSD growth chart, you’ll see that they can pack up to 90 pounds. That’s pretty close to our Anatolian Shepherd.

However, the Anatolian Shepherd has a more bulky build, and they appear larger than they really are.

The crossbreed puppies of these two will be somewhere around 100 pounds. They will have a muscular body build covered in short hair. Lots of coat colors are possible, but all of them are German Shepherd colors.

One of the most popular colors will be sable, just like the sable GSD.

Unfortunately, GSDs shed, and so does the Anatolian Shepherd. So, you will have your hands full with brushing them.


A lot of people believe German Shepherds are aggressive. But, that’s far from the truth. No dog, including a German Shepherd, is aggressive by default.

When you combine their temperament with the Anatolians’ calm and gentle approach, you get the perfectly balanced puppy that will grow into a quiet, devoted dog that will work hard like no other mix on this list.

Of course, I’d pay attention to their size as they might cause injuries with smaller kids. But, other than that, German Anatolian Shepherds make fine crossbreed pups.

They can live with families since they are extremely loyal and look for the alpha in their humans.

Health Problems

If you want your German Anatolian Shepherd to reach its maximum lifespan, then you should take him to regular vet visits. But, most importantly, buy from a breeder who guarantees the puppies are free of any hereditary disease.

This is another one of the Anatolian Shepherd mixes that is prone to dysplasia and bloat. However, I have to add hemophilia to the list since German Shepherds often carry this severe condition.

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5. Anatolian Shepherd Great Dane Mix

Australian Shepherd and Anatolian Shepherd mix dog in natureAustralian Shepherd and Anatolian Shepherd mix dog in nature

Photo from: @purpletabs

I just love it when breeders mix dogs of similar size, appearance, and temperament. Do you want to know why? It’s because I want to see what will make their puppy different from the others. Will it be behavior or will it be some unusual appearance traits?

The truth is, you never know with crossbreed dogs. They don’t have a breed standard, and they don’t have to resemble both parents. Sometimes, these dogs take after one side more than the other.

In this case, the Anatolian Shepherd Great Dane mixed puppy will usually look more like the Great Dane. Why don’t we check out some other features of this incredible hybrid?


The Anatolian Shepherd Great Dane mix is another giant with a mellow heart. Even though they may look like aggressive hounds, Great Danes are not really dangerous. I feel really bad for Great Dane boys and girls because they have to take all the unnecessary bad publicity.

A cross between them and the Anatolian Shepherd would be a calm, gentle dog that won’t hurt anyone. Great Danes are known for their gentle approach, especially to children. In fact, they’re real cuddle bears, but sadly, they don’t fit into a human lap.

The Great Anatolian Shepherd (a shorter name for this mix) should inherit Great Dane coat colors. I’ve seen some pretty lovely mantle pups, just like mantle Danes.

But, this handsome boy is more than just beauty.


Great Dane Anatolian Shepherd mixed puppies are blessed to be quite intelligent.

Besides their cuddly behavior, these dogs tend to be a bit territorial. However, that’s nothing that should worry you as they won’t show aggression.

Brace yourself for an endless amount of big, wet dog kisses as the Great Anatolian loves sharing the love!

Health Problems

Sadly, this is one of those Anatolian Shepherd mixes that doesn’t live for too long. That’s the problem with giant dog breeds. They grow fast, and thus, reach maturity faster. Consequently, nature decided they should live a shorter life.

One of the most common health problems that might affect your Great Anatolian Shepherd will be inherited from the Great Dane side of the family. It’s cardiomyopathy (basically, an enlargement of the heart muscle).

See, I told you these dogs have huge hearts!

6. Golden Retriever X Anatolian Shepherd

anatolian shepherd golden retriever mix dog on the grassanatolian shepherd golden retriever mix dog on the grass

Photo from: @indi.louis

One of the best family pets in the world, and a parent to this wonderful Anatolian Shepherd mix, is the Golden Retriever. Whether your breeder uses English or American Goldens, the end result will still be a lovely Golden Anatolian.

Since Golden Retrievers aren’t that good as guard dogs, I believe that breeding them with Anatolians was to create a lovely family dog that would cuddle and protect as needed.

I do have to congratulate whoever remembered to breed Goldens and Anatolians together. They’re not only good dogs to have around, but they’re also valued family members, and now you’re about to see why.


Let’s start with the appearance of the Golden Shepherd. As you can tell, the signature color of this crossbreed puppy is gold or cream, just like the Golden parent.

There is a significant difference in terms of the size of the two parent breeds. Golden Retrievers are large-breed dogs, but they’re not as giant as Anatolians.

You can expect your Golden Anatolian to weigh up to 80 pounds. Of course, when it comes to male vs female Goldens, females are smaller. When you combine these genes with Anatolian’s, you’ll get a pup that will resemble a GSD in terms of size.

This is still a pretty big dog that will make you feel safe around him.

The facial expression usually takes after the Golden. There is no signature black mask as there is with Anatolians.

Probably the only thing most Golden Anatolians inherit from the Turkish side of the family is their size and their dense coat.

Speaking of coats… yes, you will need to brush it all the time because both the Anatolian Shepherd and the Golden Retriever shed quite a lot, and are not hypoallergenic.


I’d recommend a Golden Anatolian even if you’re a first-time owner. The reason is pretty simple! The easy-going temperament that both dogs have will make Golden Anatolian Shepherd puppies adaptable to any lifestyle.

These dogs will never show you aggression because Golden retrievers are not aggressive, and neither are Anatolian Shepherds.

These dogs don’t have too high of energy levels, but they do need daily workouts, i.e., long walks in the park. Also, I recommend you get some toys to work on your Golden Anatolian’s mental stimulation.

All in all, this cross from popular dogs is threatening to become the favorite among all Anatolian Shepherd mixes as well as other family-oriented dogs.

Health Problems

The one thing that’s really bad about Golden Retrievers is that out of all dog breeds, they’re the ones most prone to developing different types of cancer. There’s a huge chance your Anatolian Shepherd mix will inherit genes that might trigger this severe condition.

I suggest you take your pup to see the vet anytime you can. Don’t skip checkups, and take care of your dog’s health.

7. Anatolian Shepherd X Pitbull Mix

Anatolian Shepherd and Pitbull Mix dog on the floorAnatolian Shepherd and Pitbull Mix dog on the floor

Photo from: @milodogsandcats

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Even though the official American Kennel Club (AKC) says that Pitbulls are just as good as other dog breeds, people tend to disagree with that. Pitbulls are, sadly, facing pretty bad publicity because they’re considered aggressive. They are not aware that Pitbull boys and girls are one of the sweetest dog breeds on Earth!

Well, if they are scared of Pitbulls and their so-called aggression, wait until they see this giant Anatolian Shepherd Pitbull mix! Yes, it does look like an enlarged Pitbull.

This is one of those Anatolian Shepherd mixes that looks like the perfect blend of both parents. You’re about to see why owning an Anatolian Pittie sounds like a good idea.


For starters, this mix is classified as a big dog that can grow up to around 80 pounds or so. Keep in mind that Pitbulls are small and muscular. They rarely go over 70 pounds. But, combine them with an Anatolian and you’ll get a somewhat larger dog.

When I said this is an enlarged Pitbull, I really meant that. Their size may be after the Turkish side of the family, but their appearance is pure Pitbull. The facial expression, along with floppy ears, are completely from the Pitbull side.

If you have wondered about that stunning Pitbull smile, don’t worry – that’s usually inherited, too!

This handsome boy even features the same colors as the average Pitbull. All colors are possible, including blue fawn, like Pitbulls, and even brindle, like Anatolian’s.


So, a word about the temperament of this crossbreed dog…

If you’re interested in whether they’re aggressive or not, you already have that covered. I want to show you the other side of the Anatolian Pittie. It’s their protective nature that shines bright. These hybrids won’t allow something bad to happen to you or your family.

That’s all because they’re highly affectionate and attached to the people they love.

The Anatolian Pittie should be a brave dog with moderate exercise needs.

Health Problems

As I mentioned a few times earlier, it’s always hard to say how a crossbreed pup will turn out to be. If your Anatolian Pittie inherits a thin coat like the Pittie parent, with an almost non-existent undercoat, he’s more likely to suffer from skin conditions like rashes or allergies. Use dog cosmetics for sensitive skin when bathing them.

Also, thanks to the Pitbull mom or dad, your Anatolian Pittie may suffer from degenerative myelopathy. Better contact a reputable breeder before you decide to bring an Anatolian Pittie home.

8. Siberian Husky X Anatolian Shepherd

Anatolian Husky laying on the floorAnatolian Husky laying on the floor

Photo from: @kenziemasten

What you’re looking at is probably the most unique of all Anatolian Shepherd mixes.

The Anatolian Husky is a cross between our dog of the day, the Anatolian Shepherd, and the very popular Siberian Husky mom or dad.

I believe the purpose of mixing these two dog breeds was to create one hard-working dog that will work hard when it’s needed, but still, show some sass, and have fun while doing it.

Anatolian Shepherds are calm dogs, but Siberian Huskies are not. Huskies don’t really bark that much, but man… there’s something even worse. It’s Husky howling!

Even though it’s funny from time to time, it can get a bit annoying.

However, when you cross the two mentioned parent breeds, you’ll get a dog with fairly normal behavior.

This is one of the Anatolian Shepherd mixes that will truly be unique in every possible way.


Anatolian Huskies might not be as big as their parents from Anatolia, but they certainly look a lot like their parents from Siberia.

Your average Anatolian Husky will have a Shepherd’s facial expression, often followed by a black mask. However, the coat texture will be dense, and the colors will be just like the Husky’s.

I’ve seen a fair share of brown Anatolian Huskies, just like brown Siberian Huskies. But, still, coat color combinations may vary.

The same goes for eye colors. Huskies have wonderfully-colored eyes. Sometimes, they even have a condition called heterochromia. This means that the Anatolian Huskies may inherit these genes and also have the same condition.


Since Huskies are not aggressive and Anatolian Shepherds are as calm as they can be, you can expect their puppies to exhibit the same behavior.

The Anatolian Husky should be a happy pooch that loves playing around. He’s one of the ultimate family pets that every dog owner would love to have.

I do have to warn you about Huskies and their stubbornness, so keep an eye on them during dog training lessons.

Health Problems

Another thing you should worry about concerning Anatolian Huskies is your puppy inheriting genes that could cause PRA. But, what is PRA? That’s an eye condition known as Progressive Retinal Atrophy. It should be treated in time; otherwise, your dog might go blind.

Sure, blind dogs can get around just fine, but why should you play with your dog’s health? Have him checked by the vet regularly, and also buy from a breeder that submits puppies in early puppyhood to PRA tests.

9. Anatolian Shepherd X Rottweiler

anatolian shepherd and rottweiler dog mixanatolian shepherd and rottweiler dog mix

Photo from: @bwalkingd

When it comes to breeding exceptional working dogs, the Anatolian Rottweiler is an absolute champion. This pup is very proud of his hard-working parents, especially the Rottweiler.

Both parent breeds were purposely bred to help people. Anatolian Shepherds are one of the finest examples of Shepherd dogs, while Rottweilers mostly serve as protection and for pulling heavy weight.

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Today, the Rottweiler parent is under a lot of stigma. I must add it’s completely unreasonable to believe that Rottweilers are aggressive. Rotties are not dangerous!

They’re just big and strong. Sure, socialize them in time and you’ll have a well-behaving dog.

I don’t support dog owners or breeders who don’t pay attention to proper canine socialization.


The appearance of your Anatolian Rottie will depend on several factors. First, do you use American or German Rotties in the breeding process? Is your Rottie a short-haired or a long-haired Rottie?

For example, the long-haired Rottie, when mixed with the Anatolian Shepherd, will result in puppies with medium-length hair. They will be a bit scruffy-looking and fluffy, but that only helps with their cuteness factor.

As for the coat colors, expect any color from the parent breeds. Usually, Rotties are black and tan, so a shade of tan with black markings is quite possible with these dogs.


Rottweilers are good with kids. Anatolian Shepherds are good with kids. Anatolian Rottweilers will be good with kids, too!

I can guarantee that this is one of the most loyal Anatolian Shepherd mixes you’ll ever see. They always want to make sure their owner is not in danger, and that everyone feels secure around them.

Anatolian Rotties are also sharp creatures, and training them should not cause any complications. They will master commands easily, and they love to see their owner pleased. So, yes… they’re super eager to please, and are obedient, too!

Health Problems

Sadly, Rottweilers are usually prone to some conditions that they may transfer to their offspring. Health-wise, the biggest threats for these dogs are Von Willebrand’s Disease, Addison’s disease, as well as hypothyroidism.

These health issues can be avoided if you pick the right breeder.

10. Akita X Anatolian Shepherd

anatolian shepherd akita mix doganatolian shepherd akita mix dog

Photo from: @dharmadogstraining

Spitz-type dogs aren’t usually used for crossbreeding with breeds that are significantly larger than them. But, the Akita and the Anatolian Shepherd is definitely an exception.

To be honest, the two breeds we’re talking about now are quite rare and unusual. There are only a handful of good Akita breeders in the States, not to mention Anatolian breeders.

Let’s imagine there are plenty of good and reliable sources for Akita mixes. What would an average Akita and Anatolian Shepherd mix look like? I mean, we’re looking at two quite different dog breeds in any possible meaning.

Let’s solve that mystery!


The Akita Anatolian Shepherd will look like a shrunk Anatolian Shepherd. I reckon you understand why using an Anatolian Shepherd instead of a bigger version, like a Kangal, is in order here, right?

Well then, let’s talk about the details!

The Anatolian Akita should weigh around 100 pounds since the Turkish side of the family is big, as well as the Akita mom or dad.

They can come in various colors inherited from the Akita parent, but Anatolian colors aren’t impossible either.

What you’ll notice at first is the lack of pointy ears as with the Japanese side of the family.

In this case, the battle of the genes goes to the Anatolian Shepherd.


Generally speaking, Anatolian Akitas will be friendly and easy-going, but they will come with one downside.

These dogs can be quite stubborn, just like the Akita. They love their alone time, and they don’t mind staying at home alone for longer periods of time. If this is something you’d appreciate, then you’ll love living with the Anatolian Akita!

Health Problems

The Anatolian Akita is fairly healthy, but he also can suffer from some severe health conditions.

Never forget about hip dysplasia, PRA, and hypothyroidism. They’re silent, but severe, and lurk almost every Anatolian Akita.

11. Labrador Retriever X Anatolian Shepherd

Anatolian retriever standing at homeAnatolian retriever standing at home

Photo from: @karenfultzgreene

Of course, we had to include one of the most popular dog breeds in the world. Lots of families across the United States love Labrador Retrievers. Why wouldn’t they? These dogs are spectacular family dogs that are as loyal as a German Shepherd and as sweet as a Great Dane.

But, what happens when you mix these dogs with our Anatolian Shepherd? You get an even better dog breed for families.

The Anatolian Retriever is a combination of a sheepdog and a retriever. This means these puppies will have a strong hunting and herding drive. They will be excellent at catching all sorts of prey, which can be important for people who enjoy hunting with dogs.

Let’s see why else you should pay attention to the Anatolian Retriever.


When you breed a Lab with an Anatolian Shepherd, you’ll get puppies of large size, covered in medium-length dog hair. Unfortunately, since the Lab sheds, as well as the Anatolian Shepherd, the puppies will also be big shedders, so this might not be the best puppy for allergic people.

These hybrid pups come in all sorts of light shades, i.e., a white Anatolian Retriever is possible because both parents can come in white. Ever heard of the white Labrador? Now you will! Also, other Labrador colors are possible, but you never know what your Anatolian Retriever puppy might look like.

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Think of this Anatolian Shepherd mix as an enlarged Labrador. It will look just like the Lab, but its body size will be similar to the Anatolian Shepherd.


What can I say about one of the kindest Anatolian Shepherd mixes?

Not much other than good things, right?

Well, the Anatolian Retriever is absolutely wonderful and friendly. They love their family dearly, and seem to be more loyal than you’d think.

Of course, I wouldn’t recommend this mix to serve as a guard dog, but they’re still okay as watchdogs. Anatolian Retrievers are alert and ready to react within seconds.

Health Problems

Other than common health issues with these mixed-breed puppies, you must watch out for obesity.

Both parent breeds are extremely prone to obesity. Control what they eat and how much of it they eat. Your Anatolian Retriever will need premium dog food packed with proteins to maintain a healthy body weight.

12. Boxer X Anatolian Shepherd

Boxer and Anatolian Shepherd mix dog on the bedBoxer and Anatolian Shepherd mix dog on the bed

Photo from: @shyrob415

The list of best Anatolian Shepherd mixes can’t go by without our Boxer girls and boys. Whether you breed Anatolian Shepherds with American or European Boxers, the end result will be one unusual pup with a fun twist. Everyone who knows Boxers knows they’re quirky pups with a sweet personality.

But, what do you get when you mix them with Anatolian Shepherds?

An Anatolian Boxer, of course!

This is a dog that will be quite calm and serious in one moment, but then he’ll enter the zoomies stage and show all his funny sides.

How about we check out what an Anatolian Boxer might look like, as well as what kind of health issues he might face?


The Anatolian Boxer can also inherit Boxer colors as well as Anatolian Shepherd colors. Usually, those are shades of cream, beige, fawn, and brown.

As you can imagine, Anatolian Boxers will be big, handsome guys and girls. They will have a rather short coat that will still need regular brushing.

This mix is the perfect blend of both parents since it’s really hard to tell where the Boxer begins, and where the Anatolian Shepherd ends.


Just think of the Anatolian Boxer as your fun best friend that will try to make you laugh when you feel down.

These dogs have a friendly personality that will amaze you with pawsitivity.

As far as I know, there isn’t a single bad bone inside the Anatolian Boxer.

Health Problems

Sadly, Boxers are one of those dogs that are highly prone to cancers. And, yes – they can transfer those genes to further offspring.

Your Anatolian Boxer might suffer from brain tumors or mast cell tumors.

Please, have your Anatolian Boxer checked by the vet regularly to prevent further health complications.

13. Anatolian Shepherd X Poodle

Anatolian Shepherd and Poodle mix puppyAnatolian Shepherd and Poodle mix puppy

Photo from: @coach_cutler_nutrition

Well, it’s time to meet one of the rarest, and probably the quirkiest Anatolian Shepherd mixes of them all.

This is the Anadoodle (or the Anatolian Shepherd and Poodle-mixed puppy). And, yes – I did make that up, but you have to admit that’s one pawmazing name!

The Anadoodle is a lot like many other doodles we know, i.e., the Goldendoodle.

But, what sets them apart from the already-famous Doodles?

For starters, it’s of a significantly bigger size. This is one of the biggest, if not the biggest Doodle ever.

You’re about to see why these dogs are considered incredibly good pets.


The Anadoodle is simply gorgeous. Luckily, it features the Poodle’s curly coat, which makes this Anatolian Shepherd mix a hypoallergenic one.

To be honest, I was quite surprised to see an Anatolian mixed with a dog like the Poodle. Good thing these hybrid pups have inherited lovely Poodle colors, so there’s an Anadoodle for everyone’s taste from black (like with black Poodles) to cream shades of the Anatolian Shepherd.

I believe I don’t have to mention which Poodle size was used in the breeding process. Of course, it was not a standard Poodle – the biggest of them all.

What sets them apart from Poodles is their muzzle shape. Actually, it’s the facial expression of an Anatolian Shepherd. It looks like someone took the Anatolian’s face and put it on the Poodle’s body. Okay… a huge Poodle’s body, but you catch my drift.


You’ll love the Anadoodle for its good work ethic. Since Poodles are amazing water dogs that are used for hunting, expect these crossbreed pups to work twice as hard as their parents.

Although the Anadoodle will be a wonderful family pet, I have to warn you about something that he’s most likely to inherit from the Poodle parent.

It’s the sassiness that comes with every Poodle. It’s like a signature behavior trait for these French dogs.

So, expect some drama from your Anadoodle, just because they feel a bit bored.

Also, when it comes to boredom, don’t let your Anadoodle get bored while alone at home. You might come home to a destroyed living room. Provide some fun games for mental stimulation and you’ll have one grateful pup.

Health Problems

We’ve talked about a dozen other Anatolian Shepherd mixes before our Anadoodle.

I can only add that these pups share the most common health issues with the previous pups. However, I have to add Addison’s disease, which usually strikes the Poodle parent.

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So, either buy from someone who tests their dogs regularly or don’t skip your vet checkups if you want to have a healthy Anadoodle.

14. Bernese Mountain Dog X Anatolian Shepherd

anatolian shepherd bernese mountain dog mixanatolian shepherd bernese mountain dog mix

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Our Bernese Mountain Dog boys and girls are worthy counterparts of the Anatolian Shepherd.

When you breed two extremely large dog breeds, the end result can only be one magnificent pup.

And, the Anatolian Bernese is definitely magnificent.

Generally speaking, all Anatolian Shepherd mixes are truly great. But, I find that these mixes can reach their full potential when bred with large or giant dog breeds.
If you’re a fan of huge dogs with an even bigger heart, then keep on reading.


The Anatolian Bernese is not a mix that can easily be found. I haven’t seen one in person, and I know there aren’t many alive in the world either.

Those people who have been blessed to have an Anatolian Bernese or to have spent some time with them know these pups are a lovely mashup of both parents.

Of course, one Anatolian Bernese might look a lot like the Bernese parent, while the other may resemble the Anatolian Shepherd more. This is absolutely natural.

What you should know is that most Anatolian Bernese dogs feature the popular tricolor coat, just like the Bernese.

These dogs are big, chunky, and have a somewhat regal posture.


Don’t worry about your Anatolian Bernese being aggressive or dangerous. They rarely show aggression at all!

In fact, the Bernese parent is known to be exceptionally good around kids. Some even joke and say he’s the perfect nanny dog.

I want to underline that this is one of the friendliest Anatolian Shepherd mixes you’ll ever meet.

Health Problems

Bernese Mountain Dogs are known to suffer from conditions like PRA, hypothyroidism in dogs, and von Willebrand’s Disease (vWD). There’s a big chance your Anatolian Bernese will suffer from any of the mentioned conditions.

Of course, there’s always a chance he’ll suffer from a mobility issue like hip or elbow dysplasia.

These are huge dogs that still need love and care. Please, make sure your dog gets checked regularly so he can live a long and fulfilling life.

15. Newfoundland X Anatolian Shepherd

Newfoundland and anatolian shepherd mix dog Newfoundland and anatolian shepherd mix dog

Photo from: @taunstewart

When it comes to breeding Newfoundland dogs and Anatolian Shepherds, I recommend that you or your breeder go with the larger Anatolian Shepherd, called the Kangal. The American Kennel Club says that these two are the same dogs, but the Kangal is slightly bigger. There are really no differences in their origin or behavior whatsoever.

Newfoundlands are one of the biggest dogs in the world. According to the Newf’s growth chart, they can weigh up to 150 pounds. And, yes… they need a lot of dog food to keep them functioning properly. Just imagine a puppy from a Newfie and a Kangal. Wow, that’s pretty big!

I wonder what they would look like…


I’ll have that mystery solved for you in no time. Newfoundland Kangals will, of course, be big. Their muscular body will be covered in a medium-length coat. And, yes… it will shed, so don’t expect hypoallergenic traits from these dogs.

The coat color may lean over to one or the other side, meaning that inheriting all colors from the parents is quite possible.

What you’re looking at is a fairly rare mix. Even though mixed-breed dogs don’t have a breed standard, some became so popular that there has been a pattern noticed that repeats in each specimen of the breed.

I believe the Kangal will find its pattern soon.


Newfs are gentler than you might think. They’re calm, friendly, and extremely loyal to their owner. The same goes for the Kangal.

You can expect devoted pups from these two dog breeds.

Health Problems

Whenever it comes to the health problems of giant dogs, I always get a bit sad. Dogs as big as a Newf or a Kangal have a shorter lifespan, i.e., the Newf only lives for 8 to 10 years.

Let’s make that decade worth remembering, and make your dog’s life incredible.

As always, watch out for bloat and dysplasia, but also Subaortic Stenosis.


So, after going through all these Anatolian Shepherd mixes, which one is your favorite?

As you already know, the Anatolian Shepherd mixes are usually a result of breeding large or giant dog breeds, just like our buddy from Anatolia. However, there’s always an exception to the rule. In this case, we’ve seen some pretty unusual mixes.

Who’d have thought to mix a Poodle and an Anatolian Shepherd? Or, what about Aussie Shepherd and Anatolian Shepherd mixes? Those mixes are pretty rare, and it’s a delight to have them around.

I would be careful with who I trust with my Anatolian Shepherd mixed puppy. Find a breeder who takes good care of the parents and their litters. Make sure they test for various health conditions.

Dysplasia is pretty common with these dogs, so ask to see certifications proving that the dog doesn’t carry dysplasia genes.

I truly believe all these Anatolian Shepherd mixes are wonderful dogs. The most important thing is that none of these dogs are aggressive by default. They’re all good family dogs that love and respect their family members dearly.

By Andy Marcus

Hello, my name is Andy Marcus, and I am a passionate dog lover and enthusiast. For me, there is nothing quite like the joy and love that a furry friend can bring into our lives. I have spent years studying and learning about dogs, and have made it my mission to share my knowledge and expertise with others through my website. Through my website, I aim to provide comprehensive information and resources for dog owners and enthusiasts. Whether it's training tips, health and nutrition advice, or insights into dog behavior, I strive to create a platform that is accessible and useful to everyone who loves dogs.

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