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Designer breeds have become extremely popular among dog lovers in the past few decades, and mini Bernedoodles are no exception!

However, the search for a trustworthy breeder might be quite a challenge, which is why I gathered a collection of some of the best mini Bernedoodle breeders in the U.S.!

This cute cross of Poodle and Bernese Mountain Dog will melt your heart the minute you see it, and become your favorite companion in your new adventures.

If you’re interested in getting a new pup, check out this list of the best mini Bernedoodle breeders below. I’m sure you’ll find at least one of the breeders that fit all your needs and requirements.

Mini Bernedoodle Puppies For Sale

Mini Bernedoodle sitting on grass outside looking at cameraMini Bernedoodle sitting on grass outside looking at camera

It’s time to find out who the best mini Bernedoodle breeders in the United States are, according to the following breed standards and reviews from dog owners!

1. Alpine Bernedoodles.

With over sixteen years of experience in dog breeding, this kennel can take pride in each pup that has left its facility, and it deserves to be named one of the best Bernedoodle breeders!

The owner of this facility is a veterinary technician, which is a huge plus when deciding on the perfect breeder of your favorite dog type.

With the excellent knowledge and experience in breeding dogs like Bernedoodles, it’s safe to say that this breeder is among the most reputable breeders in Colorado.

The owners state that the main focus of this facility is to breed canines in order to get mini, micro, and tiny Bernedoodles.

However, they’re also interested in Aussiedoodles; therefore, if you’re in a dilemma between an Aussiedoodle or a mini Bernedoodle puppy, you can contact the owners and get a professional opinion.

This breeder is primarily focused on the health and personality traits of each pooch they raise, but they do like to experiment a little bit.

Although designer breeds are already a kind of an experiment, this dog breeder loves mixing sizes, temperaments, and shades to get a “unique” puppy.

Of course, the owners can’t make any claims about the size or color in advance before the puppies are born, but they’re almost 100% sure every pup will be perfectly healthy (with rare but possible exceptions).

Because of this, the kennel offers a two-year genetic health guarantee that covers only the congenital malformations proven by a certified vet.

Another crucial thing before getting a puppy from this place is signing the spay/neuter contract, which states that your pet has to be neutered before the ninth month (males), or spayed before the sixth month (females).

You might not be able to choose the puppy, especially if you’re the last person who applied for the current (or expecting) litter. However, all puppies are in excellent health, so there’s no need to fear.

What can you expect?

Along with the puppy and necessary documentation (including vaccination and health testing records), you’ll receive starter food packs, dog toys, and insurance.

This facility also offers additional training programs and puppy school, which isn’t obligatory, but might be very helpful, especially for the improvement of social skills and interaction with people and animals.

If you want to learn more about this program, you can contact the owners and ask for more details regarding the price and the training process.

This canine will cost you between $3,600 and $4,500. The price is based on several factors, including the type of the Bernedoodle, its size, its generation, and its coat hues (the rarer the coat color, the more expensive the puppy).

Breeder details:

Address: Montrose, Colorado

Email address: [email protected]

Official website: Alpine Bernedoodles

Contact number: 970 901 5892

2. Highfalutin Furry Babies.

Mini Bernedoodle sitting on dockMini Bernedoodle sitting on dock

The owners of this kennel represent themselves as the boutique breeders of this interesting canine mix.

The furry babies from this facility are described as high-quality puppies raised in excellent conditions, with plenty of attention and care.

Puppies from Highfalutin Furry Babies usually grow into healthy, sturdy dogs with good social skills.

However, canines from this facility aren’t just cute and robust; most of these canines are also known as excellent therapy dogs and great companions.

If you’re looking for a mini Bernedoodle that will become your family pet and a family member, Highfalutin Furry Babies is also the place you’ll want to visit.

How did it all start?

Essentially, the breeder family started with this project after discovering how helpful their Mini Bernedoodle was for their daughter, who’s suffering from hearing impairment.

This interesting mixed breed canine has become her service canine and her close friend that is always there to offer support and aid.

The Bernese Mountain Dog and Poodle cross have become the trademark of the Marshall family, which has become one of the most reputable breeders in Florida.

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The owners of the kennel aren’t profit-oriented, and their primary mission is to breed and raise high-quality Bernedoodles.

The Marshall family cares deeply about the well-being of their pups, and they understand that new owners want to make sure their new pet is healthy.

Therefore, by purchasing a pup from this kennel, you’ll also receive all necessary documentation, including:

A health certificate

Vaccination records

A sort of online health binder (which includes a variety of helpful info about your pooch, including medical checkup records)

A blankie with the litter’s scent

A neuter agreement

A 12- or 24-month health guarantee (for genetic diseases)

Lifetime support

Additional equipment for canines (leash, toys, harness, etc.)

This kennel is committed to breeding Bernedoodle puppies in all shapes, sizes, and coat colors.

Therefore, if you’re looking for classic Bernies, you’ll be able to get a beautiful F1 Bernedoodle. However, if you have an allergic reaction to long-haired dogs, you can get an F1B Bernedoodle.

Also, if you prefer more miniature puppies, this kennel offers the adorable Teddy Bear Bernes! These pups are soft and furry, which is why they received such a name.

This kennel takes great care of their pups even when they move to new families, and they are satisfied to see how well they interact with new family members.

The main focus of Highfalutin Furry Babies is the health of each canine in their facility, and this is why they offer help and support to every new dog owner who takes a puppy from their kennel.

Those interested in buying a pet from this facility can find the application form on the official website of the kennel.

Every potential owner will join the waitlist with other buyers. One of the things I like about these breeders is that they send you additional resources and information about this dog breed before you can take it home.

Breeder details:

Address: Lake Mary, Florida

Email address: [email protected]

Official website: Highfalutin Furry Babies

Contact number: +1 689-777-0267

3. Recherche Bernes.

two Mini Bernedoodles sitting by pooltwo Mini Bernedoodles sitting by pool

If you’re a Bernedoodle lover located in North Carolina, Recherche Bernes is the place you need to visit as soon as possible.

This kennel is a place with trustworthy owners who’ll make sure your pup is bred, raised, and delivered in the best condition possible.

Recherche Bernes is different from other Bernedoodle kennels because it’s also known as the Puppy Training Institute for Bernedoodle and Bernese Mountain Dogs.

Essentially, if you prefer to get a fully-trained puppy, this breeder is one of the best options you have in North Carolina.

Training program

The training program is divided into four different categories:

Puppy Academy

Canine College


Doggy Doctorate

These programs might sound funny at first, but each of them prepares your pup to become the best of its breed.

Recherche Bernes is a top-quality breeder that produces puppies with a European champion bloodline. The main reason why this breeder decided to import the BMD parent breed is that European canines have been bred and raised by the highest breed standards much longer than the ones in the U.S.

The European type of Bernese Mountain Dog also possesses a more enhanced genetic variety, which is why European mini Bernedoodles live a longer and healthier life in most cases.

Puppies from this breeder are raised on 33 acres of land. The majority of this space is divided into training grounds and places for special care.

Of course, the puppy’s health is the number one priority of this breeder, which is why every pup goes through several checkups before they’re taken into their new home.

To confirm the great state of each canine from this kennel, this breeder offers a four-year health warranty because most genetic and congenital conditions are shown by the fourth year of a canine’s life.

Therefore, if there are any anomalies or health issues that aren’t caused by the poor treatment of the dog owner, you can contact the breeder and follow their directions.

This facility is one of the best options for getting a mini Bernedoodle as a family pet because they breed and train healthy puppies by the highest standards of their parent’s breeds.

As you can see on their website, this breeder offers beautiful mini and standard Bernedoodles in various coat shades, including the popular tri-color.

You can apply for a puppy by filling out the form on the official website of Recherche Bernes or contact them via email and phone number.

Breeder details:

Address: Statesville, North Carolina

Email address: [email protected]

Official website: Recherche Bernes

Contact number: 980-223-2779

4. River Doodles.

Mini Bernedoodle walking on grass outsideMini Bernedoodle walking on grass outside

This kennel might not be on the grand scale like other facilities from this list, but they’re known for their top-quality dog breeds, such as:

Australian Labradoodles – The crossbreed of Lab, Poodle, and Cocker Spaniel

Australian Goldendoodles – Australian Labradoodle and Goldendoodle cross

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Old World Bernedoodles – A cross between a Poodle and a European Bernese Mountain Dog

Australian Bernedoodles – A crossbreed of an Australian Labradoodle and a Bernese Mountain Dog

The River Doodles’ breeders pay a significant amount of attention to the health and well-being of their puppies, which is why they never skip regular checkups since the day these pups are born.

Each dog is thoroughly examined before it leaves this facility. Essentially, every canine is tested for genetic, cardiovascular, visual, hearing, and other issues and impairments.

One of the characteristics that I love the most about this family and their business is that they love and respect each pooch from their facility, which is shown by the way River Doodle’s canines are treated.

Personality And Socialization

Puppies from this breeder grow up with incredible amounts of love, care, and happiness, which is one of the reasons why they possess excellent social skills with humans and other animals.

If you have any fears that the pup won’t be able to get used to the loud life of bigger families, it’s time to relax because these pups are used to any type of loud noise, including vacuum cleaners, music, small children, etc.

This is precisely why puppies from this place are perfect for families with kids and multiple members.

The condition of each canine is checked one more time before their new owner takes them home in order to confirm that they’re completely healthy and in great shape.

On top of that, every dog is taught basic commands and actions, including potty and door training.

If you’re interested in purchasing a puppy from this breeder, you can do so by filling out their online application form.

There is plenty of useful information online, including details about available puppies and their general traits.

As soon as the kennel accepts the form, you’ll receive detailed instructions about the next steps of purchase and ownership.

Breeder details:

Address: Brea, California

Email address: [email protected]

Official website: River Doodles

Contact number: +1 714-784-6770

5. Fife & Wife Ranch.

Mini Bernedoodle sitting with white backgroundMini Bernedoodle sitting with white background

Here is another small, family-oriented breeder who will steal your heart the minute you start looking at the photos on their website.

It doesn’t take you long to realize what kind of treatment their pups and adult dogs have when you know they’re raised on a farm surrounded by other animals and a loving family.

This family has been breeding Bernedoodles of all sizes for more than ten years. The main reason why their puppies are healthy and satisfied, according to their words, is a healthy diet.

Of course, ancestry plays a vital role since most diseases are inherited from the parent breeds.

The owner of this kennel feeds his puppies with meat and other foods raised on the farm in order to make sure everything they eat is one-hundred percent fresh and nutritious.

This is a great start for every puppy, but it might be challenging to change the pup’s diet, especially if the new owner doesn’t have access to fresh foods from farms and markets.

The owners of this kennel love animals, and they raise Bernedoodles not as puppies for sale, but as family members, which is why their pooches become excellent family pets.

How Do You Purchase A Pup?

Getting a dog from this breeder is a piece of cake; all you need to do is fill out the application on their website, make a deposit, and be patient while on their waitlist (it’s definitely worth waiting for).

You can come and pick a pup of your choice from the current litter without any problem. Fifes takes great care of each puppy’s health, and will gladly give you all the information about screenings and checkups.

The price is individual for each pup, and can be anywhere from $3,000 to $4,000. The cost of the purchase is generally specified according to the size and bloodline of the puppy.

A neuter contract and a two-year guarantee are included with your future pet. If you have any additional questions or concerns about the facility or its canines, you’re more than welcome to contact the breeder even before deciding to purchase.

Breeder details:

Address: Troy, Idaho

Email address: [email protected]

Official website: Fife & Wife Ranch

Contact number: 435 232 5186

6. Walnut Valley Puppies.

Mini Bernedoodle sitting on grass looking at cameraMini Bernedoodle sitting on grass looking at camera

If you’re looking for a reputable Bernedoodle breeder in Illinois, you came to the right place! Here’s another reliable breeder that produces standard, tiny, and miniature Bernedoodles.

Every customer is treated with respect and is bound to get only the best. Every pooch goes to its new home with health documents, including vaccination and vet records, an ICA form, food packs, toys and other additional dog equipment, a litter-scented blanket, a two-year health warranty, etc.

Their dedication to this beautiful mixed breed is also shown through the lifetime support this breeder offers to its clients.

If you have any concerns or questions about raising your puppy into a healthy adult canine, you can always contact the breeder who’s willing to give you advice.

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Bernedoodle Colors

When it comes to colors, you’ll generally find tri-color Bernedoodles. They specialize in producing this type of color specifically (other colors might appear as well, but in rare cases).

Before applying for the waitlist, it would be better to go through the breeder’s policies and choose the option that fits you the best.

A puppy at Walnut Valley will cost you $3,450 minimally, which is the average price of a Bernedoodle breed, at least among trustworthy breeders.

Breeder details:

Address: Ave Flat Rock, Illinois

Email address: [email protected]

Official website: Walnut Valley Puppies

Contact number: 812 821 6166

7. Central Illinois Doodles.

Mini Bernedoodle sitting on grass looking awayMini Bernedoodle sitting on grass looking away

I can’t say that this is the best Bernedoodle breeder in the U.S., but it’s definitely in the top 3 choices of the Central Illinois area.

The owners of Central Illinois Doodles are a loving family that is deeply dedicated to canines, especially Goldendoodles and Bernedoodles.

When it comes to Bernies, the owners of this kennel typically focus on F1 and F1b micro-mini Bernedoodles.

How Did It All Start?

The owners of the breeding facility include a husband, wife, and their two kids. John Jess, one of the owners, was disappointed when he looked for a reliable breeder that sticks to the breed standard and ethical breeding.

However, even though John preferred more massive dogs, he decided to get into the breeding business by producing smaller hypoallergenic canines that are more suitable for families, including his own.

It didn’t take long before he fell in love with these furry adorations, just like the rest of his family members.

They’re dedicated to breeding and raising healthy young canines that’ll become awesome companions to every family with small kids or older adults.

What I love the most about this kennel is how much care they take for every dog in their facility.

This isn’t a puppy mill, and they won’t take the money before making sure you’re ready to own a dog. That’s why this breeder offers plenty of resources and details on Goldendoodles and Bernes on their website for you to read and fully understand the traits and necessities of these hybrid breeds.

After going through all the info about these breeds, you’re free to apply for a puppy if you continue with the purchase!

The pups at this place might seem pricier than mini Bernies in other facilities, but take into consideration that this is a small-scale family business that produces rarer types of Bernedoodles.

This doggie will cost you anywhere between $5,000 and $6,000 (plus the $500 down payment).

However, you will receive all documents, including health certificates and a warranty.

Breeder details:

Address: Arthur, Illinois

Email address: [email protected]

Official website: Central Illinois Doodles

Contact number: 217 549 7589

8. Rocky Mountain Bernedoodles.

Mini Bernedoodle playing with grassMini Bernedoodle playing with grass

Tammie and Fernando Rendon have been in the breeding business for more than 20 years, during which time they have bred some of the most beautiful Bernedoodles you could ever see.

It’s no surprise they’re considered royalty among Bernedoodle breeders in Colorado and beyond!

The owners of this breeding program are dedicated to raising healthy puppies above all, primarily since they’ve worked in the healthcare field for more than 30 years.

This breeder proves the amazing amount of love towards dogs by helping others start their own breeding businesses and programs the right way.

Their positive practice has been recognized by plenty of satisfied clients who leave excellent reviews and heartfelt testimonials online (you can find some of them on their website).

Health Tests

Every puppy is thoroughly tested before it’s delivered to its new owner, and health examinations are also obligatory for the parent breeds.

The breeder includes the Vet Diagnostics and OFA (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals) genetic health certificates for elbow and hip dysplasia, two of the most common genetic conditions that appear in dogs.

By doing thorough examinations of the parent breeds, they make sure that there are no Bernedoodle puppies with bad genes.

This type of health testing is essential because mixed breeds can inherit any type of illness that’s common for both of their parent breeds.

These breeders love Bernedoodles in all shapes, sizes, and shades. Therefore, you’ll be able to find all sorts of Bernedoodles in their facility, including mini, tiny, and standard pooches that are covered in interesting colors like sable, black, chocolate, merle, and other shades and patterns.

When it comes to the pooches’ temperament and personality traits, the Rendon family offers three different types of training programs, including turnkey puppy training, kindergarten for canines, and virtual puppy school.

The turnkey program is highly recommendable, but I would advise the online school as well. It includes great training resources and practices that’ll help your pup become the perfect family pet, and it will also be a great way to bond with your doggie even more.

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If you’re interested in purchasing your future furry friend from this breeder, you can check out their website for more information about the current and upcoming litters.

After you fill out the application form, you’ll need to leave a $500 deposit. The Bernedoodle puppy will cost you between $3,000 and $4,000 (the deposit will be deducted from the final price).

Breeder details:

Address: Road Montrose, CO

Email address: [email protected]

Official website: Rocky Mountain Bernedoodles

Contact number: 970 240 5995

9. LK Bernedoodles.

Mini Bernedoodle sitting on grassMini Bernedoodle sitting on grass

If you’re looking for a reliable breeder in Oregon, this place is definitely worth checking!

Like any ethical breeder, the owners of this kennel strive to produce and raise top-quality canines that will become great companions and loyal friends of their future owners.

Available Types Of Bernedoodles

This facility offers not only mini Bernedoodles, but their parent breeds as well. Therefore, you’ll be able to choose between amiable purebred Poodles and Bernese Mountain Dogs in various colors and proportions, too.

The owners of this breeding program have F1B Bernedoodles as well, but unlike other breeders, they don’t claim that these pooches are hypoallergenic, and they have a good reason not to.

As they state on their website, LK Bernedoodles doesn’t describe any of its canines as “hypoallergenic” because allergic reactions aren’t caused by the coat hair only.

Their training programs include potty, obedience, socialization, and other types of practices that will significantly benefit you and your future pet.

These programs are divided into levels based on the age of each puppy. It’s recommended to keep the pup in the program for at least four weeks for the best results.

The temperament of every dog coming from this facility is important, but not the only thing this breeder pays attention to.

The owners of this kennel take great care of their canines’ health as well, which is why their pups undergo several health examinations and frequent checkups.

Finding reputable breeders isn’t an easy task at all, but according to the testimonials on their website, LK Bernedoodles seems to be one of the best mini Bernedoodle breeders not only in Oregon, but in the U.S. as well.

Their waiting list also proves this statement. Unfortunately, according to the last update from the breeder, potential owners have to wait from six to nine months.

However, it’s definitely worth waiting for as you will end up with a perfectly healthy and happy furry friend!

Breeder details:

Address: Eugene, Oregon

Email address: [email protected]

Official website: LK Bernedoodles

Contactnumber: 541 510 5989

10. Namaste Bernedoodles.

Mini Bernedoodle looking up at cameraMini Bernedoodle looking up at camera

This interesting breeding program praises breeding more uncommon colors and patterns of the coat hair in Bernedoodles.

Of course, health remains the number one priority for every ethical breeder, but the owners of this breeding facility also pay attention to aesthetics.

The puppies from this breeding program come in various sizes and shapes, but they take the most praise in Ultra Bernedoodle puppies with quite a unique look.

Every Doodle from this place is health tested, including genetic tests of the parents, to ensure that the puppies are in perfect health.

How Did It All Begin?

Namaste Bernedoodles started their business after looking for their new family pet.

The family already owned a significant number of canines, but they weren’t satisfied with the amount of shedding they had to deal with.

After extensive research, the owner of the kennel found Bernedoodles as the only logical choice for his family. In order to help other families as well, the breeder decided to get into the breeding business and produce high-quality Doodle pups.

If you’re interested in getting a canine from this place, you can check out their website to get more information about the breeder, the puppies, and the purchasing process.

Breeder details:

Address: North Dallas, Texas

Email address: [email protected]

Official website: Namaste Bernedoodles

Contact number: 214 364 7114

11. Angel Breeze Puppies.

Cute Mini Bernedoodle sitting on carpet looking awayCute Mini Bernedoodle sitting on carpet looking away

Photo from: @benniethebernedood

This breeding facility is run by two Bernedoodle enthusiasts who’ve been in this business for years. A lot of Ohio fans of this breed have already heard about this breeder according to online reviews on different sites.

The woods and beautiful views surround the kennel, but most importantly, it’s located in a peaceful area with a lot of space for different activities.

That’s why Angel Breeze Doodles are among the healthiest and happiest pups in the area.

The owners are a married couple who describe themselves as adventurers. They love camping, exploring the wildlife, and everything else that involves outdoor activities.

The Angel Breeze owners claim that they consider the puppies as their kids since they have no children. They deeply care about their dogs’ needs and their overall well-being.

However, Bernedoodles weren’t the only Doodles this couple has bred. Since they’re Poodle lovers, they’ve bred other types of Doodles as well, including Sheepadoodles and Goldendoodles.

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However, as time passed, they decided to focus more on the Bernes and Sheepadoodles to ensure each owner receives a puppy of perfect well-being.

The Price Of The Bernedoodle Puppy

The final cost of purchasing a puppy from Angel Breeze will be somewhere between $3,000 and $3,500, including the $250 deposit.

The price is usually determined according to the coat shade; therefore, if you want to get a tri-colored pooch, you’ll have to pay more than for other shades and patterns.

This breeder offers a genetic health contract, just like the majority of reliable breeders on this list. The warranty includes any congenital disease that might have a negative impact on the quality of the puppy’s life during 24 months from purchase.

You can find the full health warranty document on their official website.

A potential owner is obliged to leave a deposit before the purchase. The order in which deposits are made will be the same order for the puppy selection.

This means you won’t be able to choose the Doodle pup from the litter before a person who left a deposit before you.

The breeder offers delivery around the U.S. for an additional fee of $599.

If you’re interested in getting a pup from Angel Breeze, you can fill out their online application or contact the owners via phone or email.

Breeder details:

Address: Fresno, Ohio

Email address: [email protected]

Official website: Angel Breeze Puppies

Contact number: 330 275 7623

12. Utah Bernedoodles.

portrait of Mini Bernedoodleportrait of Mini Bernedoodle

The first thing that will put a smile on your face is the famous slogan this breeding program uses to describe itself on its official website: “Often imitated, never duplicated.

According to these words, if you decide on a puppy from this breeder, you’ll be getting a one-of-a-kind pup that has better characteristics than other canines.

The owner of this kennel has been running the breeding operation for more than a decade, and she considers herself a true professional.

They’re one of the best mini Bernedoodle breeders in Utah and the United States, at least according to their claims from the official website of the breeding program.

The whole breeding crew works their hardest to raise happy Doodles in great health. The primary purpose of this facility and its owner is to raise calm and obedient Bernedoodles so they can become good pets and amiable family members.


Most importantly, this breeder turns Doodles into excellent therapy dogs as well. Great social skills and high-quality training are a guarantee for the best service and therapy canines like the ones at Utah Bernedoodles.

This facility offers a wide range of Bernedoodles, including mini, standard, and tiny Doodles in Sable, Merle, Phantom, and Tri-color shades.

Black and white canines aren’t common, but might appear now and then on their list of available puppies.

Like the majority of breeding programs listed in this article, Utah Bernedoodles also offers the turnkey training program for Bernedoodle pups, along with the kindergarten and socialization programs.

Every respectable breeder will provide the future owner with all necessary information and documentation regarding the pup they choose.

This facility includes everything you need for your new pet, and it also includes contracts regarding the health warranty, sales, and neutering.

Unlike other places, Utah Bernedoodles doesn’t make any difference in price regarding the size or color of their canines. Therefore, if you wish to get a Bernedoodle, you’ll pay $3,500 no matter which type of dog you choose.

Breeder details:

Address: Tremonton, Utah

Email address: [email protected]

Official website: Utah Bernedoodles

Contact number: 435 744 9036

13. Creekside Puppy Adoptions.

wet Mini Bernedoodle standing by poolwet Mini Bernedoodle standing by pool

Top-quality canines are guaranteed with a loving family that raises them. The Creekside Puppy Adoptions family gives their furry companions plenty of love and attention, and ensures you’ll get a healthy and well-behaved Bernedoodle.

Are They Good Family Dogs?

Canines from this breeding facility become great family dogs because they’re used to interacting with both kids and adults.

According to the owner, the main purpose of this breeding program is to develop more high-quality Bernedoodles by testing and choosing only the best and healthiest parent breeds.

This breeder produces F1 and F1B mini Doodles in several coat colors.

You can find more details about their breeding programs on their website.

Breeder details:

Address: Arcola, Illinois

Email address: [email protected]

Official website: Creekside Puppy Adoptions

14. Bubbling Springs Doodles.

happy Mini Bernedoodle standing outsidehappy Mini Bernedoodle standing outside

Most people consider family-ledkennels as a better option than upscale dog kennels.

Of course, the latter do have their own benefits, but sometimes it might seem that the small-scale breeders consider their pooches as family members rather than puppies for sale.

At Bubbling Springs Doodles, every canine is considered family, which is why the owners don’t like anyone referring to their breeding program as a “business.”

This kennel is run by two powerful women, a mother and a daughter, who are doing their best to raise top-quality Doodles.

Although they typically breed standard Bernedoodles, you might be able to acquire female canines that are generally more petite than their male counterparts.

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Each pup from their litter is examined thoroughly before leaving the facility and their parent breeds.

Available Bernedoodle Types

This breeder produces F1 and F1B Bernedoodles at the moment, but they’ve announced the F2B Bernedoodles on their website as well. This will make them one of the rare breeding programs in Massachusetts that specializes in this dog breed.

Therefore, if you want to acquire a healthy Bernedoodle canine in Massachusetts, you should contact this breeder as soon as possible!

Breeder details:

Address: Rochester, Massachusetts

Email address: [email protected]

Official website: Bubbling Springs Doodles

Contact number: 570 617 8349

15. Dream Valley Bernedoodles.

cute Mini Bernedoodle standing by poolcute Mini Bernedoodle standing by pool

Just like the name of the kennel says, this is the place where you can find your dream pet!

If you’re a fan of Bernedoodles as much as the owners of this facility are, you won’t have any problem choosing between the F1 Bernedoodles in different coat colors and patterns.

Unfortunately, for those who have allergic reactions to coat hair and are searching for a hypoallergenic generation like the F1B, you’ll have to look elsewhere.

The owners of the kennel are committed to producing and raising only the highest quality puppies that’ll become not just a new pet, but a lifetime family member.

How Did It All Begin?

To ensure that every canine is healthy and happy, the owners of Dream Valley decided to start their family business at the base of the Appalachian Mountains.

This spot is perfect for raising healthy and solid canines because they can run around and enjoy the fresh air as much as they want.

Although they don’t breed small Bernedoodles like most other Bernedoodle breeders on this list, they’re worth checking out because of their reputation and history.

If you decide to get a canine from this breeder, you can contact them via email or phone for more information about the price and delivery.

Breeder details:

Address: Bridgeport, West Virginia

Email address: [email protected]

Official website: Dream Valley Bernedoodles

Contact number: 330 204 7850


What Is A Teddy Bear Bernedoodle?

It’s a type of canine that is produced by mating two Bernedoodles (F1 and F1B, to be specific).

Some breeders and dog owners refer to them as “Multigens,” but technically, it can be said that this is an F2B generation.

This type of canine is considered the lowest shedder among the present generations of Bernedoodles.

How Much Money Is A Mini Bernedoodle?

The price of these adorable pups can go anywhere from $3,000 to $4,000, but you’ll most likely end up paying more with all the additional fees after the purchase.

This includes screenings, additional dog equipment, food, training programs, etc.

Therefore, if you’re planning to get a new furry companion, look beyond the initial cost and make sure you’re ready for such an investment.

How Big Does A Mini Bernedoodle Get?

portrait of Mini Bernedoodle with white backgroundportrait of Mini Bernedoodle with white background

An adult Miniature Berne can grow up to 22 inches depending on the canine’s dominant parent gene and gender.

When it comes to the weight, you can expect the dog to weigh up to 49 lbs.

The Mini Bernedoodle breed is perfect for people who aren’t fans of big dogs, but are searching for a bit more uncommon breed than toy Poodles, Corgis, Chihuahuas, etc.

Are Mini Bernedoodles Good Dogs?

According to everything we had the chance to learn from the breeders mentioned above, along with satisfied owners, Mini Doodles are fantastic canines.

They’re friendly, loyal, very active, and adventurous.

However, this type of dog requires a great amount of attention from its owner, so be prepared for a new baby in the house!

Doodles have great potential for becoming good family dogs, but not without proper training.

Fortunately, most breeders offer additional training programs that interact with humans and other animals.

Wrapping Up

Mini Bernedoodle running outsideMini Bernedoodle running outside

Finding the perfect pooch isn’t an easy task, but it becomes less of a challenge once you find a reliable and ethical breeder.

Be careful when choosing your new Doodle mix; keep in mind that you’re getting not only a pet, but a new family member. The dog will stay with you for a certain part of your life, but you’ll be its companion for the rest of its life.

All of the breeders mentioned on the list above will surely meet your expectations when it comes to choosing the perfect pup. After all, they are the best mini Bernedoodle breeders in the U.S.!

I hope at least one of the breeders mentioned above is near you, but there’s no need to worry even if they’re not!

Most breeders are willing to deliver the puppy to any location in the U.S.!

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