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When you put together a Nefoundland and another great dog, you get one of the amazing Newfoundland mixes. A few things are probable. It will be a fairly big dog with a lot of hair – of course, with a few exceptions.

Newfoundlands are among relatively popular dog breeds in the USA. On the list of the American Kennel Club, you will find this breed among 50 of the most popular.

It is a nice dog that originates from Newfoundland Island, in Canada. Some say it is a descendant of the Mastiffs; others say his ancestors are the Great Pyrenees, but no one can tell for sure. He is probably a mix of both of them, with a pinch of Siberian Husky.

It was interesting for me when I found out that a black and white Newfoundland is called a Landseer.

Big dogs, such as the Newfoundland, usually have a shorter lifespan than their smaller colleagues. Most of them have typical health issues like problems with hip dysplasia, stenosis, or issues with elbows.

Mixed-breed dogs sometimes have fewer health issues compared to their purebred parents.

Let’s meet some of the most popular Newfoundland mixes!

1. Newfie Husky

Photo from: @maverickandbodhi

Breeds in the mix: Siberian Husky And Newfoundland

Save your breath because you will be left breathless soon. We are about to encounter a real stunner among Newfoundland mixes – the enchanting Newfie Husky.

The Newfie is such a charmer. It is one lucky pup. He got his Siberian parent deep blue eyes, and his Newfoundland parent soft, loose ears. Such a cutie!

Though, such beauty has to be a bit harder to maintain, so if you want to know if this dog sheds a lot, ask yourself whether Siberian Huskies shed as well as Newfoundlands.

2. New Labralound

Photo from: @lil_wim_and_big_indy

Breeds in the mix: Labrador Retriever And Newfoundland

Call me by my other name: Newfie Lab

Is a female or a male Labrador Retriever better? Can you pick the best Labrador color? Sounds almost like an impossible choice. When we add the Newfoundland breed, then we get an unbelievably nice mixed breed.

The New Labralound is a big dog you can not resist… you can not resist pleasing his every wish, of course. When he gives you that beseeching look, there is nothing you can do but make his every wish come true.

Since the Labrador Retriever is notorious for his good behavior, and I must say that the Newfoundland is nothing less of a good boy – we can expect the same from the New Labralound. A fine family dog who loves its master.

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3. German Wirehaired Newfie

Breeds in the mix: German Wirehaired Pointer And Newfoundland

Call me by my other name: German Wirehaired Newfie Pointer

We probably won’t call him by his other name because it is too complicated and not very sonorous. We can make it shorter and call him Wire Newf. To be honest, it is a nickname I came up with because it sounds a lot cuter.

The best thing with mix puppies (or maybe not for someone who doesn’t like surprises) is that you never know with certainty which trait will prevail in the offspring. In this case, it could be the hard working Newfoundland dog or the Wirehaired Pointer’s qualities.

If you are lucky, your new pup will be the balanced combination of a working dog with a fine sense of smell. When it comes to appearance, expect him to have an undercoat, which will require a little bit more brushing.

4. American Bulldog Newfoundland Mix

Breeds in the mix: American Bulldog and Newfoundland

Have you bought the best brush out there? Yes, this crossbreed will shed in great amounts because both his parents have that unlikable trait. I must say that I was surprised by that information when it comes to the Bulldog, at least.

I was also surprised by the information that the American Bulldog almost became extinct. Thanks to enthusiastic veterans, we have two lines today: the Scott, and the Johnson American Bulldog. And, thanks to them, today, we have this awesome mixed breed.

Big dogs have big-dog problems, and this offspring is a big one. There are a few common health issues that you may encounter with this dog, such as elbow dysplasia.

5. Newfoundland Pitbull Mix

Photo from: @meowwufff

Breeds in the mix: Pitbull And Newfoundland

Call me by my other name: Newfie Pitbull

There are at least 16 dog breeds that look like Pitbulls, but they are not really a Pittbull. The Newfie Pitbull is some kind of a Pitbull, and he looks like one, too. One would definitely say that he looks like his more muscled parent compared to the hairy one.

But, he got his double coat from the Newfoundland, though he does not have as much hair as the Newfie does. Thank Goodness, there won’t be as much matting and brushing as usual.

There is something that this puppy got as a combination of the genes of the parent breeds. You never know if your puppy will be light or dark colored. A combination of these two will produce a large dog for sure.

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6. New Rottland

Photo from: @peggy_the_newrottland

Breeds in the mix: Rottweiler And Newfoundland

You can call me by my other name: Newfweiler

Do you have a huge yard? No, I am not asking because I want to buy your crib. I am asking because you will need one if you want to get yourself a giant dog such as the New Rottland. And, I bet you will after you meet one.

Do you think Rottweilers are dangerous? Do you think Newfoundlands are hard to manage? You can sigh because those two are genuine gentle giants. And, so is New Rottland. It is almost 150 pounds of thick coat and pure love. And, that love this dog shows is of the best protector and bodyguard of his master.

But, unfortunately, we have the same case here as in the Bulldog mix and many other Newfoundland mixes. Big dogs have common health problems, although, sometimes, mixes can be healthier than purebreds. That is why some breeders like them better.

7. Swiss Newfie

Photo from: @keana.the.newf

Breeds in the mix: Swiss Mountain Dog And Newfoundland

What do Swiss Mountain Dogs have to do with Tibetian Mastiffs. Well, they are both gigantic… that is for sure. But, some say that the Swiss Mountain Dog is a descendant of the Tibetian Mastiff. Now, I wonder how he got to the Swiss Alps.

But, whatever the path he took to reach that mountain was – hey, now I know why ‘Mastiff’ sounds like ‘masiff’ – they are both huge. Anyway, both the Swiss Mountain Dog and the Newfoundland are purebred dogs that like wet weather and snow.

They kind of resemble each other. Though, most of the owners and professionals say that the Swiss Newfie puppy looks more like his Alpenese parent. Oh… and those eyes. When he gives you that deep and loving gaze, it makes every cold heart melt just like he does mountain snow in the spring.

10. Native American Newfie

Breeds in the mix: Native American Indian Dog And Newfoundland

There must be a Native American Dog among Newfoundland mixes. It almost seems like a natural relationship among these North American dogs. The Native American Indian Dog is considered – well, native to North America. Many think it was domesticated by Indian tribes.

Some think that the Newfoundland came from the Newfoundland Islands. His origin is unclear. It is a dog that does good in water probably because he was a friend of fishermen who brought him back from the old continent.

What you will get in the mix is a surprise. Your Native American Newfie can either be a shedder like his Canadian ancestor or a low-maintenance dog like his Native ancestor. He is probably going to be sharp-minded. The Native American Dog is a type that had to manage by itself, while the Newfoundland is a high-class working dog who had to understand the tasks his master gave him.

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11. Irish Newfie

Breeds in the mix: Irish Wolfhound And Newfoundland Mix

What is your first association when someone says ‘Irish Wolfhound’? I mean, besides the fact that it is an Irish dog. To me, the first thing that occupies my mind is fear. I mean, his name just sounds fearful – ‘Wolfhound’… almost like a fairytale creature.

But, this could not be further from the truth. Irish Wolfhounds, aside from their size, are nice creatures that are surprisingly laid-back, though they are kind of protective… maybe more of a watchdog. And, when we add their size to it, they can seem terrifying.

So, the combo of the Irish Wolfhound and the Newfoundland provides us with a giant among Newfoundland mixes. Since both of them come from islands, they are equipped with a waterproof coat just like the Irish Newfie will be.

There are also other amazing Irish Wolfhound mixes we suggest you take a look at, too!

12. Saint Bernewfie

Photo from: @bearthebernewfie

Breeds in the mix: Saint Bernard And Newfoundland

You can call me by my other name: Bernefie

Maybe you can check the Saint Bernard growth chart and the Newfoundland growth chart in order to gain insight on how gigantic their Saint Bernard mix would get. Have you checked? And, what do you say? Do you have a backyard big enough for the needs of this huge dog?

If you get this dog, and you happen to have a small child at the same time, prepare a lot of cloths and tissues. You may ask, why? Well, both of them drool a lot, and many people are not very fond of slobber around the house.

When it comes to kids, this dog is usually taller than them, but mostly preschoolers, though. And, they are also enormous when it comes to weight. They can reach the weight of an adult man.

13. Golden Newfie

Photo from: @stella.n.co

Breeds in the mix: Golden Retriever And Bernese Mountain Dog

Well, what do we have here? Isn’t this an all-American beloved puppy with a golden heart and a golden smile. This dog has held a firm position among the three most beloved dogs in the USA for a long time. And, what is the product of this dog? An equally fantastic Newfoundland.

Let’s find out. It is, of course, a Golden Newfie… a huge boy with equally golden traits as his parent breeds. He got warm, dark eyes from his parents, and he can give you that warm gaze that melts your heart. But, those Newfoundland mixes are not just cute.

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They are very capable dogs that like water just like his Golden Retriever parent. Does that mean you should bathe them often? I am just kidding. They are strong dogs that require something to work on, but they are very cooperative. This means that socialization will be successful.

14. Malamute Newfie

Photo from: @odins_woorld

Breeds in the mix: Malamute And Newfoundland

Oh, here we have North American close neighbors. It is an Alaska and Canada connection. That is great. This means that both of these dogs are used to cold weather. And, where there is cold weather, there is usually a lot of snow, too.

They are both working dogs. There is snow. You need sledges on snow. Well, I think that we know what was part of their everyday tasks besides hunting and protecting, of course. This also means that these dogs are strong… very strong.

Their offspring will also be strong. The Malamute Newfie will certainly have both the strength and size of a Mamute. And, to be honest, his ancestors lived in the cold snow. This means a double coat and an undercoat. So, we can conclude that there will be a lot of hair around your house.

15. New Shep

Photo from: @valkyrie_and_fenrir

Breeds in the mix: German Shepherd And Newfoundland

Do you know how many colors the German Shepherd comes in? And, what about Newfoundland colors? Your Shepherd mix will probably have a combination of sable, black, brown, silver, or cream. Beautiful.

We have one parent that is involved in sheep business, and the other that is a hard-working dog that is versatile and can handle a lot of tasks. And, when we have working dogs, they usually have other qualities, such as boldness and protectiveness.

That is what the New Shep is… a very big dog with a very big protective drive and hard working ethics. When these basic traits are combined with a lot of energy and a sharp mind, then you get the full package.

16. Bernfie

Photo from: @southpawyyc

Breeds in the mix: Bernese Mountain Dog And Newfoundland

You can call me by my other names: Bernie, New Mountain Bernese, Bernewfie

Here, we have a continental and maritime mix. The Bernese Mountain Dog is, as it is clear from his name, a mountain-type dog, while the Newfoundland is a dog used to the Icelandic way of life. But, both of them are used to wet, snowy weather and cold temperatures.

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Since they coincide in those factors, their offspring will have those traits, too. Expect your Bernefie to be fond of winter joys and playing in the snow. As in many other Newfoundland mixes, this variation will give you trouble with cleaning hair.

This dog comes in cute colors. But, that is not the only thing that is cute about him. He also has the most precious ears that make him look very sweet.

17. Aussie Newfie

Photo from: @boomertheaussienewfie

Breeds in the mix: Australian Shepherd And Newfoundland

Do you think Australian Shepherds are good with kids? Since Newfoundland dogs have nice traits for a family life, the combination of these two give us a kid-friendly Aussie Newfie.

It is not as big as some Newfoundland mixes, though it is not a small one if you happen to think so. It is definitely a dog that took after his parents from Down Under.

This half Australian, half Canadian is a dog that needs some activity in its life. So, if you are living a fast urban life, make sure to make time for some exercise. Or, just get yourself a crib with a back yard.

18. Newfypoo

Photo from: @bruno_tries

Breeds in the mix: Poodle And Newfoundland

You can call me by my other name: Newdel or Newel

The Poodle is like some sort of a supermodel among Newfoundland mixes. Do you know any other dog that has such magnetic looks like this posh pup? I mean there are so many Poodle haircuts out there. It seems to me like there are a bunch of stylists who make this dog look so stunning.

Similar to his parents is the Newfypoo… a stunner with a thick coat in a variety of colors that are a mix of Poodle and Newfoundland genes.

He is also like a supermodel – more athletic and leaner than a Newfoundland, and also with a lot more energy. Give him many tasks, both mental and physical. For example, running and solving crossword puzzles. Just kidding!

19. Newfie Komondor

Photo from: @dog.abilities

Breeds in the mix: Komondor And Newfoundland

You can call me by my other names: Komondor Newfie, Newfkom

If you were wondering whether the Komodor and the Komondor are the same animal, they are not. But, the Komondor is the same as the Hungarian Sheepdog.

Both of these dogs have a respectable size and so does their offspring. But, unlike most of the hairy dogs, the Newfie Komondor does not leave a hairy trail behind him, at least not in big amounts.

It also does not leave snotty trails behind. And, at the top of its quality traits, it is a very stable dog.

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20. Great Newfie

Photo from: @cleothegreatnewfie

Breeds in the mix: Great Pyrenees And Newfoundland

You can call me by my other name: Newfie Pyrenees

If you were wondering whether Pyrenees dogs shed – the answer is yes. And, the same is with the Newfoundland. So, the Great Newfie does it, too.

This puppy is more Great than Newfie because it took after his Pyrenees parent. But, his size is a combination of them both.

It is also a dog for snowy weather due to his physical abilities and his double coat.

21. Newfie Dane

Photo from: @the_great_finnn

Breeds in the mix: Great Dane And Newfoundland

I have read an article on the internet about the best brushes for Great Danes. These are great tools that are wise to invest in if you are about to get yourself one of the Great Dane mixes.

Just as many other big and furry dogs, the Newfie Dane also leaves a hairy mess anywhere he sits. The Reason for that is a combination of the genes from the Great Dane and Newfoundland.

Though, he is a great pup… smart enough to complete any task, with a pinch of stubbornness to make your life with him funner. Learn some new training tricks because you will need them.

22. Border Newfie

Photo from: @travis.bear.badboy

Breeds in the mix: Border Collie And Newfoundland

The Colors of Border Collies combined with Newfoundland colors will usually produce a Border Newfie in black and white combinations.

Breeders came up with this mix fairly recently, but it is never late for the good stuff, and this mix is a true delight.

It is an intelligent pooch that needs a lot of interaction whether it is running, playing, or swimming. Maybe swimming is the best since they are so good at it.


We have met so many beautiful Newfoundland mixes here. These big, fluffy dog breeds make even cuter mixed combinations. If you like big, furry dogs, you can find one that is perfect for you here.

Newfoundlands are great working dogs that are made for water tasks, but also do great on land. It was a dog that helped the first Canadian fisherman immigrants build up their new society.

All in all, all of these Newfoundland mixes have some quality traits inherited from their parents, which make them so adorable. I can not resist them. Can you? Tell me which mix is your favorite?


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