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Australian Shepherd mixes are getting more and more popular these days.

That is not surprising considering the fact that their parent, the Australian Shepherd, is high on the list of the American Kennel Club of favorite dogs.

The Australian Shepherd is a dog with quality traits, and combined with other breeds, it levels up a quality traits game.

Find information about a few popular mixed breeds. Caution: cuteness overload!

Best Australian Shepherd Mixes: Parent Breeds, Size, And Traits

1. Dachshund

Photo from: @birdiewatkins_

Parents: Australian Shepherd and Dachshund

Size: Small to medium (depends on dominant parental genetic traits)


Some say that the Dachshund was the product of an accident. There is an opinion of a coincidental crossbreed in a rescue shelter that provided us with this small dog of interesting traits that was inherited from parents with opposite traits.

His coat can be long and thick if the Australian Shepherd genes take over. In that case, though, he is low-maintenance – you will not need to take time for brushing.

This dog is in the middle between active and calm, so the Dachshund is perceived as a not-so-active Aussie mix.

Descherd is a very intelligent dog breed and you need to provide him with a lot of mental stimulation. Combination of intelligence and his protective nature makes him bold and very attentive to strangers.

Having his own attitude means being stubborn so you need firm training from an early age so he can get used to leash and obedience. If you are not sure to do it yourself, ask help from a professional trainer.

2. Golden Aussie (Australian Retriever)

Photo from: @yoshi_the_goldenaussie

Parents: Australian Shepherd and Golden Retriever

Size: large (females can be smaller in size than males)


Breeders came up with this dog in 2007. Considering that both of his parents are big dogs, this mix also reaches big size traits.

He can weigh up to 60 pounds and hit a height of 23 inches. This means you need to prepare a lot of food rich with nutrients to keep your dog healthy and energized.

Prepare yourself for a lot of brushing and vacuuming because this dog has a high shedding coat. Grooming needs to be done at least a couple of times a week and is necessary to prevent matting and tangling. His wavy and thick hair can be brown, black, white or cream.

Both of his parents have good health but sometimes this mix develops some issues with eyes. Also in some cases epilepsy occurs and you should be aware of possible hip and elbow dysplasia. Dog owners should also take care of regular tooth brushing to prevent dental problems.

This dog is very friendly and easily adaptable in families. Bonds made with this breed are strong and secure. Socialization is very important and it is perfect if it has started at a young age. That way you are ensuring cohabitation with other animals in the household.

Being a high energy dog means a lot of activity for both the dog and the owner. He is especially active in the puppy stage which is perfect for training.

If you like outdoor activities such as hiking, swimming, running or else – start with adapting him to these activities early.

All in all, you would not regret choosing this intelligent and loyal dog.

3. Ausky

Photo from: @koda_and_cream

Parents: Australian Shepherd and Siberian Husky

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Size: medium


This breed is the 2004 generation and it is not a very common breed. He grows up to 25 inches and can weigh 65 pounds. With their blue eyes and luxurious hair this dog is a stunner.

Due to his northern parent gens of ancestors who were wandering in siberian wastelands, this dog is very vocal. If you really prefer peace and quiet than you should think twice before getting this one because he is all about howling, whimpering, huffing and barking.

Not a very suitable breed for apartments, not only because they get loud, but also because they are full of energy.

These dogs need a lot of space, so a big yard is perfect for them. You should be very careful if you have small children because they can express their intense character.

Future dog owners should be aware that this kind of dog needs a lot of daily activity and exercise. This is good to know in order to prepare yourself to find time to take your dog and yourself for long walks or runs or other types of outdoor activities.

This mixed breed needs a lot of mental stimulation so you can start at an early age by including them in obedience training with experienced trainers. He is very intelligent and stubborn which can be very challenging for a first time owner.

4. Auberman

Photo from: @therealsassypup

Parents: Australian Shepherd and Doberman

Size: large


Being one of the biggest australian shepherd mix breeds, this designer dog is really well designed. Athletic dog that stands out with his loyalty.

It has a beautiful shiny coat, can grow up to 24 inches and live up to 13 years.

If you are not into physical activity then this is probably not a great choice for you. This pooch requires a lot of exercise, namely 60 to 90 minutes a day, to burn his energy down. Besides running, this dog is into games.

Very fierce, protective, intelligent and a leader. Needs an early socialization and firm training. He would not challenge authority but do not act too firm on him because of his sensitivity he may feel scared and intimidated.

Good training will do the job and this dog would be a faithful guard dog who behaves well with strangers and children and actually is very nice to others.

This sounds like a lot of potential if you are looking for a family dog.

5. Aussiedor

Photo from: @aussiedorable_nila

Parents: Australian Shepherd and Labrador Retriever

Size: medium to large


Aussiedor is a product of the most loveable Labrador. This task-oriented dog has a great work ethic which classifies him among working dogs.

If you like adventures in the wilderness then this dog can be an irreplaceable help while hunting, camping or hiking. He is very good at recognizing cues and is very adaptable for sleeping in a tent.

His design provided him with a thick coat that can endure bad weather conditions keeping him warm.

Health issues that may occur are connected with eye and ear problems which can end in deafness. His double coat requires a lot of care and needs to be brushed frequently, not less than once a week.

Due to his Labrador parent, this intelligent dog is distinctly a family pet who is great with children, will guard a home, will always want to play and will show affection.

He is very obedient which makes him easily trainable. All in all, this 80 pounds of love summed up in one dog is equally much fun to be around.

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To find out what other adorable dogs have been crossbred with a Labrador, check our chosen Lab mixes!

6. Dalshep

Photo from: @bowie_and_his_pack

Parents: Australian Shepherd and Dalmatian

Size: large


This mix is also a working dog, namely due to herding genes of both of his parents. These herding dogs are meritorious for the high energy level of their descendants who love to be outside and active.

If you get this one, be sure he will pick up all the attention because this breed classifies him among the most beautiful dogs. Canine’s coat makes him stand out.

Besides his large appearance, the first thing you would notice on this dog are his colors. Ha has beautiful spots that can be black, red, blue or gray. But that beauty comes with a price. It needs a lot of care and maintenance.

The other problem that can occur are problems with hearing which is of his dalmatian heritage. It is an adaptable dog but make sure you have time and space for him.

He would not be very happy in small apartments and does not like to spend time alone. So if there is no one home most of the day, you should consider some other breed. Give him a lot of affection and he will return it.

7. Aussiedoodle

Parents: Australian Shepherd and a Poodle

Size: small


Also known under these cute names, Aussiepoodle or Aussiepoo. This stunner is among the most popular poodle mix breed dogs in Australia and there are many reasons for that. The list of his positive traits is long.

This beauty craves for attention and is happiest when he is a canter of your interest.

This dog has it all, both good looks and is smart. It is considered that he is the second smartest dog. He is also loyal and loves to indulge in his owners activities. He loves all kinds of activities but shows remarkable affection for swimming.

This playful mini Aussie dog is suitable for families with children or those that already have other dogs.

Another good side is that you can train him easily. This obedient dog wouldn’t shame you in front of other people or dogs because his good behavior can really serve as an example.

We already said a lot of his beauty which comes from his high quality coat that is not only pretty but also hypoallergenic which makes him safe for children and allergy sufferers.

8. Augi

Photo from: @zilkerbark

Parents: Australian Shepherd and Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Size: medium


Corgi is one of the medium-sized dogs. He can reach up to 30 pounds.

This wonderful dog has both wonderful parents who are working dogs which makes Corgi also a working dog.

In order to work hard, one has to have a lot of energy. This means that this is one energetic dog who needs a lot of activities in a day.

It is best if you can provide him with a lot of space. Animal farm would be the best choice considering his herding nature, especially if you have sheep.

Fun thing about this dog is that his herding instinct is so expressed that if there aren’t enough animals to herd, he will try to herd your kids.

But do not worry. If you provide him with a lot of exercise there wouldn’t be any problems with this dog.

When trained well, he will behave friendly even toward strangers. Expect a lot of affection from their side.

9. Chiaussie

Photo from: @lilchickpeapup

Parents: Australian Shepherd and Chihuahua

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Size: small


Even Though it seems very strange there actually is a dog made as a combination of an Australian Shepherd and a Chihuahua. It is also known as Aussie-Chi.

This dog is rare because breeding this mix is not often. This dog has a tendency of having eye and ear problems so it is recommended to take him to the veterinarian at least a couple times a month. Also this is a very active dog who acquires a lot of attention due to his high energy. It is very playful and vivid and I love to explore and run.

First things that you’ll notice about him are his ears and huge eyes.

10. Aussie Pom

Photo from: @itscaptainkoa

Parents: Australian Shepherd and Pomeranian

Size: small


Another good looking little fella who is not only a true beauty but also a very endearing and friendly dog. Like Aussie-Chi, this breed is also very rare, but unlike his Chihuahua friend, this one is not so energetic but a molly who will do anything to please his owner. Being so small and cute, you want to take him everywhere and cuddle with him, which is great because he likes it too.

He is great with kids. This dog needs a lot of hair care but that is the price for being pretty. If you want an attractive and easy going dog, then this one is a perfect choice.

11. German Australian Shepherd

Photo from: @summer.the.woofer

Parents: Australian Shepherd and German Shepherd

Size: large


This dog is also known as the Aussie German. As you can guess, this combination is a great herding dog due to his parents characteristics. It is a big dog and can reach 80 pounds of weight and 25 inches of height.

This dog is a prototype of a loyal dog. He is obedient, bold, protective, skilled, playful, loyal, guardian and a working dog who loves his family.

You provide him activity and attention and he will provide you with all his love and devotion.

You will have to devote your time to a couple of things when having a German Australian Shepherd. It involves lots of grooming and a lot of activity.

His coat is thick and long and can be all dog colors. His eyes can be brown or blue.

Besides being a family dog, their characteristics make them suitable for police or military activities.

If you like German Shepherds as much as Australian Shepherds, check some other equally awesome German Shepherd mixes!

12. Sheagle

Photo from: @olivertheaussiebeagle

Parents: Australian Shepherd and Beagle

Size: medium


Sheagle is another popular canine with desirable traits.

He has two expressed characteristics. He is smart and when I say that I mean very smart. And he is active – and that also means a very, very active dog. Due to his intelligence, this dog can be very fun one and troublesome, but with firm training he will get back on track.

He has an expressed prey instinct so it is a recommendation to keep him on a leash near smaller animals.

He can grow up to 20 inches height and 60 pounds of weight. He has very thick hair.

Being highly energetic means you will need a lot of time for training. This dog is great around kids.

13. Border Aussie

Photo from: @brunotheaussiecollie

Parents: Australian Shepherd and Border Collie

Size: medium to large


This dog is among the most popular ones on a list. Another fun fact about this dog is that it is considered the smartest in the world.

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It grows medium size and can reach 75 pounds. It has a coat that is thick as in most other Australian Shepherd mixes.

His coat can be any dog color from merle, sable, brindle, liver to basic black and brown. Due to the quality of his hair, consider the amount of time you need to spend maintaining his coat before you choose this dog. This process is inevitable because of the high risk of matting.

Border Aussie is also a working dog and his main trait is the urge to herd. Like some other mixes, when lacking animals around, he will try to herd your kids or even you. Sometimes he will try to bite while doing so, but with proper training this kind of behavior can be stopped.

Anyhow, he adapts really well into families.

His urge for herding means that this is one energetic dog who needs a lot of activity. Namely, at least a couple of hours of exercise a day would be enough. This requires a big yard.

You won’t hear him much, only when in danger or feels threatened.

Otherwise, he is a very sociable dog who likes playing and is very affectionate towards his owner and family and shows an urge to please his master.

14. Cotralian

Photo from: @bounty_cotralian

Parents: Australian Shepherd and Cocker Spaniel

Size: medium to large


Combination of adorable Cocker Spaniel and lovable Aussie, this supercute Australian Shepherd mix, also known as Aussiel, brings compelling energy to you and your family.

This dog can weigh 17 pounds, his coat can be any color inherited from an Australian parent and can have brown or blue eyes. Due to his fury coat prone to shedding, you need to provide him with grooming and brushing.

You should be on guard if you have both Cortalian and small kids, because dogs can act aggressively and bite if tempted. Do not be surprised if he jumps on you or other people. That way he shows his feisty nature and demands respect. Good thing is that he is highly trainable but you need to show who is in charge. Training this dog will make you test your consistency and patience. It is probably not wise to make him your first pet if you don’t know how to handle a spry dog.

All in all, this cuteness is one happy fella and a perfect adventurous company for both outdoor activities and cuddling.

15. Texas Heeler

Photo from: @soph_koda.xo

Parents: Australian Shepherd and Australian Cattle Dog

Size: medium to large


Both of his purebred parents are very competent herding dogs which make Texas Heeler an ultimate herder.

One of his parents, Australian Cattle Dog, has a great popularity in Texas, due to his merits in guarding cattle in texan vastenesses. That is why he got an honorary name and is also known as a Blue Heeler.

It can grow up to 22 inches and weigh 50 pounds. His coat comes in various colors. His hair is scarce so it doesn’t shed much. You will need to brush him weekly to keep his hair without matts.

This dog is not made for easy-going owners because he is in sixth speed. He requires a lot of stimulation, both physical and mental. So if you want this dog badly, better get in shape.

Because of his nature he is very alert to strangers and can be intimidating. Better be on caution when you let him around children. Like any other herding dog, this breed is also very serious about its duty and will try to herd kids and sometimes try to nip them.

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Since they are smart dogs and enjoy new activities, they are easy to train. It is best to start when the dog is young.

16. Sheepnees

Photo from: @lilkoni_

Parents: Australian Shepherd and Great Pyrenees

Size: large


Considering the genetic structure of both his parents, Sheep News is going to be a large dog with characteristics of every shepherd dog.

Being large makes him intimidating and can easily scare strangers. But in fact this dog is in fact very gentle.

He is really big. Weight can reach 110 pounds while height reaches up to 32 inches. His thick double coat requires regular brushing and grooming. It can be gray, merle, black, white or brown.

It is a smart dog and therefore stubborn. With firm training he can develop into a sociable dog, kids friendly and utterly loyal. He is very eager to make a bond with the owner.

17. Chow Shepherd

Photo from: @holyterriers

Parents: Australian Shepherd and Chow Chow

Size: medium


It is another stunner among Australian Shepherd mixes. Due to his fury coat you will probably have an urge to hug it. But carefully. This is one attentive high energy dog who can sometimes be aggressive. It is not suitable for first time owners.

If you are about to get one, be ready for a lot of brushing and grooming because it is not easy to maintain his splendid coat.

Make sure you take him out regularly in order to keep him satisfied. It is not recommended to leave him unsupervised.

18. Baussie

Photo from: @lilyy.of.da.valley

Parents: Australian Shepherd and Boston Terrier

Size: small to medium


Baussie or Bossie is a perfect choice for a city dog who likes to play and geet outside but is laid-back most of the time and very affectionate. It is an energetic dog but a lot calmer than his cousins.

This mix is rare to find.

It likes chewing items around the house if bored or angry so you better occupy his attention.

19. Boxherd

Photo from: @petvaluajax

Parents: Australian Shepherd and Boxer

Size: medium


Boxer is a tough and durable dog with an attitude and brains.

He can reach 25 inches and 80 pounds. His coat is smooth and can be chocolate, golden, brindle, merle or brown.

This is a very protective breed, but be careful if you let your kid play with him. Though it is a loyal dog who watches after the family, you need to supervise children while around it.

He is not very fond of strangers and can even turn aggressive.

Make sure that this dok has a lot of opportunity for exercise and stimulation, or he will entertain himself. He will be pleased but you won’t. It is more suitable if you live in a house with an open space than in an apartment.

20. Aussie Pit

Photo from: @cooper_b_pupp

Parents: Australian Shepherd and Pit Bull

Size: medium


This is a very dominant dog who needs proper training and a skilled trainer and owner who can set firm boundaries and structure. With high energy levels it is a tremendously demanding dog.

Due to his dominance it is not recommended to keep him and other dogs. Male dog shows strong animosity towards another male dog.

But if the training is done well, you can get a well-behaved, obedient dog.

He is loyal and utterly protective.

21. Bull Aussie

Photo from: @bullaussieluca

Parents: Australian Shepherd and Bulldog

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Size: medium to large


Physically enormously strong dog, also very intelligent and it is the perfect combination for a successful training. He shows great will to learn and learn really fast.

His main trait is loyalty which can sometimes cause him to be overprotective. His loyalty and affection is mostly expressed towards his family.

Don’t forget to provide him a lot of exercise simultaneously providing him with mental stimulation. This breed is very active and a lack of activity leads to aggression in this dog.

22. Australian Shepherd Rottweiler


Parents: Australian Shepherd and Rottweiler

Size: large


Sounds like a terrifying combination but this 130 pounds and 25 inches of love can be a bit careful and reserved on first meeting but when it gets used to you you find one loyal dog that wants to protect you.

With a huge amount of energy and natural boldness you don’t have to be afraid with such a protector.

Also, soon you will find out that this dog follows you everywhere and shows how much he cares for your security by leaning against you while walking.

23. Aussiekita

Photo from: @admiralarmin

Parents: Australian Shepherd and Akita

Size: large


This is a loyal dog once you handle his courageous nature and discipline him. You need to have a firm attitude towards this dog and let him know that you are the boss.

But after proper training, you will have a good companion who is loyal and bold.

But be aware of providing him a lot of activity and a spacious place for running. He is not a very suitable breed if you live in an apartment. It would be best if you had a big yard for his daily training.

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Who is healthier: Purebred or Mixed?

This question still remains open. Considering more variation in genetics in mix breeds, there is a premise that they are less likely to inherit common Aussie disease.

On the other hand, mixes have a larger genetic pool of possible various diseases due to the fact that they have other purebred parents. But in this case the probability of developing a disease is less probable.

All in all, the fact that Australian Shepherd mixes are more intelligent than purebred Aussie, still remains.

Are Australian Shepherd mixes good dogs?

Short answer is YES! Aussie mixes are good dogs. They have all great traits of Australian Shepherd reinforced with genes of a another purebred dog. They have a good overall health and a wonderful characters.

What breed mix is Australian Shepherd?

Australian Shepherd is not a mix. He is a purebreed dog developed from variety of herding dogs. He has loyal nature, is very smart.

What is the most popular Aussie mix?

One of the most popular Aussie mixes is Border Aussie, mix of Aussie and Border Collie. Also Augi, an Aussie mixed with Pembroke Welsh Corgi and beloved Aussie Retriever, Aussie and Golden Retriever mix.

To Sum It Up

Australian Shepherd mixes provide us with a variety of choices when it comes to picking a suitable breed.

Either you are looking for an active or less active, smaller or bigger, friendly or more attentive family dog, Australian Shepherd traits combined with other breeds should be an excellent choice.

We are sure you’ll have fun with these smarties.

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