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Chihuahuas are small, adorable, and charming. But, these dogs can also be territorial, independent, and loud. Yes, these dogs can whine, growl, and bark a lot! Why do Chihuahuas bark so much?

All dogs bark, and this is something most dog owners can control in some way. However, if your Chihuahua barks so much that annoys both your family and your neighbors all the time, this is a clear sign the dog’s barking has gone too far.

Before you think of the best way to stop this excessive barking, first you should know what causes such behavior in Chihuahuas.

Yes, these dogs are prone to barking, but, how much barking is just too much and needs to be corrected? Let’s find out.

Why Do Chihuahuas Bark So Much?

aggressive chihuahua barkingaggressive chihuahua barking

Chihuahuas can be wonderful pets, with a quite long lifespan, provided, of course, everything is in order with the dog’s health.

But, just like they can be wonderful dogs, Chihuahuas might also show some unwanted behaviors, and might not be so obedient all the time.

One of the unwanted behaviors in many Chihuahuas is excessive barking. Let’s see what could cause so much barking in our Chis.

1. Guarding Behavior

When other people see your Chihuahua, they probably immediately want to pet it. You have certainly seen many surprised faces when your Chihuahua started barking, growling, or even tried to bite some of your acquaintances!

A Chihuahua might look small and fragile, but this dog is a small guard dog that looks after its owners. 

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So, if your Chihuahua barks a lot, this is probably due to its natural guarding instincts. These dogs will bark at anything that seems like a threat to them, like other people or animals on their territory.

It is not bad to have a dog that resembles an alarm – it gives you some kind of certainty in your home. 

Still, a Chihuahua will not only bark at a real threat; it could also bark all day long at any noise coming from outside. This can become very annoying with time passing.

2. Attention Seeking

In some cases, your Chihuahua will bark for no concrete reason – it will bark just to get your attention.

Why does attention seeking behavior appear in our canine companions? Well, dogs are social creatures, and they love to spend time with their humans.

Some dogs would love to have their owners for themselves all they long. Of course you would love to spend a lot of time with your Chihuahua, but is this attention seeking behavior unhealthy sometimes?

Well, it might be. We are supposed to spend a lot of time with our dogs, but we also have other activities and obligations.

So, if your Chihuahua seeks attention all day long, you might even try to ignore its barking as a form of attracting your attention. All dogs should also have other forms of entertainment, that does not include having their owners with them 24/7.

3. Pain

chihuahua barking in owner's handschihuahua barking in owner's hands

If your Chihuahua has suddenly started barking a lot, this could be your dog’s way to tell you it is in some kind of pain.

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Maybe your pooch has a certain health issue, or it was injured while playing. Chihuahuas might have big personalities, but they are still one of the smallest, the most fragile dogs. A Chi might get hurt even while playing with small children.

If you notice your Chihuahua crying or whining together with excessive barking, it is definitely possible that the dog is in pain. You should take a look at its body to see if there are any wounds, and you should also call a vet immediately.

4. Loneliness

Your Chihuahua started barking a lot just after you left it home alone for the first time? If this is the case, your dog doesn’t like to be left alone.

Many Chihuahuas suffer from separation anxiety, since they get so close with their owners, and love to have them around all the time.

Loneliness and fear might cause destructive behavior in your Chihuahuas, such as excessive barking. When you leave for work, you are no longer able to hear your dog’s barking. But, your neighbors will give you a detailed report once you get back home.

Many dogs will not do well on their own, and this can even cause long-term anxiety in them. This is why all Chihuahua owners should find a good way to keep their pooches safe and entertained while they are away.

5. Poor Socialization

Many Chihuahuas will bark a lot due to the lack of socialization. Once you become a Chihuahua puppy owner, you should start socializing it as soon as possible.

Of course, when the dog is still very young, it should only socialize with you and a few of your closest people. As your dog grows up, you should start exposing it to new people and new animals as often as possible.

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Dog parks are a perfect place to do this. 

If you don’t socialize your dog on time, it is more likely to bark a lot and be hostile towards other people and animals. 

Chihuahuas might even bark at people it knows well. See, Chihuahuas can even be aggressive since, as I already mentioned, are small guard dogs. And many Chihuahuas are not even aware how small they actually are!

Still, Chihuahuas are less likely to bark excessively when they see many people and many different dogs on a daily basis.

How To Train A Chihuahua Not To Bark So Much?

chihuahua dog and an american staffordshire terrier sitting together in naturechihuahua dog and an american staffordshire terrier sitting together in nature

A Chihuahua that barks too much can become a nightmare for its owners, but also for all other people in their vicinity.

But, I would like to emphasize this trait should not make you give up on your Chi, since there are still things you can do to stop this type of behavior in your dog.

First of all, you should start with your puppy socialization as soon as possible. Your dog should get used to seeing other people and animals from its young age.

One thing you should also always remember is that your Chihuahua needs exercise. You should take your small dog to regular walks every day. Chihuahuas are super little, but they still need to exercise to be healthy.

A dog that exercises every day will not get bored so easily. Also, this is a great way to spend time with your pooch, and, therefore, decrease its urge for attention seeking with excessive barking.

You should also provide your small Chi with interactive toys. Chihuahuas are intelligent dogs who need mental stimulation as much as the physical one.

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Furthermore, in some cases it would be better to ignore your dog’s excessive barking. Of course, you need to be sure your Chi is indeed barking for no reason, and that everything is in order with its health.

What you should never do is reward your dog’s bad behavior. Wait for your dog to stop barking, and then reward it with its favorite treat or toy.

Final Thoughts

There are certain explanations for why do Chihuahuas bark so much. In many cases, these dogs will want to get their owners’ attention by barking excessively, while in some other cases, your Chi will bark due to pain, loneliness, or poor socialization.

Dog barking is perfectly normal, and, if one day your dog would not bark at all, I am sure you would be asking if everything is okay with it.

But, there is a difference between normal barking and compulsive barking. If your Chihuahua barks too much, this is likely to become a serious problem for you.

Luckily, there are ways to stop this type of behavior. I hope this article helped you find the perfect way to control your Chihuahua’s barking.

I wish you all the luck with training your Chi to be perfectly behaved and obedient pooch!

By Andy Marcus

Hello, my name is Andy Marcus, and I am a passionate dog lover and enthusiast. For me, there is nothing quite like the joy and love that a furry friend can bring into our lives. I have spent years studying and learning about dogs, and have made it my mission to share my knowledge and expertise with others through my website. Through my website, I aim to provide comprehensive information and resources for dog owners and enthusiasts. Whether it's training tips, health and nutrition advice, or insights into dog behavior, I strive to create a platform that is accessible and useful to everyone who loves dogs.

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