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From Frenchies to Pit Bulls, there are plenty of Pug mixes that are truly unique and beautifully described in this list!

If you’re looking for a family pet that will adapt quickly to new environments and conditions, these Pug mixes might just be the right choice for you!

Read on to discover the magnificent crossbreeds of these canines, as well as other things that are related to them, including the common health issues that both purebred Pugs and their mixes might have.

50 Pug Mixes

It would be almost impossible to put all Pug mixed breeds in only one list, but I did my best to present you with some of the highest-quality crossbreeds of Pugs and other canine breeds.

I’m sure you won’t resist their beauty, along with the quality of every pup mentioned in this list!

1. Japug

Japug dogJapug dog

Photo from: @bubblebeccapugs

These adorable and rare pups are descendants of Pugs and Japanese Chins that were crossed in order to create the perfect lap dog.

These pups are blessed with an easygoing and kind nature, along with a solid temperament, which is why they’re one of the best choices for families with small children.

Despite the fact that it is a cross between two types of canines, the dominant physical characteristics are those of a Pug, including the small nose and large, black eyes.

The Japug’s lifespan is expected to be the same as the Pug’s – around 12 to 15 years.

2. Silky Pug

Silky Pug dogSilky Pug dog

Photo from:@silky_the_pug

This is a unique Pug crossed with a Silky Terrier – a canine breed that looks almost the same as a Yorkie, but with a few significant differences, including size and lifespan.

This type of Pug mix has a silky coat of average length, and a body that fits the small-dog parameters.

These pups are very enthusiastic about playing around and running outside. Therefore, if you want a Silky Pug, you better prepare for good exercise and plenty of outdoor activities!

3. Pugalier

Pugalier is standing on green grassPugalier is standing on green grass

This Pug cross is one perfect example of elegance – not necessarily excluding fun!

The Cavalier King Charles definitely sounds more noble, or even snobbish (some would say), than the Pug, but when it comes to their personalities, they’re both energetic, funny, and agile pups.

This crossbreed definitely looks more like its Pug parent, but it might inherit the gene for the Cavalier’s coat colors.

The Pugalier’s lifespan is similar to the life expectancy of both Pugs and Cavalier King Charles Spaniels.

4. Pugese

Pugese dogPugese dog

Photo from:@kate.hun

A combination of a lively Chinese Crested canine and a playful Pug is a dream come true for dog owners who like to play and cuddle with their pets.

This designer breed requires full attention, so don’t be surprised if the pup suddenly becomes extremely attached to you, especially if you’ve been gone for more than 24 hours.

One thing’s for sure: you’ll never be bored with this type of pooch as it’ll do everything to keep you amused.

5. Ori-Pei

Ori-Pei dogOri-Pei dog

Photo form: @lifeisrufus

This is one of the rare crosses between a cute Pug and a Chinese Shar-Pei – a canine breed that is fiercely loyal to its owner.

An Ori-Pei is likely to inherit the color gene of the Shar-Pei, although it’s not excluded that their coat will be colored in certain Pug shades.

They might be a bit large, but that won’t stop these big pups from coming and sitting on you every time they get the chance!

6. Schnug

Schnug dogSchnug dog

Photo from: @schnugy_poo_poo

A Miniature Schnauzer and a Pug have been crossed to create this hybrid dog, known as the Schnug.

Because of its intelligence and rebellious nature, the Schnug is best suited for owners who have had previous canine ownership experience.

They’re known to be playful pups that never rest; therefore, prepare yourself for a lot of action and outdoor activities from this adorable pup!

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7. Pug Doberman

Pug Doberman dogPug Doberman dog

Photo from:@gentleman_fado

This Pug and Doberman cross is quite rare, even among the biggest fans of hybrid breeds. It’s difficult to say which canine it resembles more since there aren’t many specimens of this mixed breed in the first place.

Generally, Pugs are known for suffering from brachycephalic syndrome because of their short nose and muzzle. In most cases, Pug Dobermans inherit this physical attribute and genetic condition.

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However, when it comes to their coat, this hybrid dog can inherit coat shades from both Dobermans and Pugs.

8. Pug-Coton

Pug-Coton getting a haircutPug-Coton getting a haircut

Photo from:@d.y.r.e.b.a.r

The Pug-Coton is a rare breed of a tiny, hybrid canine that is a result of the Coton de Tulear mixed with the Pug.

These pups inherit a coat that is as soft and as wonderful as cotton (you can already guess which breed it comes from). On the other hand, wrinkles are one of the Pug trademarks, and a characteristic that is passed on to this mixed breed.

This type of crossbreed is a good option for dog owners who prefer mild-tempered pups that are easy to groom and maintain in general.

9. Puggle

Puggle stands and looks at the cameraPuggle stands and looks at the camera

A cross of a Beagle and a Pug can’t be anything else but sweet in both appearance and temperament, even though Beagles will sometimes listen to their own instinct rather than their owner’s directions.

Puggles also have this trait, but with suitable training methods, your pup will become the perfect family pet in no time.

Puggles can be found in the same price range as both Beagles and Pugs – anywhere between $800 and $1900, depending on the color and the gender of the puppy.

10. Puggat

Puggat is sitting on the car seatPuggat is sitting on the car seat

Photo from:@rhealistic13

These pups are usually described as lively and charming crossbreeds of an amiable American Rat Terrier and a joyful Pug.

When it comes to their physical appearance, this designer breed resembles Pugs in a way that they both have large, dark brown/black eyes.

However, in general, they look more like Rat Terriers as they inherit the Terrier’s head shape, upright ears, and coat shades.

Also, they shed far less than Pug pups, so they’re more suitable for owners with possible allergic reactions to dog hair.

11. AffenPug

AffenPug is sitting and looking at the cameraAffenPug is sitting and looking at the camera

Photo from:@inthefluff_dover

The combination of an elegant and gentle breed such as the Affenpinscher, and a lovable canine with a goofy personality such as the Pug can only result in a wonderful designer breed that’ll become your cuddle buddy!

This crossbreed takes the best out of both breeds in terms of both temperament and physical appearance.

However, don’t be surprised if your puppy develops certain conditions similar to skin issues that Pugs have.

12. Bugg

Bugg sits and looks at the cameraBugg sits and looks at the camera

Photo from:@4gramdogs

The crossing between a Pug and a Boston Terrier has resulted in a canine breed that is probably one of the cutest Pug mixes you’ve ever seen.

This Boston Terrier cross has a lot in common with both breeds, although it might physically resemble a Pug more in terms of body shape.

On the other hand, they often come in the Boston’s coat shades such as black and white, brindle and white, blue, black, red, etc.

13. Pugmatian

Pugmatian is sitting on a chairPugmatian is sitting on a chair

Photo from:@logibear189

This is an uncommon, but cute crossbreed between two pups that win your heart over in a matter of seconds.

The Dalmatian breed is famous for its white canine coat, with black markings all over its body. Well, Pugmatians inherit the Dalmatian’s coat shades to the joy of many making them one of the sweetest crossbreeds on this list.

This hybrid pup might require more authoritative training than other breeds, especially when it comes to socialization programs.

However, after you master the early training stages, you will have a wonderful canine friend!

14. Jug

jug dog sits on a rockjug dog sits on a rock

The lovely and characteristic Pug tail is one of the things I find most adorable on a Jug, along with the small silhouette and the pointed nose of the Jack Russell pup, which decreases the chances of breathing issues (although they still require attention and care in order to prevent any serious health problems).

A certain number of these mixed puppies acquire the high prey drive of their parent breeds (the Russell, in this case), in addition to their friendliness, energy, and enthusiastic spirit.

These pups are extremely inquisitive and interested in everything around them. They have a high level of intelligence, and they are pretty simple to train.

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15. Pug Shiba

Pug Shiba is sitting in the carPug Shiba is sitting in the car

Photo from:@ponsakuurapon

Pugs can be so attached to their owners that they won’t leave their owner’s side at any cost, and might even end up sleeping on your head.

On the other hand, Shiba Inus don’t have any problem having fun on their own!

When you put these two together, you’ll get an affectionate pup that has a high energy level.

This crossbreed often inherits the coat color gene from the Shiba Inu, but it’s also no surprise if you see a Pug Shiba in Pug colors.

16. Puggit

Puggit stands in the water and looks at the cameraPuggit stands in the water and looks at the camera

Photo from:@010pugs.raver.louie

This is a very interesting mix, especially because Italian Greyhounds are quite uncommon themselves, let alone as a mix with a small dog like the Pug.

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Greyhounds are usually very affectionate and full of love for their owners, but they’re not very fond of strangers.

However, a Pug’s nature affects the crossbreed’s temperament as well, which is why Puggits are playful and sociable.

17. Tibetan Pug

Tibetan Pug lies on the floorTibetan Pug lies on the floor

Photo from:@barkleytibbypug

I’m sure your first thought was that this is a cross of a Poodle with a giant Tibetan Mastiff! However, this time it’s a no simply because we’re talking about the mix of Tibetan Spaniels and Pugs.

These puppies are both tiny and adorable, so it’s no surprise that they adore being lap dogs.

Still, the size of a Tibetan Pug shouldn’t be misjudged because these pups can become a bit aggressive if they feel challenged or intimidated.

18. Daug

Close-up eyes of Daug dogClose-up eyes of Daug dog

Can there be a cuter crossbreed than the one between a Dachshund and a Pug? According to the owners of such hybrids – no.

They love to cuddle more than anything, but they also have a strong sense of autonomy.

These canines have a thirst for new lands and exciting experiences, which makes them ideal candidates for the role of a great furry friend.

However, your cross-pup might be quite loud and bark excessively, just like Dachshunds (but, you’ll get used to it, eventually).

19. Pugador

The pugador is sitting in the grassThe pugador is sitting in the grass

Photo from:@rupertthepugador

Both male and female Labrador Retrievers are amazing family canines that will dedicate all their love and care to their family members.

On the other hand, Pugs are strongly affectionate to their owners as well, so it’s no surprise that a Pugador is the perfect pet for families who are looking for a new member.

I have to admit that this is one of the most beautiful Pug mixes I’ve seen because of the shiny coat hair and Labrador-like coat colors that the Pugador has!

20. Puganese

Puganese is lying on the couchPuganese is lying on the couch

Photo from:@coco_thepuganese

This is a hybrid between a Pug and a Havanese, and it has a Pug-like head, but the soft coat of the other parent breed, which enables you to try some cool Havanese haircuts on them!

These canines are on the smaller side, and seldom weigh more than ten pounds. Admittedly, the size of both parents is on the more petite side.

In spite of their small size, though, these dogs are fiercely protective of their family, and they are constantly prepared to fight for them.

21. Porgi

Porgy is sitting on the floorPorgy is sitting on the floor

Photo from: @evabean_the_divaqueen

Corgis and Pugs are both cute, but who’d say they could create such a robust hybrid canine as the Porgi?

These pups might be short, but they’re very sturdy and powerful. They flourish when they are active; therefore, it is in their best interest to get plenty of activity and outdoor time.

Both Pugs and Corgis are heavy-shedders, so it’s not a good idea to get a Porgi if you’re prone to allergic reactions.

22. Pushon

Pushon is sitting on the couchPushon is sitting on the couch

Photo from:@chester_molly_n_lily

A stunning Pushon is the offspring of a Bichon Frise and a Pug.

Pushons are little Bichon-Pug hybrids that have a wrinkling head, which is characteristic of Pugs, but also the soft coat and color genes of the Bichon Frise.

It’s interesting to notice that these mixed pups love their human owners so much that they’re willing to go to any length just to win their human’s favor.

23. Pom-A-Pug

Pom-A-Pug stands in the street and looks behind himPom-A-Pug stands in the street and looks behind him

A Pomeranian and Pug cross is a wonderful and lovable pooch that is sociable and affectionate.

They love spending time with canine lovers, which is why they’re a good option even for first-time owners who might be a bit afraid of pooches.

Pomeranians grow almost the same size as Pugs, which is why their crossbreed is perfect for people who live in an apartment.

24. Pugshire

Pugshire sits downcastPugshire sits downcast

Photo from:@royce_the_rescue_pug

These adorable mixed-pups of Yorkshire Terriers and Pugs are known for their charming personalities and solid temperament.

These puppies might either have floppy or upright ears like Yorkshire Terriers, and large eyes which resemble Pugs.

These critters are kind, and they are able to feel happy in almost any environment they find themselves in.

The Pugshire is a Yorkie cross that could be considered much calmer than other mixes, such as Yorkiepoos, which are sweet but very loud.

25. Bassugg

Bassugg is standing on the couchBassugg is standing on the couch

Photo from:@sandeemas

This is an interesting cross between a Basset Hound and a Pug, which might either look serious or even sad because they usually inherit the Basset Hound’s eye shape.

However, don’t let that look fool you – these pups love playing and spending time with their owner.

Bassuggs have a strong sense of family, and they have a manageable size, which is why they’re ideal pets for families with small children.

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26. Hug

Hug is lying downHug is lying down

Photo from:@privideniye22

Just like their name says, these Husky and Pug pups look so cute you could just hug them all the time! However, they’re quite strong-willed, just like Huskies, but also loving like their other parent breed – the Pug.

The combination of these parent breeds results in a dog that is highly energetic and adores plenty of exercises.

Hugs generally tend to inherit the Husky’s shades and hair length, but some crossbreeds with short coat hair can be found as well.

27. Pugairn

Pugairn with outstretched tonguePugairn with outstretched tongue

Photo from:@gizmothepugairn

As an interesting combination between a Cairn Terrier and a Pug, Pugairns display the characteristics of a calm canine with a periodic bolder attitude.

These pups might not be as energetic as Cairns, but they aren’t lazy by any means.

They love to relax, but when they’re up for work, nothing can get in their way. Pugairns are also very respectful, intelligent, and obedient.

28. Pug-A-Mo

Pug-A-Mo is lying on the grassPug-A-Mo is lying on the grass

Photo from:@pug_amo

If you’re looking for a dog breed that owns a kind personality, but also has a laid-back demeanor, then the Pug-A-Mo is just for you!

The combination of an American Eskimo Dog and a Pug resulted in a mixed-breed canine that inherits both the watchdog instincts and the affectionate nature of its parent breeds.

It’s no surprise that this pup is considered an excellent choice for families who are looking for a protective, yet charming canine regardless of whether it’s a purebred or a crossbred pup.

29. Frug

Frug is sitting on the pavementFrug is sitting on the pavement

Photo from:@kermitthefrug_

These pups might belong to the little canine breeds, but they certainly possess a huge personality! Just like their parents, these puppies are extremely brave and full of curiosity.

On the other hand, they have a constant need to be around people or other canines of the same breed.

The price of Frugs is similar to that of French Bulldogs as they’re both a bit on the expensive side (up to $3000), unlike Pugs, which are usually up to $1500 max.

30. Pugita

Pugita is sittingPugita is sitting

Photo from:@ritsa_mops

When you cross a Pug and an Akita Inu, you get an amusing and devoted dog companion – the Pugita. This dog breed is known for its power and resilience.

Due to the fact that they are not very frequent, it is important to investigate the characteristics of both parents in order to gain an understanding of what to anticipate from this Pug mix.

To simplify things, though, they make wonderful pets because they are people-oriented, and it is quite easy to teach them new commands and tricks.

31. Pugillion

Pugillion sits and looks at the cameraPugillion sits and looks at the camera

Photo from:@pickstricks

The Pugillion is a wonderful pet for anyone who wants a canine that is friendly and devoted.

These pups have the best traits of both the Papillon and the Pug, which is why this Pug cross has such a high level of activity and can adapt to various environments.

Pugillions are great pets for first-time owners because there won’t be any issues training them.

In terms of their physical appearance, they have the enormous and unique ear shape of a Papillon, and the small nose of a Pug.

32. Pugland

Pugland sits on a wooden platformPugland sits on a wooden platform

Photo from:@nala_e_ralf

This is one of the Pug mixes that is perfect for lovers of both Pugs and West Highland Terriers. These two breeds are adorable, and their crossbreed is no less cute than them!

These pups are wonderful friends that stand no more than one foot tall, and weigh just over 19 pounds at the most.

Most Puglands have the same or similar length of coat hair as West Highland Terriers, but they also have wrinkles on the top of their head, just like Pugs.

33. Cocker Pug

Cocker Pug stands and looks aheadCocker Pug stands and looks ahead

Photo from:@miltons_house

This is a designer canine breed that is created via a combination of the Cocker Spaniel and the Pug. These doggies are known for being friendly and outgoing, but they are also very obedient to their owners.

This crossbreed is often considered one of the best mixed breeds because it contains the best characteristics of both breeds.

However, when it comes to shedding, these pups might not be the best choice for those who are allergic to canine hair because they’re not hypoallergenic, just like their parents – the Cocker Spaniel and the Pug.

34. Aussie Pug

Aussie Pug sits and looks aroundAussie Pug sits and looks around

Photo from:@our_sia_pug

Australian Shepherds are good with children and great family pets, so it’s no surprise that Aussie Pugs are equally adorable and suitable for big families.

They also inherit the colors of the Aussies, so these pooches usually come in tricolor black, blue merle, solid black shade with white markings, and other coat hues.

These pups are extremely obedient, lovable, and smart doggies that are quite easy to train.

35. Malti-Pug

Malti-Pug sits and looks at the cameraMalti-Pug sits and looks at the camera

Photo from:@maltipug_milo

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Because this Pug hybrid was created by crossing the Maltese and the Pug, you may anticipate that the resulting Malti-Pug will be just as simple to adore as either of its parent breeds.

It’s safe to say that with this puppy, you will have a best friend who will be dedicated to you in the same way that Pugs are devoted to their owners. And, Maltese are known for their charming personalities.

They are also known for their social skills, but when it comes to colors, these pups rarely come in white, which is the main color of Maltese pups.

However, even though they’re easy to train, these pooches aren’t so good as protectors because they’re too friendly, even to people they haven’t met before!

36. Chug

Chug is lying on a white matChug is lying on a white mat

Photo from:@leovankub

These mixed-breed puppies are little canines, but with big muscles concentrated in their body. Chugs have facial expressions resembling their parent breeds, with quite expressive features.

Unlike Chihuahuas, which can be quite aggressive, Chugs are sociable doggies that may be relied on as companions for both exciting outdoor adventures and relaxing days at home.

However, they do resemble a Chihuahua when it comes to size because they usually weigh between 18 and 20 pounds.

37. Brug

Brug is sitting on the floorBrug is sitting on the floor

Photo from:@restless_bike_rider

Two adorable pups, such as the Brussels Griffon and the Pug, were crossed in order to create amicable and lovable puppies, such as Brugs.

These cute dogs are the perfect blend of the Griffon’s adaptability and the Pug’s jovial spirit – everything bundled into a sweet, small-sized canine.

Because of their typically calm temperament, Brugs behave great with all humans, including children. This dog is ideal for owners who haven’t had a pet before because they adapt quickly to new people and environments.

38. Toy Poxer

Toy Boxer puppy is lying down and restingToy Boxer puppy is lying down and resting

Photo from:@pepperthetoypoxer

These little, yet fierce doggies combine audacity with highly energetic play.

The natural nimbleness of the Toy Fox Terrier contributes to the fact that Toy Poxers enjoy a good game of fetch and other active pursuits.

If you have younger children in your family, the Toy Poxer might not be the best option. It is advisable to approach them carefully because they have a tendency to lash out when they feel unsafe, including during such play that might seem intimidating to them.

39. Pugwich

Pugwich stands in the parkPugwich stands in the park

Photo from:@puckthepugwich

A hybrid dog that incorporates elements of the Pug with the Norwich Terrier is known as a Pugwich. They are straightforward to teach, and are known for their extreme levels of devotion.

As a result, they are popular among people of various ages.

Socialization from puppyhood is of the utmost significance if you wish for this pup to retain its amiable temperament throughout its life.

If the owner doesn’t pay attention to this aspect of their life, then a Pugwich might easily become unfriendly to pets and family members that live under the same roof as them.

40. Pughasa

Pughasa is lying downPughasa is lying down

Photo from:@existing_as_nature

The Pughasa is an easygoing hybrid canine that is the offspring of a cross between the Lhasa Apso and the Pug – both of which are calm and submissive canine types.

They take on the face of a Pug, but acquire the standard-size coat of a Lhasa Apso. They are wonderful pets that may flourish in a variety of households, thanks to their adaptability.

Since both of the parent breeds are small canines, it’s no surprise that Pughasas weigh up to 15 pounds at the most.

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41. Shug

Shug is standing in the parkShug is standing in the park

Photo from:@savethetailsinc

Suppose you take the loyalty of Pugs and the intellect that German Shepherds possess. In that case, it’s natural that their crossbreed will be a magnificent companion dog to people who are passionate about canines in general.

Because of their high level of activity and intellect, they make one of the best protectors and family dogs.

Shugs aren’t little dogs like Pugs, but they’re also not as large as Germans. They’re easy to groom, and they can be bathed at the same intervals as German Shepherds.

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42. Puginese

Puginese stands on the floorPuginese stands on the floor

This designer dog is a descendant of canines that originated in China – the Pekingese, and the Pug.

Because these hybrid canines were created specifically for wealthy individuals, they radiate an aura of sophistication and regal posture.

Their coat is long and flowy, similar to that of a Pekingese, and their nose is small, like that of a Pug.

Pugineses are quite lovely, despite the fact that they have a tendency to be rebellious at times.

43. Bull-Pug (English Bulldog)

English Bulldog sitting in an autumn parkEnglish Bulldog sitting in an autumn park

This English Bullie and Pug-mixed canine is so adorable that it will win your heart over in a matter of seconds! One of the best things about these mixed puppies is that even when they grow older, they still retain the puppy-like characteristics of their ancestors, including a wrinkly face, long ears, and large, hazel eyes.

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English Bullies are often characterized as reserved towards humans and other pets, but Bull-Pugs inherit their goofiness and excellent social skills from Pugs.

However, they aren’t really into sports and outdoor activities, so if you like to relax at home, this will be the perfect pet for you. Also, a Bull-Pug will cost you less than an English Bullie or a Pug!

44. Poxer

The poxer is standing on the stepsThe poxer is standing on the steps

Photo from:@milodpuggle

If you’re looking for a pup that is bigger than a Pug, but shorter than a full-grown Boxer, the Poxer is the right canine for you!

They are incredibly affectionate and friendly, but they also have a natural desire for outdoor activities and new adventures, which is why they’re suitable candidates for family pets that love spending time outside the house.

Both female and male Boxers are excellent guardians due to their high level of intelligence and increased awareness. These pups also love to spend time with their owner more than anything else in the world.

45. Golden Pug

Golden Pug is standing on the green grass and looking at the cameraGolden Pug is standing on the green grass and looking at the camera

Photo from:@sparkee_thesuperpug

This mixed puppy is an attractive breed of dog that combines the devoted nature of a Pug with the agility of a Goldie.

One of the most interesting things about this breed is that they look like Pugs in terms of size and head shape, but they usually come in Golden Retriever colors, especially the golden hue.

They are lovable animals that are always up for anything – whether it is playing or cuddling, your pup will want to be included in everything that involves you!

However, unfortunately, neither Pugs nor Golden Retrievers are hypoallergenic, which is why their crossbreed isn’t recommended for people with allergies.

46. Sheltie Pug

Sheltie Pug sitting on the sandSheltie Pug sitting on the sand

Photo from:@thunderbitebaloo

Sheltie Pugs are known for their easygoing demeanor and their willingness to put in work and effort, but they also like spending time playing.

Some crossbreeds might have longer coat hair like Shetland Sheepdogs, but the majority of them have coat hair similar to a Pug’s coat.

In addition, the height of Shelties might be anywhere from 13 to 20 inches. Their size often depends on the prevalence of their ancestor’s gene.

These pups like to cuddle, but they also have a high level of energy, which is why they require at least moderate exercise outside. They are smart canines that pick up new skills quickly, which makes it common for them to be simple to train.

47. Pug Pit

Pug Pit is sitting on the pavementPug Pit is sitting on the pavement

Photo from:@iron_rayden

If you have ever wondered what an American Pit Bull would look like with a short muzzle, now’s your chance to find out! The breeding of an American Pit Bull Terrier and a Pug resulted in a designer canine that is both lovely and friendly, making it difficult to say no to.

These pups generally inherit short hair from both parents, so they don’t require a lot of time for grooming. A good brush and a shampoo for Pugs or Pits will work wonders for the shine and density of a Pug Pit’s coat hair.

Pits are generally known as loyal and amiable canines that might seem stubborn at times as well. However, its cross with the Pug has created an adorable pup that is fiercely loyal and fearless!

48. Pug Tzu

Pug Tzu sitting in the leavesPug Tzu sitting in the leaves

Photo from:@queenjosephinejoanne

Shih Tzus are yet another breed that traces its roots back to Asia (China), where they were first domesticated along with Pugs.

Both of these canine breeds were created to be companion pups, so it’s no surprise that their mix is an excellent and really adorable addition to any household.

However, these pups generally inherit their length of coat from Shih Tzus, which are hypoallergenic, so there are certain chances that your Pug Tzu will be the same!

49. Pug-a-poo

Pug-a-poo is sitting and looking at the cameraPug-a-poo is sitting and looking at the camera

Photo from:@allgus_nobreaks

Pug mixes such as this one are proof that designer dogs can be better than their parent breeds in terms of temperament and personality.

These are adorable puppies that have only one goal in life, and that is to adore the people they live with. Pug-a-poos are clever, kind, and devoted companions to their family and other pets.

Pug-a-poos can often be found in Poodle hues, especially those that have longer coat hair.

This mixed breed is one of the best choices for potential canine owners that haven’t had a chance to own a pet before.

50. Bullmastiff Pug

Bullmastiff Pug looking at the cameraBullmastiff Pug looking at the camera

Photo from:@davidcruz235

This is one of the rarest Pug mixes that you might come across. Actually, these two parent breeds have certain things in common, so it’s no surprise that their crossbreed is reminiscent of both of them in a great manner.

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Bullmastiffs are generally known as great protectors of their families, while Pugs stand for awesome companion dogs, which means that you’ll have the best traits of both canines in one pup!

Both Pugs and Bullmastiffs don’t cost over $2000, so you might even get their mix at a better price!

Pug Mixes: Most Common Health Issues

Pugs can suffer from certain medical conditions, which can impact their quality of life in a great manner, especially if they are left untreated.

Pug crossbreeds can inherit any of these diseases because they still inherit at least 50% of genes from their parents.

In case you’re wondering what the most common diseases are that could transfer to your crossbred pup; go through the list below and find out:

• Breathing problems – Most canines with a flat nose and a short muzzle are prone to snoring, wheezing, gasping, etc. These noises might seem scary if you’re a first-time owner, but the majority of owners have learned how to live with brachycephalic dogs.

•Skin problems – Unfortunately, those cute wrinkles on the pup’s face and other parts of its body can cause quite a mess. Ringworms, Demodectic Mange, and allergies are the most common issues that appear in Pugs and in their (wrinkled) mixes.

• Spine problems – Brachycephalic canines are known to be prone to breathing issues, but they can also develop spine conditions, such as hemivertebrae and herniated disc.

Diabetes – This disease is more frequent among our pets than we’d all like to admit. Unfortunately, bad eating habits and a lack of exercise can be a part of the problem, especially because obese pups have greater chances of getting diabetes.

Pugs, and most of their breeds, are prone to obesity because of their size, which is why you should take special care of them.

• Infection – Infectious diseases caused by viruses and bacteria can strike any breed of canine, including Pugs. Common examples include rabies, parvo, and distemper. Vaccinations are an effective means of warding against the majority of these diseases.

• Orthopedic issues – The majority of purebred and Pug mixes are labeled as chondrodystrophic pups. This means that they’re more flexible because of their smaller bones, but they’re also prone to problems, such as intervertebral illness and Legg-Calve-Perthes disease.

• Tail issues – Not many people know that pugs can have health problems related to their tail. For example, the most common tail conditions are screw and limp tail.

Alopecia – This condition describes the loss of coat hair either in patches or completely. There’s always an underlying issue that has to be identified before this condition can be effectively treated.

Luxating patella – Once the kneecap moves out of its natural position, luxating patella occurs. This usually happens in the rear legs, regardless of the age or gender of the pup.

• Eye issues – Pugs, and their crosses, are generally prone to eye diseases such as cataracts, cherry eye, and corneal ulcers.

• Dental disease – It is estimated that around eighty percent of pet dogs will suffer from gum problems by the age of two. Unfortunately, brachycephalic canines experience teeth issues more often than the majority of other canines.

Pug Encephalitis – This is a condition that is manifested in pups up to three years old. The main reason encephalitis occurs is due to the inflammation of brain tissue. This neurological condition might result in further health complications, such as epilepsy or cancers.

Pug Mixes: Wrapping Up

A canine, such as a Pug, can be crossed with almost any dog breed, and they’ll still look adorable, which is why there are so many Pug mixes in general!

I’m sure you managed to find at least one Pug crossbreed that is up to your standards as there are so many unique and diverse crosses to choose from.

Each pup also has particular requirements that may or may not be related to the heritage of their original parent breeds.

Mixed pups deserve to be loved just as much as purebreds, and this list proves just how valuable crossbreeds can be, especially for families!


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