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I was sitting having coffee in Norfolk, watching people walking. Some walked alone, some walked in pairs or groups, while others walked with their furry best friends.

There were three golden retrievers , one terrier, and one doberman. Finally, there was one person with a Newfoundland . So I was wondering, where did he get him.

Immediately, I started the mission of finding the best Newfoundland breeders in the UK. And, I managed to find some pretty respectable breeders. So here is the list. I hope that you will enjoy it and find some useful information.

Newfoundland Puppies For Sale In The UK

Before you decide between the Newfoundland breeders in the UK to purchase from, you should take into account a few things.

Newfoundlands are great companion dogs and very loyal. But remember, they are big. And by big, I mean huge. You need a lot of space for them. And, you need a Newfoundland grow chart to keep track of their growth.

Sometimes, all this means is a lot of mess, drooling, and shedding. And, you must have time for them. They are not loners and they like good company. A Newfoundland’s lifespan is not too long. This means you will probably have this dog for a decade or more.

1. Darkpeak Newfoundlands

black Newfoundland lies and looks at the camerablack Newfoundland lies and looks at the camera

The first of our many chosen Newfoundland breeders in the UK, are Darkpeak Newfoundlands from Derbyshire.

This kennel was founded back in the 1980s in the Peak District. It is surrounded by picturesque land, where their first dog, Bilbo, enjoyed long walks. Later, two female Newfoundlands, Layla and Rani, joined Bilbo and that is how it all started.

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Since then, these owners have been doing a great job in breeding, combining local and overseas bloodlines. Their success is affirmed by many certificates and prizes.

Owner, Kirsteen Farrar, is also a judge in CCs all over the UK and in FCI CACs and CACIBs outside the UK, for Newfoundlands. And, she is available for Open Shows for other dog breeds .

Their Approach

They take good care of their dogs. This includes ensuring they undergo many health checks . Their goal is a healthy dog . This means the risk of elbow dysplasia and hip dysplasia are reduced . The testing is done within the KC/BVA scheme.

Experienced vets do cardiology heart tests by echo doppler. Other tests that are done on these dogs include screening for cystinuria , thrombopathia, and degenerative myelopathy.

Darkpeak Newfoundlands are successful both as working dogs and in show. But, they are also successful as family pets who like to lay next to their owner and just watch TV.

Kirsteen and Alan are reputable breeders , and they rarely have puppies for sale. And when they do, they only sell if they are sure that their Newfie is going to have a loving forever home.

Every reputable breeder should be part of official breed clubs . At Darkpeak, they are members of the SNC Better Breeders Scheme and KC Assured Breeder Scheme.

Darkpeak Newfoundlands Breeder Details:

Address: Derbyshire

Phone: +01773746369

Email: [email protected]

Website: Darkpeak Newfoundlands

Facebook: Darkpeak Newfoundlands

2. Larkharbour

the newfoundland dog stands and stares aheadthe newfoundland dog stands and stares ahead

Second on our list of Newfoundland breeders in the UK, are Larkharbour Newfoundland dogs .

They started back in 2011 and had their first litter in 2014. Their goal is health and temperaments of extraordinary quality. These Newfs are within breed standard . That is why this kennel has The Kennel Club Assured Breeder Status.

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Before they started breeding, they gathered experience by taking part in dog Championship shows . Their dogs are specialized in working groups and in shows.

At Larkharbour, there is a farm with boars, hens, pigs, goats, and sheep. These animals are carefully protected by these gentle giants . They also offer boarding and grooming services.

Larkharbour Breeder Details:

Address: Ramsey Heights, Huntingdon, UK

Phone: +447785510267

Email: [email protected]

Website: Larkharbour

Facebook: Larkharbour

3. Lindgreave

newfoundland lies on the grassnewfoundland lies on the grass

At Lindgreave, you will find Newfoundlands , Polish Lowlands, and Sheepdogs. Jane Lindley keeps them all with the help of her partner, Brian Corker.

And, her love for dogs is not something new. She fell in love, when she was a child, with her first dog, a Maltese Terrier. Later, that love grew bigger and bigger.

Today, she is the owner of a training club, which is called Barking Mad Ringcraft. She is also a judge in Championship Shows and Open Shows.

Their dogs live in their house with their four kids, which means they are well socialized. They occasionally have puppies for sale. Since they are accredited breeders, you do not have to worry about their standard.

These dogs have all their health tests , including vaccinations and microchips. When purchasing a puppy here, you get a pet that has a pedigree of five generations, four weeks of insurance, Kennel Club registration, and a lifetime of support.

Lindgreave Breeder Details:

Phone: +07807684597 or +01142485993

Email: [email protected]

Website: Lindgreave

4. Sandbears

Newfoundland stands in the woods and looks aheadNewfoundland stands in the woods and looks ahead

Next on the list of Newfoundland breeders in the UK are Sandbears Newfoundlands, bred by Suzanne Blake. Let’s meet Suzanna and her Newfies .

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With 30 years of experience with showing, breeding, and loving dogs, Suzanne finally decided to start with Newfoundlands back in 2001.

Her goal is to breed a dog that has an awesome temperament, enviable health, and great construction. That is why her bloodlines come from all over Europe, from Italy to Hungary, France and Finland. Some even come from the USA.

This family is a truly perfect pet home . Everyone is involved, from the kids to the adults. So, before you, as a puppy purchaser, get a dog from these people, they will visit you at your home. Just to make sure you have the required conditions for a dog as big as a Newfoundland .

There is a lot of quality content and useful information on their homepage . With lots of pictures too of course. Feel free to visit them and make contact.

Sandbears Breeder Details:

Address: West Yorkshire , UK

Phone: +01422 378213 or +07977 310265

Email: suzanne@sandbears.com

Website: Sandbears

Facebook: Sandbears

5. Seaponds Newfoundlands

Newfoundland is played in the waterNewfoundland is played in the water

Next, these Newfoundland breeders in the UK are inviting you to come and visit their Seapond world. At least, their website.

Samuel and Stephen are the owners, both doing a part of the job. Samuel does the breeding, as he has been involved in the process since 1992. Stephen is more involved in the training and working, particularly in water.

Their stud dogs are very lucky to have these owners. First on their list of priorities, is the happiness of their dogs and of course, their health and welfare . When these conditions are fulfilled, then these dogs can thrive as show dogs.

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They are a small family kennel and their dogs are their family too. There are a lot of pictures on the site for every visitor to enjoy. If you have any questions, there is a website email form to contact them with.

Sandbears Breeder Details:

Address: Ballymena, County Antrim, UK

Website: Seaponds Newfoundlands

6. Snugines Newfoundlands

Newfoundlands runs across the fieldNewfoundlands runs across the field

Trevor and Alison are next on our list of Newfoundland breeders in the UK.

Back in 1996. this Newfie love story began when these two enthusiasts became puppy owners . They are not just “ our dogs “, they say – Newfoundlands here are perfect companions and always cheerful family members.

Name of this kennel is an acronym of Guinness. This means black stuff – and these dogs really are black. There are many prizes these dogs can praise with. If you want to contact these owners and find out more, there is a website form to fill.

Snugines Newfoundlands Breeder Details:

Address: Strangford Lough, County Down, Northern Ireland

Email: [email protected]

Website: Snugines

7. Barachois

Newfoundland lies with its tongue outNewfoundland lies with its tongue out

Next in the line up of Newfoundland breeders in the UK, is a farm where you can find Newfies , Irish Wolfhounds, sheep, hens, and buffalo.

Debra, the breeder , started with Newfoundlands back in 2005. She is a true enthusiast and does this job with passion. You can see this just by visiting her webpage. Besides passion, Debra is a professional and has a serious approach to the breeding process.

This kennel has tight connections with veterinarians and cardiologists. The excellent health and temperament of their dogs are their main goals. This is also why these dogs have a lot of outdoor time. Both the males and females play together outside of the mating season. Male dogs show signs they want to mate and the play is over.

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All purchased dogs come with KC registration, microchip, wormings, a vet check up, and four weeks of insurance.

Barachois Breeder Details:

Address: North Yorkshire, UK

Phone: +07973 787621

Email: [email protected]

Website: Barachois

8. Newfangled

Newfoundland dog at home is laid out on the sofaNewfoundland dog at home is laid out on the sofa

Last on our list of Newfoundland breeders in the UK are the Newfangled dogs and their owner, Emma Bone .

They are a rather small kennel and a family business . Their dogs live in their house with their kids. They even moved to a bigger house because of the dogs. There is a lot of space in and around the house. Not to mention, the river Tyne, where the dogs can take a swim.

Emma was 12 years old when she first saw a Newfoundland dog . And, she fell in love. A strange case led her to that same dog, years later, when she was checking dogs for the process of re-homing, in the name of the Northern Newfoundland Club .

Their aim is to breed to the best of their ability. This means physically and mentally strong dogs. And happy, of course. Breed standard is a goal, likewise is optimal temperament.

These breeders are accredited by the Northern Newfoundland Club and also follow the rules of the Southern Newfoundland Club when it comes to breeder schemes.

If you want to become an owner of a puppy bred by these people, you will have to put yourself on a waiting list . They also like to meet their buyers before selling. That way, they provide the best for their dogs.

Newfangled Breeder Details:

Address: Bellingham, Northumberland , England

Phone: +447835357538

Email: [email protected]

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Website: Newfangled

Facebook: Newfangled


Finding the perfect breeder, among the many Newfoundland breeders in the UK, is not an easy task. Especially when there are so many great options.

It seems that there is plenty of choice when it comes to this breed. Which is good. When there are a lot of offerings, then the quality increases. And, that is what a buyer wants.

Always be aware of potential scams when purchasing a dog. There are many people with bad intentions, those who are puppy farmers or doing backyard breeding. That is not good, for you or the dogs.

But, those on our list are not among these scammers. These are all reputable breeders who do what they do with a lot of love and passion.

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By Andy Marcus

Hello, my name is Andy Marcus, and I am a passionate dog lover and enthusiast. For me, there is nothing quite like the joy and love that a furry friend can bring into our lives. I have spent years studying and learning about dogs, and have made it my mission to share my knowledge and expertise with others through my website. Through my website, I aim to provide comprehensive information and resources for dog owners and enthusiasts. Whether it's training tips, health and nutrition advice, or insights into dog behavior, I strive to create a platform that is accessible and useful to everyone who loves dogs.

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