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Hello dog lovers, today we have a special treat for you – one rare dog breed: the Biewer Terrier. This dog breed is also known by some other names, such as the Biewer Yorkie, Biewer Yorkshire Terrier or A la Pom Pon Biewer.

The Biewer Terrier is a relatively new breed that was developed in Germany in the 80s. This charming small dog got recognized by the AKC (American Kennel Club) as a part of the Toy group just a year ago!

What is so special about this dog breed?

First of all, their history is quite unique: the Biewer Terrier is a purebred dog and was developed by Gertrud and Werner Biewer thanks to a recessive piebald gene these dog lovers found in two of their Yorkshire Terrier dogs.

This small dog makes a perfect companion for all generations – from small children to elderly people. Also, the Biewer Terrier is fine with living in the countryside or in city apartments. A very adaptable dog breed, don’t you think?

We’ve done our best to help you find one of these energetic and funny pooches. If you keep reading this article, you will see the list of 8 reputable Biewer Terrier breeders from all parts of the United States.

Biewer Terrier Puppies For Sale In The USA

If you are interested in our list of 8 reputable Biewer Terrier breeders across the United States, you have probably already made up your mind about purchasing this rare dog breed. Before we get into the list of breeders, let me inform you a little bit more about the Biewer Yorkie.

Biewer Terrier highlights:

Breed club: Biewer Terrier Club of America (BTCA)
Dog group: Toy dogs group
Lifespan: 12-15 years
Size: small size dogs
Height: 7-11 inches
Weight: 4-8 pounds
Personality: playful, energetic, loving
Coat colors: specific piebald colorization
Appearance: Biewer Terrier dogs resemble parti Yorkies
Possible health issues: dental problems, health problems with the gastrointestinal system
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Possible health issues: dental problems, health problems with the gastrointestinal system

Now you have the most important information on this remarkable dog breed, your next step should be to search for a reputable breeder. You want to be sure your little dog will have all the health certificates and that he was bred carefully by professionals.

So, let’s dive into the list of 8 reputable Biewer Terrier breeders all over the States.

1. Arc-en-Ciel Biewer Terriers, New York

biewer terrier laying on the floorbiewer terrier laying on the floor

Arc-en-Ciel Biewer Terriers is located in Hudson Valley, New York. These breeders have been in the dog breeding and training business since the 80s.

When they saw the very first Biewer dog, they were sure this was the dog breed they wanted to work with, so they contacted right away the best Biewer Terrier breeders they could find – in the States and also abroad.

Today, these breeders are proud to say that they are breeding high-quality Biewer Terrier dogs. They are specially devoted to the development of these dogs’ conformation and temperament, and also pay special attention to early socialization and health testing of their Biewer Yorkies.

Their breeding program is focused on raising socialized and healthy Biewer Terrier dogs.

Arc-en-Ciel Biewer Terriers breeders are members of the Biewer Terrier Club of America and all their dogs are registered with the American Kennel Club.

If you are looking for professional Biewer Terrier breeders in the state of New York, I think we have found a great option for you!

Arc-en-Ciel Biewer Terriers details

Address: Hudson Valley, NY

Website: Arc-en-Ciel Biewer Terriers

Phone number: +1 646-415-1444

E-mail: [email protected]

2. Beachside Biewers, Florida

Biewer Terrier standing on the grassBiewer Terrier standing on the grass

Beachside Biewers are located in New Smyrna Beach in Florida. These breeders’ main goal is to bring the best Biewer Terriers in the world to their clients. Their Terrier Biewers are devoted to their owners and are very intelligent dogs that will make the best possible life companion for their owners.

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According to the Beachside Biewers website, if you want to become an owner of one of their dogs, you will have to sign in to their waitlist. So, you will probably have to wait for a little while to get your new pet friend. These breeders are very careful in choosing the new family for their dogs.

Therefore, besides you picking these breeders for the purchase of your new dog, they also want to make sure that you will be the best pick for their dog’s new home!

Every puppy at Beachside Biewers kennel stays with these breeders for a minimum of 12 weeks. If you decide on the Beachside Biewers, you will have to pay the deposit for the puppy first. However, a loyal and loving Terrier Biewer is well worth waiting for.

Beachside Biewers details

Address: New Symrna Beach, FL 32168

Website: Beachside Biewers

Phone number: +1 386-690-8810

3. Great Scott Biewers, Washington

Biewer Terrier running in the meadowBiewer Terrier running in the meadow

Kathleen Scott and her husband were one of the first Biewer Terrier breeders in the States. Located in northwest Washington, the Scotts have been raising top bloodlines Biewer Terriers imported from Europe since 2005.

Great Scott Biewers breeders state how they treat each of their dogs as part of their family. If you look at their website, you will see how many of Great Scott Biewers’ dogs have become champions and have won many awards on show championships. Also, you will get to see a detailed list of how to groom and how to take care of a Biewer Terrier.

Furthermore, when visiting their website you can see all the positive testimonials from many people who have bought their puppies from Great Scott Biewers. There is no better recommendation than a customer who is satisfied with the purchase.

Great Scott Biewers details

Address: Rochester, WA 98579

Website: Great Scott Biewers

Phone number: +1 253-569-7899

E-mail: [email protected]

4. Heartland Biewer Terriers, Nebraska

Biewer Terrier in a big bowlBiewer Terrier in a big bowl

Rose Kitta from the Heartland Biewer Terriers has been raising Biewer Terriers in Omaha, Nebraska, since 2010. This breeder started from zero – from not knowing anything about this relatively new dog breed to becoming an expert in breeding healthy, socialized, and loving Biewer Terrier puppies.

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Today, Rose describes how her dogs are like children to her and her husband Jim. Taking care of this beautiful dog breed is a dream come true for Rose and she wants other people to feel the same love for Biewer Terriers.

Rose keeps all of her puppies with their mothers until they are around 12 weeks old. The main reason for this is to make sure that puppies will have the proper weight and will establish early socialization with their mother and siblings.

In this way, the breeder assures you that you will get a dog that will not show aggressive behavior and that will not get anxious because of an early separation from its mother.

This is a truly ethical breeder so, if you are in Nebraska or nearby, do not hesitate to contact Heartland Biewer Terriers!

Heartland Biewer Terriers details:

Address: Omaha, NE

Website: Heartland Biewer Terriers

E-mail: [email protected]

5. Hopecrest Cotons, West Virginia

Biewer Terrier with a bow in hairBiewer Terrier with a bow in hair

Adrianne and Alex Dering have been Biewer Terrier breeders in Morgantown, West Virginia for over 15 years. They have been raising their dogs as part of their family, along with three children of their own. All their pets are socialized from an early age and have a great bond with children.

If you want to buy a Biewer Terrier from the Hopecrest Cotons breeders, you need to make an application in which you will explain the exact information on what you are looking for in your future dog. Once they have all the important information, Adrianne and Alex will help you find your perfect puppy.

With the dogs being raised in their home, Hopecrest Cotons breeders assure their potential customers that their Biewer Terriers are well behaved with humans and other animals as well. Also, all of their puppies have health certifications and are vaccinated and microchipped before they go to their new homes.

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Hopecrest Cotons details

Address: 26 Maple Ave., Morgantown, WV 26501

Website: Hopecrest Cotons

Phone number: +1 770-241-0489

6. Ice Ice Baby Biewer Terrier & Miniature Poodles, North Dakota

Biewer Yorkshire Terrier running after a yellow soccer ball Biewer Yorkshire Terrier running after a yellow soccer ball

Christine Goven is the owner of the Ice Ice Baby Biewer Terrier & Miniature Poodle kennel located in Turtle Lake, North Dakota. While she was dedicated to the breeding of Poodles, in 2017 Christine fell in love with Biewer Terriers and has also been breeding these small dogs since then.

All of Christine’s puppies are microchipped before they leave the Ice Ice Baby kennel. Also, Christine offers a 2-year health guarantee to future owners of her Poodles and Biewer Terriers. According to this kennel’s website, all of the Ice Ice Baby Biewer Terriers are obedient and early socialized dogs.

These Biewer Terriers sound like perfect family dogs, so if North Dakota is a convenient location for you, do not wait –contact Christine right away!

Ice Ice Baby Biewer Terrier & Miniature Poodles details

Address: Turtle Lake, North Dakota

Website: Ice Ice Baby Biewer Terrier

Phone number: +1 701 301 2830

E-mail: [email protected]

7. Sugar & Spice Biewer Terriers, California

a woman giving a treat Biewer Terrier a woman giving a treat Biewer Terrier

Shelley Donati is the owner of Sugar & Spice Biewer Terriers in Monterey, California, located 86 miles from San Francisco. Biewer Terriers make a perfect life companion, according to Shelley, and she is excited to make other people happy and proud owners of these small dogs, as well!

Shelley’s number one priority and life passion is to make the best possible life conditions for her puppies. Just like she does her best for her dogs to be happy and healthy, she expects the same treatment for her loved dogs from the future owners.

According to the Sugar & Spice Biewer Terriers website, puppies from this kennel are early socialized and easily trainable. To have healthy and happy Biewer Terriers, all health procedures are respected and followed at the Sugar & Spice Biewer Terriers kennel.

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Sugar & Spice Biewer Terriers details

Address: Monterey, CA 93940

Facebook: Sugar & Spice Biewer Terriers

Phone number: +1 831-902-5527

E-mail: [email protected]

8. WindSong Biewers, Tennessee

Debarah Billings is the owner of the WindSong Biewers kennel in Blountville, Tennessee, and has been in the breeding business of Biewer Terriers since 2009. The main focus of these breeders is to produce healthy and socialized puppies who will find their way to loving owners.

Besides raising beautiful Biewer Terriers, WindSong Biewers also want the potential future dog owners to know that they are devoted to responsible breeding. Therefore, their dogs are not only beautiful in appearance but they are also happy, healthy and socialized small dogs that will make you fall in love with them every day!

What these breeders emphasize most is the care for their dogs’ health. All the dogs’ parents have passed the health tests – WindSong Biewers breeders want to be sure that their dogs will not inherit any genetic health conditions and also want to make each of their litters better than the previous one.

WindSong Biewers details

Address: 212 Deck Valley Drive, Blountville, TN, 37617

Website: WindSong Biewers

Phone: +1 423-483-9242

Email: [email protected]

Biewer Terrier: The Cost

If you want to become an owner of this unique small dog breed, be aware that a Biewer Terrier is not a cheap dog. You can expect to pay around $1600 for a Biewer Terrier puppy. This is the average price to buy a puppy from a reputable breeder.

However, if you are looking for a Biewer Terrier with a special pedigree, be ready to pay a price from $3500 up to even $7000!

If you are already doing your research on reputable Biewer Terrier breeders near your location, don’t forget to consider not only the price for the purchase of your new puppy, but also the cost for all the necessary items for the maintenance of your dog friend.

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Here, we think of the price of food, health care, toys, training, and grooming of your Biewer Terrier. Besides the ownership price, your Biewer Yorkie will probably cost you from $500 up to $2000 extra in your first year together!

The annual cost for your dog will be reduced in years to come.

They say you can’t buy happiness with money, but I am sure that getting a Biewer Terrier will fill the lives of you and your family with a lot of laughs and adventures!


If owning a small, energetic, loving, and rare purebred dog sounds like fun to you, we think you’ve probably enjoyed reading our information about the Biewer Terrier.

Besides their wonderful temperament, and their capacity for easy adaptation to new surroundings, these dogs also have a truly unique appearance with their tri-colored coats! Who could resist this playful and intelligent toy dog breed?

If you are already imagining your days with this charming pooch, we hope you will find your perfect breeder on our list of 8 Biewer Terrier breeders across the United States.

We guarantee you that you will not be making a mistake by choosing any of the reputable breeders from our list. After you have made sure you are talking to a worthy breeder, do not hesitate to ask all the questions you have regarding your future puppy.

The Biewer Yorkie will make a perfect companion to you, so make sure your home is a perfectly safe place, just the one this puppy has had in his kennel!

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