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It is no surprise that these little canines put sassiness on display every once in a while. Still, there are some pretty weird Corgi behaviors that will make even the most experienced dog owners wonder.

Generally, Corgis are known to be a lively dog breed that just loves being sassy. That said, you can expect your dog to be extremely active and entertaining, especially after the process of full adaptation into your loving home.

Corgis love to chase, lay on your lap, bark, and wiggle. But, what else do they do? Let’s find out!

Weird Corgi Behaviors

funny corgi lying in the grassfunny corgi lying in the grass

When we talk about the best family dog breeds in the world, we definitely talk about Corgis! These are extremely affectionate and loyal dogs that just love spending time around their owner. 

Keeping a Corgi outside the house is just wrong as these canines are not meant to be outdoor dogs. 

However, prior to purchasing one for yourself, you need to be aware of the fact that these canines are not for every soul. That’s right! Despite their small size – this is an extremely active and lively breed that requires a lot of exercise during the day.

Anything less than an hour on a daily basis can be a serious trigger for some weird Corgi behaviors that you may deal with. Even though some of them are pretty harmless or even funny – some are not!

The following list contains eight most uncommon Corgi behaviors that you don’t see every day. Some of them are triggered by external factors such as stress, anxiety, or trauma, while others are a regular part of a Corgi’s nature. Let’s check them out!

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1. They Lick Everything

Generally, all purebred Corgis (and even some Corgi mixes) are quite affectionate dogs that easily create a bond with their owner. Licking is one of their body language tools, which they use to express their deepest affection.

That being said, if your Corgi licks you on a daily basis – that may be a simple sign of their affection. 

On the other hand, these miniature canines lick out of boredom. That’s right! The breed itself is known to be extremely active and quite intelligent, which is why if they are not stimulated, they get bored easily. Give them a purpose. Challenge them. Or, they will lick!

Some Corgis use licking as a stress relief tool. Despite the fact that this is an extremely energetic and affectionate dog – Corgis are easily stressed out. Their licking may be a subconscious defense mechanism that they use to relieve stress. 

2. Hiding Under The Bed

Generally, under-bed-sleeping is not that big of a deal. Many dogs have this habit simply because they feel more comfortable sleeping in small spaces. This weird Corgi behavior may derive from the fact that your puppy was previously sleeping in a crate.

On the other hand, some dogs find their safe shelter in small spaces, such as the space under your bed. This kind of behavior, though, generally derives from severe anxiety and stress.

If you notice other accompanying signs of stress in your Corgi, you should seek professional help as soon as possible. Or, you should deal with triggers of the stress on your own.

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3. Wagging Their Body

The Corgi butt floating is one of the funniest and weirdest Corgi behaviors that you will see in this small dog breed. There are a plethora of reasons why these canines wag their body, or particularly, their bottom.

First and foremost – they do it out of excitement

If you notice your Corgi wagging its body when it sees you coming from work, that’s a clear sign that your dog loves you! This is a quite enthusiastic dog that displays its emotions clearly. That being said, your puppy will show you its deepest affection in all ways possible.

On the other hand, they may be wagging their body out of fear. This particular behavioral pattern is displayed when a dog is stressed out about something or someone. Wagging their body, along with growling, barking, or hiding is a clear sign that your dog is afraid.

4. Excessive Energy

corgi dog running in the parkcorgi dog running in the park

While some Pembroke Welsh Corgis may be categorized among lazy dog breeds at times, other ones are not! Quite the opposite – these canines may be extremely active! 

You may be surprised by the amount of energy a simple Corgi puppy can display. Even though being energetic is generally not their weirdest part of character, excessive energy they display at times, though, may be extremely surprising!

Excitement, attention seeking, fear, or stress – all of these things can be a trigger for this excessive behavior in Corgi puppies.

5. Digging Holes

While digging holes may be characteristic of some hunting dogs, this is one of the weird Corgi behaviors that you may not come across every day. Originally, these canines were not bred for hunting, but for herding and companionship.

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Still, digging holes may be one of their biggest entertainments! Why? There are a plethora of reasons!

Some canines dig as they want to escape their back yard. Other ones, though, dig to cool themselves during hot summer days. 

Lastly, Corgis dig because they want to hide something from you. Bones, food leftovers, or even their favorite toys that you usually take from them at the end of a training session are now to be buried in the ground, hooman!

6. Sleeping Everywhere

Why is my dog acting weird all of a sudden, you ask? As a long-time Corgi owner – you won’t be asking this question anymore. That’s right. These canines are sometimes extremely weird. They are weird to the extent that they will sleep anywhere they feel like!

This unusual behavior generally derives from the fact that your puppy is very relaxed and lighthearted, which is good! But, don’t encourage this sort of behavior outdoors as they may get extremely dirty or pick up an infection.

7. Anger

You may not be seeing a lot of this as these canines are generally not labeled as an aggressive breed by default. Quite the contrary – these canines are known to be extremely friendly, affectionate, and loyal to their owner.

Still, some Corgis may display anger and aggression as a sign of serious frustration, anxiety, fear, or trauma! If your dog is overly angry, you should revise your parenting methods.

On the other hand, noticing other unusual symptoms (alongside anger) in your dog, such as lethargy, disinterest, lack of energy, or lack of appetite is a cause for concern.

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8. Escaping

Some Corgis are known to be professional escape artists! This lively dog breed can be extremely bored and unmotivated in your home, which causes them to constantly escape outside the back yard.

The main reason why some Corgis do this is because they are distracted by something more fun! Simple as that! 

In this regard, the useful piece of advice that I can give you is – keep them entertained at all times!

3 Main Reasons For Weird Corgi Behaviors

happy corgi dog with his tongue outhappy corgi dog with his tongue out

1. They Are Who They Are

Even though these canines do not belong to the group of weird dogs – they may display weird behaviors due to their extremely energetic and lively personality.

They are sassy and quirky by default, which is why their behavior is not what you would expect a regular dog to have. Still, if you expect a Corgi to be a regular, predictable dog – you’re in the wrong place.

2. Lack Of Socialization

If you have just purchased your first Corgi puppy, my advice is to get it socialized as soon as possible! Puppies that lack proper socialization may display weird behavior in the long term, and I don’t mean this in a positive way.

Get them to know their environment. Use positive reinforcement. Introduce them to your family members and your friends. Give them dog toys and snacks as a reward. And, you will have a lifetime companion at its best!

3. Stress And Trauma

Dogs can have fears and phobias, too! If you notice that your puppy is constantly hiding, escaping, or shaking – you may revisit its physical and social environment.

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Some of these canines may develop serious trauma due to various reasons such as loud noises, other pets, improper parenting, constant yelling, or lack of social interaction.

4. Poor Parenting

Bear in mind that these miniature canines are known to be extremely clingy. That being said, you don’t want to get a Corgi and then neglect its needs.

Poor parenting may be one of the main triggers for separation anxiety, stress, trauma, and fear. If you have a much too busy schedule to deal with this breed, the advice is don’t get one!


Weird Corgi Behaviors are not always that funny or quirky. Quite the opposite – these canines may express them as a result of serious trauma or stress.

Still, most of these behaviors listed in the paragraphs above derive from the fact that Corgis are extremely lively dogs that just love fooling around. 

That being said, this is the perfect companion if you are looking for an active, energetic dog that enjoys various types of entertainment.

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