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The old lady owner is over 70 years old. She has three adult children but all of them have left home and neglected her. She was always alone in her house.

She met the yellow dog on the streets and decided to adopt it a few years ago. The dog is playful and sometimes slightly emotional. At night, it helps watch over her house against thieves and also keeps her accompany.

One day, the lonely old lady was admitted to hospital due to illness, and her only visitor in the hospital is her dog.

The hospital staffs knew about her situation and arranged the dog to visit to the old lady. Initially, the presence of a dog in the hospital drew different opinions there but in order for the old lady to feel better and recover sooner, the dog finally made it through to stay.

The dog sits at the old lady’s bedside like a child watching over her. She gives it some snacks from time to time. While it is eating, she gazes at it affectionately with her tired eyes.

Gradually, the staff in the hospital have begun to understand its feeling. It treats the old lady like she is its mother and does an excellent job in taking care of her.

The old lady noticed that the dog has become thinner recently, so she keeps feeding it, hoping it will gain back some weight soon.

What a heartwarming scene! Although it does not really have much appetite, it still eats the food to make her feel assured, because when she feels better, she may recover and be discharged from hospital quicker.

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At night, just like when they were at home before, it watches over her silently at her bedside and keeps her accompany and safe.

By Andy Marcus

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