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Have you ever wondered what would be the perfect dog breed for you? What is it that goes along with your personality? Well, here’s one universally adorable creature ready to give a sniff of affection and love to your life!

The pitbull pug mix happens to be an amazing combination of social and indoor dog. In other words, by having one of these little fellows by your side, you will get a pitbull-like whose most valuable trait is being a family dog. Can you imagine that?

What Is A Pitbull Pug Mix?

Pitbull PugPitbull Pug

As you can probably guess from its name, the pitbull pug mix represents the mix between the American pitbull terrier, who most people usually call just Pitbull, but this dog is actually just one type of the Pitbull dog, and the pug.

When you look at this cross from a historical perspective, you will realize that this is an unusual, yet perfect combination.

It’s a friendly dog that kept the traits of a guardian (which is a trait of every pitbull terrier) and royalty (pugs are historically well – known royal dogs from China) – both at the same time. It goes by several names:

-pitbull pug mix


-pug pitbull

-pugbull terrier.

Although it resembles pure silliness in its appearance, the pug pitbull mix is a very smart dog and it is easily trained. The pug pitbull mix brings joy to the entire family and will get you entertained any time of the day.

His face is his trademark. This fourteen to sixteen inches tall canine perfectly resembles a sad-eyed, little man with silliness in his wide, loose smile. That is why you fall in love with this dog immediately.

Parent breeds Of A Pitbull Pug Mix

Before getting one of these cute little fellows, you probably want to know something about its parents. A pit a pug canine originates from a pitbull terrier and a gracious, China-related, pug!

American Pitbull Terrier

The American pitbull terrier is a breed of pitbulls, alongside the American bulldog and the Stafford terrier. The American pitbull is usually a dog that more attracts outgoing and social types of dog parents, considering their high energy.

This AKC-registered canine, however it may seem, is not an aggressive dog breed and the narrative of its wild and raw nature is just a myth.

The pitbull breed is considered a big dog breed. This is an athletic dog with a strong body structure. They are characterized as an extremely healthy dog breed.

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Although used as a baiting dogs throughout history, many people today use the American Pitbull Terrier as a farm dog, or as a nanny dog. Specially trained and bred pitbulls showed excellence around kids and they are the perfect choice for their companion.

A Pug

According to the Pug growth chart, this dog belongs to a small breed family. This canine is a total opposite of the American pitbull terrier. Their royal origins have left the affectionate, but sometimes even high-maintenance traits in this dog. They are indoor dogs, perfect for cuddling and ideal for families.

Pugs are not sporty dogs. Unfortunately, they are often subject to many health issues, like cataracts, or epilepsy. These are common in pug breeds, which is why it is important to have regular vet checks scheduled.

The pug breed is stubborn, but lovable. They are not as easily trainable as pitbulls, but that’s just part of their charm. Squishy faces and a sad eye look is their trademark. If you are into the dog who loves to lay around the house and fall asleep on your cozy couch – this is a perfect lazy dog breed for you!

Pugbull Terrier – A Small Peek Into History

Since this is a designer dog and its origin does not date back in ancient times, its history is hardly traceable. However, rumor has it that these cute crossbreed canines came into existence during the growing age of globalization.

By getting the American pitbull terrier out of the dog – fighting cage and flying the royal pug overseas more frequently (they were recognized by the AKC in the latter stages of the nineteenth century) – more and more pugbull terriers started to appear.

However, there is no consensus around this issue. Some will say the pugbull was the product of a coincidence and that the breed was created accidentally.

On the other hand, many say this crossbreed was created intentionally and the main goal was to see how the perfectly new breed will behave with inherited traits of two very dominant dog breeds.

How Do Pit A Pugs Come Across?

Physical Appearance

Pug pitbull mix breeds are much easier to handle than their purebreds, especially given their physical appearance:

-they are medium sized dogs

-in their maturity they weigh up to 30 pounds

-they maintain muscularity of a bulldog, but are much smaller

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-pitbull pugs have shorter legs but still keep up with much bigger dogs in athletics.

Pug A Bull’s Coloring

This designer breed, although resembles the Pitbull more than a pug, differentiates in colors. There is an incredible and magical mixture of fur colors of these little creatures – blue, brown, black, tan, white, brindle, red, etc.

There is a true dilemma and debate on which of these colors fit him the most, but the truth is – the puppy is just adorable in any edition.

However, the most common is the brown-tan combination. With this variety of colors, the pug pitbull mix is a rare and valuable specimen of a dog breed.

Pug-a-bull is a true fashionist – a trait preserved from the ancient times of the Pug who was once just an ordinary, royal boy.

The Pitbull Pug Mix Temperament

Pitbull Pug Mix looking upPitbull Pug Mix looking up

Photo from: @alexia.ghelfi

As mixed breed dogs, the pit a pug’s physical appearance and traits tell absolutely nothing about their personalities. It’s all relative, which is at times at least a questionable issue, but it brings more benefits in the end. Why?

Simply because you, by emphasizing positive reinforcement, have a say in designing his behavior. And there is beauty in that.

You generally may wonder how specific mixed breeds differentiate in respect to their pure forerunners? In this case, the popularly called ‘‘pugbull’’, although crossed between two extremely dominant breeds, represents a unique dog breed in the outcome.

The Pug-A-Bull Adapts Easily

This little friend adapts easily to the new environment. It has no problems living outdoors, nor does it have problems living inside a house. Their overall temper is friendly and their level of socialization is high. Pug pitbull mix is an alert dog – they will keep you noticed about everything.

Although sometimes it does not sound so articulate, this is just their way of telling you new information and their barking is something that grows into pure fun.

They Are Kings Of Emotions

Of course, early positive reinforcement is the key. Pit-a-pug is a family dog by default, but they demand constant work and training. The major reason is the fact that this crossbreed is hyper-energetic by nature.

If not channeled properly, it sometimes may evolve into a major disruption of emotions. Though, this can be the case with all dog breeds, especially at a young age.

The Pitbull Pug Mix Is An Affectionate Lap Dog!

Pugbull terrier just loves cuddling! If you are an introverted pitbull parent, or if you’re just exhausted from a turbulent day at work and want to relax, this is the perfect breed for you. There’s nothing sweeter than having your snuggle buddy by your side at the end of the day. Or on the lazy weekend.

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Lap dogs are just a great deal if you feel lonely – and pitbull pug mix is certainly one of those cuddle buddies.

Pugs’ personality in this case scenario dominates over the bull terrier character, because pugs are just not into the bullying nature as American pitbull terriers are. They are rather little, royal gentle dogs who stay away from trouble (if not asked for) and find their haven around peaceful situations.

To put it this way – pitbull pugs are in human terms perfect gentlemen. They won’t start the fight, but might as well respond in a hero manner.

Pit-A-Pug Loves Kids

Pit-a-pug is a great family dog. As already emphasized as one of his greatest virtues – this hybrid breed is loyal and affectionate. These puppies love kids, especially as they meet the same energy levels. When put together in the same playground, it’s just a high scale of fun. Pitbull pug mix craves socialization and this fact won’t change during his entire lifespan.

You should be carefree when putting the kid in the same room with this dog. His protective attitude is specifically related to children. This is due to its natural instinct towards its own species cubs. Pit-a-pug is an excellent watchdog and excellent family dog, too.

Are Pugbull Terriers Healthy Dogs?

Yes! Although pugbulls are not as athletically proportionate as pitbulls, they are mostly healthy dogs with little or none health issues. Crossing pugs with the American pitbull has a side benefit – the pug mix keeps an elongated snout, which makes them preserve their breathing capacity at the best shape possible.

This is not the case with ordinary pugs whose nose is distinctively shaped and causes them frequent breathing problems.

The lifespan of a pitbull pug mix is usually ten to thirteen years. They live a high-quality life without some major obstacles when it comes to health.

However, you should consider the fact that pugbull terriers, especially if indoors oriented, should have a properly regulated feeding chart. Overfeeding them is not a good choice!

One thing you have to keep in mind is that the diet is extremely important when it comes to this dog breed. One minor issue the breed can have is weight gain. However, if properly nurtured and fed with proper dog food – this should not be a problem for these mixed puppies.

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Other than that, pug puppies sometimes can have minor health problems, such as:

-eye infections




That should not be alarming. As long as regularly and properly vetted, your pugbull terrier will live a long and happy life.

Pug Pitbull Mix Facts Any Owner Should Know!

Pug Pitbull Mix dog sitting outsidePug Pitbull Mix dog sitting outside

Photo from: @alexia.ghelfi

1.The Pug Pitbull Mix Is A Friend For Life!

Pugbull terrier is a sweet dog. His most affectionate traits are loyalty and protection. Once you establish a proper approach, it will reciprocally send you positive feedback.

Pug pitbull mix loyalty reflects in finding their peace around you. These cute, gentle dogs just adore being accompanied by their owner, so it won’t be unusual to see them sneak under your desk, next to your bed, or simply laying on top of your feet. They just do not handle separation anxiety well.

Do not be surprised – pug-a-bull will also be protective towards you all the time, but that’s just how they show their deepest affection. It won’t be necessarily them protecting you from others, they simply have a hard time feeling your sorrow, or seeing your tears. This is what makes this dog breed even more special and cute.

2. Pug-A-Bull Resembles A Softer Version Of A Pitbull

You love pitbulls, but you’re just not confident enough around one? Then this mixed breed is a perfect solution to overcome the insecurity and as a bonus keep one puppy.

There are a plethora of other advantages of this beautiful pug a bull, but it all comes down to this – you still have a strong, protective canine who is now also a gentle, funny looking addition to the family. And he’s perfectly okay with that.

Do not be mistaken – the pug pitbull mix is not that big, but it’s also no chihuahua!

Pugbull terriers’ mellowness leads over their confident and strong appearance – which adds to their silly looks and carefree personality. That’s why they represent a “softer” version of the American pitbull terrier and make you relaxed in terms of dealing with their historically well-known tough personality.

Do not be mistaken. Their predecessors, the pitbulls, are often just so misrepresented. No dog behavior is bad by default. So, if your ultimate goal is to own a pitbull terrier, go for it!

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3. Pug-A-Bull Grooming Is A Piece Of Cake!

Low maintenance is a virtue of a pug dog, as well as of bulldogs. Not only the American bulldog has this trait, but any bull breed actually (example: french bulldog, boston terrier).

You love seeing your cuddle buddy laid back and relaxed on your couch, but you’re not thrilled with the idea of constant fur cleaning? Not a problem!

This, usually brindle pup fur, won’t be even noticed anywhere in the house. This is one of the greatest advantages of this crossbreed in respect to parent breeds, such as poodles or pomeranians. Pug pitbull mix breed has short and straight fur, which usually demands only a weekly brush.

Bathing and cleaning with water is necessary in cases of high emergency, such as jumping into the mud on a rainy day. Usually, for family dogs as pitbull pug mix, this won’t be a frequent issue. Pug pitbull is a trained dog and it won’t be long after he learns how to behave in public.

A grooming routine and positive reinforcement are the only two things you need in this case.

4. The Pitbull And Pug Mix Is A Well Trained Dog

Although not a purebred dog, pug pitbull mix parents should be at ease when it comes to this puppy’s training. That is not the case with pug parents, because of the common liability pure pug dogs have – hip dysplasia.

However, reinforced with muscularity of a pitbull, pug pitbull mix has a stronger potential for training. Also, this designer dog is a highly energetic breed and daily activity is a must if you want to preserve its positive attitude.

Another plus is their modified temper. This crossbreed slightly differs from the purebred pug in the training process. The pugs’ intelligence is often positively correlated with their stubbornness and sometimes it takes a little more time to get them on board.

However, to be precise and on point – pitbull pugs are not as stubborn as pugs! With their terrier-like training habits, you should be at ease. Your puppy is easily managed!

Pit A Pug Is An Excellent Guardian

With natural prey drive and history of American pitbull terrier dog-fighting character, these dogs can be trained for guarding purposes. It is a very intelligent dog and comes from reputable breeders. His training routine is simply a pleasure.

Here I need to emphasize the importance of dog training being grounded in its young age. This is the time when the puppy energy level is at highest and when it has to be under proper supervision and constant care by a dog parent. Otherwise, wrongly directed energy can lead them into being aggressive.

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In human terms – puppies resemble kids. They crave attention and guidance. That is the key for a healthy and happy life in the latter stages of life.

5. You Can Get One Almost For Free!

Pitbulls or any other bulldog mix did not have a good reputation throughout history. Given their exploitation sometimes in the 19th and 20th century (dog fights, bull baiting), not many people choose this dog breed immediately.

The same situation is with this designer dog. That’s why you can find them in dog shelters all over the country and get one at a very low price. Some dog shelters simply offer adoption for free.

In other words, if you decide to adopt this puppy and give him a proper home – you can triple the benefit. Not much is needed – just love, a tiny little kennel and a safe space. In addition to that, you will get a friend for life – a friend whose character isn’t something ordinary.

In regular cases, the price of this puppy goes from 350$ up to 2000$, which is a respectable price considering the origin and true value of this cute canine.

In The End…

Pitbull pug mix dog sitting on sandPitbull pug mix dog sitting on sand

Photo from: @lowfatmozzarelladog

Any dog lover, despite their personality, could probably go along with Pitbull pug mix easily. It is a very friendly dog breed, perfect for indoor and family setup. It is a mixed breed of a pitbull with strong character and a pug that craves empathy, affection and cuddles.

Crossed together they give a beautiful combination – protective, loyal and family dog. One important thing to bear in mind is that this is also an intelligent and strong dog. It demands lots of work. It is highly recommended to study this breed broadly before getting one for yourself.

They demand constant work from a young age considering their energy levels. If you meet these positive traits, then the Pitbull pug mix is a perfect fit for you!

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