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When Jason and Lainey first got their daughter, Reagan, they couldn’t believe that their police dog, Sonny, would respond in such a beautiful manner.

Sonny is a male German Shepherd that has been a police dog for eight years. He has always been a worked up, serious dog that finds his purpose on the field doing the hard work. But, all that changed when Reagan came into the family.

Sonny has instinctively become protective, tolerant, and quite a mush around her. In other words, it was unbelievable to see such a serious dog transform so quickly. But, it happened!

Sonny Is An Impeccable K9

Photo of Jason and SunnyPhoto of Jason and Sunny
Source: @clinton_police_k9

Jason and Sunny have been doing police work for the last eight years. This robust German Shepherd always excelled in complex tasks and hard work, which made him an amazing partner.

“He’s always worked up, pacing in the back of the car.”

The good thing about Sonny is that he always understands Jason’s commands, and he easily reads the emotions. The most amazing thing about Sonny, though, is that as soon as he hops into a car, he’s all business!

Reagan And Sonny Have A Special Bond

reagan and sonny forming a bondreagan and sonny forming a bond
Source: YouTube

One would ask, “what happened to such a serious police dog”, but the truth is, Sonny hasn’t changed in terms of his police duties. He just transforms into the mushiest family dog when he’s around Reagan!

‘’We come home from work and he turns that switch off. It’s family time!’’

He lays down and relaxes around her, which is not what he usually does in a police car. In a way, Reagan calms him and makes a true nanny out of him.

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He simply enjoys being in her company, letting her pet him, hug him, and even climb on him. His level of tolerance is impeccable around her, and exclusive. It’s like he knows that she’s his little sister!

Do You Want A Toy Back, Reagan? Here It Is!

sonny taking care of reagansonny taking care of reagan
Source: YouTube

Jason has struggled for years to teach Sonny to let go of toys on his commands. He spent a full five years breaking down his stubbornness in this regard, but when Reagan came into the family, he immediately let her take whatever she wanted.

Jason and his wife were quite amazed by the level of Sonny’s tolerance, as he wasn’t typically the easiest dog toy-wise.

But, then again, it was Reagan! She has been the center of his world right from the start. It took Jason some time to figure it out, but eventually he understood. 

Sonny Is The Perfect Nanny

sonny being a perfect nannysonny being a perfect nanny
Source: @clinton_police_k9

Today, Sonny is the perfect nanny at home, while he still performs amazing police work. Jason and Lainey got another baby, Reagan got a new sister, and Sonny got a whole lot of new nanny work.

He just enjoys spending his off time with his siblings, although there’s never really off time for him. He always has his sharp eyes on them. For them!

By Andy Marcus

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