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Junior Cook, a boater from Canada, heard some noises coming from an uninhabited land while cruising by the tiny Canadian isle, near Cross Keys, Manitoba.

The next day, he returned to have a closer look as he was worried. That’s when he was completely shocked as he saw 7 pups crying and running on the island.

He directly called Norway House Animal Rescue, who is dedicated to save cats and dogs, to come for help.

Thankfully, they directly responded and came to take the pups to their shelter in hopes to get them adopted. The dogs were not transported directly as it needed some arrangements, but food and water were delivered to them in the first days.Happily, all the pups were finally moved to Winnipeg, where they will stay there until they get adopted. However, their personalities will be even clear which will help them to have forever homes.


Mr. Howell, Lovey, Ginger, The Professor, Mary-Anne, Gilligan, and Skipper are all wanted to be adopted. We hope that they will find forever homes soon.

Watch the video below.

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