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Dogs that spent their days in the shelters are living a life when their only wish is to get adopted by someone and have their own home and family.

When a pooch finds a forever home and gets adopted that means that the shelter won’t see them again, but this is good because when shelters get too see again the dogs that have already found a home means that they are brought back and something went terribly wrong.

Meet Gumby, a sweet hound mix around 3 or 4 years old he was friendly and energetic and chances of him finding a forever home were pretty great.

The dog was rescued from the streets and got sent to Charleston Animal Society in South Carolina, a no kill shelter, when the employees met Gumby they were sure he would get adopted without any issues.

Just like it was predicted the sweet furry got adopted soon, but after the adoption something strange happened not only once but several times.

After three days of adoption the family brought the poor dog back to the shelter without a solid reason, but the shelter didn’t give up. They knew he could be adopted again and he did but only to be brought back again after only 6 days.

Poor Gumby was adopted several times more and every time he thought he now found his family he kept being brought back, so what was going on?

The mystery got sold eventually.

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Gumby is a master escape dog that’s where he got the name, the more the shelter staff thought about it they realized he was amazing at escaping maybe the best among his canine friends, and their suspicions were turned out correct after they brought in Donya Satriale, an animal behaviorist.

According to Donya the sweet dog felt like he had to help other scared animals at the shelter or putting it simply the furry had work to do he wanted to be there and calm down the dogs who were anxious.


The shelter that he kept going back to became his forever home after they saw that he won’t stop coming back, now he plays and takes care with over 50 animals there that need love and comfort.

The kind dog was even featured in the shelter’s annual fundraiser!

They sell Charleston Firefighter Calendar each year, and Gumby was the fire-dog featured alongside jacked firemen, he obviously is one lucky pooch.




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