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A Mini English Bulldog – what hides behind?

It has a long history of bull baiting, battles, and harshness. But, in the end, we are with the most adorable canine out there. And, a very sweet one, too.

We all know how English Bulldogs were derived out of an Old English Bulldog, and how their purpose was to keep the bulls in line.

Later, some people wanted to upgrade the health of the Bulldog, and so they created a smaller version. Some say it is a product of a crossbreed – one that is a purebred, but only selectively made smaller. But, we will get to it.

All in all, what we got is a super sweet and adorable pooch that melts hearts.

Where Does The Mini English Bulldog Come From?

Mini English Bulldog walks on a leashMini English Bulldog walks on a leash

Photo from: @bulldog_ekoo

One might think that this is a simple question since the name itself tells a lot, but like many other phenomena in this world, there is not one answer to it.

There are two versions of the same story, and they both include one aim creating an upgraded version of an English Bulldog.

And, by upgraded, I mean much healthier and much smaller.

Many owners probably would have something to say about the results of this undertaking, considering the health issues, but we will get to that later.

Let’s get back to our two versions of the same story.

One tells us about the attempt of some breeders to mix together genetically smaller English Bulldog puppies to create a line of small English Bulldogs, a.k.a., Miniature English Bulldogs. They wanted to keep them purebred.

Another story talks about the attempt of mixing the Bulldog with a Pug.

We are talking about some sort of royalty love affair here since English Bulldog puppies are one of the beloved breeds of the English court.

And, remember that the Pug was one of the royal puppies of the Chinese court.

So, this English Bulldog Pug mix resulted in a super-cute, small-package wrinkled version of the Bully.

And, that was happening back in the 1980s.

You would not find this mix in the registries of the American Kennel Club (AKC) or any other big-game canine club, but there are some smaller organizations that do recognise this creation as a breed that has its own distinctive traits.

What Does The Mini English Bulldog Look Like?

Mini English Bulldog sitting on a treeMini English Bulldog sitting on a tree

Photo from: @zvk021

Well, I think it is clear – it looks just like the English Bulldog, but shrinked. And, considering how wrinkled his face is, one might think that someone actually put an English Bulldog in the washing machine on high temperature.

This is a joke, of course, but this version actually looks like a shrunken version of a full-sized Bulldog, just more adorable.


When I think of an English Bulldog, I can’t help but imagine a strong and muscled dog with menacing looks and an intimidating attitude.

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Part of that vibe comes from the fact that this dog has strong and short legs, and a bulky body. His legs are set wide apart, and his shoulders look like those of a bodybuilder.

There is also a wide chest set between the front legs. They are set up straight, which gives this dog a kind of proud look. He looks like someone you don’t want to mess with.

Upon his bottom, there is a short and stubby tail.

On the other end, there is a big head. His head shouldnt be disproportionately bigger than his body, although it is broad with a wide mug. They call it a brachycephalic head. Yeah, I know… it sounds like some dinosaur trait to me, too.

You will notice how flat his face is like someone smashed it with a pan or something. It is rounded, with tiny ears on the top.

His most distinctive trait is probably the loose and wrinkled skin around his mug. That is why, sometimes, these breeds end up in commercials for anti-aging serums.

Under all those wrinkles, there are two shiny eyes that make him look sleepy. They are usually dark. Blue eyes are not a desirable trait in these breeds.

All of this is wrapped up in a 15-inch tall, and 15- to 45-pound heavy little package of adorableness.

Coat And Colors

When it comes to colors, it is about whether they are officially recognized or not. But, since the Miniature English Bulldog is not recognized as a distinct breed in any large canine club, we can talk about English Bulldog colors generally.

You will usually find English Bulldogs in brindle color. That is his most distinctive color, and when you imagine one, usually, you imagine it in combination with white.

When it comes to white, that is another acceptable color of an English Bulldog, and he can be whole white.

He could also be whole pied or whole red or whole fawn. It is not unusual to run into a combination of these.

You can also find him in combinations of black.

There are also some exotic colors that this dog comes in. If you are lucky enough, then you will meet a merle English Bulldog. There is also a blue English Bulldog, a lilac English Bulldog, and a unique blue merle English Bulldog.

All these beautiful colors make his coat look even more stunning. The hair of an English Bulldog is often short, with a glossy effect.

When you try to pet a Mini English Bulldog, you will sense smooth and sleek hair soft to the touch.

What Is The Mini English Bulldog’s Health Like?

Mini English Bulldog standing on green grassMini English Bulldog standing on green grass

Photo from: @yoshis_world_kennel

Maybe we should start our health talk with some common health concerns that a Mini English Bulldog owner could have.

When we know what we are encountering, it is easier for us to deal with the problem. So, here is a list of the health problems your Bully could face.

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Most Common Health Issues

The most common health issues are connected with bones, the heart, the lungs, eyesight, and breathing. So, let’s see what it is all about.

Problems with bones and joints

As in many other dog breeds, English Bulldogs – standard, mini, teacup, and toy – experience problems with hip dysplasia.

This is an unpleasant state in which bones and joints of the hip area cause excruciating pain to a dog.

Another unpleasant state are issues with elbows and the patella, where the knees and elbows are out of place. This is called patellar and elbow luxation.

There is also a possibility for your dog to experience tracheal and nostril collapse.

Problems with eyes

There are many possible eye problems that can occur. The most prominent is cherry eye, and by that, I mean problems with the eyelids.

Other issues involve dry eyes, entropy, trichiasis, and bad eyesight. Unresolved problems can lead to blindness or some other severe issue.

Problems with skin

One of the most common skin issues in dogs is problems with hair follicles, which can cause loss of hair, which afterward, causes problems with skin.

Some dogs can experience problems with their paws, where they get irritated by the reaction of the body to an allergy or some other health issue. This is called pododermatitis.

Other skin problems include irritation of the mug, and furunculosis.

Problems with the heart and lungs

There are heart issues that are congenital, which means they have been present since birth. The most common is tetralogy of fallot, which causes additional issues, such as the inability to grow, or losing consciousness.

Another heart issue is connected with the big veins that are called aortic valves. A problem occurs when that aortic valve narrows, which is called aortic stenosis.

Problems with lungs can create problems with the heart. There are two conditions that can cause heart failure. Pulmonic stenosis is a congenital issue, while pulmonary edema is excessive water around lungs that causes failure.

There is also a ventricular septal defect, which is a condition present from the moment of birth that is caused by a hole in the heart.

Problems with breathing

Bulldog head and face morphology has the potential to cause problems with breathing. This is called brachycephalic syndrome.

If your dog has this syndrome, and you hear him snoring, you should be happy because it is a less severe symptom. On the other hand, this condition can cause the dog to lose consciousness after more serious physical activity.

Another thing that can cause breathing problems is a tight trachea, which is a congenital problem, and it is called hypoplastic trachea in medical circles.

A Bully can also have a problem with a cleft palate, which is not fully closed, and this can cause problems with breathing as well as problems with eating.

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Other Problems

There are many other problems that can be more or less severe, and those include obesity, deafness, problems with growth, problems with the endocrine system, bladder, heat strokes, and so on.

Some more severe conditions that will require expensive treatments are tumors, cancers, and surgeries connected with the heart, bones, kidneys, and so on.


Health issues can have a great impact on lifespan. The biggest motif for developing a miniature version of an English Bulldog was reducing the range and the impact of the most common health problems.

And, they succeeded in that mission because the lifespan of the Mini English Bulldog is longer on average than the lifespan of the standard one.

You can expect to hang out with your mini pooch from 10 to 12 years. And, if you are among the lucky owners, then there is even a possibility for your pooch to reach 14 to 16 years of age.

There is even a story from the sideline where an owner claimed that his Bully celebrated his 17th birthday!

What Does The Mini English Bulldog Behave Like?

A mini English Bulldog is standing on the pavementA mini English Bulldog is standing on the pavement

Photo from: @barker_bulldogs

The Mini English Bulldog is exactly what you want in a lap dog. Imagine long Saturday mornings or lazy winter afternoons beside the fireplace.

The Mini English Bulldog is the perfect companion for these activities, or should I say, for the lack of these activities because these little dogs are not suitable for many things.

They have short legs, so they can’t run much. They are not suitable for herding bulls like their bigger cousins, and they can’t help you with bird hunting because they can’t swim or point.

They are too small to be working dogs, and they don’t have enough strength to do some dog jobs like police or military work. Should I go on?

But, all of this does not matter. We will leave these tasks to some other dog breeds, which are more into these activities. The Mini English Bulldog is an awesome family pet, and now we will learn why. Let’s get introduced with the Miniature English Bulldog’s personality.


Just like with Pitbulls or Bull Terriers, when you think of Bulldog breeds, the first association might be aggression. But, that is not the most prominent trait in a Mini English Bulldog.

The first thing you will notice when you encounter this breed is that it is proud and calm like some wise old man. That effect might come from their stamina.

You might not think that this dog could be goofy and fun, too, but he does show his amusing side from time to time.

He will also show his protective side, too, if he notices his human or his property are in danger. So, you get a loyal dog in a small package that is suitable to be a watchdog.

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The Mini English Bulldog And Other Pets, Strangers, And Kids

If you have done your part in socializing him right, this small dog can handle the company of other dogs very well.

He’s not that friendly just like that – you will need some training to achieve that, but the plus side is that it is an intelligent breed that learns quickly.

If he is not trained, he could tend to show dominance and territoriality.

When it comes to other people, this pooch likes to make new friends, so you would have to be very rude to provoke a reaction out of him.

This breed does not bark a lot, and would not attack all of a sudden, which makes him great in a family environment.

This means he is very good with children, but you should still set some boundaries. There is no animal that likes to be teased or hurt. You should teach your child how to behave near this dog.

You will love him and he will love you… that is for sure. It is a breed that is well known for being affectionate, friendly, and loving, and that likes to show his love by endless cuddles.

And, FYI… please do not leave this dog alone for a very long period of time because he will get lonely and miserable.

How Do You Take Care Of Your Mini English Bulldog?

Mini English Bulldog sitting on a blanketMini English Bulldog sitting on a blanket

Photo from: @strive4greatnessbullieskennel

Bulldogs of all kinds as well as Bulldog mixes are perfect pet choices if you ask me. They are adorable and sweet, especially if they are in a miniature version.

Owning an English Bulldog has its price, and owning a miniature version can differ in price a lot. The initial purchase price can go up to $4,000. Later comes more expenses.

To understand how much effort and money you need to invest in your pet, you need to know the requirements of his maintenance.

How Do You Handle Your Mini English Bulldog?

The first thing your Bulldog breeder will teach you is how to handle your Miniature English Bulldog puppy. This is very important because ill handling can cause damage to your newborn dog.

So, this is how you do it.

You pick them up from below. One hand goes between their front legs to support their chest, the other goes between their back legs to support the lower part of their spine.

If you try to pick him up under the armpit, you can cause dislocation of the shoulders and harm his spine.

How Do You Feed Your Mini English Bulldog?

It is easy to know what to expect of your English Bulldog when you have an English Bulldog growth chart and you expect your dog to grow big.

But, what do you do with a mini version? How much dog food does your dog need? And, which food?

Here are some suggestions on what to feed to your Miniature Bulldog. You can choose an option to combine dry food with canned in order to keep the balance.

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When we are talking about food, we must not forget about water. It is utterly important for your pooch to drink enough so he can be hydrated.

This is especially important during the summer months because these pooches are known to be prone to overheating.

You can add fish, raw meat, eggs, cod liver oil, pumpkin, apples, and grains to his menu to provide him with all the necessary nutrients.

Puppies should be fed three to four times a day, while grown Mini Bullies should be fed twice a day.

How Do You Train Your Mini English Bulldog?

Before you start with training, there is something you need to do. Are you wondering what that might be? Well, you will have to name your dog. Here are more than 1000 ideas for you and your beloved friend.

And, if that is not enough… here are some more cute anime dog names, some Disney dog names ideas, and some flower names for dogs. I hope you will enjoy the naming process.

Now, let’s get back to training. Here is what you need to know.

You have to be aware that you are dealing with a stubborn but intelligent dog here. So, you should arm yourself with a lot of patience and prepare to be more stubborn than he is.

The good thing here is that being intelligent makes him a quick learner, but the bad thing is that he may outsmart you.

So, all you need to do is be smarter than he is, and more consistent. The best approach is to try with positive reinforcement.

Many dog lovers know that being stubborn and less house-trainable is a common trait for smaller versions of dogs.

Teaching your dog how to behave also includes potty training and lead training. And, you should start as early as possible. Remember to be gentle and consistent.


If you are not into running, swimming, hiking, or just fetching or some other outdoor activity, then you can be relieved because neither is your Mini English Bulldog.

He will be more active while he is young, but as he gets older, his desire for physical activity lowers.

30 minutes a day outdoors will do. And, don’t think you will spend it on some sort of sport. It is 30 minutes for his natural needs.

Most of the time, you will be the one who will initiate the walks because someone has to. After all… you want your pup to stay healthy, and some moderate walks will do.

How Do You Keep Your Mini English Bulldog Tidy?

A mini English Bulldog stands while a woman combs himA mini English Bulldog stands while a woman combs him

This shouldn’t be much of a task because they are known to be low-maintenance dogs. Both his parent breeds are, and that is a lovely trait this little pooch inherited.

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Since the coat of this breed is short and most of the time tidy, grooming needs are minimal. That is why many breeders recommend doing it at home.

Grooming And Brushing

The first thing is to get a good brush and use it at least three times a week. The best technique is to brush the back first, then the middle, and then the front. But, keep in mind to brush in the direction of the hair growth.

There are many benefits of brushing. You are removing dead skin cells, old hair, and you are stimulating the follicles and making the blood flow. This way, new hair can grow, and the old hair can get shinier and healthier.

Body oils that are stored at the surface of the skin can distribute equally all over. This is the way to help prevent skin problems, too.

Put some extra effort into taking care of the nails, wrinkles, and ears.


Make sure you brush your dog regularly and there won’t be much need for bathing. They usually require bathing when they are really dirty and stinky.

You will have to wipe him from time to time because this pooch produces a lot of drool.

Before you get into the whole process, prepare a towel, a sponge, a shampoo, and cotton.

Put some cotton in his ears to protect them, and then start with shampooing. Make sure you take some extra care with wrinkles, toes, and genitals. Rinse the shampoo, remove the cotton balls, and dry your pooch.

You can put some vaseline on his nose.

What Makes The Mini English Bulldog Distinctive From Other Bulldogs?

What makes Mini English Bulldogs distinctive from the other Bulldogs is that word English in the name. This means that there are no Mini French Bulldogs or Mini American Bulldogs.

Frenchies and Americans have nothing to do with the star of our topic.

Frenchies are already small, while Americans are much more like Pitbull Terriers.

Although they are not the same size, all Bulldogs have some common traits like openness and a friendly attitude. And, they need a lot of interaction with their humans.


Are you a fan of English Bulldogs, but need a smaller dog for your household? Well, we have the solution for you – a Mini English Bulldog!

It has all the traits of the standard, but in a small package. These pooches are super friendly, open, and lazy.

They don’t need much maintenance, but they would probably need a lot of health care. Like their standard cousin, they are prone to all sorts of health issues.

Expect to receive a lot of love from your new bestie.

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