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Every summer there are frequent warnings about the dangers of leaving dogs in hot cars, but there are far fewer warnings about the dangers of letting dogs ride in the back of open pickup trucks.Letting your dog ride unsecured in the back of a pickup truck is not only unsafe it can be potentially d.e.a.d.l.y. Common sense would say that this is isn’t something a dog owner would do.


However, according to Alberta Animal Services, more than 100,000 dogs die each year riding in the box of a truck.

It’s an alarming statistic, and one that the Alberta Animal Services highlighted recently on Facebook. The animal welfare group pointed out that this statistic doesn’t even include the number of dogs seriously injured after being thrown from a vehicle.

In an effort to educate people about responsible dog ownership, they wrote about the dangers of dogs being unsecured in a motor vehicle.

Here’s what they wrote:


“More Than 100,000 Dogs Die Each Year Riding in the Box of a Truck.

“Transferring a dog in a truck box improperly is placing them in a very unsafe position.

“You may see it as you’re driving around. Dogs riding in the back of trucks. You might even know someone who does it. Veterinarians see numerous cases of dogs being injured because they jumped or were thrown from the bed of a pickup truck.

If these dogs are lucky enough to still be alive, broken legs and joint injuries are among the most common types of damage, and often result in amputation.

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“There are many other dangers that can happen:


“Eye, Ear & Nose Damage: Being in the open air traveling at high speeds whether their head is out the window or they’re in the back of the truck, can cause damage. The swirling of the air in the bed of a truck can cause dirt, debris and insects to become lodged in the dog’s eyes, ears, and nose.

“Being Ejected from the Truck: Imagine slamming on your brakes while your dog is in the truck bed. It’s likely that they could fly right out into the road, possibly getting hit by another vehicle. You also run the risk of getting into an accident.


If you think that securing them with a rope or chain is any better, you’re wrong. There have been cases where dogs were thrown out of the back of the truck while still attached and being dragged on the road or hanging while the owner is still driving.

“Jumping Ship: Your dog may have plans of their own. Who’s to say they’re not going to willingly jump out in order to better investigate a situation?

How long would it take you to realize they’re gone? Just because your dog would never do that doesn’t mean that it could never happen. You never know what might trigger them at any given time.

“Regardless of your current laws, it is always wise to practice safe and proper care when transporting your pet. A responsible pet owner makes sure their animals stay safe and healthy at home and on the road.”

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It should be noted that it’s illegal in several states in the US and provinces in Canada to transport unsecured pets in the back of a pickup truck, flatbed trailer, or in any other unsecured way.

If you see a dog being transported this way, you can call the authorities. Most states without such a law are working on legislation to protect dogs from being transported this way.

However, regardless of the law, people should practice responsible pet ownership and educate those that may not know about the dangers of dogs riding in the back of pickup trucks.

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By Andy Marcus

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