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We often celebrate the bond between humans and their pets, but this story of a wild boar raised by a dog shows the relationship between two different animals isn’t perhaps as complex as we sometimes believe.

Biu Biu is a loving and patient Labrador Retriever dog. He now lives with his owner Dora in Sri Lanka. One day Dora’s gardener found an orphaned wild boar in their backyard.

With no wildlife rescues in their area, Dora contacted the veterinarian for advice about taking care of a wild animal. She named her Yezhu and decided to adopt her.

At first, Dora worried that Biu Biu didn’t get along well with Yezhu, but she was wrong. As soon as the baby wild boar piglet saw the dog, she flung herself right into his mouth and kept doing it.

It was clear that she tried to befriend with Biu. Fortunately, Biu is a very gentle and patient dog. He also paid attention to the baby boar.

As time goes by, they become best friends and could not live without each other. They play together, sleep together, and spend the whole day together.

Yezhu even thinks Biu is her father and she is a puppy. She loves being in the dog’s warmth so much. Biu Biu also takes on the role of a dad by showing Yezhu how to be a dog and one of the pack.

Yezhu now has her own boar condo outside, but the two animals are still inseparable. Scroll down to see their video!

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