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Comparison Chart: Best Gfci Receptacle Tester in 2022

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Best Gfci Receptacle Tester Reviews in 2022

SaleNo. 1
Klein Tools RT250 GFCI Receptacle Tester with LCD Display, for Standard 3-Wire 120V Electrical Outlets
  • LARGE CLEAR LCD READOUT on receptacle tester to instantly view results without the need to look at a chart to understand results
  • TEST GFCI TRIP TIME IN SECONDS to find out if the trip breaker is functioning
  • DETECT WIRING FAULTS of open ground, open neutral, open hot, dual open (neutral and ground), reversed hot/ground, and reversed hot/neutral
  • AUTO-HOLD FUNCTION is convenient for hard-to-reach outlets
  • SAFE AND DURABLE TESTER for inspections on North American 120V outlets
SaleNo. 2
Klein Tools RT210 Outlet Tester, Receptacle Tester for GFCI / Standard North American AC Electrical Outlets, Detects Common Wiring Problems
  • GFCI Tester detects the most common wiring problems in standard and GFCI receptacles
  • Works on GFCI outlets and confirms operation of the ground fault protective device
  • Built to withstand a 6.6-foot (2m) drop
  • Operating temp: 32-Degree to 140-Degree Fahrenheit (0-Degree to 40-Degree Celsius)
  • Nominal Voltage: 110/125V AC at 50/60Hz in 3-wire outlet
SaleNo. 3
Sperry Instruments GFI6302 GFCI Outlet / Receptacle Tester, Standard 120V AC Outlets, 7 Visual Indication / Wiring Legend, Home & Professional Use, Yellow & Black
  • DURABLE: Hi-Impact Resistant ABS housing with soft over-molded rubber grips with a compact ergonomic design (GFI6302 and VD6504)
  • QUICKLY READ: Bright color-coded neon lights for easy visual indication (GFI6302)
  • TESTING CAPABILITY: Standard 3-Wire and GFCI protected 120Volt AC Outlets. Frequency (Hertz) 60Hz (GFI6302)
  • GFCI FUNCTION: Tests GFI Outlets and standard outlets that are wired in series with GFCI outlets (multiple outlets in kitchen or bath)
  • RATED: 10 ft Drop and 250 lb Crush, CAT Rating III 300V, C-UL US, CE-Marking and recognized by Occupational Safety Hazards Association (OSHA) as an National Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL). 10 ft Drop and 250 lb Crush
SaleNo. 4
Klein Tools RT250KIT Non-Contact Voltage Tester and GFCI Receptacle Tester with LCD and Flashlight, Voltage Electrical Test Kit
  • GFCI Receptacle Tester features a large backlit LCD readout of voltage, and clear indication of wiring conditions
  • LCD readout shows the time required to trip a GFCI device
  • Patent pending detection of Open Neutral / Open Ground wiring fault
  • For use on 3-wire, North American 120V electrical outlets only
  • Non contact voltage tester's dual-range detects from 12 to 1000V AC or 70 to 1000V AC for a broad variety of low-voltage or standard voltage applications
No. 5
Klein Tools RT310 Receptacle Tester, AFCI and GFCI Outlet and Device Tester for North American AC Electrical Outlet Receptacles
  • GFCI Tester detects the most common wiring faults in standard, AFCI, and GFCI electrical outlets
  • Test AFCI devices by simulating arc fault conditions
  • Test GFCI devices by simulating ground fault conditions
  • Capable of detecting a dual-open wiring fault with simultaneous open neutral and open ground wires (patent pending technology)
  • Tester delivers clear visual indication of the wiring condition at the electrical outlet
No. 6
Bastex Socket Tester with GFCI check. Receptacle Tester for Standard AC Outlets. Includes 7 Visual Indications and Wiring Legend. Automatic Electric Circuit Polarity Voltage Detector Breaker Finder
  • GENERAL USAGE: The Bastex socket tester allows electricians, handymen or the DIYer to properly check for correct wiring on US power outlets. The outlet tester is used to verify that the outlet can provide power to a device plugged into it. Also, allows for the check of trip function for GFCI. Colorful and bright Readouts will guarantee the correct diagnosis every time.
  • PRODUCT FEATURES: Made with standard U.S. Sockets in mind. The indicator legend is included on the tester for quick analysis. Includes a clear light up read out to properly diagnose correct or incorrect wiring for receptacles. Made standard for 110- 120V AC Outlets. Frequency (Hertz) 60Hz
  • DURABILITY: Hi-Impact Resistant housing. Made of hardened Durable plastic. Has a compact and ergonomic design with texted side design for grip.
  • INCLUDES: Socket Tester with GFCI test function built in
  • WARRANTY: 30 Day Money Back / 12 Month Replacement Warranty Included
SaleNo. 7
Gardner Bender GFI-3501 Ground Fault Receptacle Tester & Circuit Analyzer, 110-125V AC, for GFCI / Standard / Extension Cords & More, 7 Visual LED Tests , Red
  • Tests: standard outlets, GFCI outlets, extension cords
  • Compact and easy to use
  • Tester trips between 6-9 mA
  • Succession of yellow and red lights provide indication of circuit status or specifies wiring errors
  • Tests for ground fault interruption, open ground, open neutral, open hot, hot/ground reverse, hot/neutral reverse and correct wiring
No. 8
AVID POWER Outlet Tester, 48-250V Circuit Tester for GFCI, Receptacle Tester CAT II 300V with LCD Voltage Display, 7 Visual Indications and Wiring Chart for Home&Professional Use
  • 【Multi-Outlet Test】This outlet tester is not only designed for power socket wiring detection but also for GFCI test, capable of detecting the most common wiring status and problems quickly and accurately.
  • 【Instant Checking】Just insert the circuit tester into a standard North American outlet, and the clear LCD indication displays accurate result instantly along with three red lights indication that contains 7 LED light patterns to determine which wiring problems occurred according to the wiring chart: Correct, Open Ground, Open Neutral, Open Live, Live/GRD Reverse, Live/NEU Reverse, Live/GRD Reverse & Missing GRD
  • 【RCD&GFCI Test Function】 Designed with RCD and GFCI test function, the electric tester can help you to confirm whether the power leak-proof protection works well or not, preventing you from electric shock. Be aware of wiring trip when you use this test function.
  • 【Safety Certificate】The compact and light-weight receptable tester conforms to CAT II 300V, widely used in the school, home, laboratory, factory, office and other social fields.
  • 【What You Would Get】 1pc advanced GFCI electrical outlet tester; 1pc user manual; Any issues, feel free to contact us.
SaleNo. 9
IDEAL INDUSTRIES INC. 61-501 Receptacle Tester with GFCI
  • ACCURATE TESTER: For use on 120VAC circuits, warns against faulty wiring in 3-wire receptacles. Tests for correct wiring, open ground, reverse polarity, open hot, open neutral and hot/ground reversed.
  • EASY-TO-READ WIRING CONFIGURATION TESTING: Compare the bulbs lit to the legend on the product label to determine the wire condition. If miswired condition is found, stop any further testing and consult a qualified electrician.
  • GFCI TESTING: Test light indicates activation. GFCI must trip. If GFCI does not trip, consult an electrician. If it does trip, reset and insert into the receptacle. Activate test button for minimum 6 seconds. Visible indication must cease when tripped.
  • PRODUCT DETAILS: Receptacle Tester w/GFCI for use on 120VAC circuits. Unplug all appliances or equipment on the circuit being tested to avoid erroneous readings. At a simple instrument to detect nearly all common improper wiring conditions.
  • IDEAL QUALITY: Family-owned, professionally run company with a long history of building relationships, providing top customer service and setting industry standards. We’ve been committed to the craft and its craftsmen for over 100 years.
No. 10
KAIWEETS Outlet Tester Electrical GFCI Receptacle Detector with LCD Display, 3 Prong 120V AC Voltage Socket Checker, 6 Visual Indication / Wiring Legend for Home
  • GFCI FUNCTION: Check if the trip breaker is functioning. Press the GFCI button, if the GFCI receptacle trip, that means the power leak-proof protection is good. It can test sockets at any angle and test anywhere. Be careful of using this function on normal receptacles. It may cause house wiring trips.
  • VOLTAGE DISPLAY: This GFCI tester with LCD display helps you to measure the socket Phase voltage, Leakage voltage and Current and display it clearly on the LCD screen. When the wiring problems, the screen will turn orange.
  • TESTING CAPABILITY: Standard 3-Wire and GFCI protected 120Volt AC Outlets. This Receptacle tester detects the most common wiring faults in standard and GFCI electrical outlets, open ground, open neutral, hot/ground reverse, hot/neutral reverse, hot/ground reverse&open ground.
  • INSTANT WIRING IDENTIFICATION: The Red LED indicators can be lit up clearly for easy visual indication, when activated identify one of the six common wiring options. An easy-to-understand chart on the tester helps determine wiring conditions in the outlet, based on LED light results.
  • SAFETY CERTIFICATE & SERVICE: This outlet tester with GFCI conforms to CAT III 300V and CE-Marking. 36 Months product service provided. 7/24 Customer Service.

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