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Comparison Chart: Best Heavy Metal Test Kit in 2022

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Best Heavy Metal Test Kit Reviews in 2022

No. 2
Safe Home HEAVY METALS Test Kit – Test for 10 Metals in Water-Based Liquids at our EPA Certified Lab – City Water, Well Water, Surface Water, Beer, Wine, Coffee, Juice, Supplements & More.
  • EXCLUSIVE BRAND of water test kits to earn the Good Housekeeping Seal. Made in the USA and supported by certified scientists with over 150 years of combined experience.
  • TEST WATER-BASED LIQUIDS: Manufacturers, Consumers & Homeowners – we can test your Tap Water, Ground Water, Bottled Water, Filtered & R.O. Water, Rainwater, Lakes & Streams, Fishponds & Aquariums, Pools & Spas, Beer, Wine, Coffee, Tea, Juice, Milk, Baby Formula, Energy Drinks, Soft-Drinks, Supplements and More.
  • HIGH-TECH INSTRUMENTS and quality controls at our EPA-certified laboratory, guarantee accurate results. Detection limits exceed USEPA guidelines for most water-based liquids. See ‘Product Description’ below to learn more.
  • LAB FEES & RETURN-SHIPPING are included. Detailed report available on any electronic device in 7-10 business days after we receive your water-based sample.
  • YOUR PURCHASE MAKES A DIFFERENCE in people’s lives. Safe Home donates a portion of every test kit sale to clean water initiatives around the globe. See video to learn more!
No. 3
JNW Direct Heavy Metals Test - Drinking Water Testing Kit for Lead, Iron, Copper and Mercury, Simple at Home Testing to EPA Standards (Individually Wrapped 20 Packs)
  • THE ULTIMATE AT HOME TESTING KIT to check your drinking water. Tests for 4 parameters: Lead, Iron, Copper and Mercury. Each test strip is individually wrapped for freshness and longer life
  • MAKE SURE YOUR WATER IS WITHIN EPA LIMITS - Compare your results instantly to the color chart on each packet which has the EPA recommendations and guidelines listed with “LOW”, “OK” and “HIGH” range
  • INCLUDES 20 TESTS FOR EACH ITEM - Each strip provides accurate and fast results for any water sources including well and tap water, or any other potable water sources. Great for kids science fair projects and school classroom water testing
  • THE EASIEST HEAVY METALS TEST YOU CAN USE - Unlike other test kits that involve vials, pipettes and over complicated instructions, our kit comes with highly sensitive and easy to use and match test strips
  • LOW-LEVEL DETECTION / HIGHLY SENSITIVE - Instant reliable results with simple and clear instructions. Our water test strips kit also comes with a great e-book listing the epa standards and we explain how you can easily improve your water supply to have purer drinking water
No. 4
Lead Iron Copper and Mercury - Home Water Test Kit for Well Tap and Drinking Water | Fast & Accurate Quality Testing to EPA Standards | Easy to Use and Sensitive Tester Strips Made in USA
  • ✅ QUICK AND EASY TO USE - Detect unsafe levels of 4 common heavy metals in your drinking water in less than 15 minutes. The simple, clear instructions make this hassle-free test kit super easy to use at home.
  • ✅ MADE IN USA - Don’t rely on foreign-made test kits which are often designed for wastewater testing, not drinking water. All our tests are made in the USA and calibrated to EPA standards. This means you can rely on the test results to indicate the safety of your water.
  • ✅ LOW-LEVEL DETECTION / HIGHLY SENSITIVE - Unlike other versions on the market, these test strips allow for measurements in very fine increments. Whether you are testing heavy metals in your well, tap or filtered water, low-level detection and accuracy is a must.
  • ✅ INDIVIDUAL RESULTS - Instead of a cumulative sum, this testing kit tells you precisely which metals are present in your water. This easy to use test kit includes Lead, Copper, Iron and Mercury tests.
  • ✅ DEDICATED TEAM OF EXPERTS - You can always count on our team of EPA experts, with more than 30 years of expertise in the water quality industry. We are single-mindedly devoted to helping you with any questions you may have about the test kit or water quality testing in general.
No. 5
Toxic & Essential Hair Elements Test
No. 6
Osumex HMT Specific Kit - 5-Test Pack (Aluminium Arsenic Cadmium Lead & Mercury) with Option to Choose Other Metals
  • Non-invasive test kit for heavy metals in urine - buyers will be sent Aluminium, Arsenic, Cadmium, Lead and Mercury unless buyer contact us to select other metals or all of the same metal
  • quick accurate given in parts per million - use by health care professionals, universities and commercial entities
  • an easy effective way to test your body, food and other substances for mercury
  • Test urine, water, waste water, food, etc Other substances can be tested but buyer must contact us for specimen solution preparation and procedures
  • After order please indicate metal code by email to manufacturer - see legend below
No. 7
Urine Toxic Metals Test - by Doctor's Data
  • The Urine Toxic Metals Test evaluates urine for levels of toxic metals.
  • Indicated for persons suspected of toxic metal exposure.
  • A urine sample is needed, results from the lab take approximately 3-4 weeks and will be mailed to recipient.
  • For further details, see Product Description below
No. 9
The Original Watersafe Premium Drinking Water Test Kit for Well and Tap Water - the Most Sensitive Lead in Water Test, Bacteria, Nitrates, Hardness, & More. Easy Instructions and Lab-Accurate Results!
  • 💧 DETECT A WIDE RANGE OF CONTAMINANTS IN WELL AND TAP WATER. This drinking water test kit contains the most sensitive and accurate rapid tests available for lead, bacteria, nitrate, nitrite, pH, hardness, chlorine, and more!
  • 💧 EPA LEVEL DETECTION. Each of our tests detects contaminants down to the EPA Action Level - and every test is extensively Lab-Validated as highly accurate and reliable.
  • 💧 THE MOST SENSITIVE WATER LEAD TEST AVAILABLE. Our rapid lead test detects lead in water down to 3.8 parts per billion - no other water test kit has such sensitive detection.
  • 💧 SIMPLE AND QUICK. Our instructions were written to be as simple as possible - every test can be run quickly in just minutes. Test results are easy to read and provide definitive answers.
  • 💧 DONT TRUST YOUR WATER. Lead in water contamination happens in USA cities too often. Our test kit for drinking water is trusted by governments, universities, and tens of thousands of families around the country.
No. 10
Osumex HMT Mercury Kit
  • Mercury test kit for any clear solution - urine, water, food, materials etc.
  • quick accurate given in parts per million - used by health care professionals & schools
  • an easy effective way to test your body, food and other substances for mercury
  • Easy to use with clear instructions and economical way to check for mercury contamination
  • Reagents in kit are totally safe to use due to small amounts needed

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