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Initially, this dog was bred to be a hunting dog, mostly used for small game. That’s why it has such an alert and active personality as well as a good sense of smell.

Recently, these dogs have been used as detection dogs and family pets.

It’s a member of the Beagle family and it looks very much as its cousins, with a few major differences when it comes to its appearance.

Because of those differences, the breed gets its name since it has a blue coat and a lot of tics of it spread across its body.

The history of the Blue Tick Beagle

focus photography of a dog blue tick beagle mix dogfocus photography of a dog blue tick beagle mix dog

The American Kennel Club (AKC) recognizes this dog breed as a separate breed and as a member of the hound dog group.

It was created in England in the 1830s as a hunting companion mostly used to hunt rabbits and other small game.

It’s believed that the origin can be traced to the Reverend Philip Honeywood, in County Essex, England.

He mixed two types of beagles, known as the Southern Hound and the North County Beagle, and got this new breed to accompany him while riding on horseback.

It was said that the Queen was so impressed with her pocket beagle that she let it run across the dinner table.

It was imported into the U.S. in the 1840s, and it’s currently the 7th most popular breed in the country.

It’s not to be confused with the bluetick coonhound with which it doesn’t share lineage, just the color of their coats.

Types of beagles

cute beagles playing with the wood in the fieldcute beagles playing with the wood in the field

The AKC recognizes different breed standardizations for a beagle, but not based on their color. Instead, different types of beagles are classified based on their size.

There are beagles that are less than 13 inches tall and those that are more than 13 inches tall, according to the official standardization.

It’s important to note that different types of beagles don’t mean a separate breed.

Besides these standard varieties, there are beagles that are bred to be put inside the saddlebag of a hunter on horseback.

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This type of hunt was also known as beagling since the dogs had the primary role in locating the game.

It’s one of the earliest examples of a small-sized designer dog that later became very prominent.

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Hybrid varieties

a cute black beago-mixed breed of retriever and a beagle-siiting outdoorsa cute black beago-mixed breed of retriever and a beagle-siiting outdoors

The American Kennel Club doesn’t recognize hybrid beagle varieties as separate breeds since they are not purebred, but some of them are rather common and distinct for their looks and features. A beagle mix still has most of the traits of the common beagle.

A Retriever & a Beagle = a Beago

A Poodle & a Beagle = a Poogle

A Cocker Spaniel & a Beagle = a Bocker

A Yorkshire Terrier & a Beagle = a Borkie

A Dachshund & a Beagle = a Beaschund

Recognized coat colors

tri color beagle lying down in the grass near planterstri color beagle lying down in the grass near planters

Most beagles are tricolor with some combination of black, tan, and white. Solid black colored beagles also exist, but are rather rare. The blue ticking pattern is also rare and that’s why it’s sought for.

It gives the coat a camouflage-like pattern, which is noticeable when the base coat is of a lighter color than the tick.

A red tick beagle is also a separate color standardization, and it’s sought after by both owners and breeders.

It’s acceptable for a blue tick beagle to be a contender on a dog show since the kennel club recognizes the pattern as a breed standard.

Size and appearance

A beagle is a small dog, but that refers only to its weight. They vary in height, and that’s why it is what is used as the standard for the type as named by the AKC.

Females are slightly smaller than males, and they can range from 20 to 23 lbs.

They are very muscular and strong in terms of build. This is accomplished by a breeding process meant to create a dog with enough stamina to sustain long hunting trips.

Their coat is short and dense and their tale is long. Beagles have a straight muzzle, which is square-cut at the top and of medium-length.

The AKC also specifies that this breed of dog has a mesocephalic-shaped skull. Regardless of the coat color, they have floppy ears and hazel eyes.

Black and tan markings are also a common quality of the breed, with the blue tick beagle having less white fur under the belly and a speckled appearance overall.

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Coat and grooming

cute dog getting her claws trimmed by a veterinarian in the cliniccute dog getting her claws trimmed by a veterinarian in the clinic

This beagle has a short and smooth coat. It’s a double coat, however, which is great when it’s used for hunting in the rain.

What’s not great about it is that it sheds and can cause problems with those who have allergies.

It will moderately shed throughout the year, but more so in the spring as the warmer months are approaching and there’s no more need to be protected from the cold with the extra fur.

The grooming should be done accordingly, meaning that you’ll need to brush the dog more often during this period.

It’s enough to brush your pooch once a week with a rubber mitt or by using a hound glove. Nails should also be trimmed periodically as is the case with any dog breed.

Potential health issues

male veterinary examining a cute beagle at the clinicmale veterinary examining a cute beagle at the clinic

There are a few health problems that are common with the beagle regardless of its coat color.

It’s best to make regular visits to the vet and to invest in pet insurance in order to be prepared for what may come.

On average, the beagle has a lifespan of about 15 years, and in general, they are relatively healthy dogs, but with a few problems that you’ll need to be on the lookout for.

Epilepsy is one of the most common health problems that beagles face. It’s a neurological disease that has similar symptoms to that of the human version of this affliction.

Seizures are the most common symptom, and once you notice them, it’s absolutely necessary to take your dog to the vet.

Hypothyroidism can affect beagles. It’s an autoimmune disease that will manifest with hair loss, weight gain, and overall lethargy. It should be treated by a professional.

Cherry eye is another common health problem your beagle may face. This occurs when the gland in the eyelid collapses leading to a mass appearing in the eye.

It’s fixable with an ointment or with surgery if the condition worsens.

Glaucoma is another common eye problem for these dogs. This happens when pressure builds up in an eye, and it can lead to blindness if it’s not treated in time.

How do you train a blue tick beagle?

curious blue tick beagle smelling the tortoise walking in the forestcurious blue tick beagle smelling the tortoise walking in the forest

A blue tick beagle was bred to become a hound dog. They are easy to train and very good at tracking and detecting scents.

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Training them to hunt will take a while, and it should start at a very early age, but training them to obey common commands should be rather easy.

It’s a dog with very high energy levels and strong prey instincts. That’s why it’s important for the training to help them cultivate that instinct and learn how to control their excitement.

It’s best if the training starts when it is just a puppy and if it’s vigorous in terms of activities involved.

A beagle dog could also be trained to be used as a detection dog. The basic training is similar to hunting and is based on tracing scents.

This is accomplished by a simple reward system, mostly by giving the puppy food that they like when they complete a task.

A blue tick beagle as a family dog

woman kissed by a dog with a blue tick color in its body woman kissed by a dog with a blue tick color in its body

A blue tick beagle will make the perfect family dog, even though that wasn’t the purpose for their breeding. They are loyal and loving animals and they give great pleasure from performing small tasks.

All of this makes them a good companion, and their size allows them to be kept in small places.

But, be on the lookout for…

There are a few things that a dog owner needs to be aware of when adopting a beagle. They need to socialize from an early age so that they can get used to the family they are living with.

It’s also important to take them on long walks since it’s a dog with a lot of energy and stamina.

A beagle is a good judge of character, and it will be kind and loving to anyone who treats it well. It’s also perfectly safe to have a beagle with small kids in the house – it will be equally protective of them.

One of the things that may be a problem for a dog kept in an apartment is baying. These dogs do love to bark quite a lot, and that could cause trouble with the neighbors.

There’s little that can be done about this in terms of training. The distinct baying noise, which is somewhere between a bark and a howl is unique to hound dogs.

Separation anxiety is especially noticeable if the dog is left alone for a long time. They like company and being a part of a group.

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If you plan on leaving the home for a longer period of time, it’s best to leave the dog with some toys to keep it distracted, but even then, you may expect some violent behavior.

How do you start with the training?

blue tick beagle pup in a headshot posing outdoorsblue tick beagle pup in a headshot posing outdoors

Beagle puppies should be trained while they are young and quick to learn.

Even though they are hound dogs used to chasing and tracing, you should start with just a few simple commands and go from there.

If you do this right, your dog won’t get overwhelmed and aggressive.

It’s best to begin with getting a crate and trying to get the beagle to see it as their nest. This can be accomplished by adding a blanket that they love or their favorite toy.

After a while, the dog will start sleeping in it and using it as their spot.

Potty training may be a bit difficult at first. It’s an excitable dog, especially in its puppyhood, so it may take a while until it figures this one out.

However, with a little bit of positive reinforcement, it will be trained as a house dog in only a few weeks.

Basic voice commands should be the next lesson to teach them. You should start with the simple ones, such as: stop, sit, wait, and so on.

After the dog has learned these, a walk on the leash will be much easier to learn.

Blue Tick Beagle sitting at homeBlue Tick Beagle sitting at home

Photo from: @gus_thebluetick

How do you care for a blue tick beagle?

They will require you to appreciate them and take care of them. This is especially so when the dog should learn how to adapt to household life after it has been used as a hunting dog.

The biggest obligation you’ll have is to take them on daily walks for an hour or two. Otherwise, the dog will get restless and even violent.

They should be fed foods made for a small-sized dog. It’s best to use a small bowl and limit their daily intake of three to four cups of food a day depending on how active they are.

The dog will eat more if given a chance, so it’s essential not to overfeed them.

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Beagles should be bathed when needed, but their teeth should be cleaned daily. That way, you can prevent potentially dangerous and painful gum diseases that sometimes afflict this breed.

The major characteristics of a Blue Tick Beagle

half body shot of a blue tick beagle looking back at the camerahalf body shot of a blue tick beagle looking back at the camera

The attractive and cute appearance will be the most noticeable characteristic of your new dog, at least to the outside world.

It has expressive brown eyes and a black nose. The coloration of its double coat also gives it a lovely and speckled appearance.

It’s a gentle animal and one that loves companionship. The dog will easily become attached to its own, and naturally, the family they live with.

It’s also used to hunting in packs, so it’s important to find him a dog companion as well.

The beagle is one of the most popular dogs in the U.S., and it’s ranked as the 7th most common breed of pets. It has a reputation as being a good family dog and a gentle pet everyone loves.

Negative characteristics

beagle playing with another dog in the parkbeagle playing with another dog in the park

There are a few negative characteristics that this type of beagle, just like any other dog.

Most of these are about the way the dog is being treated, but some of them are simply in its nature and based on the breeding, so there’s little that can be done.

It’s an active dog and it’s rather curious, so it will try to go into every room and move every object if it’s not instructed not to do so from an early age.

When they are left alone, they will probably get bored and that’s when they become destructive.

They are also rather strong-willed, and it takes time to change their behavior and teach them that a particular type of behavior isn’t allowed.

Regarding feeding, beagles gain weight rather easily and you need to feed them with great care and purpose.

What are the costs of owning a blue tick beagle?

blue tick beagle facing the camera standing in the parkblue tick beagle facing the camera standing in the park

The price of the beagle itself is somewhere between $400 and $1.000 depending on the breeder whose service you’re using and the pedigree of the animal itself.

This dog breed is also more expensive than other dogs of the same breed because it’s the coat that’s the most sought-after feature of these dogs.

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There are also additional fees to take into account. Good quality food will cost you about $40 a month, and there’s also pet insurance, vet fees, and the cost of toys and other dog essentials.

Beagle rescues

sideview of a dogs headshot of a blue tick beagle outdoorssideview of a dogs headshot of a blue tick beagle outdoors

It’s not necessary to get a beagle from a breeder. Plenty of them can be found in rescue agencies across the country.

Some of those are simply between families, others are former hunting and trace dogs that are no longer used as working pets.

Getting a DNA test of these dogs may be a good idea because it will show you what you can expect to get from your new pet and what kind of health problems they may face, if any.

Dogs that come from these rescue centers have their own experiences and their own temperament that may not be changed by training, or at least, not easily.

Here are a few rescues to check out:

American Beagle Relief Fund

Tampa Bay Beagle Rescue

Arizona Beagle Rescue

Beagle Freedom Project

SOS Beagles

The most famous beagles out there

snoopy look alike beagle looking away standing outdoorssnoopy look alike beagle looking away standing outdoors

Beagles have made their way to the popular culture, and some of the most famous cartoon dogs belong to the breed.

Probably the most famous beagle out there is Snoopy, the best friend of Charlie Brown from the Peanut comic strip.

Wallace and Gromit also feature a beagle – the titular Gromit who accompanies the eccentric inventor.

Why should you get a blue tick Beagle?

A dog lover should get this adorable pooch as a pet because of its nature, its beautiful coat, and what a great friend it is.

Many families are adopting and buying them every day, and this once hunting animal has become a favorite pet.

They are also recognized by the AKC and can enter dog shows in the U.S. and across the world. For this purpose, you’ll need a purebred one and one that has a clear pedigree.

It also requires more training, but it’s something an intelligent dog such as this one can handle easily.

A blue tick beagle is a great breed for a family pooch and it will soon become a loved and treasured member of your family as it is a highly sociable dog.

Blue Tick Beagle - A Complete Guide for Beginner OwnersBlue Tick Beagle - A Complete Guide for Beginner Owners

Blue Tick Beagle - A Complete Guide for Beginner OwnersBlue Tick Beagle - A Complete Guide for Beginner Owners

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