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Do you have any clue as to how much food one Border Collie needs for proper functioning? Do you know what kind of food is best for him in a certain period of life?

If you don’t have an answer to these questions, we are here to help you out! Here is a Border Collie feeding chart, plus some tips on nutrition that every breeder and owner should know.

I promise that the feeding process will be a piece of cake once you master these charts. So, quickly, let’s dive together into the learning process.

Border Collie Feeding Chart Explained

border collie eating kibble foodborder collie eating kibble food

Healthy body weight and growth are directly connected with feeding style. There are two charts that every Border Collie owner should have in order to know if their dog is on the right track with his weight and growth. It is a Border Collie growth chart and a Border Collie feeding chart. How to be sure that your Collie is getting the right amount of food will be explained in the next few chapters.

Border Collie Puppy Feeding Chart

Age Food amount
Birth mommy’s milk
2 weeks mommy’s milk
4 weeks mommy’s milk and ½ to ¾ cup puppy kibble, one meal
6 weeks 1 cup, 5 to 6 meals
8 weeks 1.5 cup, 3 meals
12 weeks 1.5 cup, 3 meals
17 weeks 1.5 cup, 3 meals
26 weeks 1.5 cup, 2 to 3 meals
1 year 1.5 to 2 cups, 2 to 3 meals

Border Collie Feeding Chart Week By Week

The first two weeks should be a time of bonding between the puppy and his mother. And, we know from the human world that the best way of bonding mother and child is through breastfeeding. After all, doesn’t love come through the stomach?

Anyhow, we will now take a look at some of the feeding needs of the Border Collie over the weeks. Here are feeding guidelines for a Border Collie’s needs.

Border Collie Feeding Guide At Two Weeks Of Age

Who would say that this little pooch so dependent on his mother will grow into a big and capable herding dog. And, not just that he can handle sheep, but also, he will be just as amazing in the role of a cattle dog.

But, let’s get back to our topic. To become strong and smart, this dog has to have proper nutrition from the very beginning of his life.

The first stage of the Border Collie feeding chart is probably the easiest stage for the dog owner.

The first two weeks are reserved for building the immune system by drinking mother’s milk. There is not much to do here because mother takes care of everything.

She feeds her puppy, she makes sure he is clean by licking his hair all over, and she never leaves his side unless she has to go poop or pee.

This half-blind little fella is completely safe and nurtured under her protection.

Border Collie Feeding Guide At Four Weeks Of Age

With almost a month of age, it is about time to begin with a slow separation from the security of mothers protection and mothers kitchen.

His teeth are growing, and this is a sign that he will soon be able to chew food. So, you should begin with bringing some new food onto his menu while leaving him the option of feeding on his mothers milk.

If it seems like kibble is too difficult for chewing, there are ways to soften dog food.

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It can seem that your puppy is always hungry at this stage. Don’t worry – he is in the phase of fast development, and he needs to eat.

You may also notice another phenomenon where the mother will give her food to her offspring. It is not a sign of illness – it is an usual behavior in this period.

Border Collie Feeding Guide At Six Weeks Of Age

Even though only a month and a half has passed, you will notice that your puppy is one playful pooch that has learned a lot of new stuff.

You can already notice why the Border Collie breed is considered as the one with the highest IQ in the canine world. You will find your Border Collie on the very top of every smartest dog breeds list.

But, enough with the chitt chatt. Your dog is now running and playing like crazy. He is spending his time discovering the environment and testing his boundaries (don’t be surprised with a few bites).

He has just discovered that he can vocalize and “talk” with his siblings (it is famous Border Collie barking – not a pleasant experience, I must say).

All these activities need some serious amount of food. There is another thing that our little Border Collie has his mother is no longer interested in providing him with milk.discovered –

So, make sure you provide your little friend with the best dog food at least five to six times per day… of course, in reasonable amounts because you want to avoid overfeeding.

Border Collie Feeding Guide At Eight Weeks Of Age

Now that your puppy is eight weeks old, he has gained some strength and some fine weight. This is the time when your dog can be fully independent and feed without mother’s help.

This is the peak of his puppyhood life, and the time of the fastest development.

Your dog is not a puppy, but is not yet an adult Border Collie. And, this period of fast growth needs a bit more attention when it comes to the Border Collie feeding chart.

Write a note to yourself that your dog should eat one and a half cups of dog food a day. But, beware… you shouldn’t let him eat all of this all at once.

Eating big amounts of food all at once can cause some serious health issues.

Make three smaller portions and serve them for breakfast, for lunch, and for dinner.

Seems okay so far. Besides food, you will discover that Border Collies are among the cheapest dog breeds to maintain.

Border Collie Feeding Guide At 12 Weeks Of Age

This is a period where your dog steps into the world of adults. And, it is a period of some new demands that have to be put in front of him.

The first thing you need to teach him is that mealtimes are in the morning, at noon, and in the evening. When you do that, you will avoid many health problems that can occur because of an irregular diet.

Other things that it should learn is that there are some boundaries that need to be respected.

Some say that Border Collies can be aggressive, and they are often placed on lists of the most aggressive dog breeds. But, with a proper approach, this is something that can be fixed.

This is the time of the first serious training and attempts of socialization. It is a time when your dog learns his place in your family pack.

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This is also a time for prevention of some possible health conditions by taking preventive shots and vet examinations.

Border Collie Feeding Guide At 17 Weeks Of Age

It is still recommended to feed your dog three times a day at least, with a cup and a half of proper puppy food.

If you have enough time, these meals could be divided into even smaller portions. A cup and a half may seem a lot, but remember that your dog is still developing, and he is spending a lot of energy exploring the world.

That is why his meals have to be nutritious and well balanced. Some experts recommend dry dog food in favor of wet food.

Avoid free-feeding because Border Collies don’t have any borders when it comes to feeding. They will just eat anything you give them.

At least one thing is for sure… you won’t have any problem keeping ants away from your dog’s food because this pooch doesn’t leave leftovers.

Border Collie Feeding Guide At 26 Weeks Of Age

Even though your dog is almost at his full adult dog stage, it is not yet time to put all the demands of the grown up life in front of him.

He hasn’t reached his adult weight yet, and you should keep puppy food on the menu for a while.

It is wise to keep three meals in a day and stick with dry puppy food for the best nutritive effects.

Border Collie Feeding Guide After 26 Weeks Of Age

Well, twenty-six weeks is a serious period of time, and to translate it into months, it is six months. That is half a year, and in the dog world, it is much more.

It is a time for slowly transitioning into an adult food regime. Make sure you find some high-quality dog food brands that offer grain-free meals without preservatives.

You can try reducing the number of meals from three to two a day. One meal should be served in the morning, and the other should be served in the evening.

Give yourself and your dog time to make this transition work. If you notice that this is not enough for your pooch, go back to the old way until the dog is ready.

There should always be a bowl of water served along with the bowl of meal.

There is another tip from experts. This period is a period of trial and a period of getting used to the adult dog diet regime. Only after the first year should the dog completely transfer to a diet for adult dogs.

I hope that this Border Collie feeding chart has helped you to understand the nutritive needs of your dog better, and to help him grow into the healthy medium-sized dog he should be.

How Much Food Should A Border Collie Eat A Day?

border collie eating foodborder collie eating food

The quantity of daily food intake depends on a few factors. We have already learned that the amount of food that one dog needs changes as the dog grows.

We have also learned that the amount of food also depends on the type and quality of food that the dog is getting.

The third factor that has an impact on the quantity of food intake is the weight of the dog. It is logical that older dogs (and by this, I mean adults) need more food.

Some dogs might be obese, so their food intake should be reduced. But, this is a different story because obesity is a problem itself.

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Since the Border Collie is a working dog, he will need even more than some other breeds that are less active. So, there is also the factor of physical activity and exercise that needs to be taken into account.

To sum it all up, the age, the physical activity, the quality of food, and the weight of the dog are the factors that will shape the quantity of food intake.

Maybe the easiest way to calculate the needed amount is to translate it into calories. So, let’s see how we calculate the number of calories that one Border Collie needs in the different stages of his life.

Which Number Of Calories Is Right For A Border Collie?

When we talk about calories, there are formulas that help us to calculate the right amount.

You need to know the weight of your dog and his age. It is not the same intake for puppies and adult dogs.

When we speak generally, if we consider that the average Border Collie is 40 to 45 pounds of weight, he will need approximately 1000 calories in one very active day.

The first thing you should know is the RER of your dog. But, what is RER?

It is an acronym for Resting Energy Requirement, which tells us the amount of energy that one gets from calories for basic body functions like the functioning of organs.

Calorie Intake Border Collie Feeding Chart

There is a formula to calculate daily calorie intake. First, you should divide the weight of your dog (expressed in pounds) by 2.2.

That result should be multiplied by 70, and then multiplied by 1.6.

To make it simpler, here is the formula:

Daily Calories = 1.6*((((Weight in lbs)/2.2)^0.75)*70)

And, to make it even simpler, here is the chart:

Weight (pounds) Daily Calories Intake (kcal)
20 586
25 693
30 794
35 892
40 986
45 1077
50 1165
55 1252
60 1336
65 1419

What Is A Border Collie’s Weight?

A Border Collie’s weight depends on its age. We can talk about some average weights of certain periods of time.

The average weight of a grown up Border Collie is somewhere between 40 and 45 pounds.

The main goal of your Border Collie feeding chart is to be moderate, which means that your dog shouldn’t be overweight, nor should he be underweight.

There is a fast test you can do just by touching his ribs. If you can’t feel them at all, then your dog might have an obesity problem.

And, if the ribs are way too prominent, then he might be underweight. The key is to feel them slightly in order to know that they are there, but not to be seen by bare eyes.

Why Is My Border Collie Always Hungry?

Border Collies are dogs that belong to the group of working dogs. They are one of the most capable dog breeds out there.

It doesn’t matter if we talk about a purebred Border Collie or a Border Collie mix or even a Mini Border Collie, most experts will agree that it is the most intelligent breed.

This should not surprise us because herding and hunting breeds are well known for their brains. They need to be smart because they are executing highly demanding tasks.

To be at the top of their tasks, the dog needs great body condition. This means a lot of training.

It also means a lot of running, barking, being attentive, and being on guard of some larger and wilder animals.

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And, how do we get our energy? From high-quality food, of course.

Energetically, high-quality food is actually high in protein, and protein is utterly important for building muscle mass. From high-protein food, we get our energy for daily tasks, and so do dogs.

It is also well known that the brain is one of the biggest energy takers. And, since we know that our Border Collie is as smart as he is active, it can mean only one thing… he needs a lot of energy to keep up with demands.

And, this means a lot of food.

I think it is clear now why your Border Collie is always hungry. It is just something that is in his genes, and that is where you step in and provide him with reasonable amounts of food because he loses his reason in the sight of yummy treats.

What Do You Feed A Border Collie?

portrait of a border collieportrait of a border collie

It is hard to choose when there are so many options. It is up to the owner to decide which path he will take when it comes to the Border Collie feeding chart.

If you are into cooking, then you can choose to prepare food for your pooch. There are many recipes on the internet like boiled chicken or hamburger and rice, and many others.

There is the kibble option (you can even give it to your puppy if you make puppy mush), or the option of wet canned food.

Give yourself time to try different options. You never know what might work for your pooch.

The key in balanced meals is that they should have all the necessary ingredients that can help your pooch keep a healthy weight. And, if you manage to achieve that, then you won’t even be in need of supplements because all the nutrients will come from food.

Whatever choice you make, it is important to avoid industrial food that is full of chemicals, fillers, and other nutritive garbage that could harm the health of your dog.

Dry Food

This is definitely one of the easiest ways to serve a meal for a dog. And, it is also a good choice if you want to give your dog a nutritive meal.

You have to choose the right brand and formula. You should make sure you have chosen a puppy dry food if your dog is still young or the adult version if you have a fully-grown dog.

It will not take much time to check out the label and look for the percentage of meat in the package.

Kibble has its good sides. It is good for gums and teeth as it helps to clean them.

Wet Food

If the food is high in quality, then it is only a matter of taste, to be honest. One might prefer kibble while someone else might prefer wet food.

But, the most important question is whether the dog prefers these choices.

Though, just like kibble, wet canned food has its positive sides. It provides hydration, and maybe it is a better choice if you don’t know what to feed to a sick dog with no appetite.

After all, there is always the option of combining both dry and wet food, and seeing what happens.

What Are The Ingredients In A Border Collie Meal?

Every little dog needs a lot of quality nutrients to grow into a big and healthy dog… so does the Border Collie. There are a few key ingredients that need to be on the top of the feeding chain.

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By giving your dog quality stuff, you will avoid many health issues. Okay, maybe not hip dysplasia or some other genetic problems, but you can avoid many illnesses that can develop because of an unhealthy lifestyle.

As a dog owner, you must take care that your dog has enough:

Calcium and phosphorus – What do we need bones for? Well, we need them so we can run, walk, and play around. And, what do we need teeth for? We need them so we can chew yummy things and get even bigger and healthier.

Healthy bones and teeth need a lot of calcium and phosphorus, especially during the developmental phase of life.

Fatty Acids – It is omega fatty acids, to be precise. You can find fish oil in the biggest amount. This is the ingredient you want to take in if you are fond of shiny hair and a boosted immune system.

Proteins – These little things are essential in every part of the body. Proteins are the building material of all organs, including skin, all the muscles, all the tissues, and even the coat.

They also have the biggest role in the developmental phase of a dogs’ life. This is the time when all the structures of the body are growing.

Carbs – This ingredient is responsible for the endless energy that every Border Collie has to have, and you get these from things like potatoes and peas.

And, it is always a good idea to bring in food that has probiotics, vitamins, antioxidants, fiber, and phytonutrients.

Can My Border Collie Eat Raw Food?

The short answer is yes, it can. But, you can decide if it is the right choice for your dog because there are a few good and bad sides of feeding your Border Collie raw.

There is some research that claims that dogs that eat raw have fewer health problems, especially problems with weight. It is sometimes recommended as a diet to dogs with certain issues.

Just make sure you have informed yourself on how much raw food you should give to your dog.

On the other hand, there is another factor as to why you should be careful with raw food.

Since it is not thermally processed, it can contain some nasty bacteria that can harm the health of your pooch. Cooking raw bones is very dangerous for health, too.

It is also not the best idea to give your dog raw sausages, doritos, jalapenos, or any other exotic food for the same reason.

When Is The Right Time To Transition From Puppy Food To Adult Dog Food?

You know how they say that you should enjoy being with them while they are still young because later, they start to have their own interests.

That is pretty much the same with food.

Many puppies seem like adult dogs when they are half a year old. Some reach their adult stage within eight months. That is often the time when vets and other experts recommend to owners and breeders to transition to adult food.

But, with a Border Collie, you should probably wait a bit longer. These dogs are still developing at that time. To be honest, they are still puppies until they are one year and six months old.

That is a bit unusual, but it is not something you should be worried about.

After the dog has reached the desired age, it is time to fully transition to adult food. From six to eighteen months, you should start introducing adult food, but keep the puppy food on the menu, too.

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How Much Water Should My Border Collie Drink?

When we talk about water intake, we should take one parameter into account. Are we talking about a puppy’s needs or and adult dog’s needs because there is a big difference there.

When we talk about puppies, there is not much worry if he is going to be hydrated. Small dogs are dependent on their mothers, and they are still breastfeeding.

And, we all know how nutritious mothers milk is, and that the puppy is getting all the necessary ingredients from that milk, including water.

But, once the puppy gets bigger, it is the dog owner who must take some extra care to make sure his precious little paws have enough fresh water for themselves.

There are some general guidelines that can help you track water intake, especially if this is your first dog and you are afraid it might get dehydrated. Actually, the dog will drink as much as he likes, but we will get to that in a moment.

A puppy that has stopped breastfeeding and started to eat kibble should be presented with 1/2 a cup of water every couple of hours (it may happen that your puppy starts to pee a lot, but don’t worry).

As he gets bigger, he should be presented with almost an ounce of liquid per pound of his weight per day.

This means that if he is seven pounds, then it is recommended to drink four to seven ounces of water.

Some More Water Intake Directions

Many experts are trying to teach new dog owners that dogs will drink as much as they want. Just make sure he always has enough fresh water in a bowl.

That is especially important if he is an active dog with high energy levels, such as the Border Collie. And, it is even more important if you live in an area where the summers are very hot.

So when you are about to go on some heavy outdoor activity like running, cycling, or hiking, and you are bringing your four-legged companion along, don’t forget to bring extra water for him as well.

Your furry fella wont forget that for sure.

To Wrap Up On The Border Collie Feeding Chart

border collie puppy runningborder collie puppy running

When we get ourselves a new furry friend, all we want is to keep him with us for as long as possible. Even though the lifespan of some breeds isn’t very long, we can do what we can to make it longer.

The most important factors are high-quality food, a healthy lifestyle, and regular vet checkups.

There are a few tools that can ease the process of keeping track of the optimal food intake and growth. In this case, those are the Border Collie feeding chart and the Border Collie growth chart.

This is a pooch that can eat a lot, but the optimal amount is somewhere between a lot and a little. It is up to you as the owner to set the boundaries.

I hope this chart will help you. Remember, you can do it!

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