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It’s not easy to find stories where you can’t help but shed a tear. However, I might’ve just found the most touching one. 

The little dog did everything to give his human enough love, which he needed in order to be freed from his greatest fear. 

Later, when the dog was going through his hard times, the boy returned it in the most beautiful way possible, and he immortalized it all with a letter that would forever remain written in their hearts.

She Was Determined To Help Him Fall In Love With Dogs

Happy familyHappy family
Source: Holly Knox Brookhouser

When Holly and Chris Brookhouser, who live in Centerton, Arkansas, adopted a little boy named Marcelo, he was so grateful that he did not remove the smile from his face. 

But, he had one unusual phobia that they noticed just after he came to their home – a huge fear of dogs. He literally did not want to be in the same room with their two dogs.

“When he got here, he was pretty terrified of the dogs. He screamed pretty loud the first day, and I was like oh man they warned us that that could happen,” Holly said in an interview for 5NEWS. “But Mini was relentless in her love.”

Mini was their little chihuahua who, at that time, was 11 years old. She adored small children and she tried to do everything to capture Marcelo’s heart.

Their Bond Became Unbreakable

Kid and dog laying on the groundKid and dog laying on the ground
Source: @marceloandmini

As Marcelo adjusted to life with his new family, Mini stayed by his side to constantly offer him comfort.

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Little by little, she started gaining his trust, so both Holly and Chris started believing that this story would eventually have its happy ending. 

“He started getting a little more curious about her, but that first kiss that she gave him… it just won him over,” Holly said for The Dodo. 

Thanks to Mini’s love and compassion, Marcelo slowly began to realize that dogs aren’t so scary at all. He eventually fell completely in love with his furry friend.

Soon, these two became inseparable. They spent the whole day as one – they watched cartoons together in the morning, played in the yard during the day, and read bedtime stories together in the evening.

Blind dog and kidBlind dog and kid
Source: @marceloandmini

The boy who was afraid even of the word “dog” when he arrived in his new home in Centerton now experienced his greatest happiness in his daily interactions with his best canine friend.

He Put All His Love For Her On Paper

Kid kissing his blind dogKid kissing his blind dog
Source: @marceloandmini

Time passed slowly, but the deep connection between Marcelo and Mini did not fade, but grow stronger.

Unfortunately, Mini’s health was slowly weakening, considering that she was already in advanced years.

Before her 16th birthday, Mini, along with all her health problems such as dementia and hearing loss, soon became blind.

Marcelo, who was now a big boy, returned all his love to Mini, who was going through the most difficult period in her life. What else could he do, remembering how she helped him overcome his greatest fear?

That’s why, as a sign of gratitude for being the most beautiful star in his life all that time, he wrote her a letter.

“Dear Mini, when I first got here, I was scared of you, but you loved me anyway. I like to watch TV with you when you bring me to school. I like to ride the Jeep with you. I like to swing with you. Thank you for staying with me when I was sick. I love you so much! You are my best friend! I am sad that you can not see anymore, but I’ll help you and guide you, and I am gonna carry you so you will stay safe!”

I don’t know about you, but one pack of tissues wasn’t enough for us! Love won once again and showed that it can bring light even to the darkest of places.

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