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What is interesting about the Boykin Spaniel dog ? Well, this medium-sized dog is an extremely hardworking dog that is loving and friendly. It is the perfect companion for active people who love adventures.

Owning a Boykin Spaniel means lots of action as well as physical and mental stimulation.

This dog was bred in South Carolina, with his main purpose of being a turkey and waterfowl retriever. Raised in the South Carolina swamps, the Boykin Spaniel is known under the name, Swamp Poodle . Also, some people call this dog the Little Brown Dog .

It is believed that many pointing dog breeds such as the Cocker Spaniel , the American Water Spaniel, and the Chesapeake Bay Retriever were used for the development of the Boykin Spaniel breed .

Nowadays, this sporting dog is known as the state dog of South Carolina. The Boykin Spaniel is an extraordinary hunting dog with strong working ethics, and he is also a highly trainable dog . At the same time, he is a wonderful family pet .

In 2009, the Boykin Spaniel was recognized by the American Kennel Club ( AKC ), and today, this gun dog belongs to the sporting dogs group.

So, we are talking about a hunting dog , a family dog , and a sporting dog here. Considering his versatility, what is the average Boykin Spaniel price? Is this dog expensive to buy and to keep?

Let’s find out!

Boykin Spaniel Price: Basic Info

Boykin Spaniel standing in the riverBoykin Spaniel standing in the river

When buying a dog, most people, if not all, will first check the price for a particular dog breed , as well as the costs that owning a dog entails. I believe that most of you have often been shocked by the price of a particular dog. Why would a puppy be so expensive?

Well, our main advice to any prospective dog owner is to first thoroughly check the place where you intend to buy your pet, and then research what is behind the dog’s price.

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In order to better explain the possible differences in dog prices, below, we will analyze the price of the Boykin Spaniel and the different options by which you can become an owner of the Boykin Spaniel puppy .

Going With Professional Breeders

If you are looking for Boykin Spaniel puppies for sale, and you want your future pet to be a purebred , high-quality dog, this means that you are looking for a reliable breeder .

So, this is a breeder who will show you the veterinary evidence of the dog’s health, the genetic testing that the dog has undergone, as well as its parents, and a breeder who provides his dogs with excellent living conditions.

The price of a Boykin Spaniel from a reputable breeder ranges from $800 to $1,500 , and the current average price for this hunting dog is around $1,000 . Of course, this is just the purchase price – don’t forget all the additional costs that come along with the puppy you welcome into your home.

These dogs are relatively new and quite rare so far, so you need to be thorough in your research and in your search for a reliable Boykin Spaniel breeder .

Adopting A Boykin Spaniel Puppy

adorable Boykin Spaniel puppy in the parkadorable Boykin Spaniel puppy in the park

Is the price of a Boykin Spaniel from a reputable breeder still too high for you? There is always another option, which is also a noble act, and it refers to dog adoption. Adopting a Boykin Spaniel can cost you anywhere from $50 to $500, which is significantly cheaper than buying this puppy from a breeder .

Before making a purchase decision, we suggest you check out local shelters and see if there might be a little Boykin Spaniel hiding in one of them. It should be mentioned here that adopting a puppy brings certain difficulties.

When buying from a breeder, you get all the health proofs, vaccination certificates, and proof of microchipping – but by adopting a dog from a shelter, you will not get these papers and certificates.

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So, you will most likely have to check the health of your puppy yourself and take him to receive vaccinations and to be cleaned of worms, and do everything else that a professional breeder would normally do while the puppy is still with him.

Veterinarian examinations cost money, and even if you get confirmation that your puppy is healthy, you can’t be sure that he won’t have any congenital disease since you won’t have information about his parents or genetic testing.

Adoption is an act that is appreciated, but also an act that carries a certain burden.

Can You Get A Boykin Spaniel For Free?

There are reputable breeders, and there are rescue shelters where you can get a dog. But, is there any possibility of getting a dog for free?

Let me just remind you that owning a dog is a big responsibility. The Boykin Spaniel , like any other dog, is a living being with feelings, and deserves to have normal living conditions, to receive love from its human family, and to have the opportunity to be a happy and contented dog.

So, if you want to become the owner of a Boykin Spaniel, money should not be a decisive factor. However, we have prepared some tips for all those who wonder if there are free puppies in their area that they could adopt. Read our guide, and maybe you can get your Boykin Spaniel this way!

Which Factors Affect The Boykin Spaniel Price?

adorable Boykin Spaniel puppy lying in the grassadorable Boykin Spaniel puppy lying in the grass

Now that we know the average price of a Boykin Spaniel, let’s find out which factors mostly determine the actual price of this puppy. You have briefly reviewed a Boykin Spaniel offer at several breeders, and you have noticed that the prices of this puppy vary.

Why are some Boykin Spaniels more expensive than others?

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1. Champion Bloodline

If you want a show dog of excellent bloodline and famous pedigree, then a Boykin Spaniel like this could cost you from $1,500 to even $4,500!

Breeders who invest special efforts in the appearance and character of their dogs, and whose dogs come from champion parents, value their dogs highly. Simply said, these breeders put a lot of time and effort into raising exceptional dogs, and in return, they expect their efforts to be appreciated.

These Boykin Spaniels are dogs that cannot go unnoticed, and are likely to be successful in any task whether it be a hunting dog or a loyal family companion.

2. Puppy’s Age

The age of the puppy is a very important indicator of its price. If you visit the official website of the Boykin Spaniel breeder , you will most likely have to sign up for their waiting list and pay a deposit to become the owner of a dog that has not yet been born!

So, it could be said that Boykin Spaniels are most expensive at eight weeks of age, when they are old enough to leave the kennel. You will probably find Boykin Spaniel puppies six months old or older at a lower price.

3. Breeder’s Prestige

I am sure that every dog lover first checks the reviews and inquires about the breeder from whom he intends to buy a dog.

It is much easier for us when we hear that one of our acquaintances had a positive experience, or when we see a lot of nice comments from people who bought a dog from a certain breeder .

So, the breeder’s reputation is an important factor that affects the price of a puppy. The general rule is that the higher the price of the dog, the more reputable the breeder is .

4. Coat Colors

In some cases, rare coat colors make dogs cost more. Also, some dog colors are a requirement for a dog to be recognized by kennel clubs . In the case of a Boykin Spaniel, recognized coat colors are brown, chocolate, and liver, and Boykin Spaniels of these colors are more expensive.

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Some of these dogs come in solid colors, while some might have white markings.

Boykin Spaniel: Living Costs

You have purchased a Boykin Spaniel and your job is now done. You can start enjoying a carefree life with your new faithful companion. Of course not! Dogs need to be taken care of, and this means a lot of expenses; some of which may be unplanned.

portrait of a lovely Boykin Spanielportrait of a lovely Boykin Spaniel

How Much Should Owning A Boykin Spaniel Cost?

So, what does a new puppy at your home require?

First of all, a puppy needs food and water, so you will need food and water bowls for your Boykin Spaniel. The average cost for a food and water bowl should be around $15 to $20. Monthly amounts of dog food for your Boykin Spaniel can cost you from $50 to $100.

To go on a safe walk with your new pet, you should purchase a dog collar and a leash . These two items together should cost you from $20 to $30.

Your Boykin Spaniel will also need a dog bed or a dog crate ! The average price of both of these is around $50.

For regular grooming of your pooch, you will be needing a quality dog brush . You should be able to find one for $15 or $20 . Also, your Boykin Spaniel will need to be bathed, so dog shampoo is also required! This can be found for about $10 .

Don’t forget about dog toys ! At the beginning, your dog will be crazy about chewing all kinds of things. Make sure he has enough toys so he does not destroy your shoes or your clothes! Depending on your preferences, dog toys can cost you anywhere from $50 up to $100.

What About A Boykin Spaniel’s Health?

These are all some basic supplies for your dog friend. But, let’s not forget something more important: care for your Boykin Spaniel’s health. Vet checks can cost you anywhere from $50 up to a couple hundred dollars, depending on the dog’s health issue.

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One thing to consider is pet insurance for your Boykin Spaniel. This way, you will feel more protected in case of severe illness with your dog. Pet insurance for a Boykin Spaniel should cost you from $30 to $50 per month.

Owning a dog is not a joke or a simple task, but a serious responsibility. Therefore, it is necessary to think carefully before making the final decision about buying a dog. Finally, for the next several years, you will be in charge of taking care of another family member. Something like this should not be taken for granted!


How Old Do Boykin Spaniels Live To Be?

portrait of an old gray Boykin Spanielportrait of an old gray Boykin Spaniel

A Boykin Spaniel’s lifespan is estimated to be from 10 to 15 years. This is, of course, the case when a dog does not suffer from any serious health problems . The Boykin Spaniel is a very healthy dog in general, but there are certain precautions that should be taken.

First and foremost, of course, is to make sure that the dog has undergone genetic testing, and that it does not have a congenital disease. Further caring for the dog involves regular visits to the vet, ensuring quality dog food , as well as providing as much exercise as the Boykin Spaniel requires.

There are certain health issues that can affect the lifespan of the Boykin Spaniel . The most common diseases encountered in this dog breed are the following:

• Cataracts

• Collie Eye Anomaly

Exercise Induced Collapse

• Hip Dysplasia

Patellar Luxation

Do Boykin Spaniels Bark A Lot?

Boykin Spaniels do not bark too loudly nor too often. Of course, this does not mean that these dogs do not bark at all, but compared to some other species, they bark significantly less often. For example, Cocker Spaniels bark more loudly and more often than Boykin Spaniels.

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Barking is something that is characteristic of every dog, but with proper training and socialization, it can be significantly brought under control.

Although sometimes barking can be quite tiring, just think of every time a dog actually reported some unusual phenomenon that was happening near you by its barking!

Do Boykin Spaniels Shed A Lot?

A Boykin Spaniel’s shedding can be described as moderate, so, no, they do not shed a lot. Of course, all dogs shed. A Boykin Spaniel has similar shedding levels like other Spaniel dogs, such as the Cocker Spaniel, and the English Springer Spaniel .

Compared to, for example, a Labrador Retriever shedding , a Boykin Spaniel’s shedding should not be a problem.

A Boykin Spaniel’s coat is a medium-length coat, which is pretty easy to maintain. So, with a Boykin Spaniel, you can be his personal groomer at home! However, regular brushing is necessary in order to avoid hair matting .

Wrapping It Up

Boykin Spaniel resting in bedBoykin Spaniel resting in bed

So, what can we conclude about the Boykin Spaniel price? This dog is not cheap nor easy to find. But, since it is very good as a hunting dog and as a loyal companion, it is not hard to understand why this dog breed is the one you want for you and your family.

Chances are you’ll have to wait a little longer to get this puppy. We also suggest that you carefully calculate the budget required for the purchase and maintenance of a Boykin Spaniel.

Ultimately, we believe that all the waiting is worth it when it comes to a hardworking and lovely dog like the Boykin Spaniel !

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