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Two abandoned dogs are on their way to better lives thanks to the Good Samaritans calling for help.China and Dublin needed someone to help them when both were found abandoned on the same day.


Thanks to JoAnn Wiltz and Lisa Arturo of Hope For Paws, the two dogs are safe and looking for a loving forever homes.
Dublin was abandoned in a Los Angeles park well known as a dumping ground.
The Rottweiler/Shepherd mix was so skinny, but seemed to instantly know they were there to help him.

On their way to hospital with Dublin they got another call about a dog in an alley.

There they found China, a Bull Terrier hiding behind a mattress. She had a malformed lip and bite marks on her.

Despite being shy, she was so hungry and approached Lisa, who gently coaxed her into a cage.

Watch their rescues in the video below. And wait until you see what China is up to at her foster home.




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