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Who could say that such vibrant and pawsitive creatures can turn into jealous, attention-seeking beasts once we deny them attention?

Okay, to be fair, Kobe, the Goldie, was always a little bit obsessed with his dad, but hey – isn’t that how every doggo-hooman relationship works?

Yes, it’s true that dogs sometimes just don’t like sharing you with anybody else! 

Kobe was used to being the only prince of his home and the sole focus of his dad’s attention until one day, Jeremy’s doing turned everything upside down when he welcomed a girlfriend into their purrtastic little family!

I Want All Of Your Attention, Hooman

a boy takes a picture with a golden retrievera boy takes a picture with a golden retriever
Source: @goldenboykobe_

Kobe has never dreamed of living with anybody else but his dad. This goofy Golden Retriever was so comfortable with his little life, and with the routine he had with him. 

“Kobe is literally so obsessed with me. Honestly, it’s like he’s my son. He’ll follow me around the house everywhere. He just wants to be by my side 24/7,” says Jeremy.

The two would sleep next to each other, take perfectly cozy naps, go on long walks, and have endless fun together. Kobe just never imagined that one day, all that would change, but then… it happened!

One day, his dad brought a strange guest into their house, and it appeared to be Jeremy’s new girlfriend! Kobe was in shock when he realized that some other hooman was sitting closely to his dad. And, he wasn’t invited to join them? That’s just so odd!

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For the first few weeks, he was a little bit suspicious about the strange woman visiting their home. Who is this lady? And, what is she doing here cuddling with my hooman?!

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“Kobe’s used to getting a lot of attention from me. When he sees that I’m giving attention to Ella, he gets jealous,” Jeremy told The Dodo.

He had endless questions circling around his head. The only thing he could really do was growl and bark every time this unfamiliar woman named Ella tried to sit next to Jeremy. 

But, that just doesn’t seem like it is working, right? “Okay, maybe I should give her a chance,” was Kobe’s second strategy.

a golden retriever poses next to a girla golden retriever poses next to a girl
Source: Golden Kobe

He first sniffed her hands. Then, he let her pet him. And, then he reciprocated!

“Hey, this strange lady’s giving me the best belly rubs, maybe she isn’t so bad after all,” would probably be Kobe’s words if he could actually talk!

In just a few short weeks, the two became amazing furriends

Okay, Kobe still protests whenever Ella and his dad have a cuddle session on the couch without him, but he figured out a way to be fine with it! He quickly jumps in the middle and makes some room for himself. Problem solved!

“A week, two weeks, he was able to just settle down, relax. He just felt comfortable to be in her presence. He started to realize that she’s part of the family, and the rest was history,” says Jeremy.

Welcoming Two Pawesome Members To The Family

a smiling loving couple with a golden retriever takes a picture next to the Christmas treea smiling loving couple with a golden retriever takes a picture next to the Christmas tree
Source: @goldenboykobe_

For Kobe, welcoming a new momma to the house was the best decision ever! Now, he has two hoomans who love him unconditionally, and he just can’t get enough of them.

Ella is so amazing with Kobe. She has her own, unique playtime with Kobe, and it seems that he’s loving it very much! Even though it’s only been a few weeks, it feels as if she has been part of their little pack this whole time.

a golden retriever and a doberman puppy sit on a laminar while taking a picturea golden retriever and a doberman puppy sit on a laminar while taking a picture
Source: @goldenboykobe_ 

Jeremy and Ella recently surprised Kobe with a new addition to their family! They brought home another pup… a Doberman named Moki. First, Kobe was a little confused, as he had never had a sister before, but in no time – the two became best friends!

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Today, Moki and Kobe don’t know life without each other. They literally do everything together! They walk, eat, sleep, go to the beach, and enjoy long cuddle sessions with their pawrents together!

Once a jealous pup who was so tightly clung to his dad, Kobe now has two more family members – and he loves everything about them!

You can keep up with Kobe’s adventures on Instagram and Facebook!

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