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When we hurt, our dogs will do anything to comfort us.

That was certainly the case after a man who was trimming a tree fell down and his loyal dog rushed to comfort him.

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Jesús Hueche was pruning a tree outside his home in Argentina when he tumbled from a height of about six feet, hit his head, and fell unconscious.

When paramedics arrived they found his beloved dog, Tony, lying on top of him.

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One of the EMTs took some photos of the concerned dog and his owner, which quickly went viral.

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While paramedics fitted Jesús with a neck brace, Tony continued to comfort him, refusing to budge from his dad’s side.

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And when Jesús was loaded into the ambulance, Tony wanted to go with him. But the two friends were not apart for very long.

Thankfully, Jesús only suffered mild head trauma and was released from hospital shortly after.

Def Civil B. Blanca

A local radio station reported that the pair were reunited shortly after his release. La Brujula 24 also learned that Tony was a stray until Jesús rescued him and gave him a home.



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