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There’s a lot to consider when you’re thinking about getting a dog. Do you go for a large breed or a small one? Do you have room in your home for a big dog?

Do you need a garden or a yard for them to run around in? How much exercise will it need? Do you want a laid-back pooch that joins you on the sofa as you binge-watch Netflix or an active, energetic dog that will eagerly take part in the family hike or run alongside you on your morning jog?

Whichever one you choose, it must fit in with your routine and lifestyle, so you have to get it right!

You might think about all the breeds you like the look of, and they’re probably going to be traditional ones, such as the Labrador, the number-one dog in the US. But what about all those mixed-breed designer dogs you’ve been hearing about?

Some of them are intriguing! You can now get such wonders as the Golden Retriever Siberian Husky mix, the German Shepherd Corgi mix, the Beagle Corgi mix, the Australian Shepherd Corgi mix, and the Poodle Corgi mix.

So, do you play it safe and keep it traditional, or go with the flow and get a hybrid?

Well, it all depends on your sense of adventure and which breeds appeal to you. You might be a fan of the purebred Corgi, and it’s easy to see why. Then again, the trusty Pitbull might be the dog for you. Although it’s a completely different breed, it has its own charms.

If you’re torn between the two, you might want to take a peek at the Corgi Pitbull mix!

This guide is specially designed for dog lovers who are curious about this unique mix breed and to help them decide whether it’s the right one for their family and home.

Just like many other mixed-breed dogs, the Corgi Pitbull mix is very new to the scene, so we have to look at the parent breeds to get an idea of what to expect.

The American Pitbull Terrier

Angry Pitbull American Bully standing in the middle of a metal bridgeAngry Pitbull American Bully standing in the middle of a metal bridge

It’s a name that divides people into two camps: some people love it, others not so much!

It’s fair to say that the poor old Pittie has caused a lot of controversy over the years, earning a reputation for aggression, even to the point of causing fatalities. Because of this, there are websites and forums dedicated to its destruction. These dogs have also been banned or restricted in many countries or states. But is this fair to them?

After all, humans need to take their share of the blame!

Even so, they do have a lot of support, with just as many forums in favor of them as there are against them. However, some of these enthusiasts don’t help the cause, as they celebrate this powerful breed’s gameness and aggression, the very qualities that make others fearful of these powerful dogs.

While it’s true to say that the American Pitbull Terrier (APBT) has a bloody and aggressive history, this doesn’t justify the hatred aimed at them in recent years. Yes, there have been attacks and fatalities, but humans have played a major part in these incidents in almost every case.

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There’s also a lot of misunderstanding and misinformation surrounding the name Pitbull (or Pit Bull) as it can be used to describe several breeds, including the Staffordshire Bull Terrier, the American Staffordshire Bull Terrier, and the American Bulldog, as well as the APBT.

For the purposes of this article, we’re assuming that the Pitbull Corgi mix uses the APBT to produce this hybrid, as that’s usually what people mean when they use the term Pitbull.

All Pitbull breeds are ancestors of the fighting dogs used for bloodsports in times gone by, such as bull-baiting. When these barbaric sports were outlawed in the late 19th century, people turned to other, equally despicable forms of entertainment, such as breeding dogs to fight against rats – or each other.

The traits of aggressiveness and gameness (the instinct to fight to the death) are surely no longer needed in these more enlightened times, although some enthusiasts insist that the breed would be ruined without them.

One has to question the sense of such logic, as it simply prolongs the fearsome reputation of the Pitbull and increases the risk of attacks on both animals and humans.

Beautiful american pitbull terrier standing in the snow in sideviewBeautiful american pitbull terrier standing in the snow in sideview

Can Pitbulls be dangerous? Yes, they can. But so can many other breeds if they’re abused, in pain, neglected, afraid, or mistreated. It also depends on the breeding line.

If you get a Pitbull whose parents came from a game breeder, then you might have a problem, as these are known to produce fighting lines. Your best bet is to only use an established breeder who can provide a pedigree that proves the quality and bloodline of the parents.

Anyway, none of this changes the fact that American Pitbull Terriers are wonderfully affectionate towards their family members, including children! They are incredibly loyal and loving, and you rarely see any real signs of aggression most of the time.

They are protective of their family and home and will certainly make some noise when they feel there is a threat to either. Your task is to train them to obey commands without question, as this will drastically reduce any chances of aggression.

A well-trained, well-behaved Pit Bull is a beautiful thing to behold. Some owners even worry whether their Pittie would actually be able to protect them if needed, as their dogs are so enthusiastic when welcoming guests into the family home! They are naturally friendly, usually only turning to aggression when there’s a real threat.

These are exceptionally muscular dogs, standing between 17 and 21 inches at the shoulder and weighing between 30 and 60 pounds (females are at the lower end). All this raw power needs an outlet, so they require one or two hours of exercise every day.

An American Pitbull Terrier from a reputable breeder, when trained and socialized properly, makes a great family pet. They need a firm hand, and you need to be assertive, stamping your position of authority on this relationship from the start.

They don’t need much grooming, just a thorough brush once a week to get rid of loose hair from their short, smooth, single coat.

Now we’ve covered the Pitbull side, let’s move on to the Corgi!

The Welsh Corgi

There are two Corgi breeds: the Cardigan Welsh Corgi and the Pembroke Welsh Corgi. When you’re scouring the internet for information about the Corgi Pitbull mix, you wouldn’t think so! Most websites neglect to mention which one is used to create this wonderful dog, so we’ll include them both and see what qualities they bring to the hybrid.

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First, we’ll give a brief overview and history of both breeds before looking at this unique mix.

Cardigan Welsh Corgi

Cardigan Welsh Corgi puppy sitting on the road in summerCardigan Welsh Corgi puppy sitting on the road in summer

Named for the region in Wales where they originated as herding dogs, Cardigans are sturdy and solid, with short legs and stocky bodies. They have the appearance of a large dog whose legs have shrunk, which adds to their endearing, almost comical look as they bounce around playfully.

Both the Cardigan and Pembroke Welsh Corgis have what’s known as asymmetric dwarfism (or chondrodysplasia), which causes their long bodies, large heads, and disproportionately short legs. There are about 20 breeds with this genetic condition, including the Dachshund.

Cardigan Corgis are happy dogs that love to be around humans, although they will sometimes show their independent side and sneak away for some alone time. They are more reserved out of the two breeds and will usually stop to consider their actions before making a move.

They are bold and confident, and they can sometimes be bossy towards other dogs. This can come across as being aggressive, but it’s really a way of saying, ‘Back off! This is my family, and I’m going to protect them!’ The best way to manage this is through thorough training and socialization.

Cardigan Corgis are generally taller than Pembrokes, but only marginally, measuring between 10.5 and 12.5 inches at the shoulder. The real difference is in their weight, with males weighing between 30 and 38 pounds and females between 25 and 34 pounds.

Both Corgi breeds have dense double coats with an outer layer of guard hairs over a thick, fluffy undercoat. It’s this undercoat that blows in spring and fall, distributing fine fur all over your home, unless you brush them daily and vacuum regularly!

Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Every time this dog is mentioned, almost without fail, you’ll find a reference to Queen Elizabeth II of the UK, which is precisely what we’ve just done! This is because the Pembroke Corgi has been a favorite of the royal household since the early 1900s when the Queen’s father brought one home. The royal connection has undoubtedly boosted the

Pembroke Corgi’s popularity since then, with the Pembroke sitting at #13 out of 200 in the American Kennel Club’s 200 most popular dogs, while the Cardigan Corgi is at #68.

Pembrokes are the more adventurous of the two breeds, tending to jump into a situation without thinking it through. They are more vocal and outgoing, and they’ll seek out human company rather than be alone.

As we saw above, they are only slightly shorter than the Cardigan, standing at between 10 and 12 inches at the shoulder. They also weigh less, with males usually no heavier than 30 pounds and females no more than 28 pounds.

Although this doesn’t seem much of a difference, it is quite noticeable when you see both breeds side by side, and the effect is heightened because the dogs’ long bodies are so low to the ground.

The Pembroke Corgi is sweet and affectionate and loves children, though the herding instinct and habit of nipping need to be kept in check.

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Now we’ve looked at both Corgi breeds, we’ll examine how these might contribute to the Pitbull Corgi mix.

The Corgi Pit

Pit bull and corgi mix might just be the cutest thing on earth.Pit bull and corgi mix might just be the cutest thing on earth.

Inevitably, each mixed breed is given a quirky name (or names) that’s usually an amalgamation of the two breeds that contribute to the hybrid. Some work well, adding to the sense of fun and joy that the dogs bring.

Others are more problematic, sounding a little clunky. The Corgi Pit possibly falls into this category, as it doesn’t exactly flow.

But this doesn’t affect the nature of the dog itself in any way.

This unique Corgi Pitbull mix weighs between 30 and 50 pounds and measures between 17 and 19 inches in height, whether male or female.

Coat colors can vary greatly, depending on whether they have a Cardigan or Pembroke Corgi parent, but most tend to be a combination of brown, black, red, or white, and most have white patches instead of solid color on their bodies.

You’ll often find them with white on one half of their face and dark brown on the other! The good news is that there are no breed standards, so you can have whatever color you like.

Their stiff coat is usually short or medium in length and will need brushing at least once a week to remove loose hairs. This also stimulates the skin cells and distributes natural oils over the coat to keep it healthy.

They are moderate shedders, so you may find that you need to vacuum your home more often and increase the frequency of grooming sessions.

This coat is not hypoallergenic, so it is possibly not the best choice for allergy sufferers, although the word hypoallergenic simply means that something is less likely to cause an allergic reaction.

Your Corgi Pitbull mix will be fairly energetic and need a couple of walks each day, along with playtime. He’ll miss you when you’re not around, so don’t leave him alone for too long or arrange for someone to visit if you have to be away for a few hours. You could consider using a dog walking service to help break up the day.

To complete the picture, this medium-to-large dog has ears that flop down at the tips, brown eyes, and a black nose. They have muscular bodies and confident poise, with powerful, straight legs.

Now let’s look at what they’re like to live with.

Corgi Pitbull Mix Temperament

Pit bull and Corgi have a meet and greet at adoption fair sniff nose ears upPit bull and Corgi have a meet and greet at adoption fair sniff nose ears up

With a double-dose of playful goofiness from both the Corgi and the Pitbull, this is going to be a very affectionate family dog! Get ready for some fun and games, as this pooch has a sense of humor and will want to keep you smiling the whole time.

The Corgi Pitbull will love being with his family and won’t take kindly to being left out of things or left home alone.

His protective instincts will be strong, so you’ll need to invest in proper training and early socialization if you want to keep this under control. It’s essential that you assume the position as the alpha in this relationship, as your pup might think that he is in charge, which can lead to problems when he’s older.

Training and socializing your dog will help him to learn the rules and behave appropriately. He’ll learn the difference between an intruder and a guest in your home. He’ll accept the presence of other dogs and animals, although that instinct to protect you will still be there when needed.

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It’s advisable to make training and socialization a long-term thing, as these dogs can display a high prey drive. If there’s something to chase, he’ll be off after it unless you guide him firmly. Once he learns that it’s okay to chase a ball and not the family cat, then he’ll be fine.

Corgi Pitbull Mix Health Problems

mixed pitbull dog lying down on the wooden floormixed pitbull dog lying down on the wooden floor

To find out what health issues a Corgi Pitbull mix might experience, we need to look at the parents.

Here are a few that can affect the Corgi and the Pitbull:

Degenerative myelopathy is a disease of the spinal cord that gradually weakens the hind limbs and eventually leads to paralysis.

Hip dysplasia results from a misshapen hip joint that causes the bones to grind together.

• Bloat is potentially fatal, as the stomach inflates and twists around, stopping blood from reaching the vital organs.

• Intervertebral disc disease is the same as a slipped or ruptured disc, causing painful mobility problems.

• Epilepsy is common in many breeds, although the cause is often a mystery. Seizures range from mild to severe and can be managed using medication.

• Progressive retinal atrophy is a degenerative condition that eventually leads to blindness. There is no cure, and dogs with this condition need to be prepared for a time when they can no longer see. As sad as this is, most of them cope with blindness surprisingly well.

• Allergies affect dogs in different ways to humans, usually displayed as dry, itchy patches of skin. Dogs can be allergic to many types of food (especially dairy products) and things like pollen or dust.

Von Willebrand’s disease is a bleeding disorder where the blood doesn’t clot properly. This is a serious condition as any injury can cause internal or external bleeding that won’t stop.

• Thyroid problems can severely affect a dog’s health, whether it’s overactive or underactive. In either case, the dog’s metabolism is affected, resulting in a range of symptoms, including excessive weight gain/loss, lethargy, excitability, depression, weakness, vomiting, and diarrhea.

• Mange is caused by microscopic mites that live on the dog’s skin. All dogs have these, regardless of the breed and however much you bathe them! Colonies of these mites usually live in harmony with the dog, but they can sometimes become too big, which is when they cause problems.

• Patellar luxation happens when the kneecap (patella) slips out of place. This happens because the groove that holds the kneecap is too shallow. Surgery is often used to make this groove deeper.

Those in favor of crossbreeding claim that hybrid dogs are less likely to suffer from certain genetic conditions because of something called hybrid vigor, which is due to the wider gene pool.

Although there is some truth in this, there is also an element of unpredictability involved. You can never be absolutely sure which traits will be passed on to the pups.

It is easier with purebred dogs, as breeders have a pretty good idea as to how the puppies will turn out. Even so, nature still throws in some surprises once in a while!

With all this in mind, we can still say with some confidence that the Corgi Pitbull mix will be generally healthy, with a lifespan of between 12 to 15 years.

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Corgi Pitbull Mix Puppy

mix pitbull dog in close up photographymix pitbull dog in close up photography

Pitbull Corgi mix puppies may look perfect, and they’ll definitely be adorable. But this doesn’t mean that they are easy to look after.

Any new puppy comes with responsibilities. Your life is going to change, so you’d better get used to it!

First of all, you need to get set up. All that equipment must be in place before you bring him home. Got a quiet place for the dog crate or bed? Good. Do you have a wide range of interesting and stimulating toys for him to play with?


Next, you have to think about potty training. Keep this consistent, and be firm. Don’t mix business with pleasure!

Take him out just before bedtime to limit the chances of being disturbed in the night, but don’t be surprised if you have to get up and take him out for a bathroom break. And don’t get cross with him, as this will confuse the poor thing.

You’ll also have the fun of going through the teething stage, as well as teaching your pup right from wrong. He’s going to chew on everything in sight, and it’s your job to redirect his attention so that he learns that it’s okay to chew on a toy but not your sofa.

You’ll need to keep him well-fed, too. This is important for his development, as a lack of nutrition at this stage can cause problems later in life. Have a chat with your vet if you’re not sure about the right quantity.

Finally, that tiny, cute ball of fluff will get bigger. As he grows, he may not be as excitable as a puppy, but he will be playful and energetic and still rely on you for love and care. This point seems to surprise so many people, which is why they give up on their pups and dump them at shelters.

The message? Don’t take on a pet unless you’re prepared to accept the responsibility and hard work!

How Much Is A Corgi Pitbull Mix?

black dog playing on the ground black dog playing on the ground

Although they’ve probably been around since the 1990s, mostly the result of accidental meetings, this is a relatively new breed. This makes pricing quite difficult, as there isn’t much information floating about to get a good fix on how much breeders are charging.

However, early indications are that this mixed-breed dog will set you back between $1,000 and $2,500

That’s quite a big price tag for a hybrid! This may be because it is becoming more popular or even because it is pretty rare at the moment.

The actual price will depend on factors such as the sex of the dog (females are usually more expensive), the pedigree of the parents, and the breeder’s location.

It’s up to you to do your research and find the best breeder. Don’t only go by the price!

Some sellers might be small-time breeders, backyard breeders, or puppy mills, offering pups at rock-bottom prices.

These pups are likely to be sickly and undernourished and will cost you a fortune in vet bills.

However, expensive doesn’t always equate to good quality. When you find a breeder, check their reviews and testimonials. Only go ahead if you are happy to do so, and never be pressured into buying. A reputable breeder will never push you into a sale.

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Corgi Pitbull Mix Adoption

adorable corgi mix adoption with toyadorable corgi mix adoption with toy

photo from: @tyrion_the_shortie

Adoption is always a good choice if only to reduce the vast number of dogs languishing in shelters and rescue centers.

However, you’re unlikely to get a very young Corgi Pitbull mix puppy this way. This wouldn’t usually be a problem if you are okay with getting an older dog, but we need to be wary here as the Pitbull is involved.

Because this is a crossbreed that’s from a shelter, there’s a strong possibility that not much, if anything, will be known about its parents. This means that the Pitbull parent could have been a fighting dog or may have had behavioral problems.

That’s not to say that you shouldn’t go ahead and give it a home. After all, every dog deserves the chance of a loving home. You just need to be sure about what you’re doing and be prepared to do what it takes to iron out any problems!

This course of action is only recommended for very experienced dog owners.

The Right Dog For You?

puppy pals playing in the snow puppy pals playing in the snow

So, would you welcome the Corgi Pitbull mix into your home?

After examining all the evidence, it’s clear that this beautiful crossbreed has a lot going for it!

He’s smart, playful, and affectionate. He’s loyal and protective, and he’s good with kids and animals.

You need to play your part by getting him trained and socialized, but when this is done, you’ll have an excellent family dog that will change your home for the better in so many ways.

Use positive reinforcement when training your Corgi Pitbull mix, as it’s the best way to get fast results. He’ll be so eager to please you and will enjoy the praise you heap on him for doing so, as well as the possibility of a doggy treat at the end.

To ensure that your pet stays with you for as long as possible, at least for the average lifespan of 12 to 14 years, it’s best to buy him from a reputable, established breeder. Don’t feed him any old food, and never be tempted to give him table scraps, as these will almost certainly be bad for him.

Human food is packed with salt, sugar, and all kinds of nasties that can make your dog sick. Commit to buying high-quality dog food that provides all the essential goodness he needs to stay fit, healthy, and happy for many years to come.

That medium-length or short coat will need a bit of care, so use a slicker brush to comb out the dead hair once or twice a week. While you’re at it, take a look inside those floppy ears to see if any dirt or gunk has built up.

Clean them if necessary to stop any chances of infection. Check his eyes and wipe them if you need to, and give those teeth a good brushing to remove plaque and tartar.

Take your Corgi-Pit out for a walk a couple of times each day, and allow for playtime too. He’ll love these fun and games, especially if there are a few family members involved.

All in all, you’d have a hard task finding a better family dog. Is it right for you? Only you can decide.

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