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These German shepherds are loving the train railway their dad built in their yard.

Mariano and Esmeralda Rendon of Texas loved trains, dogs, and their grandchildren, that is why they build a railway where a train can loop around their backyard.

Rendon started the project some time ago and due to the pandemic, he can spend more time on this project. He created a 1,000 feet of track in their backyard space.

Known as Salsa Tracks in the neighborhood, the train cars can fit children and dogs. The dogs are so smitten with the train and would often go asleep there.

Abrams and Bradley, both 11-months old, enjoy and chill out during the journey. Rendon wanted to expand this project and we are looking forward to his grandchildren and grand doggos trying it.

He created “Corona Pass”. The newest section of the project in honor of the significant time he devoted most of his work.


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