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Let’s meet Pitbulls; America’s sweethearts and one of those dogs with a pretty bad reputation. These two sound too weird to be in the same sentence, but that’s the truth. Many people are afraid of Pitties, but many of them are also huge fans.

You can’t deny that Pitbulls are one of the most special dogs out there. Their lovely temperament is only the tip of the iceberg of why Pitties are amazing. Once you learn how easy it is to take care of them, you’ll be amazed.

What most people prone to allergies will ask is: Do Pitbulls shed?

The answer might surprise you. I find Pitbulls to be one of the best dog breeds to own if you’re short in time, have problems with occasional allergies, or simply hate grooming.

These pups don’t shed that much, but more on that soon.

First, we gotta meet our Pitties, see what kind of coat they fashion, and then learn all about their shedding, how to control it, and what kind of products to use.

Bear in mind that all dogs shed. It’s a natural process, and you shouldn’t bother finding a magical solution to stop the shedding. It can’t be done. But, it can be controlled, especially if it’s excessive shedding.

Enough of me blabbering! Let’s see if we’re dealing with a messy situation over here!

Tell Me More About Pitbulls!

Beautiful American Pit Bull Terrier dog running on the fieldBeautiful American Pit Bull Terrier dog running on the field

Throughout this article, you’ll notice I’m referring to Pitbulls as a dog breed. It’s only to make things easier for all of us.

But, the truth is that Pitbulls aren’t separate dog breeds. They’re a type of dog not recognized by the AKC, unlike its cousins, the American Staffordshire Terriers, or the Staffordshire Bull Terriers.

Still, many people nowadays classify the following dog breeds as Pitbulls. I guess it’s much simpler for them. That’s why the American Staffordshire Terrier, the American Pitbull Terrier, the Staffordshire Bull Terrier, the English Bull Terrier, and the American Bulldog are all Pitties!

These dogs date way back into history. The first examples of the Pitbull breed were found in the 1600s. They were used for a bloody sport called bull baiting. Even though this so-called sport was banned, some unethical people are still promoting dog fights.

That’s why the bad reputation has stuck up until these days. However, Pitbulls are not aggressive by default as many people believe. In fact, no dog is aggressive just because.

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These dogs can be as sweet as any other breed. You only need to train them, which isn’t that big of a deal.

Pitbulls are sweet, charming, very intelligent, trainable, and active. Did I forget something? Oh, yes! They’re extremely affectionate, too!

I hope I broke some of your stereotypes about Pitbulls. If not, they will be broken by the end of this article.

Now, for their appearance. I can’t say that this is one breed standard that all Pitties were bred according to since there are so many dogs classified as Pitbulls. But, all of them are muscular doggos with a sleek coat, a wide head, and a gorgeous Pittie smile.

Let me tell you a word or two on Pitbull coat types. After that, we’ll address the burning question: Why Do Pitbulls Shed?

What Kind Of Coat Does A Pitbull Carry?

Portrait of white American pitbull terrier in outdoors in autumn forestPortrait of white American pitbull terrier in outdoors in autumn forest

If you’ve ever seen a Pitbull, then you probably have an idea of what kind of coat these dogs fashion. No, they’re not fluffy and cuddly puppies. They have a sleek, short coat that comes in only one layer.

And, that’s all about their hairstyle. I mean, you can’t really be creative with single-coated dogs, especially not with Pitbulls. All you can do is make sure the coat is super shiny and healthy.

Yes, Pitbulls are single-coated dogs with coarse hair that isn’t noticeable once it drops on the furniture. In other words, cleaning after them won’t bug you that much.

Pitbulls don’t have a seasonal blowout like some double-coated dogs, i.e., Siberian Huskies. They won’t shed excessively during spring or fall.

In fact, these dogs carry and drop the same amount of hair throughout the year.

Worried about how clean your house will be after getting a dog? Choose a Pitbull!

What Colors Do Pitbulls Come In?

pitbull as a guard dogpitbull as a guard dog

We can all agree that Pitbulls are simply amazing dogs despite their horrible reputation. I’m glad that more and more people are seeing the injustice that was made towards these dogs.

If only the official American Kennel Club (AKC) can see the same. According to these guys, Pitbulls are not recognized as a separate breed. As such, they don’t have a breed standard that tells which coat color is okay and which is not.

Sadly, no Pitbull coat color is cool with the AKC. But, true Pitbull lovers are more than happy to see them coming in so many stunning shades.

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Usually, Pitbulls come in various shades of red, merle, chocolate, gray, brindle, as well as color combinations of black or white. Some are even spotted and called “moo moo” Pitties because they resemble cute little cows.

The coat color is not the only thing that separates Pitbulls. That’s why we distinguish between red-nosed Pitbulls and blue-nosed Pitbulls.

All I know is that if I were you, I wouldn’t mind the coat color if the temperament is beyond spectacular as it is with this dog breed.

How Much Do Pitbulls Shed?

a man combs a pit bulla man combs a pit bull

You shouldn’t worry about loose dog hair with Pitbulls. Even when they shed, Pitbulls aren’t big shedders at all. I’m really grateful for the low-shedding characteristics of the single coat.

As I mentioned earlier, there is no shedding season for Pitbull breeds. These dogs shed all year round, without an exception.

When you look at the Pitbull’s body, you’ll see that since there is no undercoat, there is not much hair on their body. The hair loss can only be noticed if you have a light-colored Pitbull and dark furniture, for example.

Because of their low maintenance, I’d choose Pitbulls anytime!

Are Pitbulls Hypoallergenic?

The first thing that a person who is prone to allergies would ask when getting a dog is: Are they hypoallergenic?

We recognize many dog breeds with hypoallergenic traits. But, most of them are Poodle hybrids, or relatively close to Poodles.

Pitbulls are not considered hypoallergenic dogs. However, they’re not the worst dog to have around either!

Allergies are triggered by a dog’s dander and saliva. These allergens are then attached to loose hair, which spreads all over the house causing people to sneeze and react.

Since Pitbulls generally don’t have much dog fur, these allergens aren’t present in a large amount, making life with a Pitbull much simpler.

Which Factors Affect How Much Pitbulls Shed?

pitbull eats dog foodpitbull eats dog food

A lot of human-controlled factors can affect the amount of shedding.

You already know that Pitbulls are moderate shedders. With regular grooming, their shedding won’t even be noticeable. But, what do you do when you suddenly start seeing hairballs or dog fur around the place?

You look for what causes this problem! As I mentioned, many factors are controlled by humans.

For starters, excessive shedding can be a result of a poor diet. Dogs on simple kibble, without much nutrients, often have problems with loose fur that simply has no shine. Dogs shed because they’re lacking omega-3 fatty acids or are having food allergies.

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I always recommend you pick dog food according to the breed of the dog. Look for high-quality dog food with plenty of proteins that suit your dog the best as some might be too heavy on your dog’s stomach.

Less excess hair should be noticeable within a couple of uses of the best dog food. Also, skin allergies connected to poor nutrition will show improvement fast.

If you are wondering whether raw food would be a good option for your dog, check our article on raw diet for Pitbulls.

The temperature of the room that your Pittie lives in can also be a result of excessive hair loss. Turn down the thermometer if the temperature is too high.

Some other factors like stress, the temperature outside, or genetic issues are something we can’t control.

Dogs sense stress. They will act nervously if they sense you’re under stress, too, or if they find themselves in stressful situations. Usually, dogs that aren’t properly trained won’t react well around unknown people, and they will exhibit stress.

Constant living under pressure will manifest in hair loss and the overall poor condition of a dog’s skin.

Dogs that spend too much time outside under extreme conditions like high temperatures can also have issues with their coat. Not only will their hair shed like crazy, but their coat will lose its shine, too.

Dogs aren’t meant to be kept outside. Take them in, assign them to own spot, bed, or place on your couch. Let them enjoy air conditioning, too!

Even though we take good care of our dogs, they can still develop some skin conditions, infections, or allergies that must be treated. A lot of dogs will get fleas or mites at some point in their life. So, how do you deal with them?

Parasites like fleas or mites can cause severe damage to a dog’s skin and coat. They affect the amount of dead hair, cause dry skin, redness, and sometimes even painful wounds.

I recommend you go see your vet immediately upon discovering that your dog is suffering from parasite infestation.

Lastly, I want to address something that can be modified only with regular health tests and proper breeding practice. Reliable breeders will always make sure that their breeding stock has no genetic issues that may cause problems with their offspring.

Most certainly, puppies from untrusted sources will have at least one genetic problem. It doesn’t have to be the one affecting the dog’s coat, but there is a big chance it might be. That’s why you should always ask to see the puppy’s clearances before you opt to adopt.

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There are a lot of reasons that can cause excessive shedding. You already know how to deal with poor nutrition and temperatures. But, the best way to keep your dog’s coat under control is regular grooming.

Keep on reading to find out how to properly groom your Pitbull!

Grooming Pitbulls 101

Grooming a Pitbull shouldn’t give you a headache because these dogs don’t have a winter coat that sheds, or a coat that gets too tangly. Instead, a Pitbull’s short, sleek coat is quite a delight for both professional groomers and pet owners.

Pitbulls are one of those dogs that don’t have a strong doggy odor like Berners. However, they still require regular brushing and bathing. You shouldn’t bathe your Pittie too often. Bi-monthly baths should be just fine.

You should use a mild dog shampoo that feels soothing on sensitive skin. No harsh chemicals, fragrances, or dyes. I find that dog shampoos with oatmeal work the best for most dogs, and they treat numerous skin problems like rashes.

Also, oatmeal gives a nice shine to your Pitbull’s hair. Of course, you can pick another soothing shampoo like those with aloe vera, shea butter, chamomile, etc. The important thing is to never use human shampoos on your dog.

After giving your dog a bath, you should dry him and give him a thorough brushing.

What you need to be careful about with Pitbulls is not to allow them to get a sunburn. Not only will it cause hair loss, but it may lead to cancer, and that’s not something a dog owner likes to hear.

Which Pitbull Brushes Do I Recommend?

shedding brushshedding brush

Pitbulls with their short hair need shedding brushes, gloves, bristle brushes, or slickers. I also find that grooming gloves are quite helpful for grooming this dog breed.

A good brush will pick up loose dog hair, give a nice massage to stimulate hair growth, and distribute natural oils so the coat is shiny.

Your Pitbull dog doesn’t have an additional layer of fur that must be treated with undercoat brushes. Don’t reach for them or for pin brushes as they might hurt your dog.

Go on Amazon and find which brush is the most affordable for your budget. Almost all of them work the same way. It’s only a matter of their durability. But, when a dog sheds moderately like our Pittie, any dog brush will last a while.

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Do Health Problems Affect The Shedding Amount?

Happy young veterinarian checking health of american pitbullHappy young veterinarian checking health of american pitbull

Yes, there are certain health conditions that might affect the amount of shedding with Pitbulls.

The biggest health issue that causes excessive shedding with Pitbulls is, in fact, numerous skin problems. As single-coated dogs, Pitbulls are known for having sensitive skin, even more sensitive than with other dog breeds.

As such, you shouldn’t let your dog out when the UV index is too high. Also, never use harsh chemicals when bathing your dog. This may lead to rashes, or dry or itchy skin that can turn into wounds and cause infections.

Speaking of dry skin, did you know that Pitbulls are one of those dog breeds that are especially prone to allergies, including atopic dermatitis? Untreated allergies can lead to bald spots, excessive hair loss, and lots of pain.

Other health-related conditions that affect hair loss are parasite infestations, and hypothyroidism. I’ve already addressed parasite infestations earlier. These are not to be played with. You should rush your dog to the vet the moment you notice the first symptoms.

As for hypothyroidism, it’s a hidden condition that can be detected with blood tests. This happens when a dog’s thyroid gland doesn’t produce enough of its hormone. The most common symptoms are weight gain, hair loss, and skin changes.

If your Pittie is putting on additional weight, and you notice its hair is a bit brittle and sheds in patches, your dog needs hormone supplements to keep its life functioning normally.

All Pitbull owners must take their dogs to the vet on a regular basis. Even if nothing’s wrong with your dog, regular vet checkups are a must and the only way to prevent certain health problems.

Why Should I Own A Pitbull?

a brown Pitbulls Shed lying on the sidewalka brown Pitbulls Shed lying on the sidewalk

Many dog owners are intimidated by Pitbulls as if their Golden Retriever or German Shepherd is any less dangerous than this dog breed. This unjust full gradation of dog breeds has turned Pitties into some kind of mysterious, dangerous beings.

But, the truth couldn’t be further from this!

I’m here to break your stereotypes and show that Pitbulls are very valuable dogs that should be adopted.

For starters, Pitbulls are quite affectionate. They might look big and scary, but if you scratch the surface, you’ll see how sweet Pitbulls are. They love showing affection to their owner, so expect a lot of wet kisses.

You can definitely have them around kids (with supervision, of course!) since they allow pretty much anything, even rough play. You can see a Pittie’s true nature when meeting other dogs or new people. That tail will surely be wagging, and the nose sniffing!

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This leads us to their socialization. Pitbulls are considered to be social butterflies. They love meeting new dogs, and living along with a cat and some other pets isn’t troubling for them. Just make sure they’re all trained.

Speaking of training, were you aware that Pitbulls are highly trainable? These dogs learn fast, and I blame that on the fact that they love to please humans. This only proves how loyal they are.

A well-trained Pitbull can be the perfect dog if only you devote some time and give this dog breed a chance.

Why The Pitbull Isn’t The Right Dog Breed For Me

pitbull on a leashpitbull on a leash

Of course, if you’re scared for any reason, the Pitbull might not be the right dog breed for you.

These are strong, muscular dogs. They’re active and need daily exercise. If you’re a couch potato and don’t have much time for long walks and playtime, skip this dog breed. Pitbulls need a firm hand that will guide them.

Also, since they’re so affectionate, Pitbulls develop separation anxiety easily. They don’t need owners who spend a lot of time outside or working. If you’re still interested in having a Pittie, but work long hours, I recommend doggy day care.

All in all, I’m far too in love with Pitbulls to say something against this lovely dog breed.

To Sum Up…

Do Pitbulls shed like crazy? No.

Are Pitbulls easy-maintenance dogs? Yes!

Will I always need a lint roller by hand? No.

Will I be satisfied with owning a Pitbull? Absolutely yes!

As you can figure out yourself, Pitbulls are wonderful dogs to own. Their friendly temperament is only a part of the puzzle as to why Pitbulls are amazing. And, you don’t even have to worry about whether Pitbulls shed, especially if you’re prone to allergies.

If this doesn’t make Pitbulls the perfect pets, I don’t know what will!

Lastly, I want to emphasize that Pitbulls aren’t hypoallergenic dogs. If your allergies are that severe, then you need a dog breed that is declared hypoallergenic. Pitbulls are okay if you have mild to occasional allergic reactions. If you don’t, then a Pittie Poodle might be the one for you!

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