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Rottweilers are one of the most popular dog breeds in the world. They are known for their strong and muscular build, and amazing personalities. They have such a wonderful and caring nature, and despite their look, they would not hurt a fly.

Their dark coat, which consists of black, tan, mahogany, and even red, is truly beautiful and recognizable. The Doberman is a dog that has similar coat colors and patterns.

Many dog breeds have their main colors that are approved by the American Kennel Club (AKC), but besides those colors, there are some rare ones. Rottweilers are one of those dog breeds that can come in colors that are not their typical ones.

Some of those colors are blue, red, and fully black. The one that is the most controversial is the white color. There are many questions that come with the white Rottweiler, and we are here to answer them.

We made a small guide of the white Rottweiler and covered a lot of facts about these beauties. Make yourself comfortable, take your favorite snack, and let’s start the journey, which is the white Rottweiler.

White Rottweiler: What Causes A Rottie To Turn White?

White Rottweiler looking at cameraWhite Rottweiler looking at camera

Photo from: @mak9_cheshire

There is plenty of talk surrounding the white Rottweiler. Some people think that they don’t exist while others want to present it as a super-rare color that a Rottie can come in. They do exist, but it is not really a desirable trait.

It is a rare color, but some breeders like to use this term as a marketing tactic. White Rottweilers are beautiful, we can all agree on that, but there are some complications that can come with them.

There are a couple of reasons why a Rottie can turn out to be white. Since they don’t naturally have white pigment in them, then whatever the reason for them turning white may be, it is not good.

A Rottweiler that has patches of white mixed with its natural colors is also considered to be white. It is more likely that the Rottweiler will have a mix of white and other colors rather than being just white.

A pure white Rottweiler is super rare, and it is thought to be because of the condition called albinism.

Another thing that is connected to the appearance of a Rottweiler that is super rare (and not a lot of people know about) is long-haired Rottweilers, but there are fewer controversies surrounding these guys than the white ones.

Here is a list and an explanation of all the reasons why a Rottie can have white patches or be completely white.

1. Vitiligo

Vitiligo is a skin condition that can affect both humans and dogs. When it comes to dogs, it causes parts of the fur to lose pigment and turn white. There is no reason that can definitely explain why vitiligo appears.

The thing that is known is that it messes with melanin-producing cells. Sometimes, it can start when the puppy is born while other times, it can appear out of nowhere when the dog is an adult. The pace at which it develops is also unknown – it depends from dog to dog.

It can start with a couple of patches and end up covering almost the whole body, turning the dog pure white while other times, it will just stay on those couple of patches.

The most common result is a lot of white patches being spread all across the body, and being mixed with the other dark colors that the Rottweiler naturally has.

A Rottweiler that has a mix of these colors is truly beautiful and unique, but you need to remember that these dogs have a condition. They do come with some health issues that we will list and describe later on in the article.

A funny comparison of vitiligo Rottweilers is if you take Bernese Mountain Dog colors and mix them up a bit, you will get patterns of a Rottweiler that has vitiligo.

2. Albinism

An interesting thing about albinism is that if the dog has an albino gene, it does not mean that it will develop any traits of albinism. Two copies of the albino gene is necessary for a dog to develop albinism. Every gene that the dog has produces melanin.

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If it does not produce it, this means that there will be a lack of melanin, and that the dog has albinism. This condition can appear similar to vitiligo, but it does not spread. A Rottweiler can have a couple of white patches across the body and head.

A true albino Rottweiler is a Rottweiler that has a body that is entirely covered in white. If they are not fully white, they are not considered to be albino.

These dogs do look cool and appealing, but you need to remember that albinism is a condition that can deteriorate your dog’s health.

An important thing to emphasize is that an albino Rottweiler is a purebred Rottweiler, even though albinism is not within the breed standard.

If you are an experienced dog owner and see a white Rottweiler in a shelter or being sold, you can step in. A lot of people like the way they look, and for that reason, they decide to get them. Sometimes, they realize that they are too much work, and that they are not prepared or have the knowledge to take care of this type of dog.

In these cases, the white Rottie will end up in a shelter. This is why experienced people should take on the role of caring for this type of doggie.

3. Inbreeding

Inbreeding means breeding two dogs that are relatives; for example, breeding a father Rottweiler with a daughter Rottweiler. In these cases, a puppy can end up being white because a break in the recessive gene appears.

The dominant gene won’t work, and that is the gene that produces melanin and pigment. If the dominant gene does not work, then other genes, like an albino gene, will appear on the surface and become dominant.

This will result in your dog being albino (or, in other words, white).

4. Crossbreeding

When it comes to white Rottweilers and albino Rottweilers, people tend to think that they are the same. In some cases, it is because technically, an albino dog is white. A true albino Rottie is super rare. It is more common to see a white Rottweiler that was crossbred than an albino one.

The crossbred ones are rare as well, so imagine what the chances of getting an albino Rottweiler are.

What does crossbreeding mean? It is breeding two different breeds and getting a hybrid dog (or, in other words, a mixed breed). For example, you can mix a Rottweiler and a white German Shepherd, and you can end up with a puppy that has a dominant gene of white color.

A lot of things need to add up. A puppy can end up looking exactly like the Rottweiler parent, but inherit a white coat from their white German Shepherd parent.

This does not mean that the Rottweiler puppy has albinism, but just a gene that the Rottweiler breed usually does not possess, and in this case, inherited.

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5. Hypothyroidism

This is one of the health problems that Rottweilers are not that prone to. Hypothyroidism is a condition in which the thyroid gland is not performing normally. There are a couple of symptoms, which include weight gain and some skin problems.

Among those symptoms is graying. If the condition develops too aggressively, you may end up with a dog that will be very gray, and could pass as white.

You will be able to see the difference between a fully white one and a Rottie that has this condition, but sometimes they can also pass as white.

Rottweilers that are aged from four to 10 years can develop this disease, but it is not that common. There is a cure for it, and when it is cured, all the symptoms will go away.

White Rottweiler: Color Genetics

White Rottweiler standing outsideWhite Rottweiler standing outside

Photo from: @mak9_cheshire

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As we have said, not all white Rottweilers are albinos. We mentioned four other reasons for why a Rottie can turn out to be white. Albinos usually have pink around the eyes and a pink nose. A white Rottweiler will have dark eyes and a dark nose just like a regular Rottweiler.

The main difference is that the albino Rottweiler is a genetic mutation while a white Rottweiler is usually a crossbreed.

A white Rottweiler will have fewer health issues than an albino one, so when it comes to the health department, you will have fewer worries with a white one.

Their white fur might not be as purely white as the albino Rotties have, but it will be whiter than the vitiligo ones for sure.

An albino Rottweiler has less of (or a defective enzyme) that is called Tyrosinase, and that enzyme is responsible for producing melanin. A white Rottweiler will have a functioning Tyrosinase, but it is not dominant.

The dominant gene is the white color gene. Inbreeding may produce a lot of albino dogs, but never a white one. This is because inbreeding is done with purebred Rottweilers that are related. Both of these dogs don’t have a dominant white gene, but they can produce an albino gene.

When you see a white Rottweiler puppy, it is either crossbred or has albinism because vitiligo does not develop that much when the puppy is just born.

White Rottweiler: Temperament And Personality

A white Rottweiler will have the same personality as a regular one. The only difference between them is the color. If your dog has hypothyroidism, it may develop some behavioral changes like becoming more attached to you, or even distant.

But, the general personality of that dog will be the same as a normal Rottweiler, just with some mood swings. The white hairs don’t cause the dog to behave differently.

We listed some of the temperament and personality traits that describe this breed the best.

Calm But Confident

Rottweilers have this calm aura around them, which may shock a lot of people. Some don’t think that their appearance matches their personality, and we can agree with that. By looking at them, you may think that they are tough cookies, but they are gentle giants.

These dogs make perfect family dogs because they are gentle enough to be good with kids, but confident enough to make amazing guard dogs.

When it comes to their confident side, you need to make sure to socialize them early on and show them that you are the pack leader. If you don’t set the rules before they become an adult, your Rottweiler might show some signs of aggression.

Once you set the rules, you will end up with the most loving, caring, and loyal dog out there.


When it comes to Rottweilers, they might not be the most energetic dogs out there, but they sure love to play. A good play session with other dogs in the dog park, or playing fetch with their owner is all they need.

If you have kids in the family, you will be able to see your Rottie bringing the ball to the kids and inviting them for playtime. And, that might be a frequent occurrence.

If you are not in much of a mood for playtime, don’t worry! These dogs love cuddle time the same as playtime. Good quality time with their owner, whether it is playing or lounging, is something they enjoy.


Rottweilers are not dangerous if they are raised right, and that is a fact with every breed that has an intimidating presence, and is bigger in size. Well, to be honest, that is even the case with small dogs like a Chihuahua or a Maltese dog.

These dogs are super protective and loyal to their owner, and they will do anything to protect them. This does not mean that the first reaction will be an attack. They will probably intimidate the danger by barking and growling.

If the situation gets more dangerous and heated, they will probably attack, but in a way to remove the danger – not to do harm at first, at least.

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They make the perfect guard dogs. They will be extremely protective of kids. Sometimes, if they make a great bond with the kids, they will follow them like shadows. They have some herding instinct, so you may see them try to put all the kids in the same room.


These dogs have no problem with learning new things. When they are puppies, they might be a bit stubborn and confident, but when you learn the trick to getting them to learn new things, the training sessions will be a breeze.

They are food motivated, and love positive reinforcement. Training a Rottweiler is a pleasurable thing because you will admire their concentration, and at the same time, you will have a good laugh because of their goofiness.

Even when they get older, they don’t mind learning new things. A good thing you can do as a dog owner is to give your Rottweiler daily tasks to keep him mentally stimulated.


Making a friend is an easy task for these lovely pooches. They love to play with other dogs. Long friendships with dogs are something that you can say that this breed loves, but meeting new doggie friends is exciting to them as well.

Female Rottweilers have that natural motherly instinct, even when they don’t have a litter or puppies of their own. You can see that instinct pop out when they are around small dogs and kids. They make sure that they are extremely gentle, and that the small dog or kid is safe.

They may be a bit careful when it comes to meeting other people, especially in their territory. When they smell the new person down and realize that they are not a danger, you can consider those people to be their new besties.

White Rottweiler: Appearance

White Rottweiler standing outside looking at cameraWhite Rottweiler standing outside looking at camera

Photo from: @mak9_cheshire

When it comes to their appearance, their build is the same as the regular Rottweiler – the only difference is their color. They will have the signature big Rottweiler head, big muzzle, and strong, broad, and muscular body.

They are the same in size as well. The male Rottweiler can grow to be 24 to 27 inches, and weigh 95 to 130 pounds. The females are a bit smaller, and grow to be 22 to 25 inches, and weigh 85 to 115 pounds.

If you want to know more about their growth process, you can always check our Rottweiler growth chart.

When talking about white Rottweilers that are crossbred, there might be some slight differences between each puppy. It depends on what breed you mix it with. If you mix a Rottweiler dog with a German Shepherd dog, you can get different-looking puppies.

So, if you mix a Rottweiler with another breed, like a Bulldog, a Mastiff, or a Pitbull, those puppies may look different than the previous mixed puppies.

But, generally, white Rottweilers that are purebred dogs should have all the characteristics that are within the breed standard except for color.

Vitiligo Rottweiler colors will vary, and there will never be two dogs with vitiligo that have the same color patterns on their coat. They might either have a lot of white markings or maybe just a few. You will never know what you might get, which can be pretty exciting.

They have a short and a medium-length double coat. The outer coat is medium-length, and it is mainly on the head and legs. The undercoat is short and dense, and is placed mostly on the thighs and the neck.

The interesting thing about the undercoat is that the amount of it that your Rottweiler might have depends on the environment and climate they live in.

The white Rottweiler is not hypoallergenic, and it sheds the same amount as a regular Rottie. Because of this, you will need to brush them daily to control the shedding process and hairs being all around your home.

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When it comes to Rottweilers, tail docking and ear cropping are quite common. Tail docking is more common than ear cropping. This is something that is only done because of the owner’s preference as to how they want their Rottweiler to look.

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White Rottweiler: Health Issues And Lifespan

White Rottweiler looking into distanceWhite Rottweiler looking into distance

Photo from: @mak9_cheshire

White Rottweilers will have fewer health conditions than albino Rottweilers. Generally, every breed has some health issues that they are more prone to than other breeds. The list includes the issues that a regular Rottweiler may have, and the other issues that a white and albino Rottweiler might have.

Albino Rottweilers have more health issues because their immune system is weaker than the regular Rottweiler’s immune system.

– Eye Problems. This is common with regular Rotts as well. They can develop cataracts, which can later on cause blindness in one or both eyes. Albino Rotties are known to have problems with their eyes due to abnormal development. They can have a lazy eye, poor vision, photophobia, or blindness.

– Hip Dysplasia. This happens when the thigh bone doesn’t fit right into the hip joint. You can notice your dog being in pain, but sometimes it does not hurt them, which can be tricky when it comes to diagnosing this issue. When the dog gets older and still has hip dysplasia, it may develop arthritis. A reputable breeder should show you a health certificate that a hip examination has been done. The parents should be tested as well because this disease is inherited.

– Aortic Stenosis/Subaortic Stenosis (AS/SAS). This is a heart condition that Rottweilers tend to develop. The aorta is narrowed, and because of that, the heart needs to work harder in order to pump blood through the whole body. The dog can possibly faint, and unfortunately die as well from this condition. It can be inherited, but at this time, it is not known how.

– Skin Problems. White Rottweilers will have a denser undercoat. Because of this, there is a greater possibility of fleas hiding and for bacteria to develop. This can cause skin rashes and allergies. Albinos have greater issues when it comes to their skin because they have no melanin, and that makes their skin much more sensitive. They can burn easily, and even develop skin cancer and infections.

Osteosarcoma. This is an aggressive disease that large breeds are more prone to suffering from. It is bone cancer. The first sign is lameness. The only way to be sure is by taking X-rays. This disease is treated aggressively by amputation of the limb that is affected (and with chemotherapy). After the diagnosis, they can live from nine months to two years. If amputation is done, Rotties can get used to three limbs pretty quickly. They don’t suffer the same side effects from chemotherapy as humans do.

Panosteitis (Pano). This occurs only in Rottweiler puppies, not in adults, and this is why this condition is called growing pains. It can occur when the puppy is four months old, and it is not sure how long it stays. It depends from puppy to puppy. The only thing that your puppy will need is some rest. If you see him limping, you should take him to the vet just to be sure that everything is fine.

Gastric Dilatation-volvulus (GDV), also called Bloat or Torsion. This happens when dogs eat one big meal a day, and drink a lot of water all in one. The stomach fills up with gas, and because of that, it will twist. Your dog will probably gag and not throw up, and it won’t be able to belch in order to release the gas in the stomach. The blood pressure will drop and your dog will probably end up in shock. If you don’t react fast and bring your dog to the vet, it might die.

Allergies. Allergies are common in every dog breed, including the Rottweiler. They can be allergic to a certain food or food ingredient. They can have allergies to some shampoos, flea remedies, and many other chemicals. They can also be allergic to pollen or dust.

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Deafness. It is known that albino dogs develop deafness or some hearing problems, and that is no different with albino Rottweilers.

Breathing Problems. This can be common with inbred Rottweiler dogs. It can also be a problem for regular Rottweilers that have gained some weight and are not active enough.

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When it comes to the regular Rottweiler, it does not mean that they will for sure develop any of these health issues. White Rottweilers may have more chances of developing some of these, but albino Rottweilers are the ones that are most likely to develop a certain health condition.

Regular Rottweilers may have a lifespan of eight to 12 years, but white and albino Rottweilers will live shorter. This depends on their health. If a white Rottweiler does not get any serious health condition, it can live around seven to 10 years.

White Rottweiler: Grooming And Taking Care

White Rottweiler puppyWhite Rottweiler puppy

Photo from: @lou.brad

When it comes to Rottweilers and grooming, they don’t need a lot of work. They do shed, so regular brushing is a must. It will be preferred if you brush your dog daily, but three times a week will be just fine.

White Rotties shed a bit more because they have a denser undercoat than the regular ones, so daily brushing for them is a must. The thing you need to keep an extra eye on is fleas, ticks, and any other pest that might hide in their coat.

It will be hard to find them, but because of the whiteness of their coat, they will be easier to detect when you figure out how to spread their coat.

Their coat doesn’t grow fast, so haircuts are not needed that frequently. Maybe once a year is fine to doll up your pooch.

Clipping their nails is important. If your dog spends a lot of time outside in nature, their nails will be naturally trimmed. If you don’t feel comfortable doing this by yourself, you can always take your dog to the vet or a professional groomer.

Cleaning their ears should be done on a weekly basis. You need to check their ears for any ear mites or black gunk. If it is left for a long time, there is the possibility of an infection. Ear plucking should be also done from time to time, especially if you see extra hair in there.

Special Care For Albino Rottweilers

Since these dogs are a lot more sensitive and prone to health issues, there are a couple of things that you need to keep in mind. Owning an albino dog can be tiring sometimes, but it is worth it because they will reward you with unconditional love.

Some of the things you need to do are:

– Protect their skin. Since they don’t have melanin, their skin is extremely sensitive. You must protect it from the sun at all costs; otherwise, he can develop some serious health issues. You need to put on sunscreen that is specially formulated for dogs, so you will be sure that there are no toxic ingredients. You should also put them in a bodysuit or some type of sweater or shirt when the sun is extremely strong.

– Provide them with goggles. Their eyes are weaker than a normal Rottweiler’s eyes, and they develop many eye problems. Their sight is weaker, and they can even go completely blind. Their eyes are super sensitive to the sun, so you should give them goggles or sunglasses when you are taking your albino dog for a walk when it is sunny outside.

– Try to avoid the sun as much as possible. Your dog will need to go to the bathroom during the daytime, but try to make those walks as short as possible. When the sun is lower or gone completely, you can take your albino Rottie for a long walk and play with other dogs, too.

– Don’t brush them that often. Their skin is not only sensitive when it comes to the sun, but also when it comes to brushing. If you brush them harshly and frequently, they will probably have some reaction to it. Some wounds might appear, which will make the dog extremely uncomfortable.

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What Are The Colors That Rottweilers Come In?

When it comes to Rottweiler colors that are within the AKC breed standard, there are three main ones:

– black and tan

– black and mahogany

– black and rust

Besides these three colors, there are five more colors in which Rotties can appear, but they are not that common, and are not within the breed standard. Those colors are:

– Blue Rottweilers

– Red Rottweilers

– Gray Rottweilers

– White Rottweilers

– Black Rottweilers

If you are interested in reading more about the colors of these beauties, you can always check out our Rottweiler colors article.

Is There A Black And White Rottweiler?

A black and white Rottweiler is not within the breed standard, and you will rarely see one, but there is a possibility for a Rot to develop a black and white coat pattern.

This will be caused by the vitiligo that we mentioned before, but it depends on how it affects the dog. There is a possibility of white patches suddenly popping up on your dog’s coat.

It is rare for them to be black and white only. There will mostly be some brown or tan coloring in the mix when it comes to vitiligo.

How Rare Is A White Rottweiler?

black and white Rottweilersblack and white Rottweilers

Photo from: @shamba_boerboels_tz

White and albino Rottweilers are extremely rare. A lot of people don’t even know that there is a possibility of a white Rottie existing. You can spend your whole life on this earth without seeing a white Rottie in person.

If you want to buy a white Rottweiler only, we suggest you buy the regular one first because a white one may never pop up. Try not to lose precious time that you can be spending with your pooch only because of its color. They are exactly the same as the regular ones.

What Is The Price Of A White Puppy?

If you find a white puppy, you will be spending around $1,000 to $2,500 on your future pooch. You need to make sure that the breeder is reputable.

Breeders who put a very high price on their white puppies simply because they claim it is really rare and special should be avoided. Ethical breeders put white puppies in the category of pet-quality or pet dogs.

Because of this, the price of the white ones can also be lower than the one we previously mentioned. If you want to know more about the cost and prices of this breed, you can always check our Rottweiler price article.

What Will Be The Color Of Their Eyes?

Well, that depends if the white dog is albino, inbreed, crossbred, or has vitiligo. Albino dogs will have either red or blue eyes. This is the reason why their eyes are so sensitive.

Dogs that are white because of crossbreeding or vitiligo will most likely have dark brown eyes or even light brown eyes.

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To Sum It Up

White Rottweiler playing in natureWhite Rottweiler playing in nature

Photo from: @mak9_cheshire

White Rottweilers do exist, but the reason for their whiteness is either a skin condition, mixing them with other dogs, or inbreeding. These are not ideal situations, but every dog is worthy of love and being taken care of.

Picking your future puppy should never be based on its color. It is very hard to find a white Rottweiler or an albino Rottweiler, so you might be wasting your time looking for one. But, in some rare cases, if you find one, then lucky you!

We hope that if you eagerly want one, you will find it as soon as possible, and we wish you all the happiness and love with your future puppy in advance.

By Andy Marcus

Hello, my name is Andy Marcus, and I am a passionate dog lover and enthusiast. For me, there is nothing quite like the joy and love that a furry friend can bring into our lives. I have spent years studying and learning about dogs, and have made it my mission to share my knowledge and expertise with others through my website. Through my website, I aim to provide comprehensive information and resources for dog owners and enthusiasts. Whether it's training tips, health and nutrition advice, or insights into dog behavior, I strive to create a platform that is accessible and useful to everyone who loves dogs.

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