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There are many rescue groups, shelters, and dog breeders in America who all have the same goal – giving love and the best possible care for puppies and adult dogs of all shapes and sizes.

In this article, we are going to meet 50 different breeders of 50 different breeds from 50 different American states. There are, of course, many more excellent breeders out there you should check out.

We hope that you will enjoy the variety of beautiful pups, and find something for yourself! Come with us and let’s see what offers from the west to east coast!

50 Dog Breeders In America

1. Triple S German Shepherds (Alabama)

Breed: German Shepherds

Triple S has a fine choice of German Shepherds, at least when it comes to the dog breeders in America. There is a versatile choice of GSD colors in this kennel. You can find sable GSD, white GSD, red and black GSD and bi-colored GSD like panda GSD.

Puppies have it all – they are smart, affectionate and loyal friends. They will happily join every activity and adventure. Check out these breeders on their website. Or check this out if you want to find out more on the GSD breeders in Alabama

Triple S German Shepherds Breeder Details:

Address: Newville, Alabama

Phone number: +13347956201

Email: [email protected]

Website: Triple S Shepherds

2. Arctic Akitas (Alaska)

Breed: Akita and Shiba Inu

Melissa is searching for a new loving home for her Akita and Shiba Inu puppies. These puppies are perfect for snow country as she says on her website. You can find both Japanese and American Akitas there.

This kennel is registered under the American Kennel Club (AKC). This means they put in a lot of effort to reach high breeding standards. If you want to find more good breeders of the noble Akita in the USA, check this out. There are also reputable breeders of Shiba Inu all over the USA and you can check them here.

Arctic Akitas Breeder Details:

Address: Fairbanks, Alaska

Phone number: +19079783158

Email: [email protected]

Website: Arctic Akitas

3. Cathy’s Coton Cuties (Arizona)

Breed: Coton de Tulear

You can find only purebred dogs here. These are the cutest small fluffy dogs out there. There is one of the many dog breeders in America who does their job well and breeds within the standard.

They are taking the best care of their precious fluffy angels. They are more than family dogs – they are true family members, so feel free to contact them to find out more.

Cathy’s Coton Cuties Breeder Details:

Address: Mesa, Arizona

Phone number: +14806281851

Email: [email protected]

Website: Cathy’s Coton Cuties

Facebook: Cathy’s Coton Cuties

See Also: 8 Creditable Coton De Tulear Breeders Across The States

4. Circle S Kennels (Arkansas)

Breed: Dogo Argentino

They have a motto from the Bible that drives them in their breeding aim – “He was a mighty fighter before the Lord”. And, that is exactly how the Dogo Argentino is.

Their bloodlines come straight from Cordoba. This means you can have high hopes for their conformation and dispositions. The price of Dogo Argentino puppies here is $3,200 and up.

Circle S Kennels Breeder Details:

Address: Heber Springs, Arizona

Phone number: +15012065007

Email: [email protected]

Website: Circle S Kennels

Facebook: Circle S Kennels

5. Stofer’s Labs (California)

Breed: Labrador Retrievers

Here, we have another fine dog breeder in America. They breed Labradors in many Labrador colors. You can find yellow, black, silver, chocolate, and their hallmark – white Labs.

They don’t just offer puppies for sale – they also do boarding and training of dogs that are a bit more playful than usual. If you want to know more about other Labrador breeders in California, check this out.

Stofer’s Labs Breeder Details:

Address: Prunedale, California

Phone number: +18319983837

Email: [email protected]

Website: Stofer’s Labs

Facebook: Stofer’s Labs

6. Kloud 9 (Colorado)

Breed: Pugs and Boxers

Kloud 9 are definitely members in good standing with the AKC. They have more than 20 years of being responsible breeders. And, they do it with a lot of passion, passing it on to their children and grandchildren.

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Do you want to know the price of Pugs? It starts at $2,250, and it depends on the color. Boxer colors also impact their price, and this starts at $1,950.

Kloud 9 Breeder Details:

Address: Deer Trail, Colorado

Phone number: +17204900380

Email: [email protected]

Website: Kloud 9

Facebook: Kloud 9

7. The Golden Gals (Connecticut)

Breed: Golden Retrievers

There are a lot of dog breeders in America who raise sweet Golden Retrievers, and at Golden Gals, you can find both girls and studs, which means they have male and female Golden Retrievers.

Their Golden Gals pass all the necessary health testings at the veterinarian before they go to their new home. That is why they are able to provide the best dog for new dog owners. And, if you want to find out where to find more reputable Golden Retriever breeders, click here.

The Golden Gals Breeder Details:

Address: Bethany, Connecticut

Phone number: +12032091559

Website: The Golden Gals

Facebook: The Golden Gals

8. BullyLuv (Delaware)

Breed: English Bulldogs

There is a saying that no one really owns an English Bulldog. And, these breeders say that this is true. They believe they are very special, and they have a huge Bullyluv for this breed.

If you want to find out the price of English Bulldogs, you will have to ask the breeders. As well, to find out if there is any available puppy at the moment.

BullyLuv Breeder Details:

Address: New Castle, Delaware

Phone number: +13,22187555

Email: [email protected]

Website: BullyLuv

9. World Class Cavaliers (Florida)

Breed: Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

The next breeders on our list of dog breeders in America are raising some royal pups here, and their Cavalier King Charles Spaniels come in royal colors. You can choose blenheim, tricolor, black, or ruby.

Their litters are delivered in a very controlled environment, and the intention is to provide healthy pups for dog lovers. This means improving their temperament, conformation, and overall health.

World Class Cavaliers Breeder Details:

Address: Miami, Florida

Phone number: +17865891338

Email: [email protected]

Website: World Class Cavaliers

Facebook: World Class Cavaliers

10. Atlanta Doodles And Poodles Georgia

Breed: Doodles and Poodles

Melissa and Lauren, mother and daughter, share their love for the adorable Doodles and Poodles. Their first aim is to raise the perfect Miniature Goldendoodle.

The most important thing here is to give a lot of love to these puppies. That is why they have all the best conditions to strive for, and that is health care, attention, and a lot of time and space for play.

Atlanta Doodles And Poodles Breeder Details:

Address: Atlanta, Georgia

Phone number: +14044563511

Website: Atlanta Doodles And Poodles

11. Hawaii King Kennels (Hawaii)

Breed: American Bulldogs

Aloha, friends! Do you want a pocket-sized American Bully? Or, are you more into standard and classic? Or, maybe you prefer XL Bullies? You can choose whatever size you want here.

The question appears, what is the American Bully cost? That is what you will have to ask, but one thing we know – they are rabies-free, and they can ship you your dog wherever you are.

If you want to check out more American Bully breeders in the USA, click here.

Hawaii King Kennel Breeder Details:

Address: Maui, Hawaii

Phone number: +18083571135

Email: [email protected]

Website: Hawaii King Kennels

12. Idaho Shorthairs (Idaho)

Breed: German Shorthaired Pointers

Idaho Shorthairs are performance-bred companions as is stated on their website. You can find both male and female Shorthaired Pointers here, but only when the time comes.

There is a form on their website which you can fill out and put yourself on their waiting list, but first, you have to make a deposit. If you want to check other German Shorthaired Pointer breeders in the USA, click here.

Idaho Shorthairs Breeder Details:

Address: Spearfish Lane. Idaho

Phone number: +12084510523

Email: [email protected]

Website: Idaho Shorthairs

13. Cabeza Grande (Illinois)

Breed: Presa Canario

Though they come from Pocahontas, Illinois, these dogs probably weren’t her pets at the time, but they can be perfect pets for you. However, you will not get this dog easily here. They are like breeder referrals who only look for qualified new owners.

Don’t worry – these dogs get early socialization through a breeding program that involves mental and physical stimulation as well as contact with people. If you want to learn more about Presa Canario breeders in the USA, click here.

Cabeza Grande Breeder Details:

Address: Pocahontas, Illinois

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Phone number: +13143040869

Email: [email protected]

Website: Cabeza Grande

Facebook: Cabeza Grande

14. Angela’s Schnoodles (Indiana)

Breed: Schnoodle

These are some really good Schnoodle dog breeders in America. They offer you moyen, mini, and giant Schnoodles, and you will love them all.

This designer dog breed is one lovely combination you just can’t resist. And, if you want to find out more Schnoodle breeders in the USA, then click here!

Angela’s Schnoodles Breeder Details:

Address: Bluffton, Indiana

Phone number: +12608245080

Email: [email protected]

Website: Angela’s Schnoodles

Facebook: Angela’s Schnoodles

15. Whispering Pines (Iowa)

Breed: Mini Goldendoodles and Mini Bernedoodles

Mini Goldendoodles and Mini Bernedoodles are such adorable creatures, and this is the right place to get one. They have it all here at Whispering Pines – great conditions, 17 years of experience, and a lot of love for puppies.

If you want to get a puppy here, then jump onto their website and fill out their application. And, if you want more selection, check out other Mini Bernedoodle dog breeders in America.

Whispering Pines Breeder Details:

Address: Hull, Iowa

Phone number: +17124703229

Website: Whispering Pines

16. B & S Kennels (Kansas)

Breed: Basset Hounds, Beagles, Boxers, Doxies, Jack Russell Terriers, and Rat Terriers

Since they have them both, these people can help you find out if the Basset Hound or the Beagle is better for you. Or, is it some of the other breeds they raise.

They are AKC breed club-registered. Their 20 years of experience is a guarantee that you are making the right choice.

B & S Kennels Breeder Details:

Address: Olpe, Kansas

Phone number: +16204753725

Email: [email protected]

Website: B & S Kennels

17. Blue Axel Danes (Kentucky)

Breed: Great Danes

Whichever Great Dane color you want, you can find here. They have merle, lilac, mantle, harlequin, black, blue, chocolate, and brindle. But, if you want to find out about the Great Dane’s price, you will have to ask because price depends on color.

These are truly caring and beautiful dogs, and you will not make a mistake with contacting these people. If you want to check out more Great Dane breeders in America, then click here.

Breeder Details:

Address: Frenchburg, Kentucky

Phone number: +18593614781

Email: [email protected]

Website: Blue Axel Danes

Facebook: Blue Axel Danes

18. Miniweenie Dogs (Louisiana)

Breed: Dachshund

From their lap to yours… these dog breeders in America sell Dachshund puppies in all colors, as well as male and female Doxies in mini size. This means English Cream Doxies, black and tan, chocolate, red, dapple, and brindle. And, that is not all – they have long-haired Doxies, and those with smooth and wire hair.

Beautiful! So, if you want to find out how it is to live with a Dachshund in the house, hoppity hop, jump quickly to their website and fill out their puppy application.

Breeder Details:

Address: Marksville, Louisiana

Phone number: +13184817225

Email: [email protected]

Website: Mini Weenie Dogs

Facebook: Lydia’s Miniature Dachshunds

19. Sandy River Aussies (Maine)

Breed: Australian Shepherd

What distinguishes reputable breeders from puppy mills and pet stores is their passionate approach to breeding, and breeding for the improvement of the breed. And, that is what you will find here.

You will find fine blue merle, black, red tri, and red merle dogs here. Also, you will find both male and female Aussies. If you want to check out more Aussie breeders in the USA, click here.

Sandy River Aussies Breeder Details:

Address: Augusta, Maine

Phone number: +12076128511

Website: Sandy River Aussies

20. Marklin’s Pomeranians (Maryland)

Breed: Pomeranian

If you are a fan of fluffy balls of fur, then the Pomeranian is the breed for you. And, oh… those Pomeranian colors. You can find quality Poms at Marklin’s.

You will be purchasing a dog that already has its vaccinations and a microchip. Not to mention that you will get a happy and healthy puppy that will make your life happier, too.

Marklin’s Pomeranians Breeder Details:

Address: Galen Dale, Maryland

Phone number: +13014671786

Email: [email protected]

Website: Marklin’s Pomeranians

21. Pacheco Kennels (Massachusetts)

Breed: Vizsla and Labrador Retriever

Among many dog breeders in America, here we have George, Kevin, and Kim, who have been raising Labrador Retrievers and Vizsla dogs since 1972.

Maybe you are more fond of Vizsla mixes or Labrador Retriever mixes, but you won’t find those here. They only raise purebred dogs here. And, these dogs live in the most spacious loving home in order to develop into happy and healthy adult dogs.

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Pacheco Kennels Breeder Details:

Address: St Raynham, Massachusetts

Phone number: +15082548444

Email: [email protected]

Website: Pacheco Kennels

Facebook: Pacheco Kennels

22. Jessicah’s Frenchies (Michigan)

Breed: French Bulldogs

You are just a phone call away from getting yourself the best French Bulldog, and this spoiled puppy will certainly melt your heart. Don’t worry – he will bring his own blanket, toys, food, and a few more things.

If you are wondering how much a Frenchie costs, you will have to ask. But, you can choose whichever Frenchie color you want – the standard or the unique one. If you want to find some more Frenchie breeders in Michigan, then click here.

Jessicah’s Frenchies Breeder Details:

Address: Howell, Michigan

Phone number: +15174045542

Email: [email protected]

Website: Jessicah’s Frenchies

Facebook: Sproulls Fabulous French Bulldogs

23. Lagotto Lady Kennels (Minnesota)

Breed: Lagotto Romagnolo

Lagotto Lady Kennels is definitely one of the most responsible dog breeders in America. They approach every dog individually, with the imprinting method and the holistic approach.

These dogs equally strive as therapy dogs, and they are also excellent in dog shows. If you want to find more quality Lagotto Romagnolo breeders in the USA, click here.

Lagotto Lady Kennels Breeder Details:

Address: Lindstorm, Minnesota

Phone number: +16128391137

Email: [email protected]

Website: Lagotto Lady

Facebook: Lagotto Lady Kennels

24. Mississippi Rottweilers (Mississippi)

side portrait of a cute rottweiler puppyside portrait of a cute rottweiler puppy

Breed: Rottweilers

It is hard to choose the right Rottie breeder, but we think that you will not make mistakes with Mississippi Rottweilers. They offer both German and American Rottweilers that are registered under the AKC and bred within the standard.

If you want one of these champion dogs, then better hurry up and contact these breeders. You can pick them up or they can ship them to you.

Mississippi Rottweilers Breeder Details:

Address: Gloster, Mississippi

Phone number: +16015901663

Email: [email protected]

Website: Mississippi Rottweilers

Facebook: Mississipi Rottweilers

25. Kelsay Kennel (Missouri)

cute bernese mountain dog puppycute bernese mountain dog puppy

Breed: Bernese Mountain Dog

As it befits mountain dogs, these beautiful Bernese Mountain Dogs spend their days high up in the Missouri Ozark hills. Fresh air, a lot of exercise, and good food make these puppies awesome family companions.

If you are interested in the Bernese Mountain Dog cost, you will have to contact these breeders. If you want to check out more fine Bernese Mountain Dog breeders in the USA, click here.

Kelsay Kennel Breeder Details:

Address: California, Missouri

Phone number: +15733786688

Email: [email protected]

Website: Kelsay Kennel

26. Montana Mountain Newfoundlands (Montana)

newfoundland holding a branchnewfoundland holding a branch

Breed: Newfoundland

Behind seven seas and seven mountains, our Newfoundlands live their happy life, but not happily ever after. They are waiting for you to adopt them so you two can have happily ever after together. On average, this won’t be long because the Newfoundland’s lifespan is not very long.

You will pay $2,000 for one of these black, gray, beige, or brown puppies. These dogs are the full package – they are bred within the standard, they come with all their health guarantees, and they are AKC-registered.

Montana Mountain Newfoundlands Breeder Details:

Address: Gold Creek, Montana

Phone number: +14062748482

Website: Montana Mountain Newfoundlands

27. Sandhills Puppy Paws (Nebraska)

Breed: Maltese, Yorkies, Papillon, Shih Tzu

There are many family dog breeders in America, and Sandhills Puppy Paws are among the best. You can get yourself a male or a female Maltese here, whichever you prefer, along with a few other breeds.

The breeding standards are high in this kennel, as well as the hopes that these breeders have for their puppies. They are hoping to raise extraordinary dogs, and find extraordinary future homes for them.

Sandhills Puppy Paws Breeder Details:

Address: Newport, Nebraska

Phone number: +14022445337

Email: [email protected]

Website: Sandhills Puppy Paws

Facebook: Sandhills Puppy Paws

28. Red Rock Canyon (Nevada)

Breed: Cane Corso

At Red Rock Canyon, they give their best toward optimizing the breeding process in order to prevent common health issues that the Cane Corso breed has.

This is like a psychologist among breeds, that reads what is happening at the moment and acts accordingly. And, that is what these breeders try to reinforce by their selective approach. Do you know why choosing the right breeder matters?

Red Rock Canyon Breeder Details:

Address: Las Vegas, Nevada

Website: Red Rock Canyon

29. A Breed Apart Papillons (New Hampshire)

papillon in a fieldpapillon in a field

Breed: Papillon

Do you know that Papillons are among the smartest dog breeds, and among the most fluffy ones. Who wouldn’t love them? That is probably one of the reasons why their love for Papillons has lasted for 25 years already.

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All these dogs are tested for health issues and possible genetic problems. For the full package, you will pay $2,500, but that is not much money for a whole lot of love.

A Breed Apart Papillons Breeder Details:

Address: Londonderry, New Hampshire

Phone number: +16034347945

Email: [email protected]

Website: A Breed Apart | Papillons

Facebook: A Breed Apart Papillons

30. South Jersey Schnauzers (New Jersey)

portrait of a schnauzerportrait of a schnauzer

Breed: Miniature Schnauzers

On this list of dog breeders in America, there had to be at least one Schnauzer breeder. You can enjoy a lot of photos and videos of these cute dogs with mustaches on their social media platforms.

They invite you to visit their sites and discover all the information that you want to know. And, if you want to discover more quality Miniature Schnauzer breeders from all over the USA, click here.

South Jersey Schnauzers Breeder Details:

Address: Bridgeton, New Jersey

Phone number: +18569058111

Email: [email protected]

Website: South Jersey Schnauzers

Facebook: South Jersey Schnauzers

31. Krystal Rhodesian Ridgebacks (New Mexico)

Breed: Rhodesian Ridgebacks

It is crystal clear that Krystal Rhodesian is among the best dog breeders in America. And, why is that so? Because they are very serious about what they do. Many champion titles testify to this.

They have dogs that are of sound temperament, excellent health, and are perfect as pets, companions, and for performance. If you want to find more quality Rhodesian Ridgeback breeders in the USA, click here.

Krystal Rhodesian Ridgebacks Breeder Details:

Address: Moriarty, New Mexico

Phone number: +15056706064

Email: [email protected]

Website: Krystal Rhodesian Ridgebacks

32. New York Chihuahuas (New York)

Breed: Chihuahua

These breeders found love in an unusual place – in the hearts of teeny-weeny fluffy cutiepies. There are not many people who can stay immune to this dog. And, all they want at New York Chihuahuas is to provide a whole lot of love to their precious pups.

If you want to find out how much Chihuahuas cost, then you better contact these breeders. And, if you want to discover more Chihuahua breeders all over the USA, then click here.

New York Chihuahuas Breeder Details:

Address: New York, New York

Phone number: +13477436974

Email: [email protected]

Website: New York Chihuahuas

Facebook: New York Chihuahuas

33. Goodwin’s Belgian Malinois (North Carolina)

cute belgian malinois puppycute belgian malinois puppy

Breed: Belgian Malinois

What is the goal here? The goal is to raise a friend with sound temperament and excellent health that will be a loyal and true guard. But, that demands a lot of Belgian Malinois training, which is not easy.

That is the reason why you want to find the best breeder when purchasing a dog, and these are among the best. If you want to discover more quality Belgian Malinois breeders, then click here.

Goodwin’s Belgian Malinois Breeder Details:

Address: Wadesboro, North Carolina

Phone number: +17044753718

Website: Goodwin’s Belgian Malinois

Facebook: Goodwin Belgian Malinois

34. L’Etoile du Nord Kennel (North Dakota)

Breed: French Brittany Spaniels

Mercedes lovers would say Das best oder nichts. And, that is the motto here at L’Etoile du Nord Kennel – when nothing but the best is good enough. They want to give you the best puppies you can find.

This dog is an awesome choice if you like bird hunting, and you need a companion with sound temperament and hunting skills. Maybe you would like to check some Brittany Spaniel mixes, too. They are also good hunters.

L’Etoile du Nord Kennel Breeder Details:

Address: Sykeston, North Dakota

Phone number: +16127507059

Email: [email protected]

Website: L’Etoile du Nord Kennels

Facebook: L’Etoile du Nord Kennels

35. Exotic Boerboel (Ohio)

Breed: Boerboel

Not just exotic, these pups are also premium. With 15 years of breeding experience, these exotic pups are highly intelligent, strong, are of great health, and have a stunning appearance.

What is special for these breeders is involving their puppies in the super puppy program of Dr. Carmen Battaglia. The results of this stimulative program are amazing. Boerboel prices don’t go under $3,000. Sounds a bit pricey, but they are over the top in quality. If you want to discover more Boerboel breeders in America, click here.

Exotic Boerboel Breeder Details:

Address: Cleveland, Ohio

Phone number: +12162442088

Email: [email protected]

Website: Exotic Boerboel

Facebook: Exotic Boerboel

36. Skyland Malamutes (Oklahoma)

Breed: Malamutes

These people are among the most responsible dog breeders in America, indeed. They are very transparent about what they do, and they are trying to warn the public about all the possible scams. That is why all their dogs are registered with the AKC, which means they are bred within the standard.

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All they want is to provide you with a giant ball of health and sound temperament. And, they do all that with love. That is why you can choose the puppy color. Pick from gray, black, red, white, agouti, seal, and sable. If you want to discover more Alaskan Malamute breeders in the USA, click here.

Skyland Malamutes Breeder Details:

Address: Yukon, Oklahoma

Phone number: +14056400635

Email: [email protected]

Website: Skyland Malamutes

Facebook: Skyland Malamutes

37. Loda’s Pugs (Oregon)

Breed: Pugs

At Loda’s, we have, as they say, Pugs of many colors. And, spoiled Pugs, too. That is what they say, and they have been spoiling them since 2011. They have been doing their job right because they have learned the hard way what it means when a dog is mistreated.

Here, they proclaim the motto: you get what you pay for (a Pug). And, what you pay for is a healthy and trained dog that is registered under the AKC, bred within the standard, and tested for possible genetic issues. Now, you get why it is important to find the best Pug breeders.

Loda’s Pugs Breeder Details:

Address: Salem, Oregon

Phone number: +15034281567

Email: [email protected]

Website: Loda’s Pugs

38. Chantal’s Bouviers (Pennsylvania)

Breed: Bouvier de Flandres

Chantal’s Bouviers are among those dog breeders in America who have close connections with European breeders. They are importing their Flandres bloodlines directly from Flandria (that is a region in Belgium).

These big fluffy dogs are very cute. You can choose whichever color you want because they have them all here. Besides looks, these dogs (as well as their parents) are champs, and they have all the necessary papers to prove it.

Chantal’s Bouviers Breeder Details:

Address: Schwenksville, Pennsylvania

Phone number: +16104,99246

Email: [email protected]

Website: Chantal’s Bouviers

39. Royal Flush Havanese (Rhode Island)

havanese dog in naturehavanese dog in nature

Breed: Havanese

Royal Flush has royalty white dogs with interesting Havanese haircuts, and they are hypoallergenic. Isn’t that amazing? And, on top of that, these dogs are derived from very healthy bloodlines.

What surprised me is that you will get a six-year guarantee on health issues, which is really long in the breeding business. Maybe you are wondering about Havanese prices. Well, prices go from $3,000 and up.

Royal Flush Havanese Breeder Details:

Address: Charlestown, Rhode Island

Phone number: +14018643371

Email: [email protected]

Website: Royal Flush

Facebook: Royal Flush

40. Southern Yorkies (South Carolina)

yorkie standing on a log in a forestyorkie standing on a log in a forest

Breed: Yorkshire Terrier

It is all about these small pups at Southern Yorkies, and we can’t blame them. These pups are very adorable. I bet there are only a few people who can resist these dogs.

If you want to find out how much Yorkies cost, I will say one thing – the smaller the size, the bigger the price. And, if you thought there is no smaller version than a Teacup Yorkie, you will be surprised to find out these people also raise Micro-sized Yorkies.

Southern Yorkies Breeder Details:

Address: Conway, South Carolina

Phone number: +18432837607

Email: [email protected]

Website: Southern Yorkies

41. HuskiesRus (South Dakota)

Breed: Siberian Husky

HuskiesRus are reliable Husky breeders out there. They have all the necessary conditions to raise puppies, as well as all the papers.

Hoppity hop, get busy, pick your pup. Then, all you have to do is choose a name for your Husky. Also, if you want to check out some more Siberian Husky breeders, click here.

HuskiesRus Breeder Details:

Address: Eureka, South Dakota

Phone number: +16058501901

Website: HuskiesRus

42. Smoky Mountain Pomskies (Tennessee)

Breed: Pomsky

Since 2015, at Smoky Mountain Pomskies, they have been raising this viral phenomenon, the Pomsky – an interesting hybrid between two, at first sight, unmatchable dogs.

If you want to purchase this wolflike dog breed, all you have to do is choose a puppy and fill out their application.

Smoky Mountain Pomskies Breeder Details:

Address: Nashville, Tennessee

Phone number: +16159954682

Email: [email protected]

Website: Smoky Mountain

Facebook: Smoky Mountain

43. Quail Ridge Pocket Beagles (Texas)

Breed: Beagles

These sweethearts make our lives very merry. They are socialized pups that will behave well. They also have all of their health testing done, and they come with a guarantee.

How much do Beagles cost? They are pocket-sized, but their price probably isn’t that small. These puppies never have their name before you pick them up because they want you to connect with your sweetheart in that way.

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Quail Ridge Pocket Beagles Breeder Details:

Address: May, Texas

Phone number: +12543687399

Website: Quail Ridge Pocket Beagles

Facebook: Quail Ridge Pocket Beagles

44. Wasatch Eskimo Puppies (Utah)

Breed: Eskimo and Bichomo

Do you want a toy or do you want a mini version? They have both of these small and fluffy dog breeds. They have a beautiful saying here: “A dog may not be our whole life, but they make our life whole.”

You can hear how much love is put into raising these dogs. So, wait no more, – hop to their website, choose your little dog, and all you will have to do next is choose a name for your white pup.

Wasatch Eskimo Puppies Breeder Details:

Address: Salt Lake County, Utah

Phone number: +13854994017

Email: [email protected]

Website: Wasatch Eskimo Puppies

45. Edge Of Time Border Collies (Vermont)

Breed: Border Collies

With over twenty years of experience, they are raising these super-smart dogs to be even better. And, there are many satisfied customers to prove it.

There is a whole specter of Border Collie colors. This clever dog is always the right choice. Even Border Collie mixes are smart.

Edge Of Time Border Collies Breeder Details:

Address: Lunenburg, Vermont

Phone number: +16038331767

Email: [email protected]

Website: Edge Of Time

Facebook: Edge Of Time

46. Harmony Acres Farms (Virginia)

Breed: Great Pyrenees

Great Pyrenees are known as heavily shedding dogs, but they are still dogs you can’t resist. That is why at Harmony Acres, they have decided to raise this breed.

If you want to find out more about their puppies and the way they breed, check out their website. They will be more than happy to chat with you.

Harmony Acres Farms Breeder Details:

Address: Bealeton, Virginia

Phone number: +5403514712

Website: Harmony Acres Farms

47. Clearbrook Kennels (Washington)

rat terrier puppyrat terrier puppy

Breed: Rat Terriers

There are so many Terrier breeds out there, each cute in its own way. Rat Terriers are super cute little pals, and you can pick between standard, mini, and toy Rat Terriers.

Guess which colors you can choose from? All of them! They have white, black, red, tan, brown, blue, and combinations of these.

Clearbrook Kennels Breeder Details:

Address: Whatom County, Washington

Phone number: +13602240903

Email: [email protected]

Website: Clearbrook Kennels

48. Paul Doberman Kennel (West Virginia)

Breed: Doberman

Paul Dobermans are among only a few European Doberman breeders. And, they are really fine breeders. They produce quality Dobes.

You will be enchanted by their shiny black coat and pointy, cropped ears. If you want to check out other Doberman breeders in the USA, click here.

Paul Doberman Kennel Breeder Details:

Address: Falling Waters, West Virginia

Phone number: +2405275151

Email: [email protected]

Website: Paul Doberman Kennel

Facebook: Paul Doberman Kennel

49. Winding River Kennels (Wisconsin)

Breed: Weimaraner

With more than thirty years of experience, these breeders have gained a reputation of being reputable breeders of extraordinary pets and hunters.

Their dogs are well socialized and healthy studs that are used to people and other animals as well.

Winding River Kennels Breeder Details:

Address: Columbus, Wisconsin

Phone number: +19203824876

Email: [email protected]

Website: Winding River Kennels

Facebook: Winding River Kennels

50. Goldeneye Griffons (Wyoming)

Breed: Wirehaired Pointing Griffon

It is all about improving the Wirehaired Pointing Griffon breed here, and the whole family is involved in taking care of new litters.

These dogs are used to family life and a lot of sports activity. If you are interested in their dogs, these breeders invite you to call them and chat a little.

Goldeneye Griffons Breeder Details:

Address: Gillete, Wyoming

Phone number: +13076609268

Email: [email protected]

Website: Goldeneye Griffons


We hope that you have been enjoying this list of best dog breeders in America. We also hope that you have found something for yourself.

It has been a wild ride down doggy Route 66, but it was worth it. We have met so many different people, different dogs, and different breeding styles.

And, what more could you wish for but to meet new friends and have some new experiences. Tell us which breed and breeder you like the most.

Till next time!


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