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Authorities in Maine received multiple calls about a dog stuck on the roof of a home. Apparently, the dog had climbed out of an upstairs window but then didn’t know how to get down.

“Wells Fire Department Captain Jeff Nawfel was able to save this beautiful dog who managed to get out onto his roof and got stuck,” the Wells Fire Department wrote.

Video captured of the rescue by shows Jasper more interested in befriending the captain than getting down from his lookout.

Erin Fenderson commented on Facebook, “This is my friend’s dog, his name is Jasper and this is not the first time he has done this…he just loves to be outside, they must have forgot to close the window….thanks for rescuing him!

Eventually, Nawfel convinced Jasper to go back inside. We don’t doubt that he got more kisses from Jasper when back inside.


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