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And the touching reunion in this post will bring you to tears.

The golden retriever Oshie has been away from his mom for a year. His mom is a marine, so she had to leave Oshie behind with her family.

The dog missed her so much and just wanted to meet her. However, he had no choice but to wait for her return.

Finally, Oshie’s mom returned from a year-long deployment and gave him a sweet surprise. Oshie was overwhelmed with joy, jumped around her, kissed her, and gave her the sweetest hugs. He even rolled on his back for a much-needed belly rub!

Watch the touching video below:

It’s awesome to see how this Golden Retriever was reunited with his beloved mom. These reactions are priceless!

There’s nothing more wonderful than watching the indescribable joy of soldiers reuniting with their dogs.

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