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Horrifying pictures of a dog being tortured on a short chain have enraged animal lovers all over the world.The dog is being kept dangled on an extremely short chain, leaving him strangled and choking 24/7. The dog and his owners live in the neighborhood of Emiliano Zapata in Teloloapan, Mexico.


The dog’s chain is so short that he can barely sit or stand straight. It must be torture for him to stand with his forelegs raised all day just to be able to breathe in the scorching heat.

However, his evil owners feel that the dog is “doing fine” as his “welfare” is being taken care of.

Worried strangers who pass by the neighborhood often stop to enquire about the dog. One such stranger approached the owners and begged them to surrender the dog, but ended up being chased away by them.

The stranger posted these photos on social media, hoping that someone comes forward with a solution. 

The plight of this dog makes us restless and frustrated. This poor creature might strangle himself soon, and any reasonable human should be able to see that.

We hope that local animal activists and authorities step in to rescue this dog soon. Help us spread the word to help rescue this poor dog.
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