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Angelica the dog lived in a crate for 6 years, her only friend, Spud, in a crate next to her. The pair could never interact freely, but thanks to their dedicated rescuers they finally got to be with each other without bars between them.

Stacey Pettit of Rescue & RemEMBER marvelled at the dogs’ resilience and gratitude. “You would have expected them to act in a negative way, but they just gave kisses,” she told the Dodo.

Spud got adopted right away, but Angelica was in rougher shape and needed more time. Her back legs were so weak, she needed to build up her muscles.

But while in foster care a whole new world opened up to her. Not only did she taste her first hamburger, she got to go to the dog park and make many friends.

Angelica was eventually adopted, but she hasn’t forgotten her past completely – she has gotten to see her pal Spud.

Both Spud’s and Angelica’s families reunited the dogs months later and it is a joy to see just how happy the two dogs now are in their new lives.


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