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A sweet little pup was left all alone, aƅanԀοneԀ, and tieԀ to the railing of a building.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania resident, Justin Hanley, found the dog one day as he exited his front door. Sadly, the dog was eating pizza and the note was found under the doormat.

Source: Facebook/East Falls Rants

The note stated, “Please take me home. I’m a girl named Diamond. We can no longer keep her in our home.”

Source: Facebook/East Falls Rants

According to The Dodo, although Hanley was unable to keep the pup, he quickly brought her to his backyard and took to Facebook on a page called East Falls Rants.

Source: Facebook/East Falls Rants

Don’t Bully Us (DBU) Rescue in southern New Jersey stepped up to help and they soon found her a foster home. Renamed Serenity, the pooch went to a man named Chris King, a retired Army special forces officer.

Source: Facebook/Chris King


Not only did Serenity find a place to stay, but she shared that home with nine dogs, seven pygmy goats, the man’s girlfriend, and four human sisters and brothers.

Source: Facebook/Chris King

King reports that Serenity loves to sleep in funny positions, has fit into the family, and loves being outside.

The dog was eventually adopted to a family, but returned to King when things didn’t work out. Poor Serenity missed King and the family.

Source: Facebook/Chris King

In a happy ending, King decided to adopt her so Serenity will never have to worry again. We love a happy ending. See how happy Serenity is to hear the news.

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