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Directly derived from the Cordoba fighting dog, a cross of a Boxer, a Bulldog, a Bull Terrier, and an English Mastiff, the Dogo Argentino belongs to the working dog breed group.

Even though Dogo Argentino dogs have a similar face as a Pitbull, they don’t belong in the Pitbull breed group. They have Pointer and Great Dane blood running through their veins as well as instincts to serve as watchdogs, for search and rescue missions, or for military work.

The puppy price may be a bit intimidating, but this majestic Mastiff is worth it.

Before we get to the actual Dogo Argentino price, let’s learn a thing or two about this uncommon dog breed.

About The Dogo Argentino

Dogo argentino lying by the lakeDogo argentino lying by the lake

Dogo Argentino is a mighty dog, and the Dogo Argentino price is even mightier. Dogo Argentinos, otherwise known as Argentine Mastiffs, are quite versatile dogs. First bred in 1928 by the Argentinian doctor, Antonio Nores Martinez, these dogs present as large and muscular chaser dogs.

Despite their reputation as hunters, Dogo Argentino pups are excellent guard dogs thanks to their affection and loyalty towards their owners and family members.

The reason why many people get this dog breed is that they’re not aggressive to humans. However, this doesn’t mean they’re the perfect first for first-time owners since they can be quite a handful.

What people want to know prior to purchase is the exact Dogo Argentino price. We’re talking about the initial price as well as every other additional cost.

So, how much does a Dogo Argentino cost?

This complex question requires thorough research. On average, Dogo Argentino puppies coming from reputable breeders range from $1,000 to $2,500. Purebred pups, and those from champion bloodlines, can cost up to an incredible $5,000, nearly doubling or tripling the average price!

Besides this initial price, every future Dogo Argentino owner must face other expenses such as monthly maintenance, yearly maintenance, and extra services, i.e., spaying or neutering, microchipping, etc.

Dogo Argentino Appearance

Female Dogo Argentino in forestFemale Dogo Argentino in forest

Both male and female Dogo Argentinos are large dogs. They can grow from 24 to 27 inches at the shoulder. A male Dogo Argentino is slightly taller than a female by an inch, on average.
According to the Dogo Argentino growth chart, this breed usually weighs between 80 and 100 pounds. The body is usually slightly longer than the tail, with large and broad heads that make them resemble the American Bulldog or the American Pitbull Terrier.

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Still, many Dogo Argentinos tend to grow out of these breed standards.

The Dogo Argentino has a smooth white coat that sheds. You may have heard that this is a hypoallergenic dog breed. However, this is not true. There’s no such thing as a hypoallergenic dog breed – Allergies are not caused by a particular dog’s coat type, but by dander or dead skin cells. There is no scientific evidence that proves a dog breed is more or less allergenic than other dog breeds.

Some people react less severely to particular dog breeds, but you can’t expect a reputable breeder to guarantee you that a dog is hypoallergenic.

Dogo Argentino Lifespan

cute Dogo Argentino dog sitting outdoorscute Dogo Argentino dog sitting outdoors

Photo from: @elalmadedogoargentino

Although their appearance might say these dogs are strong and could live for many years, the truth is far from that. The Dogo Argentino actually has a short lifespan of only 10 to 12 years.

Many large dog breeds have a shorter lifespan because they grow faster. Age related deafness is one of the biggest health issues that affect the Dogo’s health, followed by hypothyroidism, glaucoma, hip dysplasia, and laryngeal paralysis. All of these health conditions may shorten your Dogo’s life expectancy.

Is the Dogo Argentino Dangerous?

The AKC describes the Dogo Argentino as cheerful, humble, and friendly. So, are Dogo Argentino dogs dangerous dogs?

These dogs aren’t aggressive and dangerous dogs by default.

If a dog doesn’t go through socialization and dog training, it can become dangerous. Even an untrained Poodle or Border Collie may become dangerous!

So, rest assured, the Dogo Argentino is another excellent family dog that will protect you and always stay by your side.

Average Price Of A Dogo Argentino Puppy & Factors Affecting It

An Argentino needs time, dedication, patience, and most importantly: a lot of money. Lower prices for these dogs can go as low as $1,000. But, there are many factors on the market which affect the final price.

It’s only natural for such a versatile dog to cost more money.


Dogo Argentino lying in the grassDogo Argentino lying in the grass

Specialized breeds require lots of physical and mental care. If the breeder is not a reliable one, the Argentino puppy won’t progress. Breeders are highly important to consider when looking for one of these puppies.

When buying a Dogo Argentino, the source of purchase mostly affects the price. So, you will need to be careful. Buying from an experienced breeder will boost the puppy’s price, while a less experienced breeder will sell you an Argentino for far less money.

This is really a question of choosing better quality for more money or mediocre quality for less money.

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Getting a dog doesn’t only mean making a purchase. It’s not something you should skimp on.


Genes are more important than you think. An Argentino has personality traits inherited from its parents. This is why puppies coming from award-winning dogs will always have a high price.

A good bloodline means that puppies won’t need much effort for dog training because of selectively existing genetic traits. When buying an Argentino puppy, the first thing you have to do is research the parents thoroughly.

Also, a Dogo Argentino crossbreed, such as the Cane Corso Dogo Argentino mix, or Dogo Argentino Pitbull mix, will likely have a different price than the purebred dog with a good bloodline.

Breed Certifications And Kennel Club Papers

Expensive dogs need documents and certifications to prove their excellence.

Breed certification is one of those papers that help prove that your Dogo Argentino is authentic. Genetic testing is used to confirm the dog’s identity relative to the breed.

The American Kennel Club (AKC) gives out such certificates to guarantee a pup’s quality. However, these affect the dog’s price greatly.

Health Tests

dogo argentino lying on the grounddogo argentino lying on the ground

Dogo Argentinos are a generally healthy breed, but they, too, can be susceptible to some health issues. These health problems include cataracts, deafness, hip dysplasia, and many more.

Dog breeders use medical tests to ensure quality. But, these cost a hefty sum of money, and fees are often charged to buyers for pre-ownership costs.

Some dog owners think of these costs as an added burden, but they’re more of an investment. Better pay more money at the start, than spend a ridiculous amount on vet bills later for unforeseen health issues.

Other Treatments

Other treatments usually include tick and worm removal, which increases the puppy’s initial cost.

High-quality breeders always make sure that their puppies are free of these nasty parasites. Of course, they have to pump up the price a bit. Once again, think of it as an investment. You will have to do it either way.

Where Do You Buy A Dogo Argentino?

Finding a good Dogo Argentino is definitely a difficult task. Breeders can be found everywhere, but good breeders are rare. You certainly don’t want to buy a purebred Dogo Argentino from the Internet or from a local pet shop.

Down below, you have three sources where you can find a Dogo Argentino puppy. But, only one of them is the correct one. Can you guess which one it is?

Puppy Mills

puppy Dogo Argentino on green backgroundpuppy Dogo Argentino on green background

Let’s start with puppy mills!

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Getting a Dogo Argentino from a puppy mill is a huge no. These kinds of breeders mean only harm to puppies, especially Dogo Argentino puppies.

Raising an Argentinian Mastiff from early puppyhood requires proper care, knowledge, and a great commitment.

Puppy mills only focus on quantity, not quality. They never seem to meet a puppy’s needs. These breeders treat dogs as objects that bring them profit. However, the profit is not that big.

If you choose to get your Argentino from a puppy mill, you can save up to a fourth of the price as they sell in the range of $300 to $700.

What’s devastating about these puppies is that almost all of them have severe health issues that come through eventually. These breeders do not provide medical tests, certifications, or treatments.

Also, they use unethical breeding practices and inbreeding, which only results in poor-quality puppies.

Always opt for animal shelters instead of these puppy factories.

Backyard Breeders

Second on our list are backyard breeders. These breeders are slightly better than puppy mills, but they’re still not ideal. We’re talking about people who have little or no experience in raising Dogo Argentinos. They’ve become breeders due to unforeseen circumstances, i.e., unexpected dog pregnancies.

Usually, backyard breeders are not able to take care of more puppies, so they try to sell them off to reduce the responsibility.

The price range from this source is from $700 to $1,000. This is a bit lower than the average price.

While the motives may be good, it still doesn’t change the fact that these breeders simply don’t know how to breed dogs and take care of puppies. Only opt for them if you really can’t find a good Dogo Argentino breeder or a dog in your local shelter.

Reputable Breeders

white puppy Dogo Argentino sitting outdoorswhite puppy Dogo Argentino sitting outdoors

Finally, reputable breeders are what you’re looking for. They’re the best source for Argentinian Dogos.

These breeders have worked on their reputation throughout the years because of their authenticity and quality.

Reputable breeders treat puppies with care, proper food, and socialization, and they run health tests on both parents and puppies. They provide completed papers, medical test results, and certificates to prove that their Argentino is a healthy pup.

This price range is a bit higher. Dogo puppies coming from a reputable breeder cost from $1,000 to $2,500. Champion dogs or dogs with a good bloodline can cost up to $5,000!

The price really speaks for itself. You’ll be getting a puppy with a good health status and a kind temperament.

Initial Costs: How Much Is The Dogo Argentino

To make things easier for you at the start, we’ve put together a list of expenses. Of course, all these values depend on your preferences. You can buy cheap or expensive equipment, depending on your budget. But, you should never be cheap when it comes to your dog’s food and vet checkups.

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Item Type Cost
First Bag of Dog Food $60
Full Grooming $30
Initial Pet Insurance Fee $50
Dog License $10
First Vaccination $50
Beds $40
Toys $20
Bowls, Harnesses, and Leash $100
Treats $30
Initial Veterinarian Visit $50

My First Year: How Much Does A Dogo Argentino Cost?

group of dogo argentino puppiesgroup of dogo argentino puppies

Getting a Dogo Argentino isn’t a one-time purchase. You still need an annual budget to take care of your dog’s needs. Dog beds will break, collars will wear off, and food will always be needed. So, how much does all that cost?

The first year of dog ownership is always the hardest one. You’re getting used to each other, and your wallet is getting used to the fact that there’s always something a dog needs.

As years go by, expenses will become easier, especially if you get your puppy from a reputable breeder. You will save a ton on vet bills because high-quality puppies aren’t that prone to severe health conditions.

Say, for example, you got a Dogo Argentino for the average price of $1,800. Let’s see what other expenses in a year would look like!

Item Type Cost
Dogo Argentino Puppy $1,800
Vet Check $140
Pet Insurance $160
Dog License $10
Obedience Classes $200
Doggie Items $250
Vaccinations $100
Flea, Tick, and Deworming $80
Treats $300
Food $720

These expenses may be overwhelming, but there’s always something you can save money on.

Obedience classes aren’t a must, but still, they are recommended. It would be the best for your Argentino puppy to go through early socialization or it can turn into a problematic dog.

Obedience training helps the dogs become friendlier to kids and small animals, and it helps them curb predatory instincts. Also, obedience training helps suppress hyperactivity and disciplines the dog.

Dogs are very receptive to training sessions. These lessons can give excellent results in no time. Most training classes range from $50 to $100 a day. Sure, you can save money and train the dog yourself, but it’s always easier to let the professionals handle it.

Treats are great; they are especially helpful when learning tricks and commands. It helps the dog become more responsive.

Dog treats aren’t a must. You can always buy cheaper ones or be generous and share a slice of your plantain or treat it to an occasional Puppuchino.

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Pet insurance programs aren’t as expensive as you may think. Most of them cover expensive medical bills, but there are also some that cover minor accidents like tick or worm removal. No matter what, it would be great to have a pet insurance program, even if it’s the cheapest one.

How Much Does A Dogo Argentino Cost Per Month?

As we said earlier, the initial costs are really high, but monthly maintenance is quite easy. All you need to invest in is dog food, insurance, and treats. On average, here’s what monthly expenses for a Dogo Argentino look like:

Item Type Cost
High-quality Dog Food $50
Insurance Monthly Fee $10
Treats $60

Argentinian Dogos have something that experts call a tank-like appearance. They’re large and muscular dogs, and they need a lot of food to make up for their muscle mass.

Puppies eat 4 to 6 times a day. This process causes their food stocks to easily disappear. But, luckily, it gets easier. That is, if you both go through the puppy blues period successfully.

What’s good about these dogs is that they don’t shed a lot. Brushing their coats twice a week would be just fine. However, the shedding season requires daily brushing.

General cleaning and baths are enough when done once a month. However, their nails, ears, and eyes should be regularly checked. You can clip the nails yourself and clear the ears with cotton and a mild cleaner. But, we don’t suggest the practice of ear plucking.

All in all, they’re really not any trouble to groom, so spending extra bucks on professional groomers isn’t necessary.

Additional Price Of The Dogo Argentino

Dogo Argentino dog with cropped ears staying outdoors Dogo Argentino dog with cropped ears staying outdoors

There are some additional expenses that weren’t included in our lists. However, they can still be needed sometime in the future.

For example, dog day care service might become your lifesaver, especially if you’re working long hours. Dogo Argentinos are big game hunting dogs that need different exercises throughout the day. Companionship is absolutely necessary for them.

Many Dogo Argenitno owners got their pups outside the USA. The origin countries are usually Portugal or Argentina. Since they’re quite distant, additional shipping or travel costs have to be added to the initial purchase cost.

Shipping costs can go as high as $500, which is quite a huge amount of money.

Products Dogo Argentino Puppies Will Need

dogo argentino lying on the grounddogo argentino lying on the ground

The best products for your Argentine Dogo are those specifically created for the breed. Before buying some of the essentials, you need to understand how big the Dogo is and how much energy this pup has.

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Here’s the list of essentials that your Dogo Argentino Dog needs at the start:

• Collars

• Food and water bowls

• Interactive and durable toys

• A crate and a bed

• Grooming tools

• Quality food


Argentinos are not picky with their food. They will eat almost anything you feed them. However, this doesn’t mean you should feed them anything. Did you know that some human food like poppy seeds, hummus, wasabi, peppers or paprika may actually harm your dog?

Dogo Argentinos are a large breed, and it needs protein-based food with good fats in order to give it plenty of energy and support hormone production. Add some carbs and essential vitamins and you’ll have a full meal for your Dogo.

Try looking online for lesser-known dog food producers. Small businesses have excellent-quality dog food, but they’re not that popular. Luckily, their price tag is pretty affordable compared to some store-bought brands.


Dogo Argentinos are avid chewers… don’t ever forget about that. When buying chew toys, you need to find the most durable and flexible products. Otherwise, you’ll end up spending a small fortune on chew toys.

The dog’s leashes and collars should be cotton- or leather-based for comfort. Also, harnesses help protect the dog’s build. The Dogo Argentino’ harness may cost from $25 to $45.

Even though they’re large dogs, Dogo Argentinos are not destructive pups. They won’t need ultra-strong beds or blankets.

What you’ll definitely need if you’re going through potty training are crates. Crates serve as your dog’s bedroom, and they give them personal space where they feel safe. Most crates go for around $50 to $100. But, make sure you get the one with adjustable sizes and dividers to follow your dog’s growth.

Final Thoughts

argentinian dog walking on the grassargentinian dog walking on the grass

Dogo Argentino price is a high one, but compared to what you get, it’s nothing! The Dogo Argentino breed is a truly unique one. They may appear tough, but deep inside, they’re dogs ready to love you to the bone.

Next time you see a sign saying, Dogo Argentino puppies for sale, you won’t think twice before considering this dog breed. After everything we told you today, you can only fall for these kind giants.

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