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Having someone by your side is so important. As if we’ve someone by our side, we can go through everything.Two dogs in Saint Louis proved how important to stay by your friends to rescuers. When the rescuers got a call about a poor injured pooch had been abandoned in a domestic garden, they directly went to pick it up. They found a dog by her side, when they arrived to the park.


It was obvious that she was the victim of some serious abuse… There’re many signs of blunt trauma on her sides and back.

The severe injuries showed that Frann was hit many times with something potentially lethal and very heavy.What was sitting near Frann helped to survive her. It was another dog, who then named Fanny, protected her injured friend.


Actually, the rescue workers thought Frann’s life had been saved by Fanny! The workers then took Frann into their vehicle.

Actually, Fanny did not want to leave her friend without care, so she followed them to keep her eye on Frann.While in the vet’s office, Fanny still watching on Frann. And she still worried until her friend reappeared from the surgery room. Frann did not give up, even though that she still could not walk 2 weeks after the surgery. Fanny and the veterinarians did not also give up. Fortunately, Frann started getting better and better with the support of Fanny and everyone else.

Suddenly, Frann started walking again, but sadly Fanny died soon after that! It seemed like she did not care about her own illness and fought it, until she knew that her friend could take care of herself.

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Frann was then offered up for adoption. And fortunately, she got adopted by kind people who decided to change her life. We know that Frann will never forget Fanny, who stood by her side until she became healthy. Watch the video below.

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