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In a very emotional scene, a man has been surprisingly reunited with his lost dog.

For over three years, the owner kept looking for his furry friend and he never lost hope on finding him. Fortunately, faith smiled to him, and the pair was eventually reunited!

Giorgi Bereziani from Tbilisi, Georgia, and his dog Jorge, have been inseparable ever since the dog was just a puppy.

But unfortunately, one day the loyal dog got lost, and despite the owner’s hard efforts to find him, he looked like he vanished.

Days turned into weeks and weeks into month, and there was now way of Jorge, but Giorgi never lost hope and he kept looking for his friend.

For three years, Giorgi never stopped searching for Jorge, and he put flyers all over the streets of Tbilisi.

Eventually, his efforts paid off, and the pair reunited. The moment was caught on camera and it’s nothing short of heart-melting.

When a worker from the Opera and Ballet Theatre of Tbilisi called Giorgi to let him know he spotted a dog that matched Jorge’s description, the man immediately rushed there, hoping to be true. Thankfully, the man was right!

“We searched for three years,” the 62-year-old man told THE DODO. “Then we found him!”

The moment the two have been reunited was overwhelming for both of them. When the poor pooch realized the man that was approaching him was actually his old friend, he instantly freaked out.

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He greeted his owner with his tail wagging uncontrollably, as Giorgi couldn’t believed he finally found his best friend.

Watch the touching reunion, here:

No one knows where Jorge has been over the last three years, but judging by the yellow tag from his ear, at same point he was picked up by the animal control officers.



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