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When we look at official American Kennel Club records on specific breeds, we don’t normally see specific information regarding the strength of a dog’s bite. 

German Shepherd bite force is often discussed because it is believed that these doggos are super strong and super dangerous.

However, the truth could not be any further than this. In fact, there’s a certain canine buddy from Turkey that’s even stronger than our GSD.

German Shepherd dogs are the most popular breed in the States, but they still have some bad publicity, thanks to questionable breeders and dog owners.

I think it’s time to settle this once and for all, and prove that a high bite score doesn’t mean a dangerous dog. Or… does it?

Tell Me The German Shepherd Bite Force 

German Shepherd looking at owner's armGerman Shepherd looking at owner's arm

The German Shepherd’s bite may not be the most powerful of them all, but it’s still not meaningless. This breed of dog is strong and dominant, and so is their dog bite.

The German Shepherd’s bite force is 238 PSI. These dogs are ranked as #12 on the list of the strongest bites in the canine kingdom. There is no difference in the results when you compare male vs female German Shepherds.

The high PSI score allows German Shepherd dogs to be excellent working dogs with great protection skills. This breed is known as exquisite police dogs. Their powerful jaws are ready to hurt an intruder and give him what he deserves in no time.

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German Shepherds are large breed dogs, and they do have strong jaws, but they’re not considered dangerous dogs in any case. With proper dog owners, a puppy from a reputable breeder can grow into the sweetest family dog.

German Shepherds are truly wonderful family dogs, but they’re even better best friends. 

What Is Bite Force?

Simply put… bite force is the pressure that a dog’s jaws puts on a specific part of a victim’s body. The level of injury left on a victim should determine how strong a dog’s bite is.

Every dog has a specific bite force. Some are companion dogs, and don’t have a high bite force. For example, a Maltese’s bite is ridiculously low.

However, a German Shepherd or an English Mastiff will have a significantly higher score and results that might break bones.

Yes, a German Shepherd might break a human bone if he bites strong enough. That’s why we put extra special care into the socialization of these dogs.

German Shepherd Bite Compared To Other Animals

German Shepherd training with ownerGerman Shepherd training with owner

German Shepherds are large dogs, but there are other bigger animals in nature with even stronger bites that could take down our GSDs in no time.

Compared to wild animals, German Shepherds are more like cuddle pups. For example, a distant cousin of our GSD buddies, the gray wolf, has a strong bite force. It measures 406 PSI! The absolute winner of all dangerous wild animals is the Nile crocodile. Their PSI count is 5,000! Incredible! That’s 21 times more than a German Shepherd!

A grizzly bear, one of the breed varieties that German Shepherds used to fight, along with jackals and wolves, has a bite strength of 1,160 PSI. That’s still significantly stronger than a GSD’s bite force.

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This particular breed is, in fact, a great guard dog compared to some other breeds. But, nothing can compare a dog’s strength to the bite of wild creatures like crocodiles and bears. Leave law enforcement to our GSD buddies. They strive to search and rescue. 

How Do You Measure Bite Force?

German Shepherd biting protected armGerman Shepherd biting protected arm

It’s quite simple to measure the strength of the bite once you know what it actually stands for.

The measurement for the bite force is expressed in PSI. This is short for pounds per square inch. By using this measurement, we’re able to determine the pressure a dog makes while biting a specific area. Precisely, it measures the pressure that a dog’s jaws exert.

Calculating these numbers should be left to the experts. The only reason why we know PSI scores of some dog breeds is to determine whether they’re considered dangerous or not. For example, a Chihuahua’s PSI is only 5, and while they can be feisty, Chihuahuas are not aggressive or dangerous.

Does A High PSI Mean A Dog Is Aggressive?

scary German Shepherdscary German Shepherd

Not necessarily.

Let’s take two buddies, two popular family dogs, for example: the German Shepherd, and the Siberian Husky.

When people look at the GSD, they often feel intimidated. It’s their posture and temperament that make them a bit scary, isn’t it? Well, Huskies are nowhere near scary according to many dog lovers. In fact, they’re absolute sweethearts and total goofs.

But, what would you say if I told you that a Siberian Husky has a bite force of 320 PSI? That’s more than our German Shepherd!

Of course, dogs like Kangals, Tosa Inus, and Cane Corsos are considered dangerous in the wrong hands, and should be handled with care. Their high bite score, along with questionable temperament, could prove the point that the higher the PSI is, the more dangerous the dog will be.

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Approach things individually. Naturally, you won’t ask the breeder about bite strength the moment you see puppies of a certain breed. Sometimes, those are just numbers.

The more important thing is to socialize the dog, and train it so it knows that biting is okay only under extraordinary circumstances that question the matter of life and death.

So, don’t worry about a GSD turning against his owner. Worry about socializing it the right way. 

These Dogs Have The Mightiest Bites

cane corso jumping to bite armcane corso jumping to bite arm

Believe it or not, German Shepherds aren’t the toughest dogs in the world despite their appearance and attitude. There are other breeds that are significantly stronger than our GSD buddies.

The strongest bite belongs to the Kangal. These Turkish herding dogs have an incredible bite force of 743 PSI.

The second place belongs to the Cane Corso. Cane Corso dogs have a measured 700 PSI.

And, as for the third place, we have a Japanese dog breed known under the name, Tosa Inu. Their score is 556 PSI, which is quite amazing. 

Owning one of these dogs might be an issue in certain States, so better check out your local laws.

Our buddy, the German Shepherd, is ranked as #12 on the list of the mightiest bites. They’re strong and dangerous if the situation calls for it, but there are still dog breeds before them, with an even mightier bite force.

Top 20 Dogs With The Mightiest Bites

cane corso biting protected armcane corso biting protected arm

I know you’re curious about the PSI of other various dog breeds. 

Don’t worry I’m about to inform you of the most powerful bite forces of the most popular dog breeds in the world:

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• The Kangal Shepherd 743 PSI

• Cane Corso 700 PSI

• Tosa Inu 556 PSI

• Dogue De Bordeaux 556 PSI

• English Mastiff 552 PSI

• Tibetan Mastiff 550 PSI

• Dogo Argentino 500 PSI

• Wolfdog 406 PSI

• Akita Inu 350 – 400 PSI

• Rottweiler 328 PSI

• Siberian Husky 320 PSI

• American Bulldog 305 PSI

• German Shepherd 238 PSI

• Pitbull Terrier 235 PSI

• Labrador Retriever 230 PSI

• Doberman Pinscher 238 PSI

• Alano Espanol 227 PSI

• Dutch Shepherd 224 PSI

• Chow Chow 220 PSI

• English Bulldog 210 PSI

• Belgian Malinois 195 PSI

Reasons Why A German Shepherd Might Bite You

German Shepherd biting armGerman Shepherd biting arm

There are numerous reasons why a German Shepherd might bite you. However, none of them are linked with their temperament. German Shepherds are not born aggressive. Aggression is something that can be taught down the road.

A German Shepherd puppy will not wake up one day and choose violence. Violence is always because the owner or the breeder doesn’t take good care of their dogs. Also, violence and aggression are long-term processes, and certainly don’t happen overnight.

An average German Shepherd is a protector. They’re fiercely loyal and devoted to their humans. Besides being wonderful watchdogs, GSDs are excellent guard dogs, too. You can sleep soundly knowing there’s a GSD watching your back.

A German Shepherd might bite you if you’re an intruder and a possible threat to its safety. German Shepherds always put their family first, so if you’re giving a stink eye to one of their family members, expect a warning.

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Cross the line and you will get bitten, all for the sake of protecting the ones they love.

Of course, a GSD will defend himself and bite you if you’re a threat to him, too. It’s better to be buddies with these shepherd dogs than to be on their ‘to bite’ list.

To Sum Up…

training German Shepherdtraining German Shepherd

Now that you know everything about the German Shepherd bite force, will you be more scared of this dog breed, or will you think of them as buddies?

The truth is German Shepherds are wonderful family dogs. Sure, they demand lots of daily exercise and regular vet visits, but name a dog that doesn’t!

German Shepherds can be a handful, but I promise they will pay you back serving and protecting, making sure you and your family are always safe and sound.

What great pups our German boys are. They’re truly the goodest boys out there!

By Andy Marcus

Hello, my name is Andy Marcus, and I am a passionate dog lover and enthusiast. For me, there is nothing quite like the joy and love that a furry friend can bring into our lives. I have spent years studying and learning about dogs, and have made it my mission to share my knowledge and expertise with others through my website. Through my website, I aim to provide comprehensive information and resources for dog owners and enthusiasts. Whether it's training tips, health and nutrition advice, or insights into dog behavior, I strive to create a platform that is accessible and useful to everyone who loves dogs.

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