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Oh, Frenchies! The fun-loving, goofy, and affectionate companions that make our lives whole!

It’s no surprise why these adorable furballs are so well known. Frenchies make great companions for people living in big cities, but smaller apartments.

But, can everyone afford these small dogs?

We hope you’ll get some answers in this article. Keep reading to find out the French Bulldog cost!

Are French Bulldogs Expensive?

woman walking her french bulldogwoman walking her french bulldog

The short answer is yes.

The French Bulldog is one of the most expensive dog breeds to buy. In order to get a purebred Frenchie, you’ll definitely need to pay four-digit numbers.

These dogs are very popular and high in demand, which is considered one of the factors that contribute to their high price tag.

Frenchies take third place on the most expensive small dogs in the U.S.

Let’s check out why these companion dogs cost so much!

French Bulldog Costs

The average price of a Frenchie would be between $1200 and $2000.

A French Bulldog’s cost depends on many factors. In this article, we’ll be showing you why some Frenchies cost around $1000 and why some cost more than $10.000.

French Bulldog Puppies Cost More Than Adults

french bulldog puppy sitting in front of flowersfrench bulldog puppy sitting in front of flowers

The reason behind this is obvious. Everyone wants a Frenchie puppy because they want them to get used to their new home.

By bringing a small puppy home, it’s easier both for the owner and the dog to bond with each other.

Frenchie puppies cost $3500 on average, while the average price of adult French Bulldogs cost $1500.

Adult dogs have probably had previous training and owners, so it might be difficult for both new owners and older dogs to get used to each other.

Some adult Frenchies can be found in shelters for lower prices.

Why Are French Bulldogs So Expensive?

A pied colored French Bulldog rests comfortably on a bedA pied colored French Bulldog rests comfortably on a bed

Now, you may wonder why these dogs are so valued and expensive. Well, it’s not just about buying the dog itself.

When buying a French Bulldog, you’re paying for many other things that come along with this breed.

And, we’re not talking about just toys and accessories… We’re talking about the difficult breeding process, vet bills, pet insurance, quality dog food, and the list goes on.

Specialized Breeding

Let’s start from the very beginning.

By looking closely at the anatomy of a Frenchie, we can definitely see that this purebred dog has very unique physical traits.

They have small bodies, but big heads; small legs, but wide chests; broad heads, but short noses.

French Bulldogs have been purposely bred to achieve this desired look. But, their looks aren’t really helping them in the mating process.

In fact, due to their physical characteristics, Frenchies cannot really mate on their own. Breeders created this purebred without expecting the occurrence of these difficulties.

You may be wondering what exactly the problem is.

Hips don’t lie

Perhaps the only issue here are the French Bulldog’s narrow hips.

The fact that Frenchies are short, small, and have big heads can be overlooked. But, hips… hips are the real problem here.

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Now, all French Bulldogs have narrow hips; both males and females.

Due to their body structure, male Frenchies already have a rough time trying to mount a female Frenchie. On the other hand, the female’s narrow hip structure makes it almost impossible for the mating process to proceed.

So, if they can’t naturally mate, how do they do it?

They do it thanks to science!

Reputable breeders take very good care of their dogs, keeping the animal’s wellbeing as the first priority. They spend a lot of time finding competitive veterinarians who can monitor and lead the whole breeding process.

This is where artificial insemination steps in. Oh, and it can cost a lot.

The art of artificial insemination…and the cost!

Artificial insemination is a medical procedure in which sperm is taken from the male dog and inserted via a tube into the female dog’s cervix.

AI, for short, requires lots of time, patience, equipment, and knowledge.

This is a controlled process, meaning that breeders can achieve the best results when it comes to their puppies inheriting the desirable parent breed’s traits.

This is also a very costly process, which can greatly depend on the dog’s pedigree.

So, artificial insemination prices can range from $200 to $1000.

This can also depend on the breeder, the heritage and the pedigree of his dogs, as well as his requirements and requests.

The cost of show-dog quality semen can go up to $2500.

Difficulties During Labor

Female Frenchies don’t have it easy in life…when it comes to delivering big-headed puppies, that is.

You see the problem here?

A French Bulldogs’ mother-to-be can get into some really tricky situations during labor. This can sometimes be life-threatening.

The combination of chubby puppies with a broad head and a mother’s narrow hips is a recipe for disaster.

High-risk delivery

Frenchie puppies are more likely to get stuck in the birth canal, which can result in suffocation and prenatal death. Not only can one stuck puppy hurt the mother, it can also hurt its brothers and sisters who might get stuck as well.

Almost all French Bulldog labors are done by human assistance. It’s safer that way for both the Frenchie mother and her Frenchie puppies.
The whole labor process requires the owner’s attendance and assistance. While some deliveries can be successfully finished with the help of the owner, some might require professional assistance.

Veterinary assistance during labor can cost anywhere between $500 and $5000. The cost usually depends on the severity of the mother’s state. Prices can also vary depending on the veterinary clinic.

A surgical procedure by the induction of a C-section can cost from $500 to $2000. A C-section (or CS for short) is considered the safest way of delivering puppies during difficult labor. And, rest assured, Frenchies will mostly have difficult labors.

Litter Size

French Bulldogs are small dogs, so obviously they won’t be able to carry more than three or four puppies.

On some occasions, Frenchies can carry up to seven puppies, but that’s very unusual and extremely rare.

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Quick fun fact time: Did you know that a puppy is also called a whelp? Whelp, me neither!

When there’s more than three puppies (which is the average litter size), there’s also a high risk of labor complications.

Along with delivery expenses, breeders have to pay for the puppies’ health care, which includes health screening, vaccinations, microchips, spaying, neutering, and proper nutrition.

Reputable breeders will usually register their new litter with the AKC (American Kennel Club). Litter registration fees range from $25 to $65 + $2.00 per puppy.

The after-birth puppy care can cost the breeder up to $400 per puppy.

These expenses are considered by reputable breeders since their best interest is to produce healthy Frenchie puppies with good behavior.

So, when you buy a dog from this breed, consider the amount of work that a reputable breeder has done to get you the healthiest, best Frenchie boi!

Pedigree And Lineage

cute french bulldog with big earscute french bulldog with big ears

Pedigree Frenchies are born from two purebred French Bulldogs. Not only that, but pedigree dogs are registered in the previously mentioned recognized kennel clubs.

Pedigree Frenchies come from reputable breeders who keep track of the purebred family history. This includes all previous family members of the breed, as well as their health issues, health certificates, pet insurance, awards, and other documents.

So, this means that a pedigree is some kind of guarantee for purebred puppies, and it claims that they are in the best condition possible.

Non-pedigree dogs aren’t registered in any kennel club. We often have little to no information about both parent breeds, not to mention their grandparents, and so on.

If you’re buying a pedigree dog, get ready to pay more

Pedigree dogs usually cost around $800 to $1500.

But, Frenchie pedigree dogs can cost up to a whopping $8000. Now, that’s a lot.

Usually, Frenchies that are higher in price are show-quality dogs. You can take your Frenchie to dog show rings and get the best results.

This doesn’t mean that all Frenchie dogs with a pedigree cost that much. You can usually find perfectly healthy puppies from reputable breeders at the average price, ranging from $3000 to $5000.

Non-pedigree Frenchies

On the other hand, we have non-pedigree French Bulldogs that can be found at hobby breeders or backyard breeders. This is a bit of a controversial subject.

Hobby breeders, as the name implies, breed dogs because it’s more like their hobby rather than a business. In other words, they don’t make much money selling their dogs. But, they take good care of their puppies in terms of health care and wellbeing.

Hobby breeders occasionally have a Frenchie litter from which they sell puppies from $1300 to $2700. When buying from these breeders, you might have additional expenses since they usually don’t provide medical records and health screening tests.

Backyard breeders and puppy mills should be avoided because they usually don’t practice animal wellbeing. These dogs are often bred without proper veterinary supervision. They’re quite lower in price, ranging from $800 to $1000.

If you’re serious about getting a French Bulldog, you should buy it from a reputable, trust-worthy breeder.

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After all, it’s in your best interest primarily to get the healthiest Frenchie.

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Appearance and Temperament

French Bulldogs come in a lot of different colors. And, when we say a lot, we really mean like over 14 different coat colors.

Only five of these are recognized by the AKC (American Kennel Club). We’re talking about fawn, white, tan, cream, and brindle Frenchies that can participate in show rings. Other colors we’ll be mentioning like the piebald aren’t desirable in show-dogs.

Let’s see if coat colors determine the French Bulldog cost.

Do different coat colors mean different costs?

two white frenchies lying in bedtwo white frenchies lying in bed

Photo from: @wtfrenchie

This seems to be the case in every purebred dog that comes in various colors.

We listed five of the most common and recognized coat colors in Frenchies.

White, cream, and fawn Frenchies are usually lower in price than any other color, ranging from $2000 to $4500.

Tan and brindle Frenchies are a bit more expensive, costing around $3000 to $5000.

Although black Frenchies aren’t listed in the main colors, these are also very common. Their prices are as high as $4500.

Blue Frenchies are considered rare, even though we see them more often these days. Because they’re a rare color variation, they go higher on the price scale.

Blue Frenchies can cost up to $6000. And, no, they’re not blue. They’re gray, cute dogs.

Rare, rarer, the most expensive?

Some of the rarest color combinations in French Bulldogs are:

• Lilac

• Lilac and Tan

• Brindle and Tan

• Merle

• Isabella

The first three start off at $5000 and can be found at prices crossing over $7000.

If you thought that was expensive, Merle Frenchies cost over $8500. The Isabella color variation, being the rarest of them all, costs from $9000 to $12,000!

But, that’s not all. Here’s a perfect example of how rare color increases the Frenchie’s cost.

One of the rarest and most famous Frenchies costs over $100,000! Yep, you read it right. This dog is super expensive because of its unique physical characteristics.

His coat is in a unique shade of blue, which costs so much to start with. But, the eyes…they’re something else. While most Frenchies come with brown eyes, the $100,000 Frenchie comes with light brown, almost vivid orange-colored eyes.

Not only does this Frenchie look gorgeous, he also comes with the best pedigree.

You may think this is ridiculous, but some people are willing to pay such a high price to get the best Frenchie puppy out there.

Health Issues

All purebreds have a genetic potential of inheriting many health problems. So, how’s our beloved Frenchie any different?

Well, when it comes to health, Frenchies are different, but in a kinda bad way. They often form more serious genetic health issues than your average purebred dog.

This is due to selective breeding, which, at the beginning, focused more on the appearance rather than the overall health of Frenchie puppies.

Frenchies are brachycephalic dogs. This means that their skull is built differently. Wide and short skulls with shallow eye sockets lead to some daily struggles. Wrinkly skin on their face also contributes to many skin problems.

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Examples of other brachycephalic dog breeds include: Pugs, Boston Terriers, Boxers, English Bulldogs, Mastiffs, etc.

Their short nose, along with their flat face make breathing a chore. Difficulties in breathing can lead to various health issues. A common condition is overheating during hot summer days since it’s almost impossible for them to pant and release excess heat from their body.

Here’s a list of some common health problems and conditions:

• Eye issues (cherry eye, conjunctivitis, cataracts)

• Heart issues (congestive heart failure, arrhythmia, murmurs)

• Hip dysplasia (mild, moderate, or severe)

​• Spine issues (Intervertebral Disc Disease – IDD)

• Skin problems (dermatitis, infections)

• Breathing issues (trachea collapse, brachycephalic syndrome)

• Obesity (overeating, diabetes)

• Kidney problems (kidney failure, kidney stones)

• Ear infections (bacterial infections, parasite infestations)

Health conditions can appear suddenly, meaning there is no rule on when they’ll appear. Frenchies can develop health issues at a very early age.

The development of any disease can greatly depend on different factors such as where the dog’s being kept, what you are feeding it, and if you’re providing overall care.

But, it can also depend on the breeder. It’s advisable to research reputable French Bulldog breeders with healthy puppies that have a high-quality bloodline.

Although their lifespan is pretty long, ranging from 10 to 14 years, various health issues can have a big impact on their longevity.

The way they were initially bred, and the health risks they face because of that, can greatly affect the pet’s life quality as well as your wallet.

High vet bills – the cost of veterinary care

french bulldog at the vetfrench bulldog at the vet

Let me just start off by saying you’ll definitely spend money on frequent vet visits. Here’s why.

When your Frenchie displays signs of illness, being a responsible dog owner as you are, you’ll take him to the nearest veterinary clinic.

This is where the cost of a French Bulldog gets more expensive.

Most dog owners aren’t aware of high veterinary fees. And, most aren’t aware that treating an ill dog is much more expensive than your regular vet checkup.

Depending on what health condition your Frenchie’s dealing with, vet bills can be as low as $50 or as high as $500. Some veterinary clinics charge less, while some charge more.

On average, the cost of treating an ill French Bulldog will be roughly around $100.

Luckily, there’s pet insurance. Pet insurance helps greatly with high vet bills. You pay a yearly insurance fee. After you pay for your vet intervention, you get reimbursed a certain percentage of the final vet bill.

Living Expenses: Dog Food

High-quality dog food is a must not just for Frenchies, but for all dogs.

This doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll have to spend a fortune on high-quality dog food. Recent studies have shown that most popular dog food brands sell their dry kibble at around $3.50 per pound, which means that a bag of 30 pounds will cost about $105.

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Dog food expenses depend on the brand you choose and your Frenchie chooses. Some dogs are very picky about their food!

Snacks and treats are occasional and shouldn’t be given every day. They’re high in calories and fat, and can make your Frenchie very chubby.

Some good-quality treats will cost you more than $20 per pack. And, mind you, you don’t get many treats in a bag.

French Bulldog owners recommend making homemade snacks and treats that are much healthier and lower in price.

Additional Expenses: Toys and Accessories

After all this serious talk, we can finally talk about the fun stuff!

Doggy harnesses, collars, muzzles, and leashes usually don’t cost much. You can get individual items for as little as $5. Or, you can buy really cute sets on Amazon with the usual price range from $10 to $50.

Food and water bowls can be made out of different materials, and the price range usually depends on that. Silicone and plastic bowls range from $4 to $10. Stainless steel bowls start off at $10 and can go up to $30.

There are also self-feeding machines that can cost up to $100.

Even though a Frenchie will prefer to sleep in your lap or on your couch, it’s good to get him his own bed.

Dog beds usually range from $10 to $80. Don’t be surprised if you spend your money on a dog bed and your Frenchie decides he’d rather sleep in your bed!

You’ll probably want to get him some dog toys, especially when your Frenchie puppy starts nibbling on you, your furniture, and everything else he gets his tiny little teeth on.

Dog toys are usually inexpensive. The average price of a good-quality dog toy is around $8.

Grooming tools, like dog brushes, cost $10 on average. Shampoos stand between $15 and $50. Toe nail clippers for giving your Frenchie a manicure will cost around $10.

So, this is kind of like a “Basic dog supply kit”. Not only do French Bulldogs need all these above-mentioned things, but any dog you decide to get will need these toys and accessories.

This “Basic dog supply kit” altogether can cost between $200 and $250.

Passion for fashion

You can’t tell me you didn’t think about dressing up your new best friend in those cute doggy clothes! Well, if you take this very seriously, you should be willing to pay a high price.

And, Frenchies don’t mind being all fashionable and trendy! Onesies, hoodies, coats, tracksuits – they’re rocking those outfits!

Frenchie clothing can cost anywhere between $20 and $100 depending on where and what you’re buying.

Clothes are not just a way of a Frenchie’s self-expression…they’re also great for cold winters and rainy autumn days.

French Bulldog Cost: Yearly Expenses Of Owning A Frenchie

french bulldog eating a snackfrench bulldog eating a snack

Alright, let’s do some math! If our calculations are right…

The price of a French Bulldog puppy in the first year will cost you:

• The Frenchie himself: $1500 to $4000

• Food and snacks: $360 to $840 ($30 to $70 per month)

• Dog supplies: $200 to $250

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• Vet bills: $300 to $800

• Possible health issues: $200 to $300

• Castration in male dogs (optional): $300

• Spaying female dogs (optional): $400

Some new and inexperienced dog owners might opt for professional training and dog sitters. This is an additional cost that may range from $1000 to $1800.

French Bulldog Price Range

black french bulldogblack french bulldog

The cost of a French Bulldog may also depend on the region you’re getting it from. While they’re very popular in the U.S., they can be less popular in other countries.

Breeding these dogs can be a challenge in some countries due to different rules and regulations. This can make the French Bulldog even more expensive.

Here’s what we’ve found.

French Bulldog Cost In The USA

French Bulldogs made their way from Paris right into the hearts of people in the USA.

Frenchies are so popular that they took second place on the list of The Most Popular Dog Breeds, issued by the AKC (American Kennel Club).
The average price of a French Bulldog in the States sits between $1500 and $4000.

The average cost of the most expensive, rarest, show-quality Frenchies is $8000 and higher.

Not only did they steal the hearts of Americans, but this popular breed has also been favored by worldwide paw lovers.

French Bulldog Cost Worldwide: Are Frenchies Expensive In Other Countries?

These Bulldogs are French, right? You might be curious enough to know how much they cost in France.

The average price of a Frenchie in France is €1500. In fact, western European countries value this companion dog anywhere between €3000 and €4000, with the average price tag being €2500. Most Frenchies come from a champion bloodline.

Some eastern European countries have less reputable breeders and more hobby breeders. Therefore, French Bulldogs are usually a bit cheaper in these areas, ranging anywhere between €500 and €1000.

In Asia, most breeders require you to send a request and ask for the price. Singapore is known to be the most popular country in Asia that breeds high-quality French Bulldogs. Most range from 3000 Singapore dollars.

Among African countries, Frenchies became very popular and high in demand in South Africa. Many French Bulldog breeders put up quite high price tags–from R20,000 to R70,000.

To Sum It Up

french bulldog watching the sunsetfrench bulldog watching the sunset

Photo from: @frankiethefrenchhie

Frenchies are so unique and so cute!

Not only does their appearance put them in the spotlight, it’s their fun personalities that get everyone’s hearts going.

They make perfect pets for city dwellers, and they can adapt very well to small apartments. Perhaps this is also why many people decide to get this wonderful small dog.

If you’re deciding to get a French Bulldog, you should be ready to spend lots of time and money on this purebred puppy.

Before getting a Frenchie, make sure to thoroughly research reputable breeders in your area as well as competitive veterinary clinics and their price ranges.

Compared to other breeds, the ownership of a Frenchie can get quite expensive.

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