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Over the years, you’ve probably come across many crossbreed dogs. Some are Doodles, some are Bully mixes, but rarely any is a Chow Chow mix. Technically, we’re talking about the German Shepherd Chow Chow mix, but you get the point.

This is a fairly unusual mixed breed dog, but there’s nothing wrong with them. For the first time in a while, I’d like to congratulate whomever crossed these two dog breeds. They did a great job!

The German Shepherd and the Chow Chow have different origins, appearances, and characters, but they do have one thing in common: their undeniable loyalty. I bet that was one of the reasons why people decided to breed them together.

Without further ado, I want to introduce you to the incredipaw German Shepherd Chow Chow mix!

Introducing The Parent Breeds: German Shepherd & Chow Chow

German Shepherd and Chow ChowGerman Shepherd and Chow Chow

Hand in hand with Golden Retrievers, Chihuahuas, and Labradors, German Shepherds are one of the favorite family pets in the States.

These dogs have come a long way from Germany and their breeder, Max Von Stephanitz. And, trust me, that journey wasn’t easy. They’ve been used as hunting or working dogs, they’ve served in forces, and they’ve been heroes. Well, they still are.

The German Shepherd is a loyal doggo, always making sure the owner is protected and satisfied with their work. Give them a task and you’ll see how devoted they are to making you happy.

Their dominant posture may be a reason why some people feel intimidated around German Shepherd dogs. However, the truth is that they’re super kind and loving. And, that’s just what everyone’s looking for in a family dog.

As for the Chow Chow dog breed, or the “black tongue dog”, they’ve also come a long way. Chow Chows are, in fact, an ancient dog breed first found in Mongolia. Chows were very valued for their hard work and even their meat, which was treated as a delicacy.

Luckily, those days are over for this amazing dog breed. Chows are now dear pets… a bit aloof with strangers, but loyal to the bone and ready to make you smile.

One thing is for sure… a Chow leaves no one without a comment!

The Origin Of The German Shepherd Chow Mix Puppies

We still don’t know when the German Shepherd Chow mix first appeared. It could’ve been sometime in distant history, but it also could’ve been 20 or so years ago.

Chow Shepherds aren’t like Doodles; crossbreeds with a history and even true first-breeder names.

While we don’t know anything about the origin of this mixed-breed dog, we do know that their future is bright as one of the amazing crossbreeds in the canine world.

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The German Shepherd Chow Mix Appearance

german shepherd chow chow mixgerman shepherd chow chow mix

Photo from: @germanchowdog

The Chow Shepherd is a crossbreed, so there is no breed standard for the breeders to look up to. This hybrid pooch can resemble either the German Shepherd Dog or the Chow Chow parent. Or, it may even resemble both!

No matter which parent they’re taking after, Chow Shepherds are medium to large dogs. Usually, they weigh anywhere from 40 to 90 pounds, and measure 16 to 22 inches at the withers. Naturally, female counterparts are on the lower end of the scale.

Chow Shepherds always come in two or more coat colors. You can find them in a variety or shades including red, cream, gray, dark brown, fawn, black, light brown, white, blue, and tan. The Chow parent fashions many coat colors, and the GSD doesn’t fall far behind.

The parent breeds usually come in various shades of red, cream, blue, white, black, cinnamon, fawn, merle (with the Chow Chow), as well as Isabella, sable, liver, white, silver, black, blue, Panda, (with German Shepherds).

These pups have the Chow’s body build and the GSD’s facial characteristics. For example, they usually fashion the GSD’s black facial mask, while the long muzzle and erect ears are the same as with the German Shepherd parent.

Both parent breeds come with a double coat. It’s long, quite dense, and sheds massively just like the Chow Chow parent! Yes, this means Chow Shepherds are not hypoallergenic dogs. If you have allergies and want this crossbreed, you better run like crazy!

Not only do they trigger allergic reactions, but Chow Shepherds are a handful. Cleaning after them is a bit of a nightmare, and I wouldn’t recommend them for busy people.

I do recommend them for people living somewhere with a cold climate as they tend to sweat excessively under high temperatures.

Now that you know how these pups look, it’s time to figure out how they are temperament-wise.

What Kind Of Temperament Does A Chow Shepherd Have?

german shepherd chow mixgerman shepherd chow mix

Photo from: @chrissyandbjorn

I’d like to praise Chow Shepherds for being such good boys and girls. Frankly, I’m surprised with how amazing they are around people, taking into consideration that Chow Chows are usually very aloof.

Well, their friendliness has a lot to do with the German Shepherd side of the family.

Chow Shepherds are generally terrific family dogs. I find that they do the best with older children as their herding genes might swim up to the surface around small children. Young children must always be supervised around Chow Shepherds!

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The parent’s history makes Chow Shepherds excellent guard dogs and watchdogs, too!

What both parents have in common are their loyalty, protectiveness, and utmost love for their humans. Unlike some dog breeds that tend to cling to only one person, Chow Shepherds like to protect the entire family.

Their protectiveness may cause aloof behavior around new people and animals. That’s why it’s beyond important to have them trained and submitted to socialization lessons on time.

Both the German Shepherd and the Chow Chow are classified as working dog breeds. This can only mean that their puppy will be a working dog, too. Chow Shepherds like to feel useful. They’re smart pups with a huge desire to please their owner.

Use this trait to have them trained for obedience. Trust me, even dogs coming from such backgrounds can end up all cuddly and sweet instead of reserved and professional.

Besides obedience and other types of training, make sure your puppy is exposed to different stimuli such as new people, animals, sounds, situations, and surroundings. This will teach him to respond well under all circumstances.

Chow Shepherds can show stubbornness from time to time. I blame that on both parent breeds. What you need to have is a firm hand and authority. Never allow this dog to be dominant over you. You are the alpha dog, not your canine, no matter how funny it sounds.

Even strong personalities have a soft spot. German Shepherd Chow Chow mixed puppies are affectionate creatures. They ask for attention from their owner all the time, and also offer some in return.

Let me warn you about something: these dogs get attached easily. You may wonder whether this is a problem or not, but I assure you it is. Imagine the situation: you’re working long hours and living alone in the apartment. What does your dog do?

In case you don’t know the answer, I’ll tell you. Dogs can easily experience a condition called separation anxiety. This happens because your dog loves you so much and misses your company. But, in most cases, this condition can turn into destructive behavior.

Don’t be surprised if you come home one day and see your place turned upside down. Instead of waiting for this to happen, either make the “take your dog to work day” everyday or find a good doggy day care facility.

Leaving your Chow Shepherd alone at home isn’t something you want. Well, it is if you fancy a chewed up sofa and scratched doorways.

Are Chow Shepherds Healthy Crossbreeds?

german chow chowgerman chow chow

Photo from: @matzoballpup

Let me clear up something: no dog breed is 100% healthy no matter if it’s a purebred dog or a crossbreed.

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When it comes to crossbreed puppies, dog experts disagree and divide into two streams. Some say the more dog breeds are involved, the more the chance for inheriting numerous diseases the puppy will have.

Others say that being a mix of two dog breeds will make a puppy’s immune system a lot stronger and make it tougher against certain conditions.

I have to add that it depends on which two dog breeds are the parents. Of course, a puppy coming from two very problematic dog breeds health-wise will have many issues.

As for your Chow Shepherd, they’re medium- to large-breed dogs quite prone to mobility issues. I’m not surprised that the number one health problem with them is hip dysplasia.

Hip dysplasia is a hereditary condition. It happens when a dog’s thigh bone doesn’t fit snugly into the socket. This causes tremendous pain, even lameness. In most cases, hip dysplasia is a one way ticket to canine arthritis.

The condition can even become worse if the puppy is on the wrong diet, if it grows too fast, or if it has trauma or injuries.

Hip dysplasia can be detected through health testings provided by the breeder, so make sure you ask for health clearances.

Another dysplasia that should worry you is elbow dysplasia. It’s another hereditary condition that can be treated with proper medications or with surgery. The symptoms of this condition are joint laxity and mobility issues or lameness.

I urge you to have your dog tested for dysplasia and rush it straight to the vet if you notice any symptoms.

Eye conditions are not uncommon with Chow Shepherds. It’s something that many large dogs are fighting. For example, entropion is a pretty common and annoying eye problem. Luckily, it can be treated surgically.

This condition happens when the eyelid rolls itself inward. Entropion affects one or both eyelids.

Fleas are nasty parasites that can occur with all dog breeds. Flea allergies are something that many of these pups will suffer from eventually.

Their thick coat is the ideal ground for fleas to hang out and cause infections and reactions.

Dogs have sensitive skin. They don’t need fleas to make the situation under their coat even worse! Ask your vet for the appropriate treatment, but prepare yourself for a tough battle.

One of the health problems bigger dogs are facing is bloat or GDV (Gastric Dilation Volvulus. Even though it may sound like something harmless as it isn’t a genetic disorder, bloat is extremely dangerous.

GDV (or bloat) occurs when a dog’s stomach gets filled up with air fast, then twists and prevents blood flow from functioning properly. The dog’s blood pressure drops, making it pant, retch, and act restless or melancholic. Such dogs are suffering and must be treated immediately.

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The good news is that bloat can be prevented completely if you follow some simple rules. First, don’t let your dog eat one giant meal a day. Large dog breeds can eat a lot, and thus, they shouldn’t have it all in one sitting. Divide your pup’s daily meal into two or three smaller meals.

Also, don’t let the dog exercise heavily before or after the meal. This increases the chance of getting bloated. Basically, you’re preventing your dog from inhaling too much air. Let it slow down and peacefully enjoy today’s meal.

All in all, I wouldn’t burst my head with my Chow Shepherd’s health. They’re healthy just like a Labrador or a common mutt. If you treat them right, take them for regular vet check ups, and feed them properly, your Chow Shepherd can have a lifespan of 10 to 15 years.

That’s pretty impressive!

Taking Care Of A German Shepherd Chow Chow Mix

german chow staringgerman chow staring

Photo from: @chrissyandbjorn

GSD Chow Chow mixes are absolutely amazing, but there’s that “but”. It’s their high maintenance that scares away most people from this dog breed.

As a double-coated dog breed, Chow Shepherds require extra grooming. You can’t just let them go with loose fur and untrimmed hair. These dogs need to have a shiny, tangle-free coat or they’ll have more troubles.

When getting a Chow Shepherd, you should be prepared to brush your pup several times a week. I always say light, daily brushing works the best. This will ensure that your puppy’s coat looks absolutely stunning, and it doesn’t have any matts that could be painful.

Speaking of dead hairs and Chow Shepherds… you are aware that the vacuum cleaner will be your other BFF, aren’t you? Better invest in a good one or buy a robot cleaner that will pick up loose hair as it goes around.

Cleaning this mess can become quite tiring, but I wouldn’t mind it a bit since we’re talking about such a unique looking mix with a great temperament.

Besides brushing, German Chows need bathing every two to three months. Never overbathe them! First, you’ll get bored with drying such a dense coat, and second, you will dry out their skin, and that’s far worse.

A full grooming treatment consists of regular ear cleaning, dental hygiene, and nail clipping.

Make sure you take a look once a week to see if there are any changes in your dog’s ears. Good thing they’re not floppy since floppy ears are more prone to infections.

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Nails should be trimmed bi-monthly, and this is something you should never skip, along with dental hygiene.

I find a lot of dogs are fine with teeth brushing because they’ve started doing this in early puppyhood. Dental hygiene prevents tartar buildup and severe infections. You don’t want your dog to lose its teeth too early, do you?

As for your grooming supplies, invest in a couple of good grooming brushes (pin brushes, bristle brushes, slickers, and de-shedding undercoat rakes), soothing dog shampoo, nail clippers, and cleaning solutions.

But, raising a puppy isn’t only about grooming them. Where are daily exercises? What about their mental stimulation?

Truth be told, a lot of dog owners don’t see how important these things are, especially for Chow Shepherds.

This mixed breed dog comes from two very busy working parent breeds. They need at least an hour or so of daily exercise to drain out their energy levels. Never skip exercising, especially since you have such a trainable dog breed.

You two can have a lot of fun time together in the dog park learning new tricks with positive reinforcement, going through obstacle courses, or simply playing fetch together. A lot of energy can be used through mental games, too.

Just because it doesn’t involve physical activity doesn’t mean it won’t tone down the dog’s high energy to zero. Puzzle games are a great way of stimulating your dog’s brain, keeping it busy, and getting the dog ready for sleep.

Lastly, I want to address something that all dog owners have issues with. It’s about dog food. Most owners will just grab a bag of generic kibble from the supermarket. Don’t be that owner.

Did you know that many health issues with dogs come from a poor diet? Dogs need nutrients, especially proteins to keep them functioning well. It’s better to invest in high-quality dog food than buy a bunch of useless squeaky toys. Keep that in mind!

Big dogs don’t need too much food just because they’re big. That’s a big no on treats, too. Sure, you can hand out one or two when training, but don’t make another meal of treats.

Chow Shepherds are prone to obesity, and I wouldn’t like seeing this regal designer dog looking too chubby. A balanced diet is the key to a healthy and long living dog.

German Shepherd Chow Chow Mix Puppies: Price

german chowgerman chow

Photo from: @matzoballpup

German Shepherd Chow Chow mix puppies aren’t that popular like some Poodle mixes, for example. Still, this doesn’t affect their purchase price. You won’t have to have a giant budget to get one of these fur babies.

German Shepherd Chow Chow mix puppies cost approximately $1,000 to $1,500. This resembles more the price of a GSD puppy than a Chow Chow puppy. The Chow Chow is more expensive, and its price can go way higher, even up to a couple of thousand dollars.

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The biggest issue with purchasing a Chow Shepherd mix is not the price, but the availability. There aren’t many Chow Shepherds available on the market. You will have some issues finding a reliable breeder that will sell you this puppy.

For starters, this is a crossbreed, and it’s tricky with cross breeds and trusted breeders. Not a lot of good breeders are messing with hybrid dogs, so you will have to find someone who breeds because he loves dogs, not for a big profit.

Avoid pet shops and puppy mills at all costs. The way you can figure out which breeder is alright and which is not is by asking detailed questions. Ask pretty much everything, from how the puppies are being fed, to what kind of health testing they are submitted to.

There are no stupid questions, just stupid breeders who won’t help you with picking your puppy.

The initial price is one thing, but raising a puppy is a whole other story. Don’t think that your expenses will end with purchasing the puppy. The first year with the puppy is always the hardest. You will need to invest in a lot of things.

First, you will need to take your puppy to regular vet checkups to get its shots and parasite treatments. Then, you will need to do a lot of shopping and puppy proof your place. This means a whole bunch of dog items you need to buy.

Your Chow Shepherd puppy will need a large bed, preferably an orthopedic one. Such beds usually go for $100 or more if you’re looking for top quality. Then, you’ll need premium dog food, feeding bowls, a leash, a harness, a collar, toys, a crate, etc.

The total bill can add up to $1,000 or more depending on what kind of stuff you’re buying. I recommend you never skimp on your dog’s healthcare and dog food. Collars and toys are replaceable, but dog food affects your pup’s health.


So, do you like our unusual German Shepherd Chow Chow mix?

Yes, these dogs are pretty incredible! But, wait until you get your hands on one of these fur babies. You’ll fall in love with their personality for good.

I wish you good luck with finding a Chow Shepherd. Trust me, the search is worth it!

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