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The German Shepherd Pitbull canine could be a dog breed that just naturally became one of the mix dog breeds since both the German Shepherd dog and the Pitbull are famous dog breeds.

However, there are theories that surround this mixed dog breed. Some say that experienced breeders in the 1990s purposely decided to breed these two dogs because of their wonderful physical and personality traits.

And, I don’t blame them because who wouldn’t desire a dog breed that has these overqualified parent dogs? One is the best working dog that ever existed, and the other is one of the bravest and strongest dog breeds that has a soft spot for its human family.

I mean, what else could be the end result except for the smartest guard dog that has the gut feeling and the perfectly strong animal instinct to differentiate good and bad?

To produce a companionship and guard dog of this quality, researchers started combining the two parent purebreds. Given the Pitbull restrictions in various nations and U.S. towns, this distinct mixed breed’s reputation was on the decline.

Although some German Shepherd Pitbulls have ended up in kennels or in the hands of animal charities, the breed was originally developed as a designer dog. If you determine that this breed is the one for you, think about adoption.

What Is The German Shepherd Pitbull Mix?

german shepherd pitbull mix on a leashgerman shepherd pitbull mix on a leash

The German Shepherd as well as the Pitbull dog breeds were crossed to create the mixed-breed canine that is known today as the German Shepherd Pitbull mix. 

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These pooches, which ranged in size from medium to large, seem spirited and devoted, while possessing some of the greatest qualities from each of their parent dogs.

There are a few names that this dog breed goes by, such as the German Sheppit, Shepherd Pit, as well as the German Pit. The name combos are of an infinite number since many people are creative in exactly the same infinite ways.

You might locate these puppies in kennels and breed-specific sanctuaries, notwithstanding their tragic position as a hybrid breed, so keep in mind to rescue or adopt if you get the chance of doing so instead of buying a puppy from a breeder.

When given the correct socialization and obedience training, these puppies are affable by heart, and fiercely devoted. Working dog characteristics of both parent types of dogs are present.

They are frequently entrusted for guarding and for the police department because of their outstanding brain and athletic build. Not just that, but they are really good at reading people, and they will always have the gut feeling and the strong animal instinct whenever there is a suspect ahead.

These puppies probably wouldn’t fit in an apartment. They will feel the best if they have lots of space where they can run freely, such as a spacious back yard or a farm. If given strict tasks, you’ll get one content dog that will obey any command you give it.

These puppies might become disruptive and exhibit challenging behaviors if they aren’t given enough stimulation.

Physical Characteristics Of This Mixed Breed

german shepherd pitbull sitting on the floorgerman shepherd pitbull sitting on the floor
Photo from: @thejuicyluicy

With a massive head and a shorter snout, the German Shepherd Pitbull mix typically looks closer to its Pitbull progenitor, although some dogs may possess a lengthier nose, like the German Shepherd. 

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Due to its short hair, it favors relatively warm regions. The frequency of shedding varies depending on the season. The physique of the German Sheppit is often robust and slender.

They fit into the spectrum of medium-sized dog breeds; however, they might even be on the larger scale because it heavily depends on the American Pitbull terrier mixes’ parents. If both of the parents are large dogs, the outcome will be exactly a large dog.

Their coat will produce natural oils that will act as a shield from environmental factors. This crossbreed’s coat color can resemble any of the parent breed’s short coat colors.

This high energy, possibly large breed, will have a short muzzle, probably alert ears, strong back legs that could run for miles, and stamina that is inexhaustible.

Depending on the German Shepherd parent, they could have a long or a short coat.

Behavior And Personality Traits

german shepherd pitbull dog sitting on the groundgerman shepherd pitbull dog sitting on the ground
Photo from: @ziggy___

German Shepherd Pitbulls seem to be extremely devoted and watchful of the people they care about beyond everything else. They enjoy huge families. The bigger the family, the more scratches and pets they get! They are also extremely smart canines!

A large home with a large yard is required for German Shepherd Pitbulls to wander around in. This dog will need to get a significant amount of exercise to feel satisfied.

German Shepherd Pitbulls are quite pleasant to strangers as well as other canines when adequately raised as puppies. They are easily trainable and quite intelligent. Make use of a reward system and positive reinforcement.

I would even recommend these dogs for first-time dog owners because they are warm-hearted.

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If a German Shepherd American Pitbull terrier is neglected by their family, they are more likely to engage in destructive behaviors like howling. However, they are not as destructive as some other breeds of dogs that might display more negative traits.

I recommend that you socialize Pitbull German Shepherd mixes as soon as they open their pretty little eyes, and are ready to conquer the outdoors.

Start by taking them for hikes when they are still puppies to expose them to new faces, canines, locations, and activities. They are, in addition, not the type of dog that is destructive whenever you are not around.

Thanks to the GSD’s working habits, these dogs have the following characteristics: they are of a protective nature, have high trainability levels, and have herding instincts… but thanks to the fact that they are hybrid dogs, your pet might as well be the perfect nanny dog.

One of the purebred dogs from the parent breeds, the Pitbull parent, is known for its watchdog abilities around small children. With proper training, you won’t need a babysitter because these dogs don’t display aggressive behavior with children or family members AT ALL.

Health Issues Of The German Shepherd Pitbull Mix

german shepherd pitbull dog sleeping on his pillowgerman shepherd pitbull dog sleeping on his pillow
Photo from: @thejuicyluicy

This dog should have regular vet checkups from a young age to prevent some possible health problems. They need to have regular vaccinations just as every other dog breed.

When it comes to the possible health problems, just like any other dog breed, this designer breed can suffer from hip dysplasia, which is a common health problem of the hip joint.

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If possible, it would be best to purchase your pup from a reputable breeder to prevent this health problem from occurring.

Other health problems that could possibly shorten the lifespan of these large dogs could be: bloat, which typically follows weight gain, and skin irritation (a skin condition). This is easily noticeable because with bloat, your dog becomes gassy and often vomits.

Other possible health conditions include heart disease, which can often occur with Pitbull puppies. Therefore, this means that a dog that has a Pitbull parent can also suffer from similar problems.

Taking Care Of The German Shepherd Pitbull Mix

german shepherd pitbull dog lying on the grass in the parkgerman shepherd pitbull dog lying on the grass in the park
Photo from: @thejuicyluicy

The German Shepherd Pitbull mix is indeed a dog breed that needs a lot of physical activity as well as mental stimulation. Experienced dog owners would probably find this mixed breed not as challenging as some other mixed dog breeds might be.

These dogs could be great for first-time owners, too, but if the dog is adopted and already an adult, it will need a strong pack leader to show it proper ways of behavior.

This dog has a lot of exercise needs, and it will take a lot of time and effort to tire this dog breed.

Other than that, this mixed dog needs high-quality dry dog food, known as kibble, together with some high-quality supplements to achieve a long lifespan. I always recommend to hydrate the dry food because it will keep your dog’s teeth healthy for a longer time.

They will most likely have a short coat, so they will be pretty low maintenance. With regular nail clipping, grooming, and brushing, this dog won’t need that much care.

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Final Word

A German Shepherd Pitbull mix is a wonderful pet for a big household with children if it has been properly trained and exposed to children on a regular basis.

German Shepherd Pitbulls communicate well with various canines, particularly if they were brought up with them. For this hybrid breed, earlier socialization is crucial.

Unsocialized adult dogs will likely need a strong and powerful handler to control them in public places if you’re interacting with them.

In comparison to other dogs, the German Pitbull Shepherd’s maintenance needs seem to be fairly simple. He has a short coat, and sheds somewhat, so he necessitates medium to low maintenance.

You may groom his coat once per week, or 3 times per week if you’re that kind of individual who is very concerned about dog hair that isn’t collected in one place.

German Shepherd Pitbulls seem to be highly devoted, loving, and kind toward family and friends, providing a wonderful choice as a family pet with constant, adequate training, activity, and socialization.

Given that the progenitor breed, the Pitbull, was once popularized as a nanny dog, this crossbreed may perhaps be the ideal one for you if you have small children who happen to go crazy for dogs.

This mixed dog breed is also approved by the dog registry of America, but not by the AKC, which does not really support mixed dog breeds.

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