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The German Shepherd dog is one of the most popular dogs worldwide. This is an intelligent guard dog and a family pet that has captured the hearts of all, while also being well-respected within the rescue dog group.

This dog breed was found in the 1800s in Germany, and it was designed to be the best herding dog. Not only did German Shepherds herd cattle, they also kept them protected from predators.

At first, they were kept as working dogs for their wits, strength, and loyalty, but after the World Wars, they moved to our homes.

Still, a large portion of these amazing canines are kept as police dogs and military dogs, and they also make amazing service dogs. There is nothing these dogs cannot do!

However, before you become a German Shepherd owner, you probably want to know how much these dogs cost.

While it’s easy to find a German Shepherd price on many listings, this is only the initial cost. There are many other expenses that will affect the cost of any dog breed, German Shepherds included.

So, if you want to learn what is the true German Shepherd price, you’re in the right place.

Here’s everything you need to know about buying and keeping these large dogs:

German Shepherd Price Chart

German shepherd standing in forestGerman shepherd standing in forest

Before I get into greater detail about the cost of these dogs, here is a German Shepherd price chart, so you’ll know what to expect:

German Shepherd Price Chart

Puppy cost: $450 – $1,900
Dog food: $160 – $500 a year
Food and water bowl: $10 – $40
Dog collars and leash: $20 – $70
ID Tag: $5 – $20
Dog toys: $50 – $155
Dog bed: $20 – $85
Dog crate: $30 – $120
Dog brush: $5 – $45
Dog shampoo: $5 – $20
Tooth-brushing kit: $5 – $15
Toenail clippers: $5 – $30
Plastic pop bags: $15 – $100
House training pads: $15 – $45
First aid kit: $15 – $50

It’s important to note that this is only an estimation and the average price of many things. The costs might still vary depending on the brand, your location, and the current standard.

In other words, it’s important to understand that no price is set in stone and many things might vary depending on your personal situation.

German Shepherd Puppy Cost?

German shepherd puppy on the grassGerman shepherd puppy on the grass

The first cost you need to prepare for is the price of a German Shepherd puppy.

While there are many factors that affect this price – something that I’ll talk about in a bit – there is still a general price range you can expect for a purebred German Shepherd dog.

In general, German Shepherd puppies will cost between $450 and $1,900. However, this price can vary greatly, and if you get a dog from a champion bloodline, you might end up paying more than $8,000 for a dog.

Trained dogs for personal protection can cost even more – some German Shepherds were sold for more than $25,000! However, most people are not looking for such top-quality dogs but simply for a new family pet, so this isn’t a realistic price.

Adopted dogs, on the other hand, will only cost you the adoption fee, which can be as low as $50.

What Affects The German Shepherd Price?

German shepherd puppy relaxing on a warm summer dayGerman shepherd puppy relaxing on a warm summer day

German Shepherds can vary in price. Even the range I’ve listed is pretty wide, and some aspiring dog owners might wonder how a dog that costs $2,000 is better than a dog of the same breed costing $500.

Not all dogs are the same, and not all are of the same quality.

The dog breed is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what affects the dog’s price. This includes the cost of German Shepherds, as well.

Below are some factors that help shape the final German Shepherd price:


While I’ll talk about breeders later on, they are very important in determining the price of the dog you’re looking at.

In fact, the type of breeder will affect the price more than most other factors I’ll mention.

This is because different breeders have different breeding practices, which will lead to dogs of different qualities.

Also, not all breeders invest the same amount of time and money into the dogs they’re selling. This has to reflect on the final price.

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Health Tests

Most reputable breeders will conduct various expensive health screenings to make sure the parent dogs and puppies alike are free of any genetic health conditions.

These DNA tests can cost a lot of money, but they’ll ensure you get a dog that is healthy and that will stay with you for a very long time.

A puppy that comes from dogs that haven’t been tested might have lots of hidden genetic health issues, something that you’ll find out once your German Shepherd dog gets sick.

This is hardly something you’d like, which is why I think this is an expense that should be paid.


German Shepherd puppy on the grassGerman Shepherd puppy on the grass

Most dogs come with at least some papers and documentation. However, there are some documents that aren’t necessary, but will still make a great difference when buying a dog.

For example, you might want to get a pedigree of your dog. This is proof of bloodlines and that you’re getting a purebred dog with proven origins.

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Some breeders offer registration papers, as well. Most of the time, though, you’ll only get limited registration. If you want your dog to be fully registered with the American Kennel Club (AKC) or any other kennel club, this is something you’ll need to arrange on your own.

A health certificate is something you shouldn’t go home without. This is proof that your doggie has been tested for many genetic disorders and that the results have been satisfying.

Another paper many breeders offer is the health warranty. This means that the breeder guarantees you that a dog won’t get any genetic health problems within a specific age frame.

A dog that comes with no papers will cost less than a dog with all this documentation. However, when you buy a dog without papers, you don’t know anything about his background and family history.

As this is a risky move, I’d always insist on a pedigree and health certificate. The necessity of other papers is up to you to decide.


The dog’s bloodline greatly affects the initial German Shepherd price.

Most dogs come from regular, purebred bloodlines. All of their ancestors are purebred, but they didn’t participate in conformation shows and are not household names within the show ring community.

However, some German Shepherds come from famous lines of champion dogs, making them prestigious. These pups will cost more than ‘regular’ dogs, especially if they have some desirable traits.

In general, though, most people looking for family dogs won’t look for pets from champion bloodlines. It’s important that a dog is purebred, and his ancestry is only a good bonus.

Dog Quality

There are two qualities of German Shepherds:

1. Pet quality.

2. Show quality.

Show quality dogs are not just within the breed standard – they represent the best of the breed. They have desirable traits that will do amazing at dog shows, and they are the type of dog judges will love.

This doesn’t mean that there is something wrong with pet quality dogs. Quite the opposite – they also make amazing pets.

The only difference is that pet quality dogs don’t have to blindly follow the breed standard, and some minor deviations are allowed.

As you’ve probably guessed, show-quality German Shepherds are much more expensive than ‘ordinary’ pet-quality ones.

Unless your dream is to own a champion dog, there is nothing wrong with getting a pet-quality dog. There is no reason to pay a high price for a dog that will provide you with the same things as a much more affordable pooch.


Cute german shepherd puppy playing on the grassCute german shepherd puppy playing on the grass

No reputable breeder will agree to sell a dog younger than eight weeks. Some puppies are sold only when they turn 12 weeks of age!

In general, though, the older the dog, the more affordable he is.

This is because young puppies are effortless to train. You can use their young age to mold them according to your desires and make them the best dog possible.

This doesn’t mean that you cannot train an older dog. However, this takes more time and effort, and the dog will likely already come with a developed personality that you cannot change.

Also, the younger the dog, the longer he is going to stay with you.

This is why, on most occasions, German Shepherd puppies cost much more than adult dogs.

Training And Socialization

Many breeders will begin early obedience training and socialization before their puppies go to their new homes. This is essential for large breeds that can get out of hand if you don’t train them properly from an early age.

Some breeders can also offer adult German Shepherds that have been trained for personal protection or other challenging tasks.

The cost of these dogs can skyrocket. Many will cost tens of thousands of dollars, which is more than most regular dog owners can afford.

Still, if you want to have a professional dog that will come to you prepared to do his task, then this is a great option for you.

Rare Features

german shepherd dog outdoorsgerman shepherd dog outdoors

Some German Shepherds might come with so-called rare features. Maybe they come in some rare coat color, or they are considered toy-sized.

Such traits can increase the German Shepherd price, as there are not many pups with similar features on the market.

However, it’s important to note that most of these dogs are not registered within kennel clubs. This means that their breeding isn’t properly controlled, and many are not even purebred.

Of course, there are some exceptions. For example, long-haired German Shepherds will usually have a different price than German Shepherds with a short coat – and they’ll usually be more affordable as the AKC will consider this coat type a fault – even though it acknowledges it.

Similarly, black German Shepherds are recognized and accepted by the AKC, and they are also quite rare. The combination of the two will mean these dogs can have a fairly high price.

Be careful with dogs that come in rare colors or in toy sizes. Most of these dogs are either crossbred or is this rare trait a sign of some health issue, such as dwarfism or albinism.

Breed Popularity

Finally, the demand will affect the price of any product or pet. The same can be said for the German Shepherd price.

Some dogs are popular everywhere as they are considered a trend. This can be said for Corgis, as they became increasingly popular with the help of the internet.

Others are more popular in certain areas.

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German Shepherds are large, herding dogs. They are not the best choice for apartment living, which is why they are not popular in large cities or in other urban areas where the living space is limited.

However, they are very sought-after in small towns, where they are kept as guard dogs. Even people who keep them as family pets only are more likely to live in environments where it’s easy to take care of such pups.

As such, expect your German Shepherd to cost more in states and municipalities where most people live in towns and houses, while they’ll cost less in large cities such as New York or Chicago.

German Shepherd Breeders

German shepherd in obedience training on green grassGerman shepherd in obedience training on green grass

As mentioned, breeders are the main factors that can influence the German Shepherd price. In fact, they are the ones that form the price, and it is up to aspiring owners whether they’ll accept it or not.

There are three types of breeders:

• Reputable breeders.

• Backyard breeders.

• Puppy mills, also known as commercial breeders.

While similar, these three breeders have very different breeding practices, and they invest different amounts of money in their dogs. This also means that the quality of the German Shepherds they sell will vary greatly.

Out of these three types of German Shepherd breeders, I’d only recommend one – and I’ll explain which one in a second.

You can also adopt your German Shepherd dog, which is surely the most humane thing anyone can do.

Reputable Breeders

First, I’ll talk about reputable breeders, as they are the only place that offers show dogs and all other amenities you might desire.

Reputable breeders have the experience and the knowledge about the breed they are selling. Sure, they want to profit, but it is their love of dogs that’s making them be in the business.

These people conduct health tests to make sure only healthy dogs are a part of their breeding programs. In fact, responsible breeders are the reason why some health conditions have been eliminated from certain bloodlines.

At the same time, they provide both the parent dogs and the puppies with high-quality care. This includes mandatory early socialization and dog training.

Most will be more than glad to educate any aspiring owner on the breed they are selling, and they will even refuse to sell their pups if they don’t think you are the right fit.

Also, they will make sure you get all the necessary papers. Even if they don’t offer a certain document, they’ll most likely offer to arrange everything so you can get the paper you want – for a fee.

Because of all the additional services they offer, they need to keep their price high. Many will sell German Shepherd puppies at the cost of $1,000 to $1,900.

However, they are the only place where you can be certain you’ll get a healthy, well-behaved dog.

Because of this, I and many other dog experts agree that the only proper way you should invest your money is to buy a German Shepherd puppy from reputable breeders.

Of course, this is only our opinion, and you are free to purchase your German Shepherd dog from any breeder you like.

You can recognize a reputable breeder as they are registered with the AKC or a local German Shepherd breed club, and by many great testimonials they have.

Backyard Breeder

Group of four little german shepherd puppiesGroup of four little german shepherd puppies

Backyard breeders are very similar to reputable breeders – and no, they don’t breed dogs in their backyards. This is only a name that describes their breeding practices.

These breeders are usually inexperienced, and they don’t have the necessary knowledge to breed dogs in a proper and safe way.

Many are simply dog owners that have ended up with a litter of puppies they don’t want or cannot keep, so they are now looking to sell them and to find them a new home.

While there is nothing wrong with wanting this, these people don’t test their dogs, so there is no way to know whether they are healthy or not.

Sure, they might get them to the vet to make sure they are healthy right now, but this doesn’t mean they don’t carry genes for some dangerous health conditions.

Many of them don’t know how to take care of German Shepherd puppies, and they won’t know how to provide them with the right dog training and socialization.

All of this increases the risk of getting a dog that will develop some health problem, or that isn’t behaving in the right way.

Of course, some backyard breeders are intentionally breeding dogs with the desire to profit, but all the other points I’ve listed stay.

As backyard breeders don’t invest as much money in their dogs, they are able to sell them at a lower price than reputable breeders. As such, many will sell German Shepherds for the price of $700 – $1,200.

However, don’t let the price be the main determining factor. Many backyard breeders have realized that they can raise the price, so they can be as expensive as reputable ones.

Another way to notice them is that they sell dogs on websites such as Craigslist. Reputable breeders will never sell their dogs at such locations.

Puppy Mills

Finally, you have puppy mills. These are organizations that sell dogs purely for profit.

The goal of puppy mills is to produce as many dogs as possible for the shortest amount of time. As such, they’ll often over-breed the mother dogs, and they’ll sell dogs that are too young to be away from the rest of their litter.

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Not just that, but they often keep their dogs in unsanitary conditions, and many of their puppies come sick or malnourished, with severe behavioral problems.

They don’t conduct any health screenings or tests, and many of their puppies are not even checked by the vet.

As they don’t invest much money in the dogs they breed, they are able to sell them at very low prices – sometimes as low as $450!

Puppy mills often sell their dogs to pet stores, so most dogs you see sold in your local shops come from such locations.

Once again, you are allowed to buy your dog from whichever location you’d like. However, I would advise you against buying from puppy mills, as this often ends in a bad way.

In the end, what you don’t pay at the initial price you might pay in vet bills. Not only won’t you save any money, but you’ll also have to deal with emotional distress.

Rescue Organizations

You can also choose to adopt a German Shepherd from a local rescue group or shelter. Not only is this the most ethical place to get your new dog from, but it’s also the most affordable one.

When you choose to rescue a dog, you’ll only be liable for an adoption fee, which costs $50 to $500 depending on your area and the shelter’s policies.

By doing this, you’ll help a dog that has been abandoned or neglected, and you’ll give him a new chance in life.

However, it’s important to note that many of these pups have been abused or neglected. This means they might come with some severe behavioral problems, including even aggression.

This isn’t to say that rescued dogs are aggressive – quite the opposite. They are some of the sweetest pups you can find. However, they might have some triggers, which is why they require more work than dogs bought from reputable breeders.

Not just that, but there is no way of knowing the background of the dog you’ve adopted. This dog doesn’t necessarily come from a good bloodline, and he might have many genetic conditions you are not aware of.

As such, the German Shepherds you adopt might need some more investing in than healthy dogs from good breeders.

Are German Shepherds Expensive To Keep?

German shepherd lying on sofa in living roomGerman shepherd lying on sofa in living room

The initial price isn’t the only cost associated with German Shepherds. You also need to account for additional expenses that come with owning these dogs.

Many of these costs will only come during the first year. This includes the cost of vaccinations, microchipping, and other necessary veterinary bills that are only conducted when puppies are very young.

There are also some subsequent year costs that you’ll be liable for during your dog’s life.

For example, dog food needs to be bought every month, most supplies will need to be purchased again once they are worn out, and most vet visits are conducted annually.

These costs can vary greatly, as the cost of many items depends on where you buy them and their type. Also, not all are considered necessities.

Still, it’s important to be aware of them, so you can know whether you can afford to keep the dog you plan on buying.

Here is the German Shepherd price not many will talk about:

Cost of Supplies

Before your German Shepherd puppy arrives, you need to provide him with some supplies all dogs require.

The first and the most important ones are food and water bowls. All dogs require bowls to eat and drink from. However, not every bowl will be good enough.

For example, plastic bowls might be toxic for dogs, and many will be prone to mold and mildew. This can harm your dog’s health and greatly impact his lifespan.

Glass bowls are more sanitary, but they are also prone to breakages and they’ll rarely last that long.

As such, your best option is to purchase metal bowls that you can use for a very long time. These high-quality bowls can cost anywhere between $10 and $40.

Also, you’ll need a dog collar and a leash that can hold a strong canine such as the German Shepherd. In fact, you should take two in advance, so you’ll have a spare one just in case. These items usually cost from $20 to $70 in total.

Once you get a proper dog collar, you’ll also need an ID tag that you can put not just your GSD’s name, but also your phone number in case your pooch gets lost. A good ID tag will cost between $5 and $20, depending on the design and material used.

German Shepherds are intelligent dogs that need lots of mental stimulation to keep them happy. If they are bored, they can resort to destructive behaviors. As such, they need plenty of toys to keep them entertained even when it’s not your playtime.

The best option for a German Shepherd is to give him an interactive dog toy. These can keep your dog occupied for hours, and you don’t have to do a thing!

Such toys can be very expensive – some will cost as much as $155! Others will be much more affordable, and you can find them at a price of $50.

Your German Shepherd will need a large dog bed to sleep on. As they are prone to hip dysplasia, you also need to make sure the bed is orthopedic, or at least that it’s made out of memory foam. These beds usually cost $20 to $85.

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If you’d want to have your dog crate trained, you also need a crate. Just like the bed, the crate needs to be fairly large. You might even want to keep the bed inside the crate, so be very careful about picking the right size.

A strong, high-quality crate can cost as much as $120.

Most of these costs aren’t necessary, but they surely can help your dog live the best life he possibly can.

Feeding Costs

Dog German shepherd eating or drinking from bowlDog German shepherd eating or drinking from bowl

All dogs need to eat. The amount of food they’ll intake usually depends on their size and build, but also their health condition and age.

German Shepherd puppies will eat less food than adult dogs. However, this food can be very expensive, as puppies have sensitive tummies that require special brands and nutrition.

You can expect to pay between $180 and $360 for puppy food during your dog’s first year.

Adult dog food is usually more affordable, but your pooch will need to eat two large meals every day. This can reduce the price difference very quickly. You can find products of various price ranges on websites such as Amazon.

Also, if your dog has special dietary needs, he might need to eat one type of dog food only. Many such brands are expensive, and special food usually costs more.

As such, you can spend anywhere between $160 and $500 for each subsequent year of your dog’s life.

You’ll probably want to give your GSD treats, as well. Treats are a great way to let your dog know how much you love him, and they are very useful for dog training, as well.

If you treat your pooch on a regular basis, expect to pay between $125 and $720 on dog treats each year.

As you can see, treats can cost you more than dog food. If this sounds like too big a cost for you, you can always give your dog some healthy snack alternatives from your kitchen.

Many dogs will love foods such as unsweetened whipped cream, bell pepper, or fig newtons. They can be an amazing choice for when you want to treat your dog, but don’t want to buy pre-made kibbles.

Just remember that some human food can be deadly for our four-legged family companions. Make sure to check with your vet what type of food is safe for German Shepherds.

Grooming Costs

Most German Shepherds are high-shedding dogs. They have a double coat, with a thick undercoat that keeps their bodies at the proper temperature, and a longer topcoat that gives them the adorable appearance we know them for.

Some German Shepherds have long coats. While these dogs don’t have the undercoat, they will still shed a lot as longer hairs tend to make everything appear messier than it truly is.

No matter the type of German Shepherd you have, you’ll need to use a good dog brush to keep his coat in great shape. Your best choice would be a slicker brush, but you might want to buy more than one brush type just to make sure.

You can find an okay brush for as low as $5, but I’d advise you to buy a brush that is of better quality.

You’ll also need to make sure your pooch’s nails are trimmed and his eyes and ears are cleaned. The cost of the equipment will vary, but the average cost of the entire grooming kit is $75.

You might also want to take your German Shepherd to a professional groomer every now and then. This isn’t something you have to do, as your GSD’s coat doesn’t need to be cut. However, this is a nice way to keep his coat in the best possible condition.

Considering the size of an adult German Shepherd, you can expect to pay up to $450 in grooming costs – if your pooch goes to have his coat cleaned regularly. Occasional visits will end up costing you less.

All of this is without including the costs of cleaning after your German Shepherd! These are the expenses you’ll need to calculate on your own.

Training Costs

Proper dog training is necessary for all dogs, big or small. However, it’s really important for large guard dogs, such as German Shepherds.

Fortunately, GSDs are social dogs that usually get along amazingly with other canines. They have a decently strong prey drive, which means you will have to get them used to small animals or small dogs, but incidents are extremely rare.

Also, they are smart canines that love to please their owners. They’ll eagerly listen to everything you say, and they’ll gladly learn new tricks.

As such, you might be able to train your German Shepherd on your own.

If you decide to do this, there are still some costs you need to think about.

For example, before you potty train your German Shepherd, you need to be prepared for some accidents. House training pads can help you keep your floor clean, and you can buy a package of 75-100 pads at a cost of $15-$45.

You might also need a stain and odor removal spray to keep your nose safe throughout this adjustment period. Check your local pet store for the exact price, but a good product shouldn’t cost more than $20.

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Once your pooch is fully trained, you’ll still need to buy some plastic poop bags to clean the products of his good job. You might be surprised to hear that a large package of bags can cost as much as $110!

Still, as the cost of not picking up after your dog can cost up to several hundreds of dollars, this is still a more affordable option.

However, I would suggest all German Shepherds go to several professional training classes. Such lessons can help German Shepherds feel more confident, and they can help you have more control over your large dog.

Your dog can go to both private and group lessons – but group lessons aren’t that necessary for German Shepherds. If you really feel like your doggie will benefit from this, have him go to no more than five group sessions. This should cost you between $150 and $200 in total.

However, you should enroll your GSD puppy in 5 to 7 private lessons. These lessons are an amazing choice for any dog, from Labrador

Retrievers to Pitbulls, as they can teach your dog how to follow commands.

Private lessons are more expensive, and you should expect to pay between $750 and $1,000 in total.

Medical Expenses

German shepherd puppy at the vetGerman shepherd puppy at the vet

The biggest cost of owning any dog breed is the price of medical bills.

Your dog will need regular visits to the vet to make sure he is healthy. If any health problem arises, you’ll also need to pay the price of treatment.

Medical expenses are the main reason why the first-year German Shepherd price is so high. There are many costs that you’ll be liable to make that shouldn’t repeat.

For example, you’ll need to include the vaccination costs when calculating the GSD puppy price. Your dog should get three vaccines before his first birthday, with the first vet visit occurring when the puppy is only 8 weeks old.

During these three visits, the vet should also conduct a general exam and give your pooch necessary flea and heartworm prevention.

Each of these visits can cost you between $65 and $170.

As your GSD puppy is very young, you might want to buy a year-long supply of parasite prevention and deworming medication. Expect this to cost between $160 and $250.

Depending on your GSD’s lifestyle, you might want to get him a few more vaccines, such as:

• Influenza vaccination for the dog that is often in contact with other dogs, and this costs $70 to $90 for two necessary doses.

• Leptospirosis vaccine is important for a dog that is exposed to wildlife, and it costs $15 to $25.

• Lyme disease vaccine, if you live in an area with lots of ticks. This can cost you up to $80 for both doses.

You might also want to spay/neuter your dog while he is still very young. Depending on the procedure, expect to pay between $150 and $450 for this.

It’s important to note that spaying a female dog is usually more expensive compared to neutering, as this is a more invasive procedure. Also, you might need to purchase some painkillers for the recovery period.

Once the first year is complete, you’ll still have annual checkups. Depending on the procedures done, these will usually cost you up to $270.

However, if your German Shepherd gets sick of any genetic health condition, the cost of health care will greatly increase.

These are some of the health problems you need to be aware of:

• Hip dysplasia and elbow dysplasia are orthopedic issues that can be treated with either pain medications that shouldn’t cost more than $500 in lifelong supplies, or with surgery that might end up costing more than $10,000.

• Degenerative Myelopathy, a spinal cord condition, that can cost between $500 and $3,000.

• Degenerative Disc Disease, another orthopedic problem that can cost up to $3,500 to treat.

• Gastric Torsion (bloat), a dangerous and often deadly condition that requires immediate surgery. This can cost between $1,500 and $3,000.

• Allergies that might be seasonal or year-long. Your vet will prescribe antihistamines, and this can end up costing you from $100 to $2,000 in yearly expenses.

Additional Costs

Next to the expenses I’ve listed, there are a few more things that might affect the yearly German Shepherd price.

These expenses are entirely optional, but many owners love to include them as they offer many benefits to both the dog and the human alike.

Here’s what they are:


Most U.S. states will require you to get a license. The cost of getting one will vary on a few factors, but the most important ones are the dog breed you have, and whether your dog is spayed/neutered.

Getting a license for a German Shepherd is rather affordable, especially if your pooch has been fixed. If this is the case, expect to pay $20 at most.

If you were to have a dangerous breed, such as a Rottweiler, these costs might’ve been greater.

You should always consider licensing your pup, as this can help you if your pooch ever gets lost.

While we’re at getting lost, you might also want to microchip your German Shepherd.

When you microchip your dog, his information is shared with emergency and medical databases nationwide. This can help your dog get immediate medical help, and everyone will know who the dog belongs to if he happens to run away.

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Your vet should be able to microchip your dog, and this usually costs between $25 and $50.

Microchipping is mandatory in many U.S. states.

Pet Insurance

Dog German shepherd lying outdoorsDog German shepherd lying outdoors

Pet insurance is a great option if you’ve bought a dog from an unreliable source or adopted him. There is nothing worse than having to see your dog suffer, but you don’t have the money required for the treatment.

Dog health insurance is also a great option in the case of accidents, something that can happen to every single dog. If you live near a busy street, this might be a good thing to think about.

The exact price of pet insurance varies on the exact policy, as well as on the insurance company. However, the average annual price for the plan that covers both accidents and illnesses is $595, no matter the size of the dog.

If this is too expensive for you, you can consider getting an accident-only plan. This should cost you no more than $190 a year.

Boarding Costs

If you need to go on a trip that you cannot take your dog on, you need to think about who you’re going to leave your pup with.

Dogs are not like cats, and they cannot be left alone for even a single day. As such, you might consider boarding costs.

Dog boarding services can cost between $25 and $85 per day. The reason for such a large price range is that the services can be more expensive at a certain time a year, such as during the holidays or summer.

During the traveling season, many people are looking for boarding services for their dogs. You might be required to book in advance if you want to get a good price.

If you want to take your pup with you, this is also an option. Still, the cost of this is impossible to calculate, as each travel company and airline services have their own price.

In general, this is something you need to plan ahead. You might need to submit a formal request or to get proper documentation for your pooch. If you’re in a hurry, this might be impossible to arrange – or the prices might end up being too high.

Not to mention how traveling costs can stress out your German Shepherd! If you have to take him with you on a train or a plane, make sure that he gets proper accommodation.

Dog Walking Costs

We live in a busy world. Unfortunately, this means that many of us are not able to give our dogs the walks they need to be healthy – and this is perfectly fine. You can always pay for a professional walker to help you out.

German Shepherds require regular exercise. They are active dogs that need at least an hour of walking daily, and a long exercise session is also recommended.

If this isn’t something you can do, you can contact a local dog walker. Many times, these are young people looking for some pocket money, which also means you’ll be helping someone out.

There are also several agencies that hire professionals to walk dogs, so you’ll know exactly who you’re leaving your dog to.

On average, a 30-minute walk should cost you between $15 and $25. An hour walk should have a somewhat more affordable rate, and it should cost you $20 – $50.

If your German Shepherd isn’t properly socialized, he’ll have to go on private walks. These are usually more expensive – and this is another reason why you should always socialize and train your pooch on time.

While a single dog walk is affordable, the costs will pile up if you want your dog to be walked every single day. This can end up costing you thousands.

Is The Cost Of A German Shepherd Worth It?

German shepherd puppyGerman shepherd puppy

As you can see, the German Shepherd price is likely higher than what you’ve expected. This is because not many people talk about the yearly cost, and how expensive it is to own a dog – especially a large one.

Still, GSDs are dogs that are fairly easy and affordable to maintain. The biggest expenses come from their size, as large dogs tend to need more space, food, and bigger supplies.

However, they don’t have any special grooming needs, and they are fairly easy to train, so you shouldn’t have too many behavioral problems with them. They aren’t likely to break things or cause damage, which is always a great thing to know.

The most expensive period will be the first year, as this is when you need to buy all the supplies and pay for additional vet visits. The rest of your GSD’s lifespan should be spent calmly, with not many unexpected expenses.

This is why it’s essential to buy from reputable breeders and to take good care of your furry family members.

If you take good care of your German Shepherd and provide him with love and care, he’ll love you back and be the best dog possible. Unfortunately for you, a large portion of this care costs money, but this is more affordable than having to pay for expensive treatments.

Not to mention that money is a small price to pay for having a healthy, happy dog.

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