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In a series of heart-melting pictures, a very concerned dog is waiting in front of the door, for her sick dad to get back home.

The emotional moment shows, once again, just how loyal these incredible creatures, we call dogs, can be!

Katie Snyder owns Leia since the sweet German Shepherd was only a puppy. But, just like any other dog, Leia adores to spend time with her grandparents.

So when her mom has taken her to her parents’ place, Leia was so excited. It supposed to be a temporary stay, but Katie’s dad and Leia had other plans.

Though she has a very strong personality – typical to German Shepherds – Leia also loves to get spoiled by her grandparents. Maybe that’s why she bonded with them in such a beautiful way.

“Leia is not your typical cuddly dog, because she’s very independent,” Katie explained for the Dodo. “But she loves all of her humans in her own way. Whether it be by laying near you during movie night or sitting outside of the bathroom door waiting for you to finish.”

But both Katie and her mom, only realized how powerful the relationship between Leia and her granddad, when the man was forced to stay at the hospital overnight with his favorite furry friend unable to join him.

A celebration almost turned into a nightmare for Katie’s parents. They were out, taking dinner, when Katie’s father felt ill.

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Later that night he was taken to the hospital and his wife had to return home. Obviously, everyone was concerned about the man’s medical situation, but Leia was, by far, the most devastated one.

When she noticed that only her granny got back home, she went in front of the door, put on the saddest face and just wait there, for hour, for her human to return home. Katie’s mother snapped a few pictures of Leia and sent them to her daughter.

“When she sent me that picture, I immediately burst into tears,” Katie said. “It was so overwhelming. I was able to see how much [Leia] truly loved my dad and that she was missing him.”

Thankfully, Katie’s father got back home the day after, and Leia could not hold back her excitement when she has seen him returned.

Even though Katie’s plan was to leave Leia to her parents’ place for only a couple of months, when she saw the bond they share, she just decided to make the stay permanent.

“When it comes to loyalty, she is the true definition of a dog. He is her human now,” the young woman added.




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