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A h/e/a/r/t/b/r/o/k/e/n veterinarian wants the message to be clear. “Stop doing this.”A veterinarian took the direct approach in an effort to caution dog owners about the dangers of leaving dogs in hot cars. She posted a photo on Facebook of a dog who d.i.e.d of heat exposure at her clinic.


Dr. Leah Montgomery of the Shaughnessy Veterinary Hospital in Vancouver, B.C. didn’t take the decision lightly, but has grown frustrated by the risks some dog owners are taking with their dogs’ lives.

The post reads, “We are heart broken. Such a preventable disaster. Dog left in the car today. Dead. Family is distraught. Please please stop doing this people!!” The photo shows the deceased dog on a hospital table with a brown blanket draped over the body.

Montgomery says she came to the difficult decision to share the photo after realizing that pictures of living dogs in a car just weren’t doing the trick.


“Having a graphic of a happy panting dog inside a car, obviously it’s not getting the message across to people,” she told CTV News. “This is what it looks like.”

Her post has been widely commented on and shared on Facebook since she posted her message and has been picked up by local media.

Numerous people have commented nasty comments directed at the owners of the deceased dog, but Shaughnessy Veterinary Hospital later reminded everyone, “Friends, this was posted as a reminder that this CAN HAPPEN – to anyone. They are not ‘bad’ pet people. Take it to heart, remember this, and NEVER let it happen to you. Be careful when you cast stones.”

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Montgomery said she is pleased that her warning is getting so much attention and hopes it will convince dog owners to leave their dogs at home and look after them in warm weather.

Please share this vet’s message with your friends and keep an eye out for dogs in hot cars who may need your help.




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