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When Bjarni was first found residing on the Huntsville streets, it was plain to see that he had been living a hard life. The poor pup was struggling to eat and breathe because of his nose.

He only had half a nose and when he was picked up by a local animal control officer, he was brought to a shelter.

As it turns out, Bjarni was not a stray, though. He had a family and they elected not to pick him up when contacted.

How heartbreaking. St. Francis’ Angels was contacted once the dog was surrendered. The Texas animal rights organization specializes in helping dogs like Bjarni.

Anne Graber is their founder and she said that she was willing to do whatever it took to keep the dog comfortable. The poor pup was struggling to eat and breathe because of his nose.

Graber was not about to give up on him, though. Even though he has been through so much, he still loves people and is a happy dog to be around. It is believed that his injuries were caused by attacks from fellow dogs.

His body is covered in scars and bites. Gulf Coast Veterinary Specialists received a call from Anne and they did their absolute best to try and fix his sniffer.

Dr. Jason Balara is responsible for the procedure. His entire face was realigned and now he can eat and breathe far more easily than ever before. He made it through the surgery with flying colors and is resting comfortably.

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His next goal is to find a forever home with a family that is never going to abandon for mean and superficial reasons.

We cannot imagine how cruel you would have to be to do something like this to an innocent dog. Fortunately, he was able to meet someone who was not as willing to give up on him.

We wish Bjarni the best of luck going forward and hope that his next family is a lot more kind. No dog deserves to be treated this way, even if they do look a bit different.

Let’s all do our part to change the way that animals like Bjarni are treated. There is no reason for animals like him to suffer and we are urging all of our readers to share this story to spread awareness. 

Shame on this family for not being willing to embrace this dog and all of his imperfections! Be sure to pass this one along.



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